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...and today is the longest day of my life. [MWS only]

06-01-2006, 04:35
OOC: There is no way anyone can know of this event taking place. This is 100% secret and it takes place in a room few know exist and is swept more than once a day for bugs and has electronic gear that would jam any bugs.

IC:Presidential Palace

Things had been quiet during the first few months of Netanyahu’s reign as PM. He had a plan though that he had wanted to enact for the past few years. Now he had a chance. He had called the head of Mossad into his situation room, an office that was a part of the underground residence that existed for emergencies such as running a war. Netanyahu hadn’t used the top secret facility much, but for top secret meetings for which no record was to be made exceptions were made.

“Thank you very much Mr. Reifcort for coming,” said Netanyahu as he met the head of the Mossad.

“It’s an honor Mr. Prime Minister,” responded Scott Reifcort.

“Take a seat. I want the Mossad to carry out a top secret operation. The Palestinians have been a threat to Israel for a while. They need to be dealt with, but something drastic has to happen for us to deal with them. I need the Mossad to run an operation committing an act of terrorism that we will implicate on the Palestinians.”

”I can do that sir,” responded Reifcort as he thought of different possibilities for doing this. “You know sir, we do have agents who are of Arab descent who we can use for this operation. They have the proper training too.”

”That is good,” responded the PM. “I want this to be a major attack. Maybe even a chemical attack. Whatever you decide, it has to be big and one that implicates the Palestinians or even better yet, the PLO. Just be aware, I will have CTU on alert to try and foil this attack to make it appear even more real. CTU won't know it is our government doing the work. That is why I want you to have Arab agents doing the dirty work here."

"Yes Mr. Prime Minister. I will get back to you as soon as I can."
06-01-2006, 05:28
OOC: The virus in question is like the one that Saunders tries to release from Season 3 of “24”.

Scott Reifcort had made his plans and had run them through the Prime Minister who quietly approved the operation. He now had 6 agents ready for the operation.

The agents were all loyal Israeli citizens who would give their lives for the nation. They were all Muslim Arabs too. They had been born in Israel and appreciated the fact that their nation had afforded them the right to vote, have freedom of speech, and in the case of women, drive and hold jobs. They had all visited the Palestinian territories enough to make it easy to charge them as enemy terrorists if they had been caught in the act. Tying them to Palestine would be easy.

Dina Araz was one of 2 women in the group. She was also the only married one in the group. Her husband Navi Araz was also a part of the operation. Seeing how husband-wife teams had been a recent trend in terrorism. This would help it appear to be an act of terrorism by the Palestinians.

There were 4 other single terrorists. 3 men and 1 woman. They all were ready to meet with Mr. Reifcort for the top secret operation. They were briefed in on it and they all agreed, although some were reluctant. They realized that there had to be some good reason for the Israeli government to kill its own people. These 6 men, the head of Mossad, and the PM would be the only 8 people to know the truth of this operation. The 6 agents each had a terror cell they had set up with other Arab terrorists who they would use for this operation. No one inside the cells outside of the 6 leaders knew they were working for Israel instead of a Muslim terrorist group.

The 6 men and women left after some discussions had completed. They were each issued 6 vials in a cooler containing a virus that Reifcort had said had been stolen from Tajikistan 25 years ago from old soviet bio-weapons storage sites that were suddenly vulnerable with guards easily bribed. The virus had been grown in secret by the Mossad and had never been seen in any attacks or published reports. It wouldn’t be traced back to Israel and when traced back to its source it would make it more plausible that this was a terrorist attack by Muslim extremists.

The 6 separate cell leaders called their groups together in secret to begin planning 6 separate attacks in 6 different public areas around Tel Aviv. The attacks would occur in about a week. They would place the virus in areas to cause high casualties. The virus was one that would spread rapidly initially, but it wouldn’t get to the point it would threaten Israel’s existence.
06-01-2006, 05:52
Ironically enough, the very fact that Israel has demanded a crackdown on Muslim extremism may lead to the undoing of their plan.

Karif Sidds was about to lead a Palestinian Authority raid against a suspected cell of Muslim extremists. He was still ununsure on how he and his men were to stop or find every last extremist. Aftef all, the PLO had limited resources. He sighed, shaking his head. He made one last check on the safety of his AK and the straps of his bullet-proof vest as the van he and five other men of his unit screeched to a halt. Seconds later they were piling out of the van and stacking up outside the door. One of his men stepped forward and kicked the door near the lock. It splintered, then crashed open with a second kick. He could hear the second team storming the back-door as he rushed inside. The inside of the house was dark after the blazing sun of the Gaza Strip.

