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Alliance With Sterino

08-02-2006, 18:27
Sterino is a small, proud nation. We are open to alliances. To form an alliance with Sterino, we would appreciate it if you were able to follow our Alliance Rules.

1) You must not be a member of the UN, or be considering applying for a membership to the UN. Sterino is strongly agianst this orginisation.

2) Be open to trade with Sterino.

3) Be on Sterinos side during war (this does not mean that the nation will have to join in on the war, but support Sterino).

4) Be able to keep good relations with other allies of Sterino.

Sterino will return all of these to the allied nation.

Thank you,
President Osam J. Hungda
08-02-2006, 18:41
The Empire of Xeraph would be honored to exchange embassies with Sterino. We have one available for you in our Royal City of Tarascus. We look forward to hearing from you.


Vlad, Prince of the Empire, Regent of The Grey Phoenix, in the Name of the Emperor.
08-02-2006, 19:05
MT, PMT, NFT, or FT?
10-02-2006, 19:25