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Reclaiming What the Nazis Took [WWNS]

Present Day Comatica
02-01-2006, 03:01
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IC: World War II had seen Comatica at it's weakest. Nazis overran the Empire's land in a matter of weeks, sending shockwaves of shame throughout The Imperial Government. One province, in particular, was coveted by Hitler himself, and he wasted no time in striking. Drasorum, a heavily wooded, arctic island in the Pacific, was a metaphorical candy store of natural resources, harboring mass areas of oil, natural gas, and platinum. Comatica, whose mainland was in the process of a Nazi invasion also, could not efficiently defend the province from the German invaders, and was taken over.

At the end of WWII, Hitler's occupated territory receded to almost nothing. Drasorum, under a watchful eye by the surrounding nations, was pounced on by a iced over continent, Frozopia. Comatica, nursing it's wounds and staggering from the causalties amassed from the War, once again, could not defend the province.

So, as the world recovered from WWII, Comatica eyed the province for decades, waiting for the right time to strike back. Even as Frozopia broke up, and former Drasorum was occupied by Topal, a small nation of about 20 million, Comatica stayed still despite the opportunity growing juicier by the day. The United Empire would soon see the opportune moment; surprisingly, it involved a space program in Northern Sushi.


"Emperor," said Mundatus Veldaem, Titus's chief of staff and advisor. Titus snapped to attention. He scheduled the meetings, but he always regretted it, and usually dozed off.

"Mundatus, you've known me for 17 years, stop calling my 'Emperor.' It's Titus."

"Ah, yes, sir....Titus," stammered Mundatus. "Well, we gained from IIB some interesting intel. In the nation, Northern Sushi, there's a large space program, spearheaded by Sushi and the nation, Kroblexskij."

"So it's multi-national?" chimed in International Relations Minister Cornelius Durantum.

"Yes. There's various other nations involved, also, like East Lithuania, Admiral-Bell, and N Y C."

"Do you think it might be a threat?" Asked Defense Minister Tiro Santaelium.

"Absolutely not."

"Then why bring it up?"

Mundatus paused. "Because Northern Sushi was attacked early this morning."

"Interesting," Titus thought aloud. "By who?"

"By two barbaric, anti-peace, racist nations, Black Katanas and The Grey Legions."

"Do we have any files on them?"

"Uhh, not right now, sir...uh...Titus. But the IIB was able to dig up some info on 'em."

Titus leaned back in his chair. Every person in the conference room was watching him.

"Sir," said Tiro. "You're not actually contemplating going in to protect them, are you?"

Titus looked over at him. "No, no. It's just....The entire world will be watching as these two wacko nations invade a sovereign country. They oppose, as these files suggest..." he held up a manilla folder crammed with papers... "peace and diverse people from diverse nations working towards international cooperation. Any move we make will slip under the radar. At least for a while."

"Are you talking about an invasion?" Asked Cornelius.

"Not exactly an invasion; more, a reconnaisance mission. You all remember Drasorum. Lost during World War Two. Well, they've been apart from us for long enough."

"So, let me get this straight," said Tiro sternly, standing up from his chair. "You want to invade former Drasorum, which is now a sovereign nation, and take back our land?"

"Exactly, Tiro," replied Titus calmly.

Tiro opened his mouth to speak again, but closed it and sat back in his seat.

"Listen, people," continued Titus. "It's not that complicated. The attack on Northern Sushi, Kroblexskij, and East Lithuanian top scientists can serve as an international diversion. The nation on former Drasorum's land, Topal, has a population of near 20 million. It might be able to muster up one or two allies, but nothing the Impereus can't handle."

" do realize what you may be instigating here, right?"

"Yes: a mission to take back what's ours. They're big on guerilla warfare, and have left Drasorum reletively untouched. So the forests it had when Comatica had it must still be there. All of this is in the file on Topal; feel free to read up."

He grabbed the file and slid it across the table to Tiro, who was fuming under his breath.


Several days later, naval ports in the provinces of Narien, Casterpheus, and the mainland were teeming with activity. A naval fleet of about 400 ships, including dozens of aircraft carriers, was set to depart, tediously coordinated, so the ships would arrive at the same time and blockade the island. Infantry divisions 225-275, totaling 750,000 infantry, plus 45,000 logistics personel, and armored divisions 20-30 were set to invade Topal and try to swiftly take over the land. In addition, 4,500 aircraft were slated to aid the war efforts.

OOC: All of this stuff is in my factbook, in the military section. So if anything confuses you, check it out in the book. (In my signature)
East Lithuania
02-01-2006, 03:36
Dictator Scharfetter looked over the nations issues and started thinking while eating his Butterscotch Krimpets. He continued his work while looking out over the capitol of his great nation. He thought of it's history, of when his father took it over during World War I, and then controled the masses during World War II and helped save this nation. When his father passed and he took the seat as the new dictator, he swore he would save this nation and it's people. So far he had. He also had helped other nations. He then remembered the space program going on in Northern Sushi. He was proud of those scientists.

His thoughts were then interupted by his top General and lead advisor, Gen. Katilus, as he entered the room. Dictator Scharfetter looked at him, and could tell something was terrorbly, terrorbly wrong.

"Colin," excaimed Dictator Scharfetter, breaking the silance. Him and Katilus always were friends as kids. "what's the news."

"Sir, I am afriad I have bad news. Do you remeber our space program going on in Northern Sushi?"

"Yes, what about it?"

"We, Northern Sushi was attacked just a few hours ago. Our men are alright, but Northern Sushi needs help."

"Who attecked them?" Scharfetter asked.

"The nations of Black Katanas and The Grey Legions. They are radical nations who hate peace between nation but themselves."

Dictator Scharfetter was furious. "Send out your and Gen. Santoro's men. Also tell Adm. Griffen to send 5 fleets along with the ariel transports. Send the 732nd Airboune division for support. I want to make sure none of those scientists die or fall into those bastards hands. Alarm Northern Sushi that we're on the way. Now hurry."

"Yes, sir!" Gen. Katilus saluted and walked away, then halted. "Sir, one more thing."

"Yes?" eexclaimed Scharfetter, who already became worried.

"One more thing. Reports say that Comatica is issueing a large force to be sent out. Any orders on that?"

"Do you know what they are going to do?"

"No, sir. Not yet."

"No action, keep an eye on them though. I have a feeling that this is going to become another World War. Please, leave."

Gen. Katilus walked away as Dictator Scharfetter sighed and fineshed up his krimpets almost in tears of fear.
The Black Katanas
02-01-2006, 03:44
Ghengiz stood in the middle of his War Room looking down at the body of his former advisor. In his right hand was a five-foot Katana, blood dripping off it and mixing with the puddle on the floor.

He glanced up, quickly scanning the room for other signs of resistance to his wishes. There were none.

Wiping the blood off the sword with the dead advisor's hair, he rasped, " I take it there's no more questioning my desires. Good. Now you," he said pointing at a stocky colonel," are my new advisor. I need to hear again how these miserable North Sushians are gonna die by the thousands when we unleash our attack on them."

" Yes, m'lord, these Sushians are a peace-loving, culturally diverse, politically correct bunch of fags and freaks. All colors and all nations. And theyr'e working on a space program of some sort, purportedly to bring like-minded nations together for the pursuit of peace."

Ghengiz was slowly working himself into a frenzy. " Sushi! There was a nation hundreds of years ago that ate a food called sushi. A delicacy. It was nothing but raw fish. What we in BK call bait. They don't exist anymore...probably another bunch of peace-lovin' wanks.

I want 'em dead. Every last one of them. Dead! Chopped up into little pieces. I've had all I can take of this cultural diversity shit! A bunch of third and fourth rate countries getting together to form a fourth rate world. Over my dead body.

Send the Hordes in by waves. Twenty-five thousand per wave. Fifteen waves. I want the battleships to open fire and bombard their coastline for six solid hours, then send in the Skorpion bombers to hit their inland cities.

And get hold of Duke Avan over in the Grey Legions. I know he'll want a piece of this. More than enough to go for him, too.

And if ANYBODY tries to stop us, I want them attacked and destroyed. Use everything up to and including the Chem/Bio missiles. No nukes at this point, but have them at 4th Alert Status."

The others in the room looked at Ghengiz with mixed feeling of awe and disgust. But......they did as they were told.
02-01-2006, 03:59
The troops began to board the ships. They showed no fear, no excitement, no emotion what’s so ever. Though Oillanders had no robotic technology, in and out of battle its troops behaved like androids. They were trained from birth to ignore pain, to unquestionably follow orders. If a troops arm was shot off, it would simply continue fighting until it was ordered not to, or was killed.

The Army of Oillanders was ready to enter the war. To bad the politicians hadn't yet decided on which side.
02-01-2006, 03:59
" Holy shit on a shingle! Sir, we got problems!"

'What now?', thought Strickland. " What is it, major?"

" Sir, the Black Katanas have just unilaterally attacked the nation of Northern Sushi. Coastal bombarment has been going on for about 2 hours. Our sats have about 350 aircraft and over 300,000 ground troops set to go in after the shelling is over."

" Do we have anything near Sushi to help them?"

Major Waitland looked at the map for a second. " No sir. Nothing we can get there in less than a day and a half. And that 'aint much. A couple of CBG's and a submarine group. Won't be of much help to them Sushians 36 hours from now."

" Very well, inform the Emperor. He's gonna have to be the one to direct THIS battle."

Major Waitland was trying to come up with a diplomatic way to tell the Emperor that the Black Katanas were invading a country basically just for the hell of it. Alaric Tan'it, Emperor of Xeraph, was going to hit the ceiling. He had said over and over that the Katanas leaving the Empire was a mistake, that no good could come of it. And now he was facing the possibility of facing down the Katanans....the head of which was his uncle, Ghengiz Tan'ittas....................
02-01-2006, 04:25
OOC: A: I'm a member of the space program fyi.
B: Prehaps try to steer clear of putting too much of the Northern Sushi storyline here, as that is a seperate theatre and could confuse people who join later.
Present Day Comatica
02-01-2006, 04:28
Admiral Eriaus stood calmly by the guardrail of the CES Deste, taking a long draw from his cigar. He felt incredibly safe on this battleship, armed with over a dozen and a half SAMs and 14 Heavy Guns. Steady at 20 knots, the ship coasted along across the smooth, black waters of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by close to 10 escorts.

"Sir," called Commander Quinlum, a somewhat irritating officer on the Deste. Eriaus rolled his eyes and turned around to face him. "What is it, Commander?" he asked exasperatedly. "Did you have that dream again?"

"Actually, yes, I did, sir. Only this time, I woke up before the clown could my shoes."

"Is this what you wanted to see me about?" Asked Eriaus, clenching his teeth.

"No, sir. Just called to let you know that we're not the only military activity in these waters."

"What do you mean," said Eriaus sternly, raising an eyebrow.

"It means that we've spotted other ships from other nations with our satellite system, sir. Also, the frigates picked some up on their radar. Xeraph, mostly. A few subs heading in the general direction of Northern Sushi, the battleground."

"Are they hostile?"

"No, sir. They just passed by in front of us an hour ago."

Eriaus sighed. "Why wasn't I alerted sooner?"

"Well, sir...I..uh..."

"What if that had been some sort of hostile sub? A scout? Topal could be very suspicious, and if they send a scout sub, our whole 'element of surprise' plan goes down the shitter!"

The last phrase echoed out over the sea, and sailors on the battleship's escorts all turned to stare at him. A leiutenant on the upper deck leaned out over the rail and said, "Jesus, Admiral, that kinda language is usually reserved for battle."

Eriaus just glared at him.
Black Shadows
02-01-2006, 04:30
Lord Sethanis sat smoking one of those fine Cubano cigars, a brandy in one hand, a dancing girl in the other. Actually, she was on his lap, doing her best to squirm her way to a big pay day.

He saw a courier come through the door, heading straight towards him. The guards moved to stop the courier, but he gestured, and the guards let the courier through.

" Your Majesty, we just intercepted a message from the Black Katanas to the Grey Legions. I guess you could call it an invitation to a slaughter."

