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The Right Number of Elephants (E2 Only)

05-02-2006, 05:53
OOC:As a big fan of having RPs where we dont resort to brandishing nukes at each other, here's this.


Statement From EES
NOTE:EES=Elephanti Ecological Service

Elephanti zoos and wildlife preserves have suceeded in preserving limited numbers of the North African Forest Elephant. This species was the most common elephant seen in the Mediterranean during Classical times, present in Africa and various islands in the Mediterranean. These were the elephants that brought Hannibal fame in his crossing of the Alps during the Punic Wars. However, they were also massacred in the arenas, and by the 400's, were believed to be extinct. However, some had survived in Arabia. One of these was owned by the Sultan of Bahrain when the Romans overthrew him and made it a protectorate, giving the country a name it bears today. Now, 15 elephants, 8 female and 7 male, live in zoos and preserves. 3 females and two males will remain in Elephanti custody. The rest will be offered for 10-year lease in exchange for an undetermined amount of funds. However, the following must be agreed to by any leasee:

Elepnats must be leased in a male-female pair
Facilites will be inspected for safety before ant agreement is made
Any Elephants born during lease period will belong to the zoo leasing the elephants
The animals will be kept on display as often as is healthy
All efforts to get the pair to reproduce by natural means will be attempted
No cross-breeding will be permitted

The goal of this mission is twofold, to increase the population of the species, and to educate visitors to the facility where they are kept about the dangers of overhunting. Any offers for the lease will be considered.
05-02-2006, 17:41



We have heard your plight and have decided to take you up on your offer. The COH is also home to a dwindling number of North African Forest Elephant. Their unusually large tusks made them a great lure for hunters from the previous Governments, before we took over. We have since been trying to reverse this decline.

Other Elephant species are breeding into healthy numbers, all species except the one in question. Thus we would gladly like to take some of these Elephants into our reserves, probably in southern Zambia, where the conditions are excellent.

06-02-2006, 07:36
Whilst the Empire has no elephants in its lands except those in zoos, it shall do everything possible to help the Elephanti government on their request, wherever we can.
06-02-2006, 07:41
Official Message from Visara Co.

When certain rebellious faction in Africa have been neutralized we would be happy to raise the beautiful creatures within one of the temperate and livily national zoos established in the region.

Visara Co. CEO
Wilhelm Kaufmann