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The Mackian War Games!! (open FT)

North Mack
05-01-2006, 19:57
CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTIONRecently, North Mack has been looking for a good war. we couldnt find that, so we're doing the next best thing. North Mack is hosting a revolutionary new idea. Live fire war games. War drives technology. its a fact. Use WWII for example. at the beginning, humans flew in canvas covered planes. By the end we had radar. jet fighters, and atomic power. War drives Technology. If you are going to take part in the War games, there are some rules to follow.

OoC Rules
1: Battles will not be conducted in this thread. Make a seperate thread for War game battles.
2: All war game threads must end their title with (MWG).
3: TG me with the battle title, nations involved, and a link to the thread for every new battle.
4: Simply post your nations name, and a link to your nation on the NS site to enter the war games.

IC Rules