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All of mankind
05-01-2006, 02:43
The dawn was beautiful... or, at least from from above the clouds of smoke.
The city below was in flames. Fire was burning as hot as the depths of hell...
As infantry firefights continued through the city-blocks, commanche helicopters thundered overhead, raining fire down on the city. Tanks smashed through the rubble, mowing down civilians as they went... After four hours, there was nothing left of the original populace... An imperial frigate, the ISS Villa descended from the sky, and landed in what used to be town square. Four ramps dropped from the sides and a swarm of worker drones streamed from the openings and rapidly engulfed the rubble to be reconstituted into new buildings. The extermination had begun...
05-01-2006, 02:48
I am confused....What tech is this....?

commanche helicopters thundered overhead

An imperial frigate, the ISS Villa descended from the sky
05-01-2006, 03:05
Sounds like a mixed tech setup to me, a higher technology group attacking lower tech groups, But that's jsut the looks, I have no idea:sniper:
05-01-2006, 03:08
Wolf and his squad of loyal defenders hunkered behind a nearby rubble pile. A large tank rumbled down the block twords their position. Quietly he waves his team into position. At their leaders que elements from the squad rushed out of nearby buildings silently and ran twords the tank. The tank noticed them and began shooting hot streams of screaming metal at them. 3 of Wolfs men went down in a hail of blood and screams. The remaining 8 made it to the tank and strapped the demo charge to its treads. Quickly retreating the tanks treads exploded with the demo charge, twisting and bending into a useless piece of metal. Wolfs squad gave a loud cry of joy as burning men tumbled from the wreckage. They pleaded for mercy, but Wolf had none to give, these people had invaded his home and destoryed his life. There was nothing left to fight and die well.
Raven corps
05-01-2006, 03:16
OOC: I would like to get involved but I need a list of cities and troop numbers and a map... please and thank you...
Amazonian Beasts
05-01-2006, 03:24
On Board the ISS Dominator:
Imperial Commendant Pash Valeran grinned in sadistic pleasure. He had just recieved live video fee on the ongoin carnage planetside, and he found it to his liking. Dead citizens lay on the ground in grosteque positions as his tanks drove overthem with indifference. Those still alive were being rounded up to serve as slave laborers. And his advance forces had done a remarkable job, annihilating the city quickly and efficiently...
A call patched in from his on-site captain, and Valeran listened in.
"Commandant, Captain Tyrees here."
"Go ahead Captain."
"We have crushed them, they stood no chance. This may prove easier than expected."
"Do not let your awareness fall, Captain, you never know what could jump out at you. Keep your eyes open."
"Yes Comrade. I shall obey."

Valeran flicked off the comm. He didn't like stupid commanders; he would have to remember to deal with that one. He refocused his attention to the pressing matters at hand and prepared for his next advance...
05-01-2006, 03:46
Wolf ducked down as a hail of gunfire rattled the air overhead. Two civilians across the plaza dashed for the next pile of cover.

"No stop!" Wolf yelled

Before he could do anything the chatter of machine gun fire was heard and both people fell dead in a mess blood and organs. Wolf peered around the corner of his cover and caught site of the machine gun encampment. He grimly turned back to the last 2 members of his squad, a young man of 21 years named Ventir and a 25 year old woman named Ariel. Wolf was only 27 himself, with steely grey eyes and jet black hair. He ran his fingers through his jacket in search of extra ammo. With a snap the clip popped into place in his las gun, salvaged from the body of the 3rd member in his squad, who lay just 5 feet away wallowing in a pool of his own blood. Motioning Ventir and Ariel to the left flank he cautiously advanced from cover to cover, moving ever closer to the machine gun nest. When he was within range he gave a bird call and his two squad members sprinted from cover, trying to divert the guns attention. There was a shout from the gunners as they caught sight of what they though was an easy target. Wolf at this moment popped out of cover and lobbed his last grenade into the pit. Crys of alarm sounded followed by a large explosion and a shower of body chunks. Wolf hopped over into the pit quickly and scanned the area for survivors. A young man in a gasmask crawled weakly near the edge of the blast, missing his legs. As Wolf approached the man tried to draw his firearm, but Wolf quickly shot him in the head. The members of Wolfs squad hopped into the pit with him and tried to scavange what they could.

As Wolf looked out upon the burning city he felt remorse for the life he had lost and the death he had wrought. The sun was setting, turning the sky blood red. Wolf smirked, it was appropriate some how. He hunkered down with the remains of his squad, only two of the 17 he had started out with earlier that day, and closed his eyes to try and catch a few hours of sleep. Tomarrow would bring more fighting and death. But Wolf didnt care, he lived only to kill now, and to die in glorious combat at the hands of those who had taken everything from him.