Sethanis stood up, causing the hooker to fall on her ass. He grabbed the report and read it quickly. 'Son-of-a-bitch', he thought. 'That asshole Ghengiz finally went off the deep end. Invaded a little nothing of a country because he didn't like their....what?...their cultural diversity? Was he fuckin' insane?'

He looked up at the courier. " Number one, call 3rd and 10th Armies to full alert. Number two, have the Wing Commanders scramble the 22nd, 54th, and 9th Air Wings. Third, get a half dozen of the Submarine Recon Groups ready to move into occupied waters off Northern Sushi. Then, get hold of Ricala over in Auralinia. Tell him to deploy his ships to the Typhon Expanse, Ghengiz's new homeland. Let's see how he likes a potential threat off his shores. And lastly, quit calling me 'your Majesty'. I don't like it. Seth is good enough."

The courier had finally finished jotting down the instructions. "Who should these orders come from, Seth?"

" From me. This is serious. And I'll wager that Astran will get involved, too. Theyr'e both a couple of narrow-minded bigots. I hate to say it, but have the ICBM's ready. Frag heads. We may need to blow the living shit outta them."
Present Day Comatica
02-01-2006, 04:30
OOC:B: Prehaps try to steer clear of putting too much of the Northern Sushi storyline here, as that is a seperate theatre and could confuse people who join later.

I'm just waiting for Topal to get online.
02-01-2006, 05:33
On board the Xeraphian sub KRAKEN...

" Sir, we're in sight of the Katanan navy."

"Open a channel to their commander, ensign."

" Channel open sir,"

"Attention, Black Katanan Commander! I am Commander Vestos of the Royal Xeraphian Navy. Your acts of aggression against Northern Sushi must stop instantly! I have orders from the Emperor to take action against you if you do not cease and desist!
02-01-2006, 13:24
OOC: Sorry about that, Ill get on tonight (where you from btw?)


Roland was paranoid. Thats what happens when you see your nation bombed mercilessly into the ground. When you see the blood of your people soak the snow and hear the screams of the dying, you pray to god you will never see it happen again. But that was the past. The last wing of the Frozopian empire lay in a forrested isle, no bitter colds or cutting winds. No savage mountain rebels with continuous raids. Roland was beginning to love Topal.

Finally it seemed that Topal was growing into its own. Topal had began to trade many of its vaste resource supply bringing wealth to isle.
It seemed there was a sense of optimism for the people of Topal, and any that voiced an oppinion in disagreement with Roland, would wake up one night by some of the old royal guard to be relocated to the old Comatican palace.

Roland was no fool. Any rebellious talk was stamped on, and much of Topal's wealth earned through trade was poured into Arms. This included a very small navy: A few cruisers and subs patroling out at sea, acting more as a look out than any sort of defence. The rest were small ships inland in rivers, small heavily armoured ships packed with guns. The Topal army? 50,000 old Frozopian Royal guard, 120,000 Standard army and 30,000 Draft infantry, serving their 4 year compulsory service from when they reached 19. Their airforce was a few stealth jets quickly transported from Frozopia when the war seemed lost, as well as 40 heavily armed helicopters and 20 F/A 18 bombers. Their armoured division was a 30 M1A2 tanks.

Roland would protect Topal against foreign invaders to the last man. Which is why he was worried when he recieved the transmission from the small submarine Fiery Icicle.

"Sir It looks like a large force. Comatican and heading this way. Upto 500 ships is what it looks like."

Roland gaped. Maybe a million men This was the invasion force he always feared. After the loss of Frozopia, Roland could have forgotten leading a nation and used his wealth to hide somewhere for the rest of his days. Instead he decided to continue the ideals of Frozopia in a new land. He had known the risks. Especially when choosing Topal: An island that Frozopian bitterly stole from the Comatican's during WW2, a rich isle, a plentiful isle. And now they wanted it back, Roland had no doubt. Immediatly he turned to his head of defence:

"Get as many soldiers together and send them to the probable landing points! Send out at least 3000 soldiers to begin drafting new recruits! Send out the RSX-12 Krait stealth jet. About time that Frozopian relic found some uses. I want a look at this fleet! Just GET THE ARMY READY!" He yelled.

Orders began to be distributed across the island: War! The soldiers were excited, ready to drive off the bastards of an enemy. Most of them didn't know the full extent of the comatican army. They didnt know they were outnumbered nearly 7 to 1, with a superior navy and airforce. Those who did were scared.

The civilians noticed. As soldiers kicked down their doors, grabbed any males who looked between 16 and 35, and in some cases stopped to grab some loot. Much bribary occurred, as rich fathers desperately tried to protect their son's or themselves. Those who were too poor to bribe and too slow too run were dragged into a number of military barracks, had a gun slammed into their hands, and began to undergo training.

Meanwhile the soldiers of Topal began to secure important positions: the roads that snaked through the thick forrests to lead to Topal's only city and the likely coastlines where the enemy would attack. Tunnels and bunkers were dug, and mines were beginning to be place on the main roads, which were now closed to all civilians.

Already in the air was the krait, heading towards the enemy navy to begin reconnaisance work.......
02-01-2006, 18:35
There had been no response from the Katanas. The shelling of the Sushian coast continued hour after hour.

On board the KRAKEN, Capt. Yokasi held his position, resending the hail of hours earlier. 'Damn that old man', he thought. ' Ghengiz knows that we don't have the numbers to force him to stop this abomination of a war. Not yet, anyway. Alaric has had enough of the old man's sabre rattling and is going to take severe measures to stop him from any further slaughter.'

"Sir, satellite recon shows a large force amassing in the northern sector." The ensign had a decidedly worried look on his face. " Sir, it's the area where the Grey Legions are presently located."

Yokasi was speechless. The Grey Legions were even more merciless than the Katanas. And they had also recently left the Empire to seek their own fortune. And as was Ghengiz, Duke Avan Astran was of the House of Tanith.

" Ensign, advise the Emperor that the 'Family Squabble' has just expanded. And contact Northern Sushi leadership, if there are any left, that we are prepared to defend their nation to the bitter end. Prepare to launch torpedoes."

"Aye, sir."
02-01-2006, 18:48
[OCC: Refer to for background information regarding Prince Rothbart]


Encrypted Video Message to the Nation of Topal

A man dressed in black armor reminisant of a knight's armor walks up to the camera. He is carrying a large black sword and behind him in the shadows stand other dark figures with very meaning looking machine guns.

"Greetings, I am Prince Rothbart of the Queendom of Fourspades. It appears you have a problem. I can help you, for a small price of course.

You see, my men and I are men of the Sea. What we see on the Sea, we take. This includes supply ships that are going to be feeding the army that is coming to kill you.

Payment is negotiable. I am asking for a mere $100,000 per ship raided, plus the rights to all the cargo we raid.

Do we have a deal?"

- End Transmission -

Rothbart handed the disc to the Commo Officer to transmit. Of course, this would not be the only message sent. Other nations would rush to Topal's aid. Then the same message would be sent to Comacita. Rothbart would play both sides against each other gathering the maximum amount of profit for the maximum amount of choas.
02-01-2006, 19:26
"Well, sir do you accept this offer?" Spoke Roland's assistant.
"Of course! 100,000 is small compared to what they offer." Spoke Roland. Let me prepare the transmission personally.
"Yes, sir."

Prince Rothbart

In these troubled times it is nice to have allies. We accept your deal completly, but be aware that we will be unable to pay you maybe for 3 years after the end of this conflict. We hope this will be acceptable.

We also ask that as well as just leading raids on the enemy naval forces you help to ship food and arms to Topal. We have recently started a draft, and many of our new recruits are without guns. We also fear future problems due to food shortages if the island is blockaded. Rationing is in progress. We are willing to pay you in the future for any services to Topal.

We have sent out one of our stealth jets to perform a reconnaissance mission on the enemy naval forces. Perhaps this could work in cohesion with your forces, that is if you provide a fueling facility.

Roland, leader of Topal

Was I wrong? Thought Roland. Maybe the enemy were not heading towards Topal? But who else? And such a force. I risk humiliation but I will not risk my country.
02-01-2006, 19:32

The officer read the reply.

"Ship food and arms to them?" Rothbart sneered, "They're fortunate that we're still doing the job for such a meager fee."

02-01-2006, 20:20
"Holy fuck ..." Foreign Minister Jonathan Friedman whispered as he read the report. "Unprovoked war involving maybe half a million soldiers from Black Katanas and the Grey Legions? Attacking a nation we've had unpleasant relations with, but not overtly bad ... This is not good."

To say the least, thought the aide he was addressing, while out loud he asked "What are we going to do, sir?"

"What we're going to do is we're going to have a meeting. Angela, me, the Minister of Defence, and the Chiefs of the Forces, and we're going to decide what we're going to do. Call them all. I want them here in five minutes."

"Yes, Mr. Friedman," the aide responded, walking out the door. Friedman stayed where he was and thought of what to say. The reports included satellite pictures of the invading forces, and they did not look pleasant for whoever was going to be fighting them.

Ten minutes later, the last of those coming arrived: The Chief of the Air Force. With this new arrival, Friedman began explaining again what he had explained three times already, once people had started asking "Why are we here?"

"Greeting, General. You're here because a nation has been unprovokedly attacked by two much larger nations, power rivals of ours. Black Katanas and the Grey Legions have both attacked the nation of Northern Sushi, and the press will be gunning for Harakian involvement once this hits the airwaves."

"I see," Angela Shepherd, Prime Minister of Haraki, responded, speaking for all those present. "And what do you propose we do?"

"I propose we fully mobilize the forces, notify the reserves to be on 24-hour standdown, and prepare for a war. We will be drawn into this, especially if it just keeps escalating, and knowing the status of BK and the Greys, we will probably be attacked on domestic territory. Therefore I recommend we also activate all necessary defensive tactics. Anti-ICBM programs, mobilize the fleets, and prepare for an intervention."

"Um, excuse me," the Defence Minister threw in. "We have no anti-ICBM programs that are efficient enough to mobilize."

"So you would rather not try experimental procedures, and rather sit back and watch Harakian civilians die?" Friedman knew there was no answer to that, so he sat for a moment to let the shorter, stockier man squirm, before continuing. "If we don't, we run the risk of letting thousands of our people die. We have experimental planes using lasers the size of tanks, we have experimental planes using missiles to destroy the ICBMs from 10 kilometres away before they can reach Harakian cities. This is our best option, so I propose we activate all long-range radar as quickly as possible."

"Agreed," the Chief of the Air Force replied. "We have to do something about this, and I think John's proposals sound excellent."

There was a mumbled chorus of agreements, and Friedman stood up. "All right, then. Full mobilization, recall any naval units elsewhere in the world, and prepare for war."
02-01-2006, 20:54
Raptior, Capitallia; The Jewittist Republic

The city, a proud one at that, had never been touched by forgeiners before. The city prided itself in that. It showed in being unique as the buildings of Moscow and the streets of Athens, in the pride of Rome and the faith of Jerusalem.

The size of only Chicago, the city was not as big as some would think for a capital of a republic which held twelve nations within its control. Nearly in the middle of the city was a massive Italian-like coliseum, the Republican Council.

The streets were normally occupied, fender benders every other block, and the smog nearly unseen due to programmes to stop such pollution with hydrogen cars.

The advancing Republic was slowly coming into the Post-Modern Era, it was borderline at the moment, waiting for a spark to throw it over the edge and ignite. This spark, a few politican knew, was in Topal, a former Frozopian state.

The council, some five-hundred and sixty two representatives, including Presidents, Chancellors, Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers and Autocrats from the twelve nations in the Republic, were yelling and conversing in their usual unorganized way, almost surely not holding a single discussion. The last comment made, which was heard in every other sentance, was "Topal Defencive Measures must be taken."

The Oseats, or capitalist-industrials, wanted to help free Topal from its invaders, save it, and possibly enact a Jewittist government, or at least a pro-Jewittist state, and the Sochists, or socialist-programmists, wanted to stay out of the affair, but offer humanitarian aid. Then there were the Jewittists themselves, who wanted to aid the nation for countless reasons.

The yelling went on for about ten minutes before the Presidente of the Jewittist Republic, and the founder of it, Fonzi Jewitt, walked up from his seat at the wake of the council. His podium raised through hydrolics, the transparent flooring below him showing his figure to those he had risen above.

