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First Encounters (Closed, Attn: Anagonia)

Outer Heaven MK II
26-01-2006, 20:39
"Christ...hey! Tim, you little s**t! What's the f**king time!?!"

Tim, a small, blonde haired man, gave the speaker the bird, and glanced at his Chrono.

"34:47 Serpantian Time, you got a looong way to go Viser."

Tim said this with a smirk, for he and Visor didn't get on. Looking down at his station, Tim chucked as he heard a small string of curses.

"Bugger...why the f**k do I have to do this?" Visor asked. He was a well built, darked haired Serstan, a humanoid that was human in most respects, except for his three eyesand green skin. Serstan made good soldiers for the Serpantian Race as a whole (Yes, over 100 Species are intergrated into the Outer Heaven Super Race: The Serpantians), but they had low patience, and had a tendancy to get angry over...anything. Tim shook his head.

"Damnit Visor, for some goddamn reason, Command thinks that you fit the job. Although I wouldn't want to be caught with THOSE by the Captain."

Visor smiked, and shut the magazine, which was currently showcasing the Serpantian females had to offer.

"Well, looking at a f**king Sensor station isn't that hard."

Tim smirked.

"Could'a fooled me Viser."

Viser growled.

"Why does Command want an entire Sensor net around this goddamn belt anyway? I know systems INSIDE our space which is more dangerous than this."

Tim shook his head.

"Dear just don't get it do you? We're OUTSIDE our space. We have NO idea of what is out there, and this Asteroid Field is very valuable to us. We haven't found materials and resources like this for over a hundred years."

Viser smirked, and produced a carton from his pocket.

"Alright then, you fag, you win...again."

Opening up the cartion, he produced two Deathsticks.

"Want one? S'ppose I owe you at least this."

Tim nodded. "Go on then."

Viser threw one of the Deathsticks at Tim, and Tim caught it with ease. Viser jammed his own into his mouth, and lit it up. He heard Tim light up behind him. Taking a drag, Viser sighed.

"So, this going towards Project Delta?"

Tim nodded.

"Apparently. You can't make Beam Webs out of bloody Quantanium can you?"

Viser opened his mouth to respond, when his Station alarmed.


Taking a drag of his Deathstick, he quickly stashed the magazine into a small opening between two stations, and read the screen.

"Well f**k me..."

Viser heard a few footsteps behind him.

"I'll pass on that Lieutenant Martros. Report?"

Cursing himself, Viser brought up some readings.

"We've detected at least two, if not more ships, insude the Asteroid Field. I dunno how the hell they got past our outer detection systems, but they're there...and..."

The voice behind him cleared his throat. "And, Lieutenant?"

Viser sighed.

"They're heading this way at high speed, sir."

Viser turned around to face Captain Zanthros. Zanthros was a fully fledged Chiss, with glowing red eyes and blue skin. He nodded, and betrayed no worry.

"Go to Beta Alert, activate Asteroid Weapon Platforms Ten through Fifty, and alert the Mining Craft we have potention hostiles."

Viser nodded, and his fingers danced across the station. Tim bit his lip as the Captain faced him.

"Ensign Meek, send a transmission to Listening Post Bravo Theta, alert them that we have a situation, and that we need reinforcements on standby."

Tim nodded, and got to work...


Around the Sensor Control Post, a number of Asteroids decloaked. Beam Cannon Platforms and Missile Launchers were visable, and they all adjusted themselves to face the unknown threat. Energy readings rose as the weaponry prepared to be fired, and locks were made.

Zanthros watched his happen through the viewscreen, and nodded.

"And now we wait..."

OOC: Over to you Anagonia.
26-01-2006, 22:07
Admiral Fred Jarvis was at the command of Anagonia's finest, and biggest, ship to date. The SBCV-450 Battlecarrier - Zereul Refit was gained as part of a Treaty, and built rather quickly for the purpose of having a Battlecarrier in the fleet. It was bright, and beautiful. Full of complexity and strength. She was given the name Anagonia with knowledge that she was the first true Carrier to be built in space. It was the tridition of the Navies on both Sea and Space to do such, because it would be unlikely you would find a Sea Carrier and this Carrier together at one place.

