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Pleasure Island [PMT CLOSED]

08-01-2006, 23:25
Office of the Sultan
Sultan Al-Na'ib Whyatica sat in his office poring over maps of the Pacific. He was mumbling to himself about a "pleasure island all for me". He had been sitting in his office for hours upon hours, trying to find an unclaimed island he could claim.

The Sultan was getting incredibly frustrated, as most of the unclaimed islands were unsuitable for his needs. Finally, he zeroed in on an island, that according to the geographic reports, was exactly what he wanted. The problem was, it was owned by a nation called the Fedral Union.

He looked at satellite intelligence of the area, and it looked to be sparsely populated and even sparser defences.

Yes.. the mad Sultan thought.

This island would be perfect...and it's so insignificant that the Fedral Union probably wouldn't notice it's loss... he thought.

He picked up his telephone, and the operator immediately answered, "What do you require, Sultan?"

"Get me Minister Aziz Afnan."

Twenty minutes later, Minister Aziz Afnan, Minister of Defense, walked into his office.

"Minister...Do you know why I have summoned you?" he asked of his minister.

"No, Sultan." he responded truthfully.

"I have been searching for a long time for a place for pleasure, my personal island so to speak."


"I have found this one in the South Pacific..It is called Sentutia."

"My Sultan, to my knowledge this island is claimed by a nation called.." the Minister thought for a second,
"The Fedral Union.. I don't think we should.."

"Should what, Minister? I doubt they will even miss's so small..insignificant.."

"Why not buy it, then?"

"The world needs to see our power firsthand."

The minister was speechless, as he tried to think of something to say to the Sultan that wouldn't result in him losing his head.

"You are to deploy the fourth legion to Sentutia, along with a naval assault group led by the Mohammed."

The WSS Mohammed was a brand-new Zealous class Superdreadnaught, and it had a sixty-ship naval assault group when it was not involved with the entire Second Fleetgroup.

"...Yes, Minister."

Minister Aziz Afnan left the Sultan's office wondering what would happen next..

6 hours later..Fort Nassei, Whyatica
The marching boots of soldiers was heard as soldiers boarded massive transport ships, bound for the island of Sentutia. The assault group led by the Mohammed prepared for a battle, although the Admiral in charge doubted there would be much of a fight. Air crews on the carriers prepared their planes, and marines onboard the Mohammad prepared themselves mentally for a beach landing.

The fleet set off, about two days travel from Sentutia, invading the island so the Sultan can have his "Pleasure Island.."

[OOC: the Fourth Legion is:
400,000 Whyatican Regulars
5,000 "Tiger" MBTs
1,000 M108 105mm Self-Propelled Howitzers
1,000 "Avenger" class mobile SAM batteries
1,000 "Behemoth II" Heavy Battle Tanks
and the fleet group is:
WSS Mohammed - Zealous Class Super-Dreadnaught
10 "Elusive" class Battleship
5 "Paramount" class Air Defense Vessel
15 CLN-68 "Morsky-Orol" Class Light Cruiser
10 "Ilium" class Missile Destroyers
15 "Hannibal" Class Escort Destroyer
2 "Qu'Ran" class Aircraft Carriers
10 Cartegena Class-SSN

OOC2: This is closed, except you can condemn my nation diplomatically if you want. Militarily it's just TFU and I.
The Fedral Union
09-01-2006, 00:15
On the island:
The island was quiet, people went about there normal lives, the small city of new hill was bustling with activity, new sky scrapers were going up every place, condominiums were being placed in several locations as well, high ways were being put up as well, as boats entered and left the harbor..

Sounds of a bustling city could be heard as planes roared over head, it was a sunny warm day, and the oceans were crisp and blue. The state capital was near down town New hill it was a some what Roman like court house building pillars of white holding up a silver glass dome. Officials were going about there business the governor was sitting in his officer over looking the harbor and beach.
09-01-2006, 00:42
WSS Mohammad, Sentutia Task Force

The Task Force was about two hours away from the island of Sentutia, and on the bridge of the Mohammad, a single order was given by the Admiral in charge,


The 60 ship fleet stopped where it was, about 180 miles off the coast of Sentutia. The troop carriers were behind the fleet, numbering 40, each gargantuan ship holding 10,000 marines.

