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Chancellor Jennifer Bryan Williams Assassinated

Sel Appa
22-01-2006, 23:49
While walking down the street to buy a cup of coffee Chancellor Williams was shot nine times. The assassin then blew themselves up from an alley. No traces were found of them. No motive can be found for the assassination except possibly from angry conservatives at the loss of their election. However, investigators deem that unlikely as it has been a year since the election. The Minister of State, former Chancellor Ngu Phuok Dinh has been made Chancellor. The 80-year-old accepted the responsibility to cheering crowds.

Dinh's plans include a final subjugation of rebel Anvorbuod, improved relations with other leftist nations, nationalizing the agriculture industry, and eliminating famine. He says that Sel Appa will "feed the poor and hungry of the world" with the nationalizing of agriculture. He also seeks to research methods of increasing food production and plans to authorize research on full mechanization of agriculture. In addition, he says he will continue building up the military, as well as return Sel Appa to space: "Several manned and unmanned missions will be made with the aid of our allies." Finally, health care and medicine will receive more funding than before.

Many say Dinh will leave politics after, or possibly during this term do to his old age. Dinh said in his first term he wanted to rule until his death, but in the following election, he was defeated by Socialist Kristina Leno who was an absolute failure at the job.