Fred pushed a few buttons on the screen that was angeled from his Command Chair, looking at the new contacts that had been spotted not too long ago. Two Anagonian Pocket Battleships flew beside the Anagonia as she went to investigate these ships, protecting her with their many guns. But no one was truly worried, it was a first contact scenerio. If things got hot, the Battlecarrier could easily unleash up to three thousand fighters and bombers to destroy what needed to be destroyed in a jiffy.

He pressed a button on the chairs right arm, and another screen gently angeled itself up from hiding and presented itself rightly. He smiled, such a complex and beautiful computer mechanism they had. Jeff tickled with excitment as he typed in the first message in a first contyact scenerio. Sure, it wasn't his first, but it was the Anagonia's first!


Message from the SBCV Anagonia

Greetings from the Galactic Republic of Anagonia. It is so nice to see another space faring nation enjoy planting their weapons against us. Although we should be more angered, we are not worried in the slightest. We extend our hand in friendship to you with highest honor. We seek no fights, and we ask you seek the same.

With Great Regards,
Admiral Fred Jarvis
Outer Heaven MK II
26-01-2006, 22:24
Tim twirled around.

"Captain, recieving transmission!"

Zanthros nodded, and tapped a few butons on a console. The message materialised in a hologram, and Zanthros smiled.

"Interesting indeed. Comm., open up non-verbal link. I'll transmit."

Zanthros' fingers began to dance over the console...


A few moment's later, the Anagonia recieved a resonse:

Greetings from the Glorious Empire of Outer Heaven MK II. May I first say that people that have made similar statements were...unpleasantly suprised, apart from the fact that you extended friendship instead of a promise of death.

I am glad to see that you're not intending to fight us, but I'm sure you'll understand that for the moment, I'd prefer to keep a weapon lock on your small Fleet, just to make sure that you won't try anything, just in case you are lying, which I doubt.

Please state your reasons for infringing on Outer Heaven claimed territory, and I suggest you slow down. There are cloaked asteroids ahead, designed to ram into vessels going at speeds like yours. This is again, for security, I assure you.

I greatly look forward to response.

Captain TamZ'anthr'Osam,
Moff of the Pinnicle System
26-01-2006, 22:41
Admiral Fred Jarik nearly laughed his uniform off when he read the reply. Claimed Territory?! That was pathetic, this territory had been claimed by Anagonia years ago, and was being used to mine precious materials and metals that were critical for Colony and fleet construction.

He almost snorted. Good thing they had the battlecarrier sent here a few days ago, it seemed that Command Intelligence was right.

Dear Glorious Empire of Outer Heaven Mk II,

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that this terriroy has been under the juristiction, and control, of the Galactic Republic for two years now. We mine precious metals and the like from this area vital to colony and fleet construction, and we have no intentions of giving it up.

We could share, of course, since there seems to be a surplus. But, however, for you to come here and claim this without asking is quite rude.
Outer Heaven MK II
26-01-2006, 22:47
Zantros smirked.

"Martros, did you detect anything when we started here? Any claimed worlds etc?"

Visor shook his head.

"No sir."

Zantros sighed.

"Meek, keep the line open."

Zantros' fingers began another dance.


To Admiral Jarvis,

I must admit, you must take great pains to keep your holdings here secret. While sharing appears to be an enticing option, we have not detected any colonies in this system, and therefore, have already begun placement of our own. Pinnacle five currently holds a small civilian complex, and this would take weeks to take down.

However, if you are okay with the idea of us having colonies in this system, then by all means, we are happy to share. Also, we use beacons to alert other ships to our holdings of systems. If you wish, we could send you some to program, to enable others to realise you have claimed systems, especially if you haven't colonised it.