At reaching half-way the height of the Council's roof, he yelled out "Shut up you damn hippocrits!" His stirness, and slight immaturity of 16, a new age for the new year, showed. His surfer-like stereotyped acsent with his short Les Paul-resembling brown hair looked around as the council silenced itself. Although young, he was the most respected human being to nearly four billion people.

"Comatica is a hostile and agressive nation, they have showed this in their history. Topal is trying to recover from a unionated callapse, and Comatica has taken advantage of this. We must intervene, in the name of humanity, not in the name of Jewittism!" He blasted out in a demandive tone. Many on the right and upper left sections of the council agreed, the right-winged and authoritarian lefts. That was how the council was organized, pretty much.

A few red lights blinked across the room, a signal of those who wished to voice against the speaker. Jewitt looked down at his board infront of him and saw one directly infront of him, a Shirean, the Absolute Autocrat of Portshire, in fact. "Si, mi amigo?" He asked looking right at him, pressing on his number on his computer board, giving his microphone the activation.

"Gracious, mi amigo." Began the man standing from his seat from behind a large computer board covering most of his resting chest. "I agree with the aiding of Topal, but we cannot. We have no allies since Witzgall callapsed, Phoenixius has isolated itself, and Praetonia and Hamptonshire are no longer accepting our very existance, as neither are our states." He explained his case but elft an opening, in a speech-like way to request further conversing. "Y?" The Presidente asked in spanish. "Mi amigo, Comatica is a strong nation, and their allies are strong and tranverse, maybe we should not do this simpley because aiding them will be like us fighting Automagfreek with half our military available and an Enzoist revolt happening in our Shirean regions."

The Presidente looked at the man and unspokenly agreed. The entire council agreed. If they joined, they would be alone. "Who gives a fuck? Seriously? Shall twenty million be enslaved forcefully, or should we give them a chance to their own independance?" Curced out the Presidente. Without his microphone activated, a Dugese man jumped up and yelled on top of his lungs "Why help a damned dictatorship?"

The Presidente sighed to where the microphone picked it up and said "I am working with the currently instaklled autocrat now on a possible government change if we are successful in aiding them." He commented. Red lights flared all about.

"You mean we are dealing with an oppressive state?" Asked one from way above. "No, of course not, they are radiclaly socialist compared to other dictatorships we have seen." Defended the Presidente hastingly. "Si, mi amigo, we should thorw our full weight into this! No nation has even threatend to land on our shores, and I doubt they would even think of it secretly unless we counter invaded. If we fail, we tried our hardest and inflected wounds on Comatica, and if we succeed we may have a possible perminate Jewittist ally." Reasoned a Raptorian below the Presidente.

A few heads nodded and murmors of positive reflection came about, a few more red lights popped up, but the Presidente felt it enough. "Mr. Douvier, please state your military propossal that we will be voting on." The Presidente said to the Douvier, Daniel Tanner, a man no older than twenty, a young revolutionary and loved politican like the Presidente himself, and the founder of Oseat Jewittism.

The Douvier stood up, his well-off Mexican features of being Raptorian showed as his microphone activated a holographic image appeared on the six deminsional walls of the coliseum.

"This is Topal State, a former Frozopian region. It has under its position this province, which the Comaticans claim their own from a lost campaign in the Great War. Like we don't have problems of our own in Italy." He grumbled with a few agreeing faces. "Now, they have invaded from here and here, and a few third party members are striking here, here, here, and there. There are also unconfirmed, but semi-satellite confirmed submarine movements around the entire region's coastline, which is a problem, since we have no base of operations to fuel our submarine's supply lines, and our logistics would be a problem, which brings me to my propossal.

"Here is a small flatland of coastline, with Topalian permission, a make-shift T-Boat Base will be greated to store and provide services to our T-Boats which will be used to defend the admediate and semi-unadmediate coastline, along with private and government shipping in the area.

"This operation will cost, without the base's own costs, seven million Bills due to our already having deployed most of the force now, but have banned them from entering any territorial waters until this vote has been made."

The Douvier stood down as the map cycled through everything with green letters displaying everything the Douvier said, incase someone missed something while taking notes or what not.

"Now, may we vote. Red is against, and white is for. Only one vote, and may the rest of your decisions be kept within yourself, mi amigosas." The votes came in and then displayed. Overwhelmingly the vote was for the movement of the operation, with only a little over a hundred votes against.

With that, the decision was made. Eighty-four Oured-class SSNs, the entire First T-Boat Fleet, took to sail under the ocean water across the massive chain of nations in the chain of islands that was the Republic. THey met and sped to Topal, hoping to give dominance as supply ships and logistical vessels were well ahead of them, en route to Topal for safety and to restock the T-Boats.

Message to The Autocrat of Topal, Former Frozopian State
From the Presidente of the Jewittist Republic, Fonzi Jewitt de Raptior
It has come to my admediate attention of your current events. A nation, Comatica, with a nearly-appearant coalition, is invading your state in outright imperialim and greed, and I, upon the Jewittist Republic and the Truitti Politika, request your cooperation in your defence, as of right now I have ordered an unconsealed number of T-Boats (Tactical Boats, Submarines) to run hot towards your shorelines for protection and ahead of them are privately-covered supply and logistical vessels, which I hope you will aid in the protection of.

I request also to build a make-shift naval platform for our soul operations, to aid in our own mission and be less of a neausense on your own machine.

For the name of your people's freedom, mi amigo.
The Black Katanas
02-01-2006, 21:39
Ghengiz and Astran were enjoying the carnage immensely. Fully 10% of Sushi was in their hands and they were still moving forward, virtually no one opposing them. Astran's fighters had surprised the good people of Tiraspol, a city in Greater Laodicea, as they boomed overhead on their way to the northern borders of Sushi.

Astran spoke, " My Lord Ghengiz, are you aware of the situation in Topal? It appears that they are in fear of Comatica invading them. No doubt we can use this to our advantage."

" How so?", Ghengiz asked.

" Look, we're just a few days away from the defeat of Sushi, and we've plans for an ICBM strike on either Kroblexij or NYC....or possibly both. Haraki and Truitt want to get involved, but this thing is happening so quickly, we can potentially expand our attacks on several of these pig-nations at once. What do you say to an all-out offensive against four or five countries at the same time? We've got the means: millions of troops, thousands of tanks, missile carriers, subs and other naval forces and hundreds of squadrons of aircraft, fighter-bombers, HCGS's and so on. Hey, if we're gonna do this, let's go balls out!"

" You forget one thing, my friend. Sooner or later, a couple of powerful nations are going to enter this little war we've started, and they 'aint gonna be on our side. I don't want our fledgling Empire spread too thin in case we have to fight one or two of the big boys."

" Good point", Astran said. " Alright, let's concentrate on Sushi for now. When we get settled there, we can use it as an additional base for further strikes."

" Now your'e talking sense", Ghengiz laughed. " Haste makes waste...."
Present Day Comatica
02-01-2006, 23:52
The navy split apart and formed a tight circle, near 10 miles off the coast of Topal. Troop carriers floated even closer, near wide beaches and other coveted landing points. Destroyers and frigates patrolled ominously off the coast of major cities, just in case the situation got so dire that it was necessary to hit civilian targets.

"Admiral, the Blackrods are in the air," said Commander Quinlum, a slight smile in his expression.

"Are the aircraft carriers locked up with escorts?"

"Ah, yes, sir."

Admiral Eriaus grinned. "Swell. Well, issue the order on the intercom to commence shelling. Broadcast on the fleet's channel to destroy coastal defenses. I want all enemy troops onshore blasted away."


Blackrod bombers, 125 of them, went out in search of enemy bases. Two dozen of them spread out and dropped napalm in the forests, in attempt to flush out any Topal soldiers. Enemy troop movement seen by satellites were to be relentlessly bombed; any tanks found by the scanners were to be taken out by guided missile. Meanwhile, 60 Payloaders were given orders to "bomb the living shit," as put by Eriaus, out of troops and tanks on the beaches. 300 Monitor fighters were sent out to gain control of the sky.

OOC: I'm in Indiana, the Eastern time zone part. BTW, you don't happen to have a map of Topal, do you? If not, please just let me know what your capitol city is, it's population, where it is, and your major cities.
East Lithuania
03-01-2006, 00:06
The 732nd Airboune had taken of hours ago. They were approuching the Northern Sushi border. When they looked at it, all they wanted to do was look away. Fire everywhere, the Katanaese ships bombing them, it was horrific. Behind them was Adm. Griffens fleets charging. On the transports were about 600,000 men all together. They were waiting for any orders, as they watched in silance at the battle before them. They got more angry by the second and wanted to kick ass.

"Alright me. We need to stop them. Period. We were sent here to defend this nation and our scientists here. Thats what we're going to do. OK, those ships need to be stopped. I want the B-2 division, B-52 Division, and half the F-22 division to take 'em down, you know the drill. Next, I want the other half of the F-22, the Apache Division and the Zero division to fly inland and take down whatever infantry and armor you see. Stop them. We'll drop these men off and then we'll radio you out. Once that happens, we bail. The fleets will take it from there. Now, GO GO GO!"

They went off, motivated to kill every last one of them.
03-01-2006, 03:34
The Blood Dagger
Tiger Class Deisel Submarine
Queendom of Fourspades Pirate Ship

The Blood Dagger was one of the first in Prince Rothbart's fleet to spot enemy shipping. The target appeared to be one of Comatica's supply vessels. While most of their combat ships were foward engaged in the bombing of Topal, their supply ships were not as escorted as they normally were.

Which meant that it was ripe for the picking.

"SIR! Comatician supply barge 20 clicks northwest of our position.... Appears unescorted...."

Captain Darkcrest responded immediatly, "Commo: Inform The Black Cross! Raiders: Prepare to Board! Engine Room: All ahead quiet! All Hands: Commence operational silence!"

The dark vessel began turing toward her prey...

OCC: Comatica, let me know if this is ok. Also, do you want to RP the raid in this thread or the pirate thread?
03-01-2006, 03:48
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03-01-2006, 10:15
"We need a response. Something important. Something that will show them they can't do this and get away with it," Friedman mused.

"Something to start a war?" Angela Shepherd shot back.

"Potentially," he replied absentmindedly. "I think we need to assemble a naval taskforce. Send them out to strike the transport fleets, and assemble a raider force to hit their supply lines. This is, of course, while the ground forces are mobilizing. A large carrier task force could conduct interdiction strikes en masse, hundreds of sorties every day against invading targets."

"The only problem," Shepherd responded, "would be enemy fleets attacking our ships."

The two were left alone in the meeting room. The other four members of the assembled group had left to order and oversee the full mobilization of the Harakian armed forces. So two of the most powerful leaders in the nation sat in the meeting room and discussed how to counter the growing threat.

"That's why we would send sufficient close-in support to allow a full engagement that we would come out on top of. Atherlon-class battleships are extremely devastating, and especially if we sent the Firzha, they'd stand no chance in a battle."

"I hope you're right, John. If I'm going to stand up in front of the nation and tell them we've dispatched a full fleet with, I assume, at least half a dozen carriers and a hell of a lot of support ships, I need to know this has been thought out. I want force analyses of the enemy naval forces around there, potential missile targets against the fleets, and all those good things. If we're sending a fleet I want it to be big enough to be a major threat to anything they can throw at it, and thus avoid combat that will result in the loss of our lives, and I want it fast enough to escape once they do assemble a force big enough."

"It can be done, Ann," Friedman replied. "It worked against the Atherlonians."

"The Atherlonians didn't have a god damned navy, John. Their biggest ship was a battlecruiser relic from forty years ago. We can't judge our navy based on its absolute victories over a fifth-rate navy from a splinter state. That's not right at all."

"Fine, fine," Friedman replied. "But it can be done. The Atherlon-class battleships are fast enough to outrun most ships of their class. The Firzha is a bit slower, so we may have to leave it in port, but unless they're pursuing us with only cruisers, we should be all right. The biggest worry is enemy carriers that could engage us from long range."

"Which is, I assume, why we would have both carriers of our own and missile cruisers that can destroy them from long range?"

"Of course."