"Everyone down! Hands above your head!"
06-01-2006, 06:20
OOC: Just a quick note, the terrorists in question are operating out of Israel as they live there. The people who will be trying to foil them will be CTU Agents who have no idea of the plan. Only 8 people know of the plan and all are in Israel as are all the terrorists who will carry out this plan.
06-01-2006, 06:26
OOC: So they're Muslim/Arab terrorists operating out of Israel, which has some of the best Counter-Terrorist units in the world, instead of the relatively safer Gaza Strip and West Bank? I didn't say I know you're plan, but the PLO is doing it's best to crack down on terrorists.
06-01-2006, 06:34
OOC: So they're Muslim/Arab terrorists operating out of Israel, which has some of the best Counter-Terrorist units in the world, instead of the relatively safer Gaza Strip and West Bank? I didn't say I know you're plan, but the PLO is doing it's best to crack down on terrorists.
OOC: Yeah it sounds crazy. Cracking down on terrorists is fine. The groups in question are sleeper cells. Their leaders are under Mossad control, but only 2 people in the IDF government know this. This is a false flag operation that is so secretive that CTU and 99% of Mossad employees don't know about it. They avoided detection to date by operating as a sleeper cell and staying low. Attention is only drawn to them when they bring in an outsider, but that's coming up in the next post.
06-01-2006, 06:40
OOC: Yeah it sounds crazy. Cracking down on terrorists is fine. The groups in question are sleeper cells. Their leaders are under Mossad control, but only 2 people in the IDF government know this. This is a false flag operation that is so secretive that CTU and 99% of Mossad employees don't know about it. They avoided detection to date by operating as a sleeper cell and staying low. Attention is only drawn to them when they bring in an outsider, but that's coming up in the next post.

OOC: Righto
06-01-2006, 06:56
2 days later: Sunday, David Ben Gurion Airport 5 days before attack

Steven Saunders stepped off of the El Al 757 after flying in from Paris France. He went to customs and presented his fake ID under the name Jean Treaur and was easily allowed through customs. He thought how nice it was to be back in the field and in the enemy's backyard where he could do some damage. He was pleased when the courier had informed him Dina Araz wanted him in Israel for a special assignment. His knowledge of CTU would be crucial.

He went to the Hertz desk and selected a blue Ford Explorer. He then drove towards the Tel Aviv home of Dina Araz where he had a meeting. She knew he had worked with CTU agents in the past and had moles inside of CTU to allow him to cripple them if he had to.

4 days later: Thusday: 1200, 24 hours before attack

The Prime Minister picked up his phone and called David Palmer, the head of CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit). “Hey David, it’s Ben. - I need you to come over here. Something urgent has come up. - Yes this is top secret, hurry.” He set the phone down. (start the annoying beep beep beep of the clock)

David Palmer, head of CTU (please do not sue me FOX)

Palmer arrived at the Presidential Palace and was rushed inside. “Hello David,” take a seat said the PM.

“Thank you Ben,” said Palmer. “What is it you want?”

“The Mossad is picking up increased chatter in recent days. As you know, Mossad doesn’t do field ops internally so we need CTU to send people in the field for this one. We believe that the upcoming attack may be a chemical or biological one. I don’t want news of this getting out into the general public.”

“Yes sir,” said Palmer. “What resources can you give me?”

”We don’t have much intel. Mossad has a lead on one Steven Saunders. He is a British born national who has been working with international terrorist groups for a while. It is believed he has been working with Hezbollah or Hamas recently. Here is a photo taken at David Ben Gurion airport 4 days ago. He snuck in right under our nose,” ended the PM as he showed Palmer the photo.
Steven Saunders, International Terrorist

“Sir, we will do whatever we can to hunt him.”

- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - -- - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -

Terrorist Safehouse: Netanya Israel

The terrorists had spent the past week planning the attack. Saunders wasn’t going to be a part of the main attack. Dina Araz had thought to bring him in to create a diversion and plan an attack on CTU to hurt their ability to stop the attacks from occurring.

“Steven we need your part of the plan to go off for the rest of us to succeed,” said Dina.”

”I know,” said Saunders. “It is imperitave that we succeed to harm the Zionist entity. When I was in Mi6, I saw that the terrorists weren’t bad. They just had a different view from my government. I saw that they were right and am now glad to join you. I have an agent inside CTU named Nina Myers to help me pull this off.”

”That is good,” said Dina. “I need to get with the rest of my people to prepare for this attack. We are going to hit the Hilton in Tel Aviv tomorrow. There is a big convention there.”

- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - -
1250 CTU Tel Aviv District Office
Palmer arrived quickly as he was brought in by helicopter to the officer where he was met by George Mason, the district head, and his deputy Ryan Chappelle. George Mason, Tel Aviv District Office Head Ryan Chappelle, deputy head of Tel Aviv office

“Thank you for coming here sir,” said Mason. “What is it that is making you come here?”