Captain TamZ'anthr'Osam,
Moff of the Pinnicle System
26-01-2006, 22:59
Admiral Jarvis was more than confused now, they hadn't detected any colonies on the worlds either, and there was one City already on the 4th Planet of the system. It was a Colony System, a stop for ships. They had placed beacons up two years ago, but the Confederacy in the Civil War must of done something about that. Somehow, they failed to notice the huge city. But, maybe, they had lost contact with the city, maybe something bad happened.

The Last Transmission was two days ago, and the Anagonia had been informed from the City Executive Governor that everything was alright....

Fred pressed the scan button, and an officer responded with an, "Aye sir." The city showed up, so did the alien settlements. What was going on?

We can share, but we already have a City on the Fourth Planet. How you missed that is beyond me. This is a Colony System for us, and it is midly traveled. Perhaps our beacon isn't active anymore, but I'm sure theres one out there somewhere.

Deeply sorry for the confusion, however the scans show up positive for our City settlement.
Outer Heaven MK II
27-01-2006, 17:14
Zanthros sighed.

"Lieutenant Martros, please head to your Quarters."

Visor turned around.

"Sir? Bu-"

"Do it!"

Visor jumped up, and quickly left. Zanthros watched him go, his red eyes piercing.

"Ensign Meek, take the Tactical Station, and run a scan for settlements. I'll take control of Comms."

Tim ran to the Tactical Station, and keyed in the search. A few seconds later, he gaped.

"Sir, there's a ci-"

"On the fourth planet? Martros is obviously dumber than I thought. No matter. Better wrap things up..."


Another transmission reached the Anagonia.

No need for apologies, we have finally detected your settlement too. I'm afraid this is due to a...'logistical' issue, and will not happen again.

Now that I am sure of your intentions, I would like to invite you to our Sensor Control Post, to talk about this in person. If this is acceptable, bring your ship to a full halt, and send us a simple 'yes'. Do not worry if you fill momentarily ill.
27-01-2006, 17:41
The Entire Anagonian "fleet", the Battlecarrier and the two pocket battleships, came to a halt. As requested, a simple "Yes" was sent to them. Admiral Fred Jarvis was in the mood for talks, and he did want to present a good attitude for the Galactic Republic. He smiled, standing from his seat as the screans fell back to the command chair. He knew what was coming, he'd been in several first contacts before.

Slowly, he stood at ease, and waited for their reply.
Outer Heaven MK II
27-01-2006, 18:02
A few seconds later, Jarvis felt a tickling sensation in the pit of his stomach. A few moments later, the tickling became an emptiness, and it began to expand. Suddenly, his nerves felt like they were on fire, and Jarvis tried to scream, only his lungs were being absorbed by the emptimess. As people watched, Jarvis eventually disappeared, a humanoid shaped portal in his place. A few moments later, there was a small whine, and the Portal dissapated, sending a loud clapping sound throughout the Anagonia's Bridge.


As Jarvis' vision cleared, he found himself standing before a small podium, in which held a Chiss sat on a Command Chair. Jarvis for a moment felt dizzy, and he had to concentrate to keep himself upright as his body recovered. The Chiss nodded.

"Apologies Admiral, but we've found this to be the safest way of taking a Human from point A to B. You'll feel a, due to the fact that your body has taken a trip through subspace, in segments, meaning your body is still alligning itself in a sense."

The Chiss then stood up, and strode down to Jarvis.

"I am Captain TamZ'anthr'Osam. I am in charge of this Installation, and the operations across the system we have .Please, follow me."

Zanthros pulled back his left sleeve, revealing a sort of console bracelet. Zanthros' fingers danced across the flat buttons, and a few moments later, a 1m in radius Subspace Portal opened up, in it's slightly more stable circular shape.

"I assure you that this time you won't be so affected, partially due to the first travel you experienced, and because your body will also be going through the Portal at roughly the same time."

