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Zeus Cannon Begins Construction

04-01-2006, 22:04
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The First of the Mk 34 Launchers left the pad, riding into the sky on a trail of flame, teh time had come, after all the painstaking research and designing, the Zeus Cannon would be built, and the enemies of the Confederacy would quake beneath its might.

The next three launchers joined them and they deplyoed their payload of lightweight latice girders, forming into a small part of the giant structure. The problem was that the Confederate States' military wason a near war footing and even if it hadnt been it would be a stretch on the militaries budget, they needed a partner.

We would like to invite the nations of the world to assist us in the great project that will assist their security, a secure data packet containing limited information on the weapons capabilities will be sent to those who show interest
FallCorp Inc
05-01-2006, 08:33
A memo had been floating around the FallCorp offices for a few days.

It had been doddled on and was the joke of some of the purchasers.

It had been passed from desk to desk and from chuckle to chuckle until it made its way from lazy bean counter, to vapid jr executive to the upper floors of the more venomous yet open minded Senior Execs in the FallCorp.

FallCorp had taken many chances over the years and survived many Debacles.

They had survived the collapse of the Nation of FallschrimmJager, to which they had been founded.

They had survived the collapse of Erinin the primary nation in which they did business.

They had managed to thrive in the violent, corruptand competative markets of Skibereen and actually dominate.

With the Purchase of ErininArms and the support of the Skbereenian government FallCorp had risen from its own ashes not once but three times and was stronger each time for it.

Gustav Braum walked the tattered memo to Senior Partner Erwin Mannstein's office.

It tumbled down upon the desk.

He looked into Mannstein's face and said only three words

"I want it"

Mannstein looked down at the memo, then back at Gustav, who was an ambitious young man on the rise with in FallCorp.

"What is it?" Mannstein responded without even attempting to touch the memo.

"It's all right there." Gustav replied.

Mannstein smiled, he then picked up the memo and dropped it in the garbage can. "Now, where is it?"
Mannstien looked back the paper work on his desk and without looking up said
"Is that all?"

"Mr. Mannstein, that is simply infantile. I bring you a dossier on what could be potential one of the greatest investments we make in the next ten years and you drop it in the trash and treat me as if I am a nusiance. I thought we were in the business of profit." Gustav stood with his chest open his shoulders back his voice sounded as if it wanted to deepen.

"Gustav, you are correct. We ar in the business of profit.
I sit behind this desk, I wear this suit, you address as 'Mr' while I use your first name, because I am more intelligent then to read a pitance of a memo.
If the idea is good enough to give you ammunition to convince me on your own. Then I do not want for us, or you for it. You maybe high on the ladder Gustav, but the work never ends. If it is such a great idea sell it to me, then sell me on why it should be yours. Your bravado is impressive, but not compelling. Emotion, means nothing to me, and I could give a right fuck as to what you 'want'. Now is that all? Or are you going to pitch me?"

Gustav removed his coat and began to speak......

Formal Notice from FallCorp Inc to the Spizania Confederacy:

The FallCorporation is interested the possible investment in the 'Zeus' Project.
With both resources and Financial support.

We seek further discusion and wish permission to send a representative to Spizania.
Erwin Mannstein,
Senior Partner.
05-01-2006, 18:16

Permission granted
Approach in Airliner at to Cords 34N 34 24 211E 24 63 On course 240 at Angels 24
A representive will be waiting

FallCorp Inc
05-01-2006, 19:33
FallCorp Sent Gutav as their represetative.

His Kingairturbo prop landed in the Confederacy, without event.

The FallCorp had taken to using the KingAir because it was a high profile aircraft, militarily that is, easily recognized and tracked on radar.

Gustav got off the plane, he was clear headed and happy.
Mannstein had contacted the Skibereenian Government and Gustav now had more backing then he had anticipated, as well as some facilities at his disposal usually reserved for Skibereenian military projects.

His dark gray suit and jackboots seemed at once perfect symbols of the new FallCorp and of such a project.

The highest quality, the sharpest design, asthetically pleasing, and ready made to stomp your ass

Yes Gustav felt very good.

He had been so excited to get this project....he already thought of it as HIS but he had been so excited to this project that he had neglacted to ask what language was Spoken in Spizania.

Feck it he thought.

Money talks....
05-01-2006, 19:37
OOC: FallCorp is my Puppet--it is not a nation so anyone who decides to argue that it cannot afford to do the things it will be doing DONT---it is clandestinely backed by the Skibereenian Government--
05-01-2006, 20:51
A diplomat shook Gustavs hand when he reached the bottom of the steps, "Welcome to Project Zeus, would you like to follow me to the elevator"
He started slowly towards a small geodesic dome on the edge of the field
FallCorp Inc
07-01-2006, 06:35
When Gustav was introduced to his counterparts with the Zeus project he was direct and to the point.