"Good. I'll consider this proposal once the satellite pictures get back assessing enemy naval and air strength. Then we can also ascertain the size of fleet we would have to send. In the meantime, I do agree that if we're going to do this, a raider force against their supply lines will help the Sushiians. That's the precise reason why we built the Sasquatches in the first place, we might as well use them. I'm going to issue an order to sortie all three of the Sasquatches along with Wolfe and Excalibur cruisers to raid supply lines once we decide we're going to war. Submarines, too. First order of business, before we even start mobilizing ships, is I want a security measure. I want six ballistic missile submarines in the water from now."

"Ann?" Friedman asked to confirm what she had just told him.

"You heard me, John. I want six Twilight-class submarines in the water now. They're a security measure, as I said before. If nobody knows where they are, they can launch missiles with impunity if we get in too much trouble. Nuclear-powered means they don't have to return for fuel, just supplies, and they're designed for up to six months at sea. With as many supplies as possible loaded, they can be security measures for months on end."

"The last time we tried this it didn't work out. Operation Silent Night was very near to a fiasco. We barely averted it thanks to diplomacy, Ann. Or had you forgotten?"

"No, I didn't forget. But Silent Night was in times of peace. We're going to be at war, John, whether you or I know it or want it or not. And these are like having an ace up our sleeve."

"I hope you're right," Friedman replied nervously. "I hope like hell you're right, Ann. I don't want innocent lives on my conscience, no matter what side they're from."
03-01-2006, 14:39
From the Presidente of the Jewittist Republic, Fonzi Jewitt de Raptior
It has come to my admediate attention of your current events. A nation, Comatica, with a nearly-appearant coalition, is invading your state in outright imperialim and greed, and I, upon the Jewittist Republic and the Truitti Politika, request your cooperation in your defence, as of right now I have ordered an unconsealed number of T-Boats (Tactical Boats, Submarines) to run hot towards your shorelines for protection and ahead of them are privately-covered supply and logistical vessels, which I hope you will aid in the protection of.

I request also to build a make-shift naval platform for our soul operations, to aid in our own mission and be less of a neausense on your own machine.

For the name of your people's freedom, mi amigo.

President Fonzi Jewitt de Raptior

We are glad that there are nations willing to stand up against such blatant imperialism to end this evil strike at our homelands once and for all. We are setting up a naval base for your ships as we speak in the western part of Topal, although we fear enemy bombardment may be a problem.

Roland, leader of Topal

"Incoming!!!" Roared the officer. Enemy bombers passed overhead as the men dived for the ground. Looking up, they sighted several of the enemy aircrafts firing off a missiles.
The officer turned to his second in command:
"Any armoured units around here?"
"Yes sir! 4 of them are guarding the main road a little north of here sir!"
"Goddamn it! They're aiming at our tanks!" These were his last words. The last thing he saw was a fiery inferno melting his second in command as the napalm struck.

Across the country the enemy aircrafts struck. In the forrests, nearly all the tanks were untouched, as the tree's provided barriers that the missile's could not be guided around except for a few lucky hits, but that did not stop the enemy trying. Immediatly the armoured vehicle escort units reached for their varied (most heat-seaking, some GPRS) anti-aircraft propulsion systems and triggered them in reply. It did not help that the tree's also acted as a wall against satellite imagery, protecting any military bases within the forrests.

On the coast military bases were taking far more damage, as enemy jets began bombardment. Roland refused orders to let Topal's small airforce to combat them, so the bases were left to their own resources. Soldiers used RPG's to warn off if not hit the enemy jets that flew low enough, and the AA guns that the larger military bases were equipped with targeted the enemy aircrafts.

On the beaches, Topal soldiers hid behind moderately well protected bunkers that were dug deeply into the sand. Some who were too slow too reach the bunkers from their work of laying down barbed wire and digging new bunkers were blown apart by shells from the sea. The best protected were in the various naval bases, but these were a minority.

Roland ordered a retreat at nightfall. There was little protection on the beaches from enemy fire, and the shoreline was too long leaving Topal soldiers desperately stretched. Instead the soldiers would fall back on the coastal cities and the forrest bases. When night passes the soldiers would slip away to their new position, hopefully without the enemies knowledge. It meant risking civilian lives if the enemy launched an attack on the cities, but they were being evacuated further inland. Topal's helicopters would move a large amount of the equipment and supplies in land as well. The enemy had made their first victory. Let it be their last.

5 M1A1 tanks
2200 Standard Frozopian soldiers

Ive got a map but I need someone to host it on a web page 4 me please. Can I email it to someone please?
Sandeep Sandhu
03-01-2006, 16:01
To The Leader Of Topal

On behalf of the small peace loving but brave nation i lead, I Sandeep Sandhu offer you all that we have that might be of any use to your nation for the sake of humanity.
I offer you 2 Ak-47's for your personal use if need be or u wish to. Please do not be offended but mine is a poor country and that is all i have to offer right now.
We can even even offer you all the monetary help we can provide and all the food and medicine we can spare via a indirect channel as we cannot afford to attract any unfriendly inentions for us.
Looking forward to for a lasting friendship and trade.
The Free Land Of Sandeep Sandhu
03-01-2006, 16:57
Oh great. Forgive me if Im not impressed enough to bother with an IC comment.

Heres the map: You may want to put it in the first post of this thread for easier reference:

Lotres is the capital, roughly 3 Million pop. All the other cities are a million each.
The Black Katanas
03-01-2006, 20:15
" What the fuck is this now", yelled the High Lord of the Black Katanas, Lord Ghengiz. " This little fuckin' nation of ...what is it?....Topal is being attacked by Comatica because Topal is actually an old part of Comatica. And Comatica wants it back. Friggin' jackoffs! I coulda used Comatica's help over here, and then we both could've kicked Topal's ass. Get hold of whoever the a-hole leader is in Comatica. Tell 'em we'll give him Topal on a platter if they give us a hand over here in Sushi. We gotta get this done and be situated as the occupying force before Xeraph or another power gets their shit together and wants a piece of us!"

" Yes, sire, at once sire......."
03-01-2006, 20:20
OOC: aw crap......
03-01-2006, 21:53
03-01-2006, 23:48
OOC: Thanks Topal, I am assuming you still go under the name Frozopia, because of you refering to yourself as that? If you have AIM, btw, mind beeping me on HailJewitt, as to help us in organization.


Foreign Naval Base "Sourland," Topal

The flattening of the lands had taken days, if that, and the construction of foundations were well underway by the time hospital ships, merchant vessels, and logistical ships came and ported in nearby towns and on make-shift docks.

Within a day the entire cargo of the whole group that kept on coming was unloaded and stored in already made tents and complexes nearby the base area.

The T-Boat Division "Arkfaith" sped as fast as it could to Topal, specifically to the rough area around the planned naval base "Sourland." The eighty-four Oured-class T-Boats (SSN) was the First T-Boat Fleet de Raptior, the main T-Boat division in the entire Republic. It was the only division to take former crews and place them in the division after fighting in conflicts and gaining experiance.

The Fleet Arkfaith made its way to former Frozopian waters, but did not enter, and continued on until they found themselves Topal. Already satellite systems went off with warnings and the such, giving sign of an incoming vessel.

The entire fleet was spred out, with about half a mile inbetween each ship, spaning quite a large space. They moved slowly, and their stealth and sonar-absorbing and confusionary systems deployed, showing the pride of the Terramach the Jewittist Fleet.

The ships slowed to 2.4 knots, and waited, some continued to move towards the coastline, well out of any detection, who did not pick up the unknown vessel on their sensors.

The entire western edge was being slowly fortified and was slowly becoming a deadly place for any ship.

OOC: To my knowledge the western edge is nearly untouched by hostilities so...just incase I showed that bit of caution. My fleet spans from where that yellow dot to my base's direct right is, all the way up to the next yellow dot above it. They try to keep in pairs of four or twelve, depending on what they are doing.
03-01-2006, 23:53
OOC: Nah we are just Topal, Frozopia is dead and gone, a frozen waste land far to the north half covered in radiation and populated by tough factions. Sorry I dont have AIM, only MSN.
Present Day Comatica
04-01-2006, 01:32
In response to the threats placed on the United Empire's forces in Topal, we decline to rise to your requests, including the reimbursement of damage costs and the retreat from our current position among the island.

This island, in case you have not been fully informed, once belonged to the United Empire, and we merely come to take back what is rightfully ours. The fact that Topal is facing the consequences that would normally be inflicted on Frozopia is unfortunate. All the same, you have no right to step in and do what you threaten. You have been thouroughly warned.

Emperor Titus Celmaetus

The first wave of soldiers and tanks grounded onshore arrived just as the Topalian soldiers were ordered to retreat. Tanks charged up the beaches, bombarding sandbag machine gun nests with 105 mm cannons, creating a deafening battle between armor and RPGs. The Comatic troops were met with sporadic machine gunfire, striking down 40 on the beaches. Mortars blew out a few tanks, as well as blasted apart men fighting their way inland. Altogether, 80,000 troops made it ashore all over Topal in a matter of 4 hours, accompanied by about 950 T9-ACF tanks, especially on the southern part of the island. The plan was for troops on either shores beside the cities of Himil and Moko to work their way towards each other and meet up just inland of the cities, cutting them off from the rest of Topal. This was in hope of cutting off any industry and warmaking efforts that might exist in these cities. Then, as more Comatic reinforcements arrived on the island, the troops would begin a perilous journey through the forestland of Topal to try and secure more area.

OOC: Losses

207 IGF Troopers
8 T9-ACF tanks
2 sailors, after stray shell hit destroyer
5 Blackrod Bombers
4 Monitor fighters

And Fourhearts, lets try to get it in the pirate thread, which I just found out existed. Could you supply me with a link (In the OOC thread).

And sorry, everybody for the crap post, and erm...Truitt and BK, I'll try to get responses to your posts later.

Forces currently invading Topal:

Imperial Ground Forces infantry divisions 225-275 (750,000 infantry)

Armored Divisions 20-30

In each armored division:

1,000 T9-ACFT’s (Armored Comatic Field Tank)
150 T9-MHA tanks
300 T-90 MBT’s
175 Command vehicles
305 APC’s
750 LAV-A’s
590 BMP-3 fighting vehicles
1,200 protection troops
1,150 mordars, w/ 810 mordar vehicles
245 Multiple-lauched rocket systems
385 M-220 TOW missle launchers
500 Mobile AaSmA Batteries
870 Gimlets
250 M198 Towed Howitzers
450 Self-Propelled Howitzers
410 NP-080 Anti-aircraft flak guns

Naval Fleet:

35 Cryptic Class aircraft carriers
70 Franses Class frigates
45 Croaker Class attack subs
30 Valderel Class logistics ships
10 Celmaetus Class Missile Destroyers
40 Jester Class destroyers
30 Stasis Class cruisers
45 Quinter Class carrier-escorts
15 Donelium Class SAM ships
20 Clunerum Class nuclear powered submarines
20 Welton Class missile/artillery ships
15 Fuel/water tankers
30 Milanon Class tanker-escorts
20 Secruteus Class ASW ships
20 Albia Class hospital ships
7 Emperor Class battleships
3 Delntum Class APM launchers
15 Gerei Class submarine tenders
5 Narien Class aircraft tenders

550 G-41C Monitors
300 A-TU40 Blackrod Bombers
75 APMs
750 X42 Wielders
175 HT-524 Anti-SAM planes
700 Class HT-688 Payloaders
1,100 Z281 Blackrods
225 Logistics dropships
1,250 GF9 Telex helicopters
200 G-210-J Gunplanes

5 Iacuania Class Minesweepers
04-01-2006, 06:02
Antalia Palace, 18,000 feet

A dark black structure, jutting out like a clawed hand trying to tear down the sky. That was how everyone described Antalia Palace upon first seeing it rising up from the capital. Within these hollowed walls the greatest of atrocities and pogwoms the world had ever seen were expertly crafted. This night was no diffrent...

The war room was alight with activity as the group of generals, seated around a table with a large map across it began to plot. Today's agenda was the war between Comatica and Topal, and almost every general there thought they would be sure of which side the Emperor chose to go with. After all, there was already talk of Topal plotting to give up on its proud imperialist government in exchange for some weaker, more pathetic government.

