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Mexico WW1 Factbook

26-01-2006, 05:25

Mexico, land of tumble weeds and spacious desserts. Constantly adrift with strife. This nation now lies in the midst of a civil war. Side against side, north vs. south. With socialists, fascists, and constitutionalists abound. Yet this might be about to change, with the U.S. Occupation of Veracruz, and the constant bullying of this frequently oppressed nation, the people are up in arms. Time will tell if war can be avoided with the world already in an uproar over the death in Austria. Time will tell if the recently elect barbarian of Victoriano Huerta can unite the factions against this meddling power, or whether he will be conquered by lack of support, lack of reconition, and receive his just rewards.

Population: 14,855,000
Armed Forces
100,000 troops currently available
68,000 active infantry
6,000 active Calvary
2,000 inactive Artillery
24,000 reserves
Artillery is close to non existent.
Small Navy, perhaps 15 to 18 patrol boats, 15 destroyers, 7 light cruisers, 5 heavy, 1 effective battleship
100,000 troops under competing loyalties mostly lightly armed guerillas;
two of the larger militia groups include
Pancho Villa: Personal Army of 4300 troops, mostly mounted
Emiliano Zapata: 25,000 peasant guerillas

At this time there are four competing factions in Mexico, while the federalists are the strongest, they are currently weakened by the United States refusal to recognize Victoriano Huerta as president despite his recent ‘election’. Other competing groups are Villa, Zapata, and the Capitalistic Constitutionalists.
02-02-2006, 04:47
The US has responded (negatively) to Mexico's letter.

OOC: More info on the US page
07-02-2006, 01:37
A lone Horseman rides to the U.S.A Border with Mexico. He is quickly apprehended by a boarder patrol, on his person is a signed letter.

The horseman hopes his letter will be delivered, but for now all he can hope for is that these Americans spare him his life

The United States does not negotiate with illegal guerillas who show no respect for governments for the selfish reasons that they wish to seize power for themselves. Despite this, the US has no wish to fight with the rebels Zapata and Villa and hasmerely occupied a vital border city to protect itself rather than invade the northwestern Mexican territories. These leaders are urged to lay down their arms.