With that, Zanthros ducked his head, and entered the Portal, his figure disappearing with a slight ripple against the Portal. It stayed active, and when Jarvis would near the Portal, he would notice that it actually made a small reflection, indicating how stable the Portal was.
27-01-2006, 18:13
Fred was still a bit dizzy from the Experience, he hadn't suspected someone could EVER go through Sub-Space as a transport device. A personal transport device, albiet, but otherwise it seemed unlikely taht anyone could counter-act the tremendous forces in Sub-Space. Anagonia had to use EM shields at low just to press back the forces, and their Sub-Space drives protected the rest. How did they do tha-

"Ow," He rubbed his head, he was thinking too much, and his head hurt. Must be from the trip.

He sighed, and shook it off, entering the portal then coming into complete darkness. He would walk forward, and his footfalls echoed in the darkness. Strange, he thought, where was he? He reached for his side, and felt his weapon. He was getting suspicious.....
Outer Heaven MK II
27-01-2006, 18:30
"Computer, raise lighting level to Serpantian Standard. Morph 25.4 please."


Light flooded Jarvis' eyes, and a for a moment, he couldn't see. Then, his eyes adjusted, and he watched as the room finished morphing. A table solidified, complemented by a set of liquid metal chairs, which were currently morphing into a particular shape, and solidifying. In the middle of the table was a large holo-projector, and the walls morphed into replicas of art. Zanthros nodded, and indicated to a seat, taking one opposite.

"Please, sit Admiral. Oh, and do not worry, this room is always dark, the metal is photosensitive. I doubt you'll notice, but the light in this room is at a certain frequency, and pulsing at certain intervals to keep the metal shaped."
27-01-2006, 18:36
Interesting technology, Jarvis thought, we should look into that.

Admiral Fred Jarvis nodded and sat in the chair, getting comfortable and smiling to his host. He would have already released his grip from his weapon, and would have gladly got comfortable. He looked at his wrist-pad, pressing a few things on its screen, and then looking back to the Captain.

"So, how are you today?" He didn't really know what to say...
Outer Heaven MK II
27-01-2006, 18:47
Zanthros smiled.

"I'm good Admiral. This is a first for me, but I'm sure you'll be able to bear with me. Would you like some food, or a drink? We have established Trade Routes with over 120 Nations, and I'm confident we know of most delicacies in this Universe. If not, however, we should begin discussing our situation in more detail, agreed?"
27-01-2006, 18:49
Fred nodded, "Yes, the situation. I'm fine, thank you, I just ate, right before my ships detected you." He smiled, "I would suppose that the situation is this territory? I'm sure we can work something out."
Outer Heaven MK II
27-01-2006, 18:58
Zanthros steepled his fingers, and smiled, revealing a row of perfect white teeth.

"Indeed. Considering we both have operations in this System, including Civilian Settlements, perhaps we could have a joint control of this system. Of course, this would require us to at least be on Trade Terms, and I'm authorised under the FC Accord, Chapter 15, paragraph 5, sub-section 22 to negotiate such an Alliance."
27-01-2006, 19:02
"Riight...I'm authroized by my rank to do so too." He chuckled, "Anyway, sure. What kind of trade agreement are we talking about?"

The Admiral seemed to be a happy-go-lucky human, one who seemed to be easily fooled, but in reality his expression on his face showed otherwise. He seated himself comfortably back against the chair, looking as if he had all the cards on the table, or perhaps it was a look of contentment. A very confusing figure, especially for the fact that this should have been a more stressful situation.
Outer Heaven MK II
27-01-2006, 19:21
Interesting...laid back but also well positioned. He's been through this many times...

Zanthros smiled quite wide, and cleared his throat. Quickly, a console morphed infront of him out of the table, and Zanthros' fingers began to dance over some keys.