"I have decided to assist Topal in this war."

Before the room could get over the shock caused by the Emperor's words, he quickly reached a clawed hand behind him and launched it forward into the middle of the map in front of them. The sword went halfway through the table before coming to a stop, and as if that wasn't shocking enough, the sword used to do so was the Imperial Brunhild itself.

"S-sir..." One of the generals muttered but was quickly cut off by a dark chuckle emanating from Galf.

"Haha... Isn't it obvious? If we can cripple Comatica now they will be ours in the future to do with as we please! Are you so willing to side with possible competition?" He said knowingly before a tooth-filled grin crossed his face, "We have been couped up in this country too long... It is time that we took action."

"I will go!" One of the generals, a large heavily muscled man by the name of Gares quickly shouted as he came to his feet, "Allow me the honor my God Emperor!"

"No... I will send Albeleo."

"Albeleo? Are you sure-"

"I am always sure." Galf hissed as he began to pull the Brunhild from the table. Gares took the hint and sat back down, "Albeleo will be perfect for this mission. His ancestry is pure... Wasn't it his ancestors that assisted me in stomping out the Christian rebellion?"

The entire room nodded, reflecting on the historical genocide that slew so many people in an enormous blaze. His was indeed a horrifying lineage, and his tactics were almost as brutal as the heart of Antanjyl itself.

"Now... It is time we gave our champion a call. That he may lead us to victory!"

"Praise Galf!" Came a sudden shout from every person in the room.


Albeleo Estate 2 AM

Albeleo sat back in the enormous hot tub of his mansion, loud music on in the background as over a dozen young women moved around his thin frame in various states of undress, presumably to the music playing in the background. With a bottle of Antanjylese wine in one hand and a young girl in the other, one would be hard-pressed to guess that he was actually one of the most resourceful generals in Antanjyl...

"Master Albeleo, you have a phone call." A topless woman wearing a pair of rabbitears whispered from behind him as the music was suddenly turned off, "Its the Emperor."

"Haha! Galf?!" Albeleo said w ith a laid back expression on his face, "Probably wants to question me on my superb taste of concubines."

Snickering to himself, he quieted down and put the phone to his ear, "Hello my Emperor. Might I ask-" He quickly paused as there was quite a bit of noise on the other line, "N-no! I paid for these concubines... Oh thats not why you called? Oh... I see... No..." He prattled before finishing up with a significantly large frown on his face, "Ah yes... I'll be in Kinshash by tommorow afternoon... So the fleet is ready so soon? Mind if I bring- Thankyou Emperor."

One of the younger looking girls swam up to him, wrapping her arm around his neck, her doe eyes meeting the dazed expression on his face, "Whats wrong Master Albeleo?"

"Ah nothing. The Antanjyl Navy needs me though. I need to go to battle for something. Should be back in a few months easily." He said with a sigh as he slid deeper into the water, bringing the bottle of wine to his lips as he let out a disappointed sigh... Shortly before remembering where he currently was.


Encrypted Message to Topal

The Glorious Nation of Antanjyl has decided to come to your aid in this, your time of need. When an imperialist nation such as yourself is attacked in such an unprovoked way we feel that it is our duty to lend you our assistance. Please respond immediately, as our fleet is ready to leave within twenty four hours.

Emperor Galf
04-01-2006, 13:58
OOC: Losses in retreat:

170 Standard Frozopian soldiers
2 M1A1 Tanks

Encrypted Message to Topal

The Glorious Nation of Antanjyl has decided to come to your aid in this, your time of need. When an imperialist nation such as yourself is attacked in such an unprovoked way we feel that it is our duty to lend you our assistance. Please respond immediately, as our fleet is ready to leave within twenty four hours.

Emperor Galf

Emperor Galf
Your assistance in this war would be a great help to our peoples. The Comatican's must learn that this is no-longer a wing of their empire but an imperialistic state of its own. We suggest you land In the north of Topal before combatting the enemy.

Roland, Leader of Topal

"Sir they attacked before our troops could fully retreat, around Nimil and Moko. It seems they maybe trying to cut off that penisular from the rest of the island."

"Indeed. Well we can at least slow them down. Send out Frozopian Royal Regiment units 1-10. Harrass the enemy, but avoid any intense fighting. I want mortar and sniper fire on anywhere they estabilish landing points, but make sure there is always room to retreat into the forrest. This should continue through the night. At day they should retreat into the forrest."

"Yes sir. That will be 10,000 men if I am correct sir?"


Slightly south of Moko

Company Snow wolf of the Frozopian Royal regiment 1 approached the enemy position. They were 1 of the 10 companies that ringed the enemy landing point in a little semi-circle.
From the looks of it the Comatican's were coming ashore, and in numbers. Officer Seamus Anderson scanned the area with his binoculars. Most of the enemy were busy helping bring equipment and the likes ashore, the rest eating. A few were performing a profesional look-out duty, but were unaware of the Topal soldiers lying in the grass. Seamus picked up his radio, and sent signals with the information reguarding the enemies co-ordinates. Using more hand gestures he indicated to his company his plans. Crawling forwards 100 meters, Seamus hid a little mine in the shrubbery, and then pulled out the trip wire. Crawling up to a tree, he wrapped the tripwire around the tree and then activated the mine, designed to blow anything upto a tank. Crawling back to his men, he sent the code down the radio:
Following suit the other 9 companies of Regiment 1 sent the same information. The last code, sent by the mortar crew was FRE.

And they fired. Mortar dropped onto the enemy encampment targeting the armoured units and the larger concentrations of enemy soldiers. A few of the royal guard RPG crews also stoop up, targetting the armoured vehicles and jeeps. The snipers in the Frozopian regiment sighted the officers of the enemy and the rest of the company used random SMG fire, constantly moving to fool the enemy that they were everywhere and in larger numbers than just a 1000.

This chaos was repeated in 9 other landing points as the Frozopian Royal regiments caused havoc. And if the enemy pursuited they would run into the traps....

OOC: Hope thats ok
Present Day Comatica
04-01-2006, 23:35
"Fuck!" Screamed Tollum Lidephum. It was all he could say. "Fuck! Fuck!"

Dirt rose in an impact cloud just near his flank, obviously from mortarfire. He was huddled behind an oak tree, in a grove of otherwise apple trees. Two Sergeants and a radiomaster sat next to him, putting fire on the Topalian troops concealed in the tall grass of the field.

"I want an air strike called in, Helu!"

"Sir, there aren't any Blackrods that are available!"

"I wasn't talking about a damn Blackrod! I meant a helicopter! Get about 15 Telexes in here, judging by the size of this crew firing on us!"

As the radiomaster busied himself with the radio, Sergeant Cerlasau swore loudly at the impact of a bullet in his flesh. "Ah! Damn it, Tollum! I was hit in the arm!"

"Get it cleaned and dressed, Sergeant. I don't know where Iara is with the med gear."

"Probably helping one of those poor bastards picked off by the '60s'," chimed in Sergeant Arumus while reloading his gun. "Yeah, a goddamn mortar shell came down right by my leg, nearly tore it off."

"Same here," said Radiomaster Uliur, returning from the radio mic. "Only it came down right on the ACF next to me, blew it to shit."

"What's the story on the airstrike, Ulier?"

"Divisional has a couple just north of Moko, eta 6 minutes. It's only 4 Telexes, though. They're gonna attempt to get about a dozen more from patrol duty."

"Well, it's better than nothing," sighed Lidephum. He turned around and set about a dozen rounds into a shrub in which a sniper was concealed.

"Alright; Arumus! Cerlasau! We're gonna try to make a dash towards that impact crater over by that destroyed ACF..." he pointed it out to the two sergeants. "We make it there, probably 50 yards from here, get a couple grenades into Topalian positions, then get the hell out. Got it?'

The sergeants nodded in solemn agreement.

The three soldiers emerged from their cover, and were greeted by SMG fire. Bursts of mortar and sniper fire intermittently billowed up around them as they ran. Just before reaching the crater, a sniper bullet burrowed itself into Sergeant Cerlasau's chest and emerged out his back, spraying a mist of blood in all directions.

After several minutes of carefully tossing grenades into Topalian hiding places, Lidephum spotted 3 Telex helicopters cruising high in the air. They descended lower, but out of range of RPGs, and let loose Comatica's famous fragment bombs, which break apart in midair to form a dozen new bombs. Perfect for striking infantry factions. Also, manually operated 15 mm machine guns opened up on Topalian mortars, giving tanks the change to advance and pump shell after shell into hideouts. In extention, this opened up a path for the infantry to advance into the field.
04-01-2006, 23:48
"Sir choppers incoming." Spoke Davis.
"Try sending a few missiles in there direction."
"Yes sir!"
Davis stood up, targeting the lead helicopter with his RPG. The missile shot forward, but fell short in an arc, cartwheeling into the enemy camp instead.
"Too h-" Davis was silenced by a unlucky SMG bullet.
"Shit." Turning to Andrews,
"We got enough traps around their encampment now?"
"Yes sir."
"Ok. Send out orders to the other 9 companies. Retreat and keep low. I can only hope the other regiments do more damage." Reluctantly glancing towards the enemy choppers, the company quickly began to flee. But for some of them, it was too late. The helicopters descended upon them with machine gun fire and fragment missiles, wrecking bloody carnage on the slow. In the night however, the enemy were innacurate, and most of them got away.

Elsewhere the Frozopian Royal Guards held their position, driving fire and mortar into the encampments. If aircrafts were sighted, they began a quick retreat into the forrests....
05-01-2006, 02:29

The construction of the base, only two days in, was enough for the semi-paved runway to be used for shipping in goods, now making the base no longer reliant on slowly-moving supply ships from the Jewittist Republic.

The Jewittist Armed Forces slowly made its way to the island, all around the base, slowly, with permission from the Topalian government, occupying admediate coastal regions nearby the base, allowing Topal Forces to consentrate elsewhere.

The forces making their ways in were more armed with light battle tanks, the Iskra, and also with U-4 Uberfest Close-In Weapons Vehicle and Praetorian II Mobile Air Defence Vehicle. The group was prepaired to stop a naval landing and aerial bombardment, not fight a ground force, although it easily could.

Each force, or Armal (Army) Division, had in its masses 10,000 fighting men and women, armed with standard Jewittist Regularwear, 180 Iskra LBTs, 24 U-4 Uberfest CIWDs, 10 Praetorian II MADV, and various assault and transport vehicles. Dispite the liking of artillery and MMLVs in the Armal, only thirty MMLVs, JMLV-1 "XV3," were given to the main defence of Sourland Terramach Base, and about ten or so 155mm towed artillery given to each division (being four divisions deployed currently).

As the forces filled in and took their positions, and word of the Comatican fleet no where nearby, no prepairations were made for the defence of the beachlands. Instead, they were preparing more or less for an occupation job until given orders for battle, probably to the south.

More and more combat ships came in, the T-Boat Fleet stayed, but slowly divisons of surface ships made their way in. Within a day or so, a John Lennon-class BBCVN and two Voodoo-class CVNs were expected to be within Sourland Command soon enough, and would give the area full air superiority.

Telegram to Topal Defence Command
Mi amigos,
It has come to my attention that your southern penninsula where Nimil and Moko reside, two proud cities, has become under siege. The base of operations of Sourland should be completed on the week, and I am requesting a full naval superiority switch from Sourland Terramach Base to the southern regions on the western side, and then if sucessful, a bombardment of established Comatican troops in the region.

This is a warning in case you have intelligance of naval movements to Topal or other plans for our fleets in your vital defence. I also wish to establish myself as Head of Operations of Sourland Terramach Base, and all operations to be carried out in the aerial and naval fields from this establishment.

-Generalissimo de Terramach; Justin Boop

Nimil International Airport, KNBL

The airport was mostly closed or evacuated due to hostilities in the admediate region, but cargo planes and civilian transports continued to come in and out.

