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The shipyards are begun (NFT)

08-02-2006, 19:19
The flotilla of ships dropped out of FTL travel on the edge of the system and engaged their sublight engines. The flotilla had come to secure this system for the republic and to create a massive shipyard facility. The system was something of a cosmic odidty, a massive blue supergiant, known as Bilbringi-Alpha and a tiny comparatively dim red dwarf companion fifty Astronomical Units away. Although the Supergiant produced millions of times more light than it smaller neighbour, the dwarf would outlive it by billions of years, for the supergiant itself would only last another fifty million years before dieing in a massive Type II supernova, leaving behind a tiny neutron star. But by then its use to the empire would be over and it would be left to die alone.

Elsewhere in the system their were only a handful of objects worthy of attention, the only real planet was the Gas Giant orbiting the red-dwarf in the narrow corridor inwhich it was possible for gas giants to exist in binary systems. Elsewhere there were asteriods, billions of asteriods, the remains of an entire solar system in the red dwarfs orbit and of another orbiting the supergiant much further out. The larger ones approached two and a half thousand kilometres across, the moons of the gas giant were even larger, one hastily labelled Bilbringi-B-2 was approaching the size atwhich it woul dbe techinally possible to terraform it, however that project was far in the future.

The largest ten of the asteriods surrounding the red dwarf were selected and friegters landed on them, ofloading supplies and serving as habitats for the personel who were beggining the largely robotic proces of hollowing them to allow for the construction of habitats. The smaller icey moons of the gas-giant were landed on and more frieghters began setting up a deutuerium enrichment facility and yet more habitats.
The outer asteriods of the Supergiant were used as sights for the construction of early warning stations and the comparatively empty areas of the belt were used as sites for twenty of the Horizon Battlestations that had been brought from home, ten more were set up in orbit arround critical areas throughout the system. Yet more sattelites began setting up mining colonies on those asteriods shown to have large concentrations of required materials. While boxy asteriods were seized upon for the ease of conversion to spacedock facilities.

The Republic had come to the system that had become known as Bilbringi, the enemies of it would come, and the ruins of thier ships would be added to the massive amounts of materiel available to the shipyards that would soon be growing at an exponential rate.