"For us to initiate Trade, as you may have guessed, we need to be in a state of Alliance. Tell me Admiral, can you read Aurabesh?"
28-01-2006, 00:17
"Probably not, our translators can only pick up Komodren, Human, Delpinian, Horsicans, Draconian, and about eighteen or so other languages and species." He smiled, "I would enjoy to attempt to learn another however, I know three by heart already. I'm sure an old dog can learn some new tricks."

Obviously, he was open to the idea of an Alliance. He knew how to present the Galactic Republic well.
Outer Heaven MK II
28-01-2006, 16:48
Zanthros smiled.

"I'll be sure to give you datapad on Aurabesh before you leave. I suppose I'll put this up as Human then..."

Hitting a few buttons, the holoprojector activated, revealing a very long page written in Aurabesh, but quickly phasing into Human. At the bottom right hand corner of the page, Jarvis could see that it said 'Page 1 of 1026'. Obviously, he had a long night of reading ahead of him...

Zanthros cleared his throat.

"This is BETAC, or, in full, the Beta Aquilae Convention. This is the first Treaty ever to be formed or signed by Outer Heaven, and we first signed this with another Alien species. We now use it as a standard Treaty, because we find it encompasses all Alliance needs, hence the length."

As Jarvis inspected the page, he found it would be an introduction, detailing it's history, and also listing all 102 Chapters, and also explaining 'sub-sections'.

"I will of course give you a copy, but considering this contains alot of technicality blocks, I will give you the general jist of it. Basically, when you sign this, we view you as an equal, one of us. We effectively see it as our duty to take you under our wing, and vice versa with you. We will openly support you in war, and we expect the same. We will also engage in full trade, as well as being allowed to share up to medium-level Military Secrets, etc."

A few moments later, two datapads materialised on the table. Zanthros slid them over.

"The datapad on the left is BETAC itself. However, this is in Aurabesh. The one on the right is what you need to read first. It's mostly in human, and if you have neural uplinking software and hardware, you can learn it overnight. Same with BETAC."

Zanthros steepled his fingers.

"I feel that I should also invite you to stay with us tonight. I can give you a tour of this facility, and begin to tell you about our very...diverse society, as well as our history, and our current status."

Zanthros permitted another smile.

"Of course, I won't take it personally if you decline, however, it would be more...'enlightening', were you to stay. Every facility and ship in the Empire has a VIP Quarters, and this is no exception. In fact, you'll be on the same deck as the rest of the Senior Staff."

Zanthros then nodded.

"So it's really up to you Admiral."
28-01-2006, 16:54
"Sounds all nice and the lot," he looked at the datapad before him, "But we, too, have a Treaty organization for ourselves. It was made and stands AS the basis for every treaty to come after." He smiled, grasping something from his jacket, and then sliding it over to the Captain after he had pressed something.

"Take a look at our standard Treaty proceedure, less complicated. Its in 'Human', but I believe you would understand it immiedietly."

The Northrop-Grumman Corporation Treaty of 2040 (

"Anyways, as for spending the night at a new friends house, I suppose I could do it." He waved a hand, "As a sign of respect if anything, of course."
Outer Heaven MK II
28-01-2006, 17:13
Zanthros smiled, and read the Treaty. He nodded.

"Alot of Northrop-Grumman in this Treaty I must admit. If I sign this, will this automatically put Outer Heaven on good terms with Northrop-Grumman?"
28-01-2006, 17:44
Fred Jarvis kinda slumped in his chair, surprised by his remark. He sighed, and sat back up, then cleared his throat. "How about I sign your treaty instead, it would make things a lot easier."
Outer Heaven MK II
28-01-2006, 18:09
Zanthros nodded, and smiled.

Victory for the Empire once again.

"Indeed it would. Press the small green button on the side, and a stylus will pop out. Just scroll to the bottom, and put your full signiture. That means your rank and name, followed by your area of command, in this case your ship, and your Nation's full title."
28-01-2006, 19:53
Fred nodded, and slowly started to write his name and rank, and so one. He also put something extra.