"Let me bottom line it for you gentlemen,
If this goes off I make full Partner, I will make full Partner.
I am authorized to use various military installations in Skibereen for secure launch sites as well as I have substantial amount of funding being directed my way.

Now, we are a private entity for profit.
The invovlement of FallCorp in this project is mostly for reputation reasons.

Now, I can get you money, bodies, material, and locations. We can supply these things as fast as you can use them.

I just want to make clear we expect them to be used."
08-01-2006, 21:24
"Yes, we can make you a full partner in exchange for the things you suggest, first i wish you to see something"
The walked into the Geodesic dome, and entered a tropical enviroment, a female special forces agent in nothing more than a bikini sat behind a desk, a lump that was obviously a Hali-42 attached to the bottom of it. She smiled at them, looked at the guides ID card, adn tapped in a set of numbers into a panel that they could not see and an armoured lift door opened, hte guide lead Gustav into it and the door closed, they descended and the door opened, The Guide stepped out, gestured at Gustav to follwo and lead the way into a fully operation operations room. In the centre was a rotating three dimenstional image of the completed station, and below it the current image of the skeletenton already launched.
He motioned at Gustav and led him over to a flatscreen showing the image of a city.
"This is a computer simulation of teh weapon impacting and urban target," he pressed the button and nothing happened for a second, and then in less than 2 frames of video, a trail of fire hit the city and the image whited out, it returned three seconds later, from a different standpoint a plume of vaportised material rising high into the air, nothing seemed to happen for a while, the guide speeded up the recording, after two minutes a plume of lava srayed out of the whole, erasing the city in a matter of minutes. "We can do that, we can also fire 6000 100kg Tungsten projectiles at 10km/s, in a shotgun type effect, annihalting a city centre, fleet at sea, or practically any bunker or other installation"
He walked over to the hologram, "We need, launchers, materials for the sattelite, we need astronauts experienced in building space based installations, we also need money, atleast twelve trillion dollars to complete the program within 5 years"
He turned around.
"Now business is dealt with, would you like to join us for dinner and some entertainment?"
08-01-2006, 23:03
OOC: Spiz he was sayying if he does a good job with this project that FallCorp will make him a partner at the company.



Gustav watched the video andwas very impressed.

"Dinner would be superb.
I do suggest we begin a search for qualified personel in the orbital construction arena. That we unfortunately cannot provide.

The cost, we will supplement half the cost of the Construction, five years is the exact window we had in mind.

I will send my assitant back with the specifications for material weights being launched, and we will begin work on a heavy lift orbital launcher.

The Skibereenian government has authorized use of a Military installation secluded on an island, of the shore of the main national islands. It is the home of the Naval Academy and the most secure spot in the nation.

As well a program will be underway for simultanious launch from our 'Hogsweatian' Colonies.

What's for dinner?"
09-01-2006, 00:38
Message to the nation of Spizania;

The nation of Twitch2395 is doing a SR-71B flyunder(lol) to observe the "Zeus Cannon", we are not doing this as a hostile action but just to um... "see it".

Dictator of the Dictatorship of Twitch2395
09-01-2006, 00:59
OOC: What keeps it from being kicked out of orbit whenever it fires? Recoil on this thing has got to be horrendous.
09-01-2006, 19:57
OOC: One, itl weigh over one hundred thousand tonnes when fully loaded, second the electrodynamic teathers will have a current induced across it when it cuts the earths magnetic field, absorbing the energy of the recoil.

Twitch2395, at the moment all there is to see is a skeleton of girders

"Yes, we have a space base being built in our colony at this very moment, the problem is that the people around is know that we possess very large InterContinental Ballistic Missiles, so the launch of a huge vehicle could provoke some international alarm" The Guide gestured to a transparent door with a oak-panneled corridor on the far side "Will you follow me to the mess please? As for the menu, it is whatever you desire, simply tell the waitresses whatever you please and the chefs will prepare it for you" With that he led Gustav down the corridor, through a set of burnished copper doors guarded by two more skimpily dressed female special forces agents armed with Hali-42s, and into an oak panneled room with extreemly comfy looking chairs around a table, atwhich were seated a variety of people including yet more young women in evening dresses, "Please be seated, and these four ladies here are at your beck and call for the duration of your stay, no matter what you want, they will provide it" They sat down and as if on cue, more well dressed young women, waitresses came in and began to take exotic orders from the people at the table.

OOC: My military is massively decadent :)
The Macabees
09-01-2006, 20:01
[OOC: Mass has little to do in a situation where this is no gravity to hold it down; meaning there is no natural force - or a very weak natural force. A recoil force that is even one Newton stronger than the electromagnetic force of the mass will force this backwards; and remember, unless another force acts upon it, this thing will be moving away - it might be best to add some engines to the rear, powered by perhaps a fusion/fission reactor [even if small] that provides the force necessary to keep this in the right position.]
09-01-2006, 20:05
OOC: There is now an ion engine array on the back of the platform, using the helium i have stored aboard.