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A Good Many Trying For 200 Spots

09-02-2006, 02:17
As we are sure you have heard by now, the several year debate over just who won the most votes is over. Regel Gerci is, as all suspected, and did not lose on a technicality. Now, finally, it is time for elections for the 200 seats of the Assembly. Contest, as always, is suspected to be fierce, and the Capitalist party has already proposed a wage law to undermine the stronghold of the Socialists.

The Alcalid Broadcasting Agency

The Main Parties:

Capitalist Party
Leader: Evel Jorz
This party, though the strongest now, is expected to be endangered by the socialists.

Socialist Party
Leader: Herbung Aq
The Socialists have greatly recovered from their 3rd Reign spots, and now form one of the strongest parties in the Empire.

Alcalid Facist Union(AVS)
Leader: Jeckse Yerm
The Facists, though disliked a good deal by those who oppose them, have a very solid and unwavering support base.

Executive Corporation Party
Leader CEO Narmen Hef
A party, who, expectedly, want corporate control of the government.

Communist Party
Leader: Ergo Iterket
Lenninists who have also recovered from the 3rd Reign spot.

Jalzjelz Party
Leader: Hodger Ire
A very unusual party, they believe that a successful government must be built from the ground up.

152nd council Party
Leader: 152nd council
The party supported by the 152nd council, the authority of Siskra.
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