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Colombia y España (MWS)

05-01-2006, 10:17
Bogota Colombia
President Xavier Ruiz sat in his office as he read dossier after dossier of one proposed potential threat after another.

Hundreds of analysts had poured over thousands of ideas and those that made it past the eyes of their section cheifs now lay before Xavier.

As he laid the last one down he considered the many things he ha been reading
'Socialistas in Venezuela stronger then ever, as if Chavez wasnt bad enough.
Revolution in Paraguay.
God knows what the hell was going on in Brazil, though it seemed Sewel could prove to be an ally.
And now fucking Cuba was without Castro, the man may have been a Communist but he was at least predictable'

He considered one of the main edicts of the IRP.
Power to the latin People

But with such disarray he was very nearly at a loss, there were too many threats to Colombian hegemony in the Caribbean.

Knowledge was power, and so were allies.

He considered for a moment how to approach the situation.

On the cover of the Newspaper which had been set aside for the dossiers was a headline " 'Absolutee Capitalism' introduced in University curriculum This semester. Spains new philosophy for the world"


They had their own problems, but... They were advantageous, not a present threat, and in no position to consider Colombia a threat. All interaction was gain.


From the Office of the President of the Republic of Colombia
Body of Letter
With regards to the current global state of unrest.
Colombia has always held close relations with Spain in the areas of Culture and History. We have had less need of trade but common exchange of people and ideas.
Today, Colombia formally extends her hand in Diplomatic friendship to 'Mother' España.
In these turbulent times, I, Xavier Ruiz, Preisdent of the Colombian People do sincerely believe it is with cooperation and exchange with you that we will maintain grounding in our Cultures and customs.
That in a union of like people we may find strength and security.
I sincerely hope this message finds a warm reception.
Xavier Ruiz
05-01-2006, 16:31
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The Macabees
05-01-2006, 18:06
With the turbulence in Las Cortes, the King of Spain and King of Jerusalem [OOC: I heard somewhere where the Bourbon kings of Spain claimed kingship of Jerusalem as well] Juan Carlos II had decided to take it upon himself to respond to foreign leaderships;

Office of the President of the Republic of Colombia,
Of course, Spain welcomes Colombia into the new age diplomatics. It is refreshing to see that finally a South American nation, so intwined in conflict and poverty, has been able to spring up from the ashes and make a name for itself. Indeed, it seems as if Colombia will become the leader of South America, although the Brazilians are making leaps and bounds as well. The cultural interaction between Colombia and Spain have been one of the most sought after links in our past relations, and it's not something we are willing to lax, we can guarantee you of that.

But the new Spain also likes to get down to business, literally. We would like to inquire on the outlook that your administration has on trade, and the possible reduction of barriers to Colombian and Spanish trade. Unfortunately, our trade at first can only be weak since ETA has had a tendency to bomb military installations in el Pais Vasco, and the industry there as well - El Pais Vasco [i]is our industry, until we begin to expand into Castilla la Mancha and Castilla y Leon, and perhaps into Andalucia. Nevertheless, La Falange de la JONS and their representative had presented to Las Cortes a very...violent...plan to get rid of ETA. Although I will never authorize a slaughter. But, the consequence is the same - ETA will be gone, and Spain will expand.

When that day comes, Colombia would be an excellent partner of trade, and the domination of the world's mercantilist routes.

[signed]Rey Juan Carlos II

[OOC: I'm also going to fall into out right civil war, so you might be interested in that as well; it will be happening in my main thread.]
05-01-2006, 18:52
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Xavier was pleased that the Spanish response was positive, given the tendency for South America to grow revolutionaries could have made increasing exchanges seem less then advantageous.

The Office of the President of the Republic of Colombia
Body of Letter
Your Majesty,
Colombian trade policy is now simply this,
We do not expose are markets to non-freemarket inclined nations,
We place tarriffs equal to tarriffs placed upon our own goods relative to that market--in other words, if the tarriff on Colombian automobiles is .5% that would determine the tarriff on like Spanish goods, it would effect say the tarriff on wine.

We do impose punative tarriffs on nations not fostering freemarket practice in their region.

On the matter of the civil unrest.

I am more then happy to send advisors from the Colombian Military as we have spent several decades and still do in conflict with Socialista revolutionaries.
Our experience in counter-insurgency tactics may prove useful, at your discretion.
Xavier Ruiz