"All ships - Target static defenses and load guns."

The mechanical whirring and clonking was heard across the assault group as dozens of heavy guns were loaded with ammunition and pointed at their targets.

"Fire on my command." the Admiral said, grimacing. He had been in several conflicts before, and this would be a trial by fire of the Mohammed, the Navy's newest Super-Dreadnaught.

The bridge of the WSS Mohammed was silent as the anxious weapons men waited for that one-word command,


The command given, the numerous 30" guns on the Mohammed and the 16" coilguns on the Elusive-class Battleships opened fire on targetted shore defences.

This island was pitifully defended, and in no time at all would the island kneel to the awesome power of the Sultan..
The Fedral Union
09-01-2006, 01:02
shells wizzed around the cit buildings rumbled explosions rocked the entire city,
smoke billowed form buildings and metal and rubble rained down large sky scrapers fell to the ground in a dusty collapse entire buildings were decimated
Screaming could be heard as people rushed away from burning buildings and explosions.

A shell had came barreling in to the state capital right near the governors office, it exploded half the building was destroyed the governor was thrown in to the wall as he saw his city from the corner of his eye burn.

Mean while At The white house …
Rob sighed looking out of the window towards the Washington monument, the dormant winter trees intertwining there branches across the window some what. He calmly stared out looking at the blue sky, he then looked back in to his office, general carvel had walked in his metal shining and his uniform gleaming in the sun light he asked with a deep old mans voice “sir are you ready to make your decision?”

Rob nodded the eighteen year old president looked to carvel and said in a tough direct voice “we show them not to mess with the union!, I want at least three carrier battle groups deployed and 250,000 objective force warriors with various equipment…!”

Carvel nodded”understood sir; we can get them there with in 24 hours …”

Rob nodded…

A few moments passed , the 7th fleet, the 6th fleet, and the 8th fleet ( with there assoaited battle groups were beginning to form up as soon as they got the call C-230 Adavced transports loaded up 50,000 defender troops while transports and other C-230’s loaded up Objective force warriors for the attack, defense.

Deployment total:
3500 M1A3 battle tanks
1500 Net fire launchers
2500 Fusion caster missile systems
2000 HRC’S
1500 AMLRS
2500 Disruptor artillery systems
250,000 objective force warriors
150,000 defenders
50,000 marines
50,000 rangers
20 CVX-2 carriers
20 CVXN- Nexus class carriers
20 CVN-77 Sea scraper carriers
20 New york class battle ships
20 DD-21 class destroyers
40 CG-17 class Missile cruisers
30 Defender class cruisers
50 X ships
2 Leviathan class Dreadnoughts
50 manta class MHD subs
100 hammer head class advanced subs
350 F22C super raptors
350 F-35 D Strike fighters
300 Comanche MK II attack helicopters
250 UH-66 Missile gun ships
220 AH-57 Cherokee battle copters
700 F-16 V Super sonic interceptors
350 MK III aerial guard UCAV’S
350 Sea king II AWSHC
800 F/A-39 Talon fighter bombers (some on carriers already)

the ships had began moving out already, it would take them 5 hours to arrive
09-01-2006, 01:24
WSS Mohammad, Sentutia Task Force
The bombardment continued, but the fleet was now inching closer..Missile destroyers began to fire salvos, targetted now for shock tactics..Military targets in the area were destroyed, so the 10,000 marines onboard the Mohammed began to load into their VTOL Troop Carriers. These gargantuan carriers were designed to hold 70 soldiers, and land them on a hostile beach without taking much damage in the process.

The Admiral of the fleet continued to wonder to himself, "Why? Why do we kill civilians so the Sultan can have his island? The Fedral Unioners did nothing to us..."

These thoughts were jarred from his head as a communications officer said to him,

"Satellite intelligence indicates a large Fedralist response fleet coming this way. At least 300 ships, sir."

300 ships meant they were outnumbered 5 to one, and the Admiral didn't like this at all.

"Send a communication back to Fort Nassei, get the rest of the fleetgroup over here. If I remember correctly, they're patrolling in the Indian Ocean so they're only about 18 hours off at full burn."

