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Kirkyopilis, the beggining

05-01-2006, 20:28
The story;
When Kirkyopilis was first founded by the islanders to lost (abc's big hit) we knew the city would be important. The founder "Admiral.K" was delited when he first heard the news that the "monster" (Robot machine) has finally knocked down all the trees and Kirkyopilis was ready for construction. The first plans sucked but had no time to re-plan becuase war was getting close. So Kirkyopilis builders built a giant white wall arround the whole of the remote island and so Kirkyopilis inner secctor was ready for construction. When we first heard of the hatch we instantally thought of the hive (Resident evil.1)
and planed for the inner sectors to be built. The first seven years of construction seemed to never end, when a phone call during a meeting for Admiral.K arived, announcing that Kirkyopilis has been build......