A Jewittist CAT-757-121 "Stratoliner" (Civilian JQ-1 "Kegbird" Heavy Transport/Bomber) made its way to the airbase. Its large hull, nearly two times the size of the Russian Antov, blazed its engines down the runway as it landed sending out a distress signal of civilians onboard. That was not the case as the aircraft, painted as any other Topalian transport with the exception of the Republic's Flag on its engine cowling, landed and its engine's flames died slowly. The runway barely large enough to hold a bi-plane supertransport, it turned off slightly hostily to the taxiway, which was much too small and the tracks skid across the ground, throwing up the soft dirt, as the pilots tried their best to get as close to the shelters as possible.

They knew their beast would nto be able to get inside such a building, but their cargo needed to.

At idleing and the twelve engines shut down, men rushed to the plane as its four seperate doors in the back all unloaded and showed a packed hull, full of odd-looking ground items. Praetorian II Mobile Air Defence Vehicles, U-4 Uberfest Close-In Weapons Defences, and a few JML-1 "XV3" MMLVs and some 155mm artillery, with hatches to hook up to the Uberfests, as they were designed to originally.

The ultimate package sent to defend Nimil, the ultimate defence for the airbase from both air and ground attacks.

[10] Praetorian II MADV
[4] U-4 CIWD
[5] JML-1 MMLV
[4] 155mm Towed Artillery

Orders given to pilots:
"Use these defencive items for any purpose, we have with them operators of the Jewittist Republic's own Aoure, the Air Force and Specialist division of the Jewittist Armed Forces. We would perfer if you used them to defend this particular airport or some other air base, or to be used to reinforced the city's defence. It shall dent any attempt at full air superiority or missile-only assaults." Orders given by Douvier Daniel Tanner de Portshire, Compliments of Personal Interest, Non-National Reconition.

OOC: I am sure that I could smuggle this thing in under the name "civilian" and since the entire penninsula can't be held by Comatica. They did leave from my naval base, as a referance.

Comatica, I am getting to no resistance post on my fleet's movements into North Western Topal, around my base set off for my forces. I will assume you do not have any vessels there for the time being, but be warned of my T-Boat Packs placed all over both territorial and international waters, cleared to fire on any confirmed enemy of Topal.
05-01-2006, 04:49
Port City Kinshash

Most of the fleet had set sail prior to that day, the final ship was only waiting on the general's orders, who was making a few last minute decisions on the types of weaponry he would be bringing. General Albeleo himself much preferred land battles, so it was a surprise to everyone that he would be chosen to fight a naval war. However, he had already took everything into consideration, and had an adequate number of strategies decided...

"Alright captain! Lets sail this destroyer to Topal!" The general shouted from the back of the room as he walked in with two gorgeous women clinging from his arms, "We'll show them all the mercy of Antanjyl!"

"Aye sir! All engines on full! We'll meet up with the rest of the fleet in due time! Praise Galf!"

"Praise the Emperor!" Albeleo responded before leaving the room rather quickly, shutting the door behind him.

"I wonder what strategies that sick bastard has planned for them..." The captain whispered over to the first mate, no doubt responding to the comment about the mercy of Antanjyl, "Makes me queasy just thinking about what he did to those refugees..."

"Shh! Do you want him to hear us? This is for the good of the Empire, and all things in Antanjyl's path must be crushed." The First Mate muttered as he examined some of the monitors, "Our enemies are less than human, and as such are not worth the effort of showing pity or mercy."

"Aye... I suppose you're right."

2nd and 4th Naval Fleets of Antanjyl

3 Brunhild Class Destroyers
18 Tiamat Aircraft Carriers
10 Daemon Class Frigates
48 Agua Class Attack Subs
18 Boreas Class Destroyers
22 Raio Class Cruisers
8 Galf Class Logistics Ships
14 Stinger Class Missile Boats
16 Sanscion Class Nuclear Powered Submarines
10 Fuel/water tankers
22 Milanon Class tanker-escorts
24 Albeleo Class Artillery Ships
18 Gares Class Troop Carriers
12 Hospital ships

*Along with other supply ships moving back and forth from Antanjyl to Topal.


Albeleo Branch of Imperial Army

Infantry Forces Divisions 1-45 (Total Infantry: 810,000)
18,000 soldiers per Division

Armored Divisions 10-24

Each Armored Division contains the following...

900 AN-17's (Recon-Class Antanjyl Tanks)
320 AN-14's (Field tanks)
140 comman Vehicles
300 APC's
800 Antanjyl Scorpions (
600 Antanjyl Vipers (
700 Self-Propelled Howitzers
600 Anti-Aircraft Missile Batteries
430 Anti-Aircraft Flak-Guns
80 Antanjyl Mine-Layers
860 Vehicular Defense Infantry
1,000 Daemon (Advanced Infantry)


840 Antanjyl Red Devil Fighters
620 B-347 Bombers (
740 Fogo Choppers
05-01-2006, 14:15
06-01-2006, 00:36
Bump, waiting for PDC to advance.
Present Day Comatica
06-01-2006, 03:58
"They're in retreat!" shouted Tollum Lidephum, waving in a platoon. "They're heading back into the forests! Follow 'em in about a half mile. Expect guerilla tactics and mines!"

Several platoons advanced into the woods, maintaining radio contact with each other and with several tanks at their flanks and rear.

The rest of the force heading south gathered their gear and continued on, leaving the dead. 218 had been killed, the costliest battle yet in the war. Still, they pressed on through the night, attempting to secure more beaches for more landings. Near 275,000 troops were on Topal, the majority in the south, with 475,000 yet to get ashore and 300,000 reinforcements arriving in a day and a half. As more nations were coming to the aid of Topal, the military was making plans for another wave, this time with 650,000 and almost another 3,000 aircraft. This was shaping up to be the United Empire's largest war since World War II.

ICBMs were now in use. Frag heads were targeted towards the military bases between Katrupos and Nimil, and near a dozen directed in the general area of Truitt's base in northern Topal. They had a slim chance of causing any damage, but it was only a frill as a force of about 30 ships moved on the Truitt navy in northwestern Topal, coming in from both north and south.

OOC: Note--the naval force includes (I won't get into the specifics of classes):

5 destroyers
5 frigates
6 nuclear submarines
1 aircraft carrier
2 carrier-escorts
3 cruisers
1 battleship
2 Missile/Artillery ships
2 Missile destroyers
3 ASW ships

OOC2: This is getting really confusing. Hmph.:p
06-01-2006, 04:27
General Albeleo sat back in his chambers aboard one of the Brunhild Class Destroyers, his concubines sitting at his sides as he stared at a monitor showing the approach of their fleet upon Topal. It would only be a matter of time before they made contact with the shore farthese from Comatica troops. Once there he would easily be able to rain fire down upon them mercilessly, taking no prisoners and condemning everyone in his path to a terrifying and unpreventable demise...

How utterly euphoric...

"Ah girls... This feels like the time I led the slave ships towards that one island nation... What was it called?" Albeleo said with a sadistic grin, "Ah yes, Nuantes... In under a week I took over three million slaves, and burnt their cities to cinders. Weren't you born there?"

"Yes Master Albeleo." One of them stated obediantly, garnering a pat on the head.

"Within two hours we will arrive... I can't wait. Though if any of our allies get in the way they would make good bait. After all, in such heavily covered conditions as those forests mistakes are undoubtably made..."

Under the current fleet from Antanjyl, was a large ring of submarines under the waves of the front, ready with torpedos at a moment's notice. All planes were also being prepared, in case the enemy should plan a surprise attack. Though reports have informed them that fighting was already heavily going on.
06-01-2006, 11:47
Several platoons advanced into the woods, maintaining radio contact with each other and with several tanks at their flanks and rear.
Tanks into the thick forrests? Dont you think you should find a road?


The Topalians had no defence against the ICBM's but had plenty of time to avoid them. The targeted military bases were abandonned as the forces of Topal quickly retreated to the cities. Many of the bases had already been abandonned in the iniatial retreat so the Topalians took few losses.

The Frozopian royal guard fought a rearguard. It seemed their nightly raid had triggered the enemy into an all out attack, and they were beginning to suffer.
"We need reinforcements! The enemy are attacking, I repeat attacking." Roared Anderson into the radio.

Anderson swore. There were barely a 1000 Frozopian Royal Guard fighting a retreat as the enemy pushed deeper into the forrest. 1 Frozopian regiment against god knows how many enemy. Suddenly the enemy stopped half a mile into the forrest.

What the hell they doing? They could be half way to Lotres by now!

The other 9 Frozopian regiments had arrived on either side of the enemy line, so that now the enemy had fire being poured upon them from every direction. Careful to stay low so that the darkness and the shrubbery covered them, It was almost impossible for the enemy to sight them without thermo imaging. Something that was built into the old Frozopian assault rifles.

"Anderson? Its General Carter. You there Anderson?" The radio buzzed.
"Yes sir."
"Whats the report?"
"Few casualties sir. 12 injured and 36 dead I think, thats about it. The enemy have stopped half a mile into the forrest."
"Do you think they had time for anti air craft equipment?"
"I doubt it sir."
"Well watch out. We sending in some heli's. Should be arriving around now."
"Yes sir."

20 Black Topalian helicopters flew into the scene from the north. They were Frozopian Snow tiger class helicopters, adapted for the forrest environment with camouflage paint. Immediatly they fired upon the enemy line with intense machine gun fire and several missiles. Although the tree's and darkness blocked them from seeing what they were firing at, officers like Anderson gave them clear co-ordinates through the communication channel.....
06-01-2006, 16:45
07-01-2006, 00:08
07-01-2006, 02:06
OOC: Alrighty, here's a map of where in Topal my fleet is (since I am planing on it reaching Sourland Terramach Base, restablishing supplies, and leaving as my second fleet comes in, so how about we do this....). I am assuming 10 ICBMs, since you said "nearly a dozen." I am also assuming they are not nuclear (since frag-head can't mean that).

Mapa de Topal (

Topal Territorial Waters

The first portion of the 1st Jewittist Fleet (Offencive) made its way to Sourland TMB (Terramach Base), mostly made up of light ships such as logistical vessels and mine sweepers. They had with them two Alice Cooper-class PDAGs, an Angus Young-class BBG, and a Brian Johnson-class DDG.

The in the second portion of the 1st Jewittist Fleet (Offencive) there was much more. It had in it a John Lennon-class BCVN, two Voodoo-class CVN, eight Angus Young-class BBG, ten Brian Johnson-class DDG, twenty-two Oured-class SSN (regrouped once entering Topalian waters), and four Kurt Cobain-class PC Hydrofoils. Unforgiven-class MAS were also there, giving a full missile capability against any enemy force, and beside each Unforgiven-class with the carriers were the Alice Cooper-classes, making eighteen in all.

The first portion of the fleet mades it way into one of the many ports in Sourland TMB and began to add more supplies to their stocks, although they were efficant enough for one more week.

Behind them, about an half an hour's voyage south south west, was the 3rd T-Boat Fleet, one of the two left since the restablishment of surface ship supremacy in the region. They were on their way for a refortification mission due to the coming of the 1st Fleet.

Far behind Sourland TMB, two hours away, West North West, was the remaining portions of the 1st Fleet.

Sourland Terrmach Base, Topal

The base was well-lit for the morning sky. The birds were flying, the deer on the outskirts of the base were jumping across roads, skipping by trucks, and the flag ( of the Jewittist Republic, a proud white and blue flag, cut horizontally across, with twelve stars, representing the twelve original nations of Colonial Truitt, and the Jewittist Seal in the middle, flew all over the lands around the gates.

The lands were buisy, full of crates and trucks moving back and forth, and most people spoke in Italian, definately the men and women were from the eastern portions of the Republic.

The base was surrounded by up to twelve U-4 Uberfests, all deployed with their ground weights centered below them. Four Praetorian Fixed-Launchers were found, one at the ocean side and the three covering the edges where the U-4s were also located, a sort of buddy system in a way.

The defences also included flak cannons and AA Barrets, fourteen all over the base. The base's defences were prepared for the worst, but unlike other military bases, anti-atmospherical flight ICBM laser satellites were not watching the base, although reconaissance satellites were, and admediately saw ICBMs launch from Comatican-known areas, giving a long warning.

The missiles came in during the sun's rising, and the U-4s let wind of their rounds at about 1,900rpm, shooting their 45mm rounds out in two second intervals, resting while an other takes its job, and then after that short cooling and recoil absorbing period continues, taking the job of the one that covered it.