The communications officer went to his terminal and said,
"Mohammed to Fleet Group Two, repeat, come in Fleet Group Two."

The response came in "This is the Battleship Hood, what do you need, Mohammed?"

"Hood, send a general command to the fleet that they are to join the Mohammed's task force at Sentutia, as we are going to be in hot water soon."

"How hot is hot water?"

"Some 300 ships."

"Okay, fleet group two will be at your position in 16 hours."

As the communication with the Hood was ended, the VTOL carriers holding the first wave of marines were launched, headed to the Sentutia beach to unload their soldiers..

The transport boats holding the rest of the army moved to the front of the fleet, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers jumped into transport boats and hit the waves, riding them towards their prey at Sentutia..

Tank Carriers on the transport boats picked up hundreds of "Tiger" class Main Battle Tanks, and launched, sending them to support the infantry on the landing site..

"Why?" the Admiral thought, as he watched thousands of soldiers sail towards a defenseless island...
The Fedral Union
09-01-2006, 01:47
Air bases on a few other islands rallied some more aircraft,
500 stealth tactical bombers,
200 B3 bombers
And 150 B-52C bombers were launched

The fleet at emergency speed steamed in the battle was ready to be fought, the Leviathans had turned there massive Gauss cannon turrets, and missile tubes towards enemy battle ships and carriers.

With in a few moments the fleet was in position, the Leviathans opened fire massive volleys of fast moving amour piercing high explosive shells rained from the ships, fallowed by a missile spam, high speed SLAM missiles raced towards enemy ships targeting there magazines and gun emplacements.

Carriers had begun to launch fighters already, talons and UCAVS raced hand in hand, F-35’s and F-16’s flew at amazing speeds whizzing by enemy ships dropping high explosive ordinance enormous aircraft also began carpet bombing carriers.

Subs opened fire with waves of super cravtiaing torpedoes, as destroyers and curisers began firing there large guns and missiles at enemy forces.

Gun ships and tactical stealth bombers rushed froth over the island targeting attacking forces and firing precision guided cluster and anti amour mutinous, the gun ships targeted clusters of tanks and troops and fired MK II hell fire missiles. There 25 MM Carbon cannons rained deadly explosive rounds all around the field. Transport planes began landing on the field south of the main city unloading and deploying troops slowly.
09-01-2006, 02:28
The enemy bombardment didn't come to a surprise to the Fleet, indeed, they had already trained their guns on the enemy fleet and opened fire. Missile salvo after missile salvo flew from the Ilium class missile destroyers, and hundreds of SAM missiles flew from nearly every ship in the fleet at the offending fighters and bombers.

Numerous "Praetorian V" missile launchers detected the massive missile barrage heading their way, and opened fire on the oncoming horde of missiles...The Praetorian Vs were rated for 90% efficiency, but sadly, in battle, rated efficiency is never as claimed, and only about 75% of the missiles were downed, leaving the rest the CIWS systems. The majority of the missiles were downed, but enough got through to sink a Hannibal-class escort destroyer, and heavily damage two Morsky-Orols.

The bombing runs, however, were more effective. Bombs attempted to destroy the runways of one of the carriers, but enough "Orc" point defense fighters had been launched to put up an adequate defense while SAM and CIWS handled the bombs and missiles.

The super-cavitating torpedos, on the other hand, were a different story. A torpedo struck a Hannibal and it cracked in half, sinking beneath the waves..
All the capable ships dropped countermeasures, but two more Morsky-Orols were very heavily damaged and listing..

The Mohammed, angered by the loss of her sister ships, opened fire using her mammoth 30" ETC guns, targetting the lead dreadnaught of the Fedralist fleet.
15" railguns targetted escort ships, and fired deadly HE rounds at enemy ships. It fired its own torpedos at enemy submarines and the escorts.

The ten Cartegena attack subs unloaded their high-powered super-cavitating torpedos on the enemy escort ships as well.

Meanwhile, troops continued to land on the island..Over 170,000 had landed, and they began to set up a temporary base where they could defend their position if need be, and recieve supplies..They would wait for the rest of the men and tanks to land, and then they would charge into the city.

The fleet group only had to hold out for 6 more hours until the rest of the navy arrived..

And still the Admiral wondered why they were fighting the Fedralists..