Star Admiral Fred Jarvis
Captain and Commander of the SCV Anagonia
Galactic Republic of Anagonia

Void if found unreasionable

Once he pressed the desired buttons, he smiled back to the Captain. He wasn't about to be outplayed in diplomacy. It wasn't no insult, just a precaution should this long treaty expose anything to the system they controlled. Afterall, there are Empires that wish to minupulate everything.
Outer Heaven MK II
28-01-2006, 19:57
Zanthros took the datapad, and smiled. The then noticed the void part, but didn't stop smiling.

"What do you mean by 'Void if found unreasionable?'. I have never encountered a human word like this, unless you mean 'unreasonable', which is spelt 'u-n-r-e-a-s-o-n-a-b-l-e'."

Placing the datapad down, Zanthros slid it back over to the Admiral.

"If it's a simple spelling error, it'd be wise to change it. But even so, I'm curious to know what it means."
28-01-2006, 20:28
The Admiral scratched his head, then laughed. "Well, what do you know, my age is showing." He sighed somewhat, "Being nintey ain't all its supposed to be."

In all reality, he looked like he was fifty, or sixty. Not a ninety years old. He smiled and corrected his mistake and making it "unreasonable". He nodded, and slid it back, sitting back and crossing his arms and legs.

"It basically means that if any empire plays any tricks in a treaty that is purposely too long and may be worded in complex, that Anagonia may void it and reform a treaty." He shook his head, "No hostile action or intent is ment for that."
Outer Heaven MK II
28-01-2006, 20:36
Zanthros smiled.

"Well Admiral, you're doing extremely well, I must admit."

Zanthros then took back the datapad, and signed it himself.

"The reason it's so long is we're trying to help. We're basically eliminating every conceivable loophole etc, making essentially, the perfect treaty."

Zanthros then inserted the datapad into the console in front of him, and smiled.

"Congratulations Admiral, you're now one of us, and we are one of you."

Zanthros stood, and extended his gloved hand.

"Welcome brother."
28-01-2006, 20:49
He extended his hand, and took the Captains. "Comrade Brethren Zanthros, welcome to the Galactic Republic. Were glad to have our Brethren of the stars with us."

He smiled, obviously Anagonians were open to the idea of EXTENDED family. Its basically what Anagonians do, so there was absolutley no problem in these happenings.

"Nice treaty, to have no loopholes," he winked and laughed.
Outer Heaven MK II
28-01-2006, 21:00
Zanthros grinned, and allowed himself a laugh.

"Indeed, and I'm impressed. You worked out my core name, but no matter. I suppose you are a friend after all."

Drawing his hand away, he nodded.

"If you have a commlink, inform your ships about what we've just negotiated, and tell them they're free to approach and dock. The cloaked asteroids now recognise them as friendlies, and won't destroy them."

Zanthros then sat down.

"And after, we better discuss how to begin trade."
28-01-2006, 21:44
He tapped his ear, revealing something on it, then grinning. "They heard everything, thanks for your permission. They'll be here shortly."

He sat back down and smiled, "Thats basically how I found out your name, or core name as you call it. Anyway, yes, trade. What should we trade?"
Outer Heaven MK II
28-01-2006, 21:57
Zanthros shrugged.

"To be fair, I have no idea. Do you have any gaps in your market?"
28-01-2006, 22:09
Fred thought for a moment, then looked to his wrist pad as screens came up detailing the market and so forth. Interestingly enough, there wasn't anything missing. No gaps, no nothing.

"Odd, seems we have a Thriving economy....could have sworn it was below that." He sighed, "Not sure myself."
Outer Heaven MK II
28-01-2006, 22:27
Zanthros nodded.

"Well, maybe technology? Perhaps you've seen something that interests you?"

He held his arms out, as if indicating the room itself.
29-01-2006, 18:56
"Yes, I must admit it does seem interesting. But I'm more interested in how you conquered Sub-Space."
Outer Heaven MK II
29-01-2006, 19:00
Zanthros smiled.

