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Fedala International Champions Cup

The Macabees
24-01-2006, 06:58
[OOC: Yes, I decided to bring football (soccer) to International Incidents. I think it would be interesting, not to mention the fact that much of NS already has their league teams in the NSFA.]

Welcome! May we present you the Fedala International Champions Cup, or FICHAC [fi-chak], the first international football championship in the Second Empire of the Golden Throne. We, the National Football Organization, or NFO, are proud to present it to the rest of the world and offer them a position in the championship. It would be the best team of your league against the best team of every other league, pitted in a cup of champions. Normal, international, rules [FIFA] apply to FICHAC. The teams will be organized into a series of groups, and for now with no rank, and within those groups teams will play each other team twice; depending on the number of groups and teams, a certain number of teams, the best in their groups nominally, will make it to the finals, in which teams will contest each other for the Dienstadi Chalice. Good luck to all the teams!

To apply fill out the following form:
Team Name:
Style: -5 being the most defensive, 5 being the most agressive.
My Opponent Can Choose My Scorers: Y/N
My Opponent Can Godmod Injuries: Y/N
My Opponent Can Godmod Goals: Y/N

Just as well, include a roster in your post [it will be linked], including all your players. You may add kits and coaches as well. The more, the better!

Royal Club EspaƱola (


OOC scoring information; scores will be produced through FootySim, provided by Bedistan. All scores will be generated on roleplaying and through random calculations.
The Macabees
24-01-2006, 07:06
Team Name: Royal Club EspaƱola
Style: 2
My Opponent Can Choose My Scorers: N
My Opponent Can Godmod Injuries: N
My Opponent Can Godmod Goals: Y

Hans Kahn Goal Keeper
Bert Gier Goal Keeper
David Williams Defense
Davier Vil Defense
Estaten Corlu Defense
Jose Angel de la Cruz Defense
Froemer Leeb Defense
Ritter Galden Defense
Dueter Ritz Defense
Vilby Rear Defense
Gruaart Rauss Foward
Hans Bohr Foward
Esteban Ruiz Foward
Staten Dieger Foward
Falast Wertuit Foward

Including nationalities:
The Macabees
24-01-2006, 17:19
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The Macabees
24-01-2006, 21:49
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