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Crystar Liberation Army Factbook

26-01-2006, 21:05
*Subject: CLA*
Priority: 8

The Crystar Liberation Army is formed with the sole and express purpose of creating terror and expressing their opposed viewpoints through violence, though they are fond of indiscriminate attacks just to cause anarchy.

Organized and headed by Markus Cryst, former president of Crystar, this shadowy organization’s goals are shrouded in mystery. Few know of its existence, for they never claim responsibility for their attacks. However, the truly erudite recognize the hallmarks of a CLA attack. The CLA is back by Cryst’s personal wealth and ‘donations’ of money or supplies from countries that need something ‘taken care of for them.’

The CLA specializes in assassinations, bombings, and hostage taking and are actually quite successful, due to the well-laid out plans. The CLA ‘cells’ tend to work in units of eight, with the most important member being ‘One’. Occasionally they will masquerade as another terror organization, to deflect the blame and retaliation.

The majority of information is not known, however, the most well-known attack is the one they sponsored against Dumpsterdam, in which they masqueraded as the Holy Hands of Alan.

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