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Looking For A Fun, Alternative Role Play?

Chimeric Regions
03-01-2006, 09:11
If so, join Kendaria. The region can be found from the World of NationStates, as easily as any other. The only request is that you role play while staying in Kendaria.

Tired of :sniper: settling wars, instead of good old spears? Want the major product of your nation to be some weird spice? Kendaria may be the place for you! Stuck in approximately 1000 B.C. Kendaria is a lush, scenic world, free of the corruptions brought on throughout history. Largely unpopulated, many areas are open for your blooming nation to call their own. Ruin the world yourself, instead of having it ruined for you by your predecessors! Or, help mold cultures to make a better world for everyone. Simply join Kendaria and lodge messages asking assistance or just go straight to the forums... What will come in the future, who knows? But why not explore an alternate past instead?

Also, when and if you join Kendaria, please endorse Chimeric Regions as delegate.