The percedure was quite simple compared to others, and practiced a lot. Before even entering explosive danger ranges, eight were destroyed by both Praetorian and Uberfest hits. Two hit, one a massive stock depot and its warhead blew the inside contents to bits, severely destroying the supplies to be used for ship restocking, and an other hit the massive runway, destroying the only lifeline of foreign aid the base had outside of shipping.

The Alice Cooper-class PDAG in the port also fired, but did not make any sucessful hits.

The fleet was warned, and the 3rd T-Boat made a blazing un-caucious acceleration to the base, hoping to get there before any other hits, but their worst fears were heard as the ships leaving the port, a logistical vessel, empty now, was hit by an incoming torpedo from otuside the port.

Some how the lack in defences allowed a Comatican submarine to get near the mouth of the harbor and keep it covered. Quickly the hit ship began to sink as a second tropedo was launched to ensure the logistic's death. "Hostile at harbor's mouth, expect missile fire from the enemy!" Alerted the Alice Cooper-class Sweet Amber as its systems became fully ativated and began searching for any munitions, from submarines or space or what ever.

The 1st Fleet was soon alerted, but it was too late. "We have incoming vessels, a patrol boat spotted four-seventy degrees south south east!" Yelled out a cover-pilot in a JF-55D Fighting Merlin Hawk. The fleet prepared as satellites turned to the surrounding area. Images showed the John Lennon-class BCVN, the Airchild, that there was also an incoming column to their north. "los Bendejos!" Curced the captain, Generalissimo de Terrmarine Antonio Marique, the most feared admiral in the Republic.

"Begin operations, fire onto the targets with the Unforgivens!" Ordered the Generalissimo. "Mi amigo, we have not confirmed the fleet's intentions." Warned a sonar operator, who had yet to get radar or sonar confirmation. "If they are coming at us cautiously and with their systems online to where we can hear them, I am one hundred-percent sure they are hostile, now shoot at them or I will shoot at you!" His order was not even questioned as the Unforgiven-classes took the satellite deminsions and armed their pre-loaded missile silos. They launched out each ten Archer-type Missiles, all with the torpedo-unguided variant to blast both the surface and hull of the ships. "Target them at the front ships, their definate fighters!"

The fifty missiles flew ballistically at the two consentrations of enemy ships evenly, all targetting the largest head ships, thtree missiles per ship with a few exceptions, to ensure hits.

As the missiles got within torpedo range, right out of radar detection, the mach-traveling missiles radically flung themselves high into the air and shut off their engines, slowing radically to 540 knots, and then dropped each a 533mm dead-shot torpedo, heading straight for the closest impact point, and not guided, yet they were bound to hit something. The missiles then blasted their engines back on and the turbines turned as the engines brought the missiles to mach 2 before it was within anti-missile range, ready to use its impact and fuel as its warhead, with the death in the torpedoes they had launched.

The John Lennon-class BCVN and Brian Johnson-class DDGs took aim and waited for the ships to enter range. The Angus Young-class BBG also took aim of faster-moving ships, and the Kurt Cobain-classes sped off to fire their two Archer-type torpedo-guided varianted missiles at incoming fast vessels.

The Oured-class SSNs quickly disperced and flooded all six of their 650mm tubes, two holding Sunburn Anti-Shipping Missiles (Modified Soviet Sunspot-type) and four holding 650mm Yk51 Nuclear-Ramming Warheaded Torpedoes. Their sonars turned to active, knowing that the range of the massive torpedo would out do anything that the other's navy could possess without warning, and with a massive unmatched storehouse of counter-measures, they were bound to take little loses unless the surface had something else of the matter.

The War for the Atlantic had begun, and the Jewittist Republic was not going to lose it too easily.

A messege was sent, of course, to the Comatican capital.


It was not signed, but its address was connected to the JRAS Airchild, the John Lennon-class and Flagship of the entire Jewittist Fleet.

OOC: For referance...

1st Jewittist Fleet (Offencive)
[20] Alice Cooper-class PDAG
[1] John Lennon-class BCVN
[2] Voodoo-class CVN
[9] Angus Young-class BBG
[11] Brian Johnson-class DDG
[22] Oured-class SSN (Although there are many scattered about)
[5] Unforgiven-class MAS
[4] Kurt Cobain-class PC Hydrofoil

3rd T-Boat Fleet
[42] Oured-class SSN
[10] Terroist-class SS
[4] Dugahh-class SSTN/SSBN/SSGN
[4] Surface Logistical Ships - Unarmed
07-01-2006, 03:52
OOC: Alright I'm going to roleplay reaching the coast. Comatica, if you're nearby you can launch the attack at anytime. Sorry for the shortness of it, but I can't get much done while at sea with no opposition

The Antanjyl Advance (

"General Albeleo..." One of the messengers from before whispered as he knocked on the door to the general's suite, "We are splitting our forces as ordered. So we will be moving in with the first fleet while the second fleet takes care of any enemies which may try to go around to stop us?"

There was a pause from behind the door for a few minutes before the general unlocked and opened it, wearing a night robe. In the background were his two female consorts and the uniform, which was being ironed. Looking at the general it was almost impossible for someone to guess that this was a man risking his life by entering such a large scale war...

"Ah, pretty smart for a kid. Yes, I confirm the seperations of the fleet. I'll be at the bridge in ten... No make that thirty minutes. I want to be there when we finally go ashore."

"Yes General. I'll inform them at once! Praise Galf!" He shouted as he rushed down the hallway, high in spirit at delivering the news for such an affluent figure. Exactly what would be expected from such a young soldier serving under the famed Albeleo.

"Stupid kids..." Albeleo said as he overcomed a laugh, replacing it with a yawn, "Well girls. Looks like this is where we part ways for now. I plan on going ashore to take Katrupos under our control."

"Do you mean temporarily?"

"Ah whatever. I'll take it and use it as a base for the first groups invasion force. We'll be using the other to distract the enemy and take command of a military base. Then all we need to do is take the capital under our control, or at least prevent Comatica from taking it."


OOC: For further reference, all of our ships aside from the Brunhild Class Destroyers are less armored and faster than an average ship. This is namely because we rely on speed tactics and keeping a fair distance from our opponents. Here is the basic layout of each fleet after it splits up and heads for their respective landing spots.

[Fleet 1]
2 Brunhild Class Destroyers
8 Tiamat Class Aircraft Carriers
5 Daemon Class Frigates
24 Agua Class Attack Submarines
9 Boreas Class Destroyers
8 Raio Class Cruisers
4 Galf Class Logistics Ships
4 Stinger Class Missile Boats
8 Sanscion Class Nuclear Submarines
6 Fuel/Water tankers
8 Milanon Class Tanker-Escorts
8 Albeleo Class Artillery Ships
8 Gares Class Troop Carriers
6 Hospital Ships

[Fleet 2]
1 Brunhild Class Destroyer
10 Tiamat Class Aircraft Carriers
5 Daemon Class Frigates
24 Agua Class Attack Submarines
9 Boreas Class Destroyers
14 Raio Class Cruisers
4 Galf Class Logistics Ships
10 Stinger Class Missile boats
8 Sanscion Class Nuclear Submarines
4 Fuel/Water tankers
14 Milanon Class Tanker-Escorts
16 Albeleo Class Artillery Ships
10 Gares Class Troop Carriers
6 Hospital Ships
The Grey Legions
07-01-2006, 05:02
Astran read, then re-read the message again. Aloud he said, " Holy shit! Holy all day sunday shit!"

Lt. Col. Kaasck asked, " What is it sir? Bad news?"

" It could be, Lt. Col. This message states that Truitt and Antanjyl are just hours from attacking Topal!"

All the blood drained from Kaask's face. " Vhammpyr and Dark Visions are going to hit that nation with 3,000,000 men and machines in less than 36 hours. We have to let Truitt and Antanjyl know!"

Astran turned to an ensign. " Mr. Sklar, get a message STAT to Antanjyl and Truitt. Advise them that they MUST contact Gen. Azulun of Vhammpyr and Commander Nalki of Dark Visions as to where their LZ will be. Do it now,ensign!"

" Aye, sir."

ooc: Truitt and Antanjyl, see other battle thread.
07-01-2006, 05:17
OOC: I am attacking the Comatican fleet, not Topal. Don't attack Topal, though, since I have pledged to defend him (the only person on the Allies I could give my alliegance to). Anyone who attacks Topal, I will fight against defencively (except for Comatica who I plan on counter-invading), and I actually want to be on good relations with you GL and the rest of the Black and Grey.

Perhaps we can talk on a party line and possibly change your plans to N Y C (only person I can name that defended Northern Sushi) or someone that was more invovled in the Northern Sushi defence?
The Grey Legions
07-01-2006, 05:42
Truitt, check TG
07-01-2006, 05:45
OOC: And check yours, mi amigo.
07-01-2006, 14:13
Present Day Comatica
07-01-2006, 16:15
Gunfire burst through the thick forest canopy, tearing apart 15 unfortunate troops. The Captain of the first attacking platoon swore and shouted, seemingly at the same time.

"Pull back! They got plenty of air support, and we can't see a goddamn thing through these trees!"

The 200 troops turned 180 degrees and sprinted back, still taking heavy fire from the helicopters. They spread out to make themselves harder targets, but remained in eyeshot of each other to ensure that they would not be picked off easily. Once they emerged from the forest, they hoped that the choppers would follow them to the force heading south, who had flak cannons and other AA batteries.


OOC: Erm...Truitt, I'm not well-schooled in naval weaponry and such, so could you please dumb it down a shade next time? Sorry to be a pill, know. Thanks.:D
Plus, I'm not sure it those things you fired at my fleet are missiles or torpedoes, I thought that was kinda unclear.

...Ooo, naval jargon make brain hurt...:(


"Senatorat, Topal is receiving more help," said Senatorat Loru's secretary. Loru was the head of the invading forces in Topal, and oversaw supplylines.

"Oh, God, from who?" he replied, exasperated.

The secretary paused. "From Antanjyl, sir. There's a fleet of a good number of ships hading for the southeast coast."

"Well, that's just fucking perfect," he muttered under his breath. "Well," he said, speaking normally now. "I want this memo to make it to the airbase taken over in Topal." He handed her a hastily scribbled note with the words:

Antanjyl is attacking southeast, check for coordinates. send as many off duty payloaders, blackrod Z281s, and anti sam planes as possible.

245 Class HT-688 Payloader bombers, accompanied by 180 Z281 Blackrods and 70 Anti-SAM planes made their way towards the Anatnjylian fleet. They were divided in two, and their path was forked well before the fleet could spot them, and made their way around to their flanks.

"Alright boys, you know the drill," said Sergeant Fraesum, callsign Black Crow. "Don't go for the big, juicy targets first. Get missiles off towards the escorts and assorted small vessels before the carriers, cruisers, battleships, et cetera, et cetera...."

"Right," said Lieutenant Reius, continuing Black Crow's prep talk. "Once you've inflicted damage on the large vessels, go for troop transports and logistics ships. The Z281s will keep us company all the way."

The fleet had no doubtedly spotted them by now, and it was only a matter of time before SAMs would be headed their way.

Sure enough, about 65 Surface-to-air missiles barreled towards them, and the Anti-SAM planes did their work. Each fired 5 AaSmAs at the SAMs, striking down each routinely. Although, Anti-SAM planes are not perfect, and, even though the bombers all have AaSmAs, 9 bombers and 3 fighters were hit, and 7 fell down to the sea.

"Alright, boys. Counterattack! ASMs and air-dropped torpedoes!"

Each bomber either fired a missile, or dropped a torpedo into the sea, were it powered up and headed to the fleet.

"Climb to 40,000 feet!"

The bombers, fighters, and Anti-SAM planes ascended, drawing closer and closer to the fleet.
07-01-2006, 16:41
The Topalian helicopters had done their job. The enemy were driven back from the forrest, for now, so the helicopters rotated 180 degree's and returned to Lotres.

Roland swore. Listening to the radio, he was coming to realise another problem. Antanjyl. They were making aggressive manouvers towards Katrupos rather than their promised assitance. They had sent no more messages explaining their manouver, so Roland could only assume they had broke their word. Roland would give them one more chance.

