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Uranium Deposits found

26-01-2006, 17:39
Abbreviations used
IFCKSN = International Fishcak News Service

--IFCKNS Astraonly,Fishcaks
Today the prime minister John Ackon was quoted to have said
"I have reason to believe that we have discovered a large deposit of Uranium in the southeast part of Fishcaks around 100 Miles from Astraonly, we are currently intending to sell the mining rights to the highest bidding country, with a clean record"
IFCKNS will report more as we get it

To: International Community
From: Fishcaks Diplomats
We are currently in the process of selling mining rights to our Astraonly Uranium mine, we have estimated that if it was sold by the ton their would be around 100 too 200 Million USD worth, any nations interested should contact us ASAP, we are also are happy to sell weapons grade plutonium to any nation who wants it.