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The FJF Project [MT]

09-02-2006, 07:34
The Reich's Defense Ministry is offering a 1.2 Trillion dollar contract to the corporation that can design it a new generation of Fighters to replace the aging XG3-Raven design. The Ministry of Defense’s requirements are as follow:

1) The Fighter will be designed exclusively for the Reich. This also means the Reich will not accept any existing designs that our currently on the international market, or possessed by any single nation.

2) The Fighter, of course is to be equipped with Stealth technologies.

3) While the Reich primarily seeks an air superiority fighter, she also wants one that can be equipped for ground attack, electronic attack, and signals-intelligence roles as well.

4) The Reich also wants three variants. A standard take off version, a carrier based variant, and a VTOL variant for the Luftwaffe, Navy, and Marine Corps respectively.

Our initial purchase will vary highly on the price, but a minimum quantity of 1,200 is guaranteed. We await submissions.