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President Villian offers oil deal for gaining power

28-01-2006, 00:37
President Villian is willing to buy 25 billion barrols of oil per year from any nation who effectively gets him into complete and undiniable control of ViZion.

He grows weary of this long and consistantly stiffening war, and is looking to gain power as soon as possible. So, the nation that gets him into power within the next (RL) three days will gain 25 billion barrols of exported oil per year - at a price of $40/barrel.

Here's what he wants:
-Complete and undeniable control of the entire nation of ViZion within three (RL) days
-ViZion City remains intact
-No nuclear strike on ViZionarian land
-All enemy forces removed from ViZionarian water, air, and land.
-If there's more than one nation helping, then the one that gets the full job done quickest on their own power (meaning who does the most work outta those vying for this deal) will get the deal.

Every (RL) day following will see a reduction of $2/barrel until the deed is done. Once it reaches 8 (RL) days, the deal is off.

EDIT: < Link to war thread... accept deal here... go there for war...