"Take over six centuries of research, a few encounters with the Shivans, alongside a general fascination with Subspace, alongside the fact that we extract substances from it to power everything we use, and you'll get there."

Zanthros tapped a few keys on the console.

"I can send you a paper one of our leading scientists wrote a couple of years ago. It basically goes through everything we know on a non-classified level."
29-01-2006, 19:59
Fred nodded, "I'd like that, something to study and look forward to. We'd really like to explore Sub-Space more than just looking out the ship and seeing an entire different realm of existance." He smiled, "Its beautiful, yes, but it is curious. We'd love to explore it more."

He nodded, "So, anything your interested in from us?"
Outer Heaven MK II
29-01-2006, 20:04
Zanthros grinned.

"I have just the thing for you, but that can wait."

Zanthros continued to hit some keys on the console, although nothing happened.

"As of now, there's nothing I know that we need. We're pretty advanced in most, if not all fields required to run an Empire. Although, we are a society with a large culture. Perhaps you could send us some art and contemporary music?"
29-01-2006, 20:42
Fred smiled, "Sure, we could do that. Afterall, we got a lot of it where we come from, and our people love music."

He looked at his wrist-pad and nodded, "Never have exported that before, especially our art, but we'd be willing to."

He pressed a few things, "Maybe one of our favorite motor-sports can come in handy too?"
Outer Heaven MK II
29-01-2006, 20:46
Zanthros smiled.

"Indeed, the more the merrier. Now, about viewing Subspace. Do you think you're up to it?"

Standing, Zanthros looked at a wall.

"I can set up a direct link with a facility if you'd llike. Subspace is amazing, and a rare experience for some."
29-01-2006, 21:19
He nodded standing and walking towards Zanthros, looking at the wall. "I suppose I should be, I've flown through it enough." He laughed
Outer Heaven MK II
29-01-2006, 21:41
Zanthros grinned, and nodded. He hit a final key on the Console, and the wall before them began to morph into a donut-shaped device. After a few moments, it appeared complete, and Zanthros watched as the Subspace Portal opened.

"This device is used specifically for travel into Subspace. One thing we must be careful of is turbulence. Due to the pressurisation and the atmosphere pumps, it'll get extremely windy. Ah, he were go."

A ramp folded out onto the floor out of the Portal, and Zanthros nodded.

"One suggestion. Leave any devices that may explode, or have potential to. Lighters are nasty in open Subspace, just trust me on this one..."

Immediately, Zanthros took off an array of items, ranging from rings and watches to a hidden pistol, a small katana-like sword, and two pipe-bombs. Satisfied, Zanthros nodded.

"Subspace, especially open Subspace, is VERY sensitive. Explosions can trigger dangerous events, sometimes even the collapse of nodes. If you'll follow me..."

Without another word, Zanthros bounded up the ramp, and disappeared into the Portal. The 'wind' hit him immediately, and Zanthros had to steady himself. Around him, the Portal was stretched, and it looked very...warped, for a lack of a better word. It was blue, but very stretched, and Zanthros felt like he was tight-rope walking. There were no supports, and were he to fall, he didn't like the idea if he missed the opening which the wind would push him towards...

Sighing, Zanthros risked a look back, to see if Jarvis was there.
30-01-2006, 02:16
Fred shrugged, putting down his Auto-mag pistol, a lighter, three devices that looked like exposives, his wrist pad, and even three other weapons that were hidden in his shoe, his ankel, and his shoulder. He then took off some kind of necklace, and then went towards the portal, and entered.

The Sub-space wind flew against him hard, and he pushed forward. This seemed unusual to him, but he walked along what felt like the path. He saw Zanthros, and kept up with him as he tried to keep steady.
Outer Heaven MK II
01-02-2006, 21:43
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02-02-2006, 21:30

Take your time, hope you get better!