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Introducing the World Anti-Communist All-Volunteer Army (attn, WACL members)

06-01-2006, 21:43
Secret IC

"Fellow WACL members,

It is with great pride, and pleasure, that I introduce you to the World Anti-Communist All-Volunteer Army, or WACAVA, for short. Drawn from current and former anti-communist soldiers, policemen, intelligence agents, etc., from across the globe, this army is 100% devoted to the cause of stamping out the Marxist scourge and ensuring the triumph of free-market capitalism. Among WACAVA's soldiers are former contras, former Rhodesian Selous Scouts, former Mossad agents, former UNITA, FNLA, and RENAMO guerrillas, former members of Koevoet, former SAVAK agents, former (non-al Qaeda) Afghan mujahideen insurgents who have since renounced jihad, as well as former members of the Nicaraguan Guardia Nacional, and former members of the South Korean, Taiwanese, South African, Chilean, Paraguayan, and Argentinian militaries. They all have all been provided additional training, and have overcome any differences they have, and have all been successfully integrated into a single, effective fighting force of approximately 12,000 men. The RB government plans to add approximately 25,000 of its own infantrymen to the WACAVA, boosting the number to 37,000. WACAVA will serve as a mercenary army, answering to the highest bidder, provided the bidder is a credibly proven anticommunist. This way, not only will they be fighting Marxism, but we will reap the profits and use them to fund anticommunist freedom fighters around the world. I call on all WACL members to, if possible, contribute as many troops as they'd like to WACAVA. May communism fall, and may capitalism emerge victorious!"

--Alfredo Stroessner Latimer, Chairman of the WACL*--

*Lee recently resigned as chairman, as he had no time to be both Minister of Justice and WACL chairman
06-01-2006, 21:54
1 million troops there u go, pfff simulated fighting is stupid
07-01-2006, 01:31
07-01-2006, 01:32
OOC: XxxMenxxX, please keep those comments out of here.

Josh, I didn't know the WACL was still going. :p Ah, the vestiges of the olden days remain.
07-01-2006, 02:18
OOC: XxxMenxxX, please keep those comments out of here.

Josh, I didn't know the WACL was still going. :p Ah, the vestiges of the olden days remain.

{OOC: This is meant to be a revival of the original, IRL WACL (the one Chiang Kai-shek started), not CM/DA/VE's}
Present Day Comatica
09-01-2006, 02:00
The Special Operations Ministry will supply 7,500 former Governmental Task Force (GTF) agents, 125 of which served in the highly successful Caharic Campaign in the former Kingdom of Marabal, and received high honors from myself and Emperor Titus Celmaetus. They will indeed go through the extra training, and all of whom have proven themselves to be right wing, and opposing most any far-left notion.

Lucilius Veldaem
Minister of Special Operations
09-01-2006, 02:43
"Thank you! We will compensate you handsomely."

--Alfredo Stroessner Latimer--
Amazonian Beasts
09-01-2006, 20:56
The FedAB will send 10,000 infantry soldiers and 2 naval cruisers to bolster the WACL's numbers.
09-01-2006, 21:57
"We are most fortunate and thankful for your contribution. On behalf of WACL, we thank you heartily."

--Alfredo Stroessner Latimer--
Somewhere in S America
09-01-2006, 23:31
Bah! You can't stop us! Its like trying to kill a Tiger II tank with a puny little M-3 Stuart.