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March of an Empire (FT: ATTN Sephrioth)

The Cassiopeia Galaxy
06-01-2006, 18:49
Secret IC:With the Ten Systems War over, The Cassiopeian Empire knew that the Ten Systems Region of the Galaxy wasn't as safe as they thought. So the Cassiopeian Military planned a new course of action, Invasion of another Planet.
The Priests of The Temple of Malici'gai soon started drawing lots for the unluckly Planet that would be invaded. and it fell on a Planet known as Sephrioth.

Empress Cas'rai Gon'dor'ri soon sent a Secret Message to General Chimaera in the Ten systems Region:

Begin massing your Fleet in the Ten Systems Region and Prepeare to set a coruse for The Sephrioth system, await Renforcements and as soon as you can, Start the Invasion. and Send a Probe to Check out the Planet.

OOC: Sephrioth, Are you Still FT?
The Fedral Union
06-01-2006, 19:24
(ok let me put it like this, that thread was ignored as far as I’m concerned its no were near my territory any more, I am willing to continue the war if its not wanked to ignore or flamed with ooc bull shit, I mean seriously I Didn’t have a reason to ignore you, just the thread because it was a cluster fuck)
Gaian Ascendancy
06-01-2006, 19:57
((OC- Now now TFU, language. And yes I did read the whole thing. There should be a permanent rule in NS rp wars that if the attacking nation doesn't notify and work it out in TG or IMs, then a war can't take place.

All the OCC flame bits that seem to occur everytime due to ego and godmodding, is wasting a lot of Jolt server space for no real good.

It's getting dumb on top of, how many wars there are. At least CW and EWT worked their war thread out like so before conducting it. It should be near mandatory as far as I am concerned. =--=

But that's only my opinion. =^^= ))
07-01-2006, 10:46
ooc yes i am and i cant do this rp iggied on grounds of no time