”George, we have a problem,” said Palmer. “Mossad has uncovered some information showing that Steven Saunders is in the country. We all know that he isn’t here to sight see. He has to be up to something. I want CTU to track him down with whatever you have. We need to bag him and foil whatever attacks he is planning. Mossad seems to think he may be doing something even bigger than simple bus bombings. This is top priority. Anything else you were working on is on the back burner.”

”Yes sir,” said Mason. “Ryan, get a meeting called in 10 minutes in the conference room. I want Tony, Michelle, Jack, Chloe, and Edgar in on this immediately.”

“Yes George,” said Chappelle as he ran off to summon the aforementioned people.

- - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1300 Conference room, CTU Tel Aviv

“Thank you everyone for coming here on such short notice,” began Mason. “Mr. Palmer has some shocking information and we need to get in gear.”

“Thank you George,” began Palmer. “We have a new serious threat. Steven Saunders entered Israel a few days ago. We believe he is up to something big.

“Jack, do you have something to add?” asked Chappelle. “You have worked with Saunders before.”

”Yes I have Ryan,” said Agent Jack Bauer an experienced CTU agent who had miraculously survived many dangerous missions and had a talent for going 24 hours without eating or pissing. “I worked with Saunders when he was still with Mi6, long before he turned rogue. He is a very dangerous man who we shouldn’t underestimate in any way. He is capable of doing far more than your average terrorist. If he is here, something bigger than a bus bombing will be occurring.”

”Thank you Jack,” said Palmer. “I am now ordering finding Saunders out top priority. Anything else you have been working on can wait. I need to get going now.”

”Thank you Mr. Palmer,” said Mason. “Chloe and Edgar, I need you to get downstairs and see if you can check any signals intelligence we have to see if any chatter from the terrorists has to do with Saunders. Get Nina in there with you. We need all the manpower we can muster. Tony and Michelle, I need you to help interpret any information they develop and then meet with me to come up with conclusions and plans. Jack, I want you to get Chase and prepare a field team if we track down Saunders and go out with him. OK dismissed.
Federal Agent Jack Bauer: and this is the longest day of his life
Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler Almeida (isn’t Tony a lucky bastard)
Edgar Stiles
Chloe O’Brien: Chloe’s got a gun
Nina Myers, the mole
- - - - -- - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -

beep. Beep beep. Stay tuned for a sneak peak from next week’s episode of 24 (actually more like tomorrow’s and, no you don’t get a sneak peak)
09-01-2006, 00:07
1330 CTU Tel Aviv

Tony knew that it was going to be a long day. “Hey, Nina,” he called. “I need you to help Chloe and Edgar on trying to get some intercepts on anyone trying to contact Saunders.”

“I will be with you in 10 minutes Tony,” responded Nina. “I have to get something done on the new mainframe that arrived yesterday. If we have it online, we should be able to data mine any phones that we have tapped for information dealing with Saunders.” With that, Nina Myers went downstairs and on with her mission.

The new mainframe in question was a Sunfire that had come from Sun Microsystems. This wasn’t the server that was ordered. Nina was in charge of setting up new mainframes so she had access to it that no one could match. The real Sunfire that was ordered had been altered right after it was finished at the plant in Sunnyvale, CA. One of Saunders’ agents in America had removed the coolant system and replaced it with about 250 pounds of C4 explosives. The bomb would be triggered by a sophisticated arming mechanism when the server reached a temperature of 200 degrees.

Getting the bomb into CTU hadn’t been easy for anyone. Nina knew that machines would scan the server for explosives when delivered so she had rewritten the software of the security system to disregard plastic explosives.

Steven Saunders had wanted to strike CTU for years. He especially wanted to get Jack Bauer. Working in Israel was something he had always wanted. Committing acts of terrorism there would give him his chance to kill Bauer. Bauer had been careless on a mission years before and had allowed enemies to identify Saunders while he was in the Mi6. The result was that the Bosnian terrorists they had been working against had been able to go after Saunders’ family. Saunders had then left the Mi6 and joined an Islamic terrorist group that was going after the Bosnians. He never looked back and continued to work with the Islamic terrorists who had helped him get his revenge.

Nina had now made sure that the mainframe would incorrectly indicate that its coolant system was operational even though it was absent from the server. Nina then went a private bathroom and locked the door. She dialed a number from memory.

Steven Saunders was on the other end using a satellite phone he had just picked up within the last month. “Hello, who is it?”

”It’s Nina,” she began. “I want to go out to eat at 3.”

“Looking forward to it,” he said as he got the message the bomb was expected to go off around 3.

Nina returned to her workstation at 1345 and began working with Chloe and Edgar, who were conducting “data mining” searches with the new powerful Sun Microsystems mainframe.

13:59:57, 13:59:58, 13:59:59
Stay tuned for an all new episode of “Israeli 24”