Radio transmission:
"Antanjyl naval forces please explain your force deployments near Katrupos. Any troops landings without Topalian permission will be considered an act of war, over."
07-01-2006, 17:44
As soon as the first of the SAMs were hit and the weapons fell into the sea, there came a single phrase over every intercom on the ship, "This is general Albeleo! Launch all aircraft! I want our skies clean of this filth! Submarines! Try to intercept those missiles!"

It took less than a minute for the first dozen of fighters hit the skies, slowly followed by many more, as the ships capable also began launching missiles. As they did this, under the surface of the water the extreme amount of submarines attempted to stop the torpedos by firing torpedos of their own. While not entire effective, they did manage to prevent a few ships from taking serious damage.

Most seemed to have made it through the initial assault alright, however six missile boats and eight artillery were lost in large explosions as their payloads erupted into fireballs, along with all of these was a hospital ship, which had taken a few stray torpedo hits and was slowly beginning to take on water. The fighter planes however quickly began to multiply, and in time would quickly gain air superiority as the combined efforts attempted to either destroy them all or push them back, however at this time they took numerous losses during takeoff.

~Total Losses~
6 Missile boats
8 Atillery
1 Hospital ship
7 Agua Attack Submarines destroyed attempting to intercept torpedos

37 Red Devil Fighters

Radio Transmission to Topal

This is General Albeleo of the Antanjyl Naval Forces! We are currently being attacked by Comatica! We originally required a place to dock our ships and plant a base of operations to free Topal from your enemy. To do this we require both of our landing spots to be well defended. If you accept please respond immediately.
07-01-2006, 20:40
OOC: Oh boy, navy and aircraft are the things I really get into...

Here is the Archer-type Missile, I am using the torpedo variant (there are two, but that is not mentioned. There is a variant that allows the torpedo to be guided by multiple ways, and one that makes it just shoot forward. I am using the straight-shooters on your fleet and the trackers onboard my other craft).

Here is a list of my ships....the Kurt Cobain-class is also armed with two of the Archer-types each, the guided torpedoes, to attack any of your fast assaulters.

Oured-class SSN (
Brian Johnson-class DDG (
Angus Young-class BBG (
Voodoo-class CVN (
Alice Cooper-class PDAG (
Unforgiven-class MAC (
Archer-type Missile Family (
Generalissimo Antonio Marique-class DDG ( (I have not yet sent these out yet, though)

The John Lennon-class is something I have not posted just yet, but it is basically a trimaran that has aircraft launch decks ont he sides and three railguns, 18in, on the main hull, one on tp of the other. Storage of aircraft is on all three decks and internal. I will get to writing that up since this is the first war I would have had to use it fully in combat.

The Kurt Cobain-class was more of demostration piece to prove I could do it, but since I have used it effectively in wars I use it as a regular now. And since I can't find it right now we can assume it is the size of a Cyclone-class but it can go about 45 knots (hydrofoil, go figure).
08-01-2006, 12:34
Radio Transmission to Topal

This is General Albeleo of the Antanjyl Naval Forces! We are currently being attacked by Comatica! We originally required a place to dock our ships and plant a base of operations to free Topal from your enemy. To do this we require both of our landing spots to be well defended. If you accept please respond immediately.

Radio transmission:

General Albeleo you are permitted to dock in the city of Katrupos. We have alloted you your own personal area within the docks. Please do not abuse your stay in Topal.
08-01-2006, 17:26
09-01-2006, 10:51
10-01-2006, 09:17
OOC: Comatica around?


------Radio Transmission------

Thankyou. Once we wipe out Comatic's airforces we will move the ships into dock and begin repairs immediately. From Katrupos we will easily wipe all foreign invaders from your shores. You will not regret this decision, I assure you.

General Albeleo
10-01-2006, 18:42
11-01-2006, 00:47
OOC: Well, he needs to hurry up and reply to my striking of his forces so I can continue on with my plans....
Present Day Comatica
11-01-2006, 02:47
OOC: Sorry, guys, for taking so loong. I just didn't want anything much to do with writing a long post yesterday. Dunno why.

IC: The forefront of the attacking fleet was a metaphorical fireworks display. Massive fireballs ballooned out from the hulls of frigates and the conning towers of a few submarines, before they could react and dive below the sea. About nine missiles struck the bridges and other strategic points on the fleet's ships, sinking 2.

"Alright, let's try to take out points onshore," ordered Commander Persyler, with the air of worry. "I want destroyers to strike the Truitt fleet with some more SSMs and Skimmers! They're to provide support for the Croakers going up to thin the T-Boat ranks! Battleships and cruisers, shell and missile the shoreline! C'mon, lets do what we came here to do!"

Missiles and shells boomed out over the open sea, whether it be towards a ship, or the shore. Two dozen Skimmers, which are basically a torpedo/missile cross, did just that. They delicately skimmed along, a mere few feet above the sea's surface, and targeted Truitt ships just at their waterline. These missiles had only been used once in battle; albeit the fact that they had been successful, Persyler still watched them intensely.

OOC2: Ships lost:

2 Frigates
1 Destroyer
1 Nuclear submarine
1 Missile destroyer


The Anti-SAM planes worked with increasing effort, though their efficiency was beginning to decline. Eight Blackrods, six Payloaders, and twelve SAM-planes had been shot out of the sky.

Black Crow was screaming into his radio, watching the radar screens intently as he did so. "Looks like we're in a rendezvous, gentlemen! AaSmAs at ready....release!"

About a dozen 165 mm, magnetically guided missiles propelled themselves from the undersides of each fighter not preoccupied by a bogie. The precision missiles targeted small craft, but mostly aircraft that were staging an opposition. But in those twenty seconds where the fighters' guards were down, a dozen and a half were hit with SAMs or other ordnance, and 11 hurtled down to the sea.

Even though more and more bombers were either damaged or destroyed, they still managed to attempt to pull off a second ordnance wave. The ships deeper into the fleet were attacked this time, each bomber lighting up like a fireworks display as their payload was discharged.


"Holy God," swore Senatorat Loru under his breath, as he gazed at the monitor. "General, your division should have taken Katrupos by now."

"I understand that, sir," replied General Iarum curtly. "We've been waiting to, but decided against it until we had a firmer grasp on the suburban land around it."

"That won't be a problem. Frera and Eioum's divisions have landed this morning; they can take over. I want your division to take Katrupos. This is all to keep Antanjyl away from the mainland. I can get you 110 T9-ACFTs and 25 of those heavy ones. I forget what they're called."

"MHAT's, sir?"

"Yes, that's the one. Well, above all, I want you to get to the docks. If you can't get to 'em by tomorrow night, call in an airstrike. It'll be risky, but we'll have to get at least some sort of artillery fire on anti-aircraft."
12-01-2006, 02:47
OOC: Only sunk two? Oh well, I can deal with that, no biggy. Now, lets play this naval game my way ;)

Never heard of these Skimmers, so I'll just assume they are one of my Archer-types, but I doubt they go super fast (since they use SCRAMjets and I am sure your missiles don't), so I'll try to RP them effectively. You never said how many you sent so...I'm assuming twelve (my navy is much more missile-reliant than most so...I could probably pump out more with the same ship count in a volly).

Also, you shouldn't know about my T-Boat Fleet simpley because they have ran silent until just now, so you should be caught by surprise, big time, by them (and they are not thin lines either, almost fifty submarines in this fleet).

I am sending 72 rockets and 38 Archer (torpedo-guided) missiles at your main fleet, and eighteen FAB Archer Missiles to your battleship/coastal assault group, as a referance so you don't have to look around for the exact figures.

Mind refering me to Jewittist, and not Truitti, since Truitti is a race, not a nationality.


T-Boat Division, 120nm SSE From 1st Jewittist Fleet; Group A

The T-Boat Division, forty-eight ships strong, took to flight, flooding all six of their tubes each and preparing for a long-range strike. They sped up, active sonars online (now not caring if the enemy knows their position or not) and lays a trap for other submarines to blindly sail into, or other vessels such as anti-submarine helicopters or ships.

1st Jewittist Fleet, 350nm NNW From Sourland Terramach Base
The missile impacts were not even recorded as readings of the Comaticans breaking into seperate divisions were given from high-definition satellite feed. Incoming warnings had not even blown before Admiral Marique ordered all Alice Cooper-class PDAGs to move into fleet-defencive positions, to ensure full protection from missiles.

"I want all the carriers to launch off their payloads. I also order all air borne aircraft to target and engage that group heading towards the coastline. Use every single Barrow they have!" He was furious of the Comatican attack, and without any satellite or scout warning previously.

"Prepare all Unforgivens for a second volly, this time using one-hundred percent launch capacity. Order all Angus Young-classes and Brian Johnson-classes to also do the same. I want to hit them with so many missiles that their Close-In Systems can't keep up!"

Before the messages could be sent picket submarine reports sent out a signal of multiple incoming missiles. "Damnit, get those Coopers prepared and deployed!" He yelled out as the Unforgiven-classes, now stocking their tubes with cheap long-range Melee Yk38 Haste Rockets, the 72 Melee Assault System (MAS) Tubes set into the rocketry data files the time to change directions from straight up, which took less than ten seconds.

The rockets flew out of the tubes, all in a series down the rows, and then turned once reaching a hundred feet. Due to their short-blasting engine they would be fast and long-range with being small. Deadly to decks and superstructures, but not to hulls.

The Brian Johnson and Angus Young-classes took their aim and launched out again their own payloads of Archer-type missiles, these with more refined and definate targetting systems, but there was something in store for the fleet.

At the battleship and assaulter break-away heading for the coastline, the Voodoo-class CVN and John Lennon-class BCVN launched out their missile payloads of Archer-types, but the FAB (Fuel-Air Bomb) Variant, designed more for the destruction of the sensors and systems on the decks, making their assaults on the mainland much more complicated and strainious without proper gun accuracy, and to also blow out the windows in the command decks to kill morale.

The John Lennon-class aimed its three 21 inch railguns which were SCRAMjet assisted, took careful aim, and fired right at the enemy fleet that was well within its 20 mile range. Its barrels fixed itself on the enemy's main ships in the middle of the fleet, and unleashed its chaos, planning to fire six rounds from each gun, a total of eighteen rounds shot in all, almost uninterceptable missiles runing right at the main ships.

Alice Coopers CIWS activated and right as missiles and torpedoes came inbound, noisemakers, water chaff, air spread clouds (chaff-flare mixture cloud compound), and flare-rockets flew all over the region, making the enemy think the ships were on fire and shooting out ordanance from flames catching.

Their Spitter and Fineline CIWS guns hastly shot out rounds in a spitting like noise, firing infront of missiles and not at them, guarunteeing ensured hits. Brian Johnson-classes lining the outer perimeter also had their CIWS, Yk38 Spitters, same as those on the Alice Cooper-classes, acting as a defence.

Only a single missile hit and two torpedoes. No serious injuries, a Brian Johnson-class was hit indirectly by a torpedo and a missile both but could still barely operate, and a Jim Morrison-class Auxilary Ship was hit by a below-hull torpedo, which has made it combat immobile as crews worked to attach it to its near-by John Lennon-class.

Aircraft launched by the Voodoo-classes previously, JF-55D Fighting Merlin Hawks, turned from their extending switchblade wings to their delta position and heading for mach speeds to catch up to the fleets. With a total of twenty Merlin Hawks going towards the battleship division, it was unlikely that the division would last long, expecially with the FAB Warheads coming far before the Merlin Hawks would.

Larger JF-78 Pelican Ligered (Droned) Aircraft flew towards the main fleet, all carrying onboard four AAMs and two SSMs, with a goal to shoot at the ships and then to hold the air until manned fighters could occupy the airspace. A total of thirty five were sent, all outfitted with the same compossition of internal storing, and all being stealthy and radar-retardant.

The Jewittists were not ready to lose this battle, for they had not lost a naval battle since World War II.
12-01-2006, 03:28
(OOC: Someone, in a nutshell catch me up so I don't have to shift through three pages.)

IC: Heer Field Marhsal, Commander of the 1st Kämpfer Unit Paratrooper army.
Rudolph Schubaltz bursted into a field tent in southern Verstummelung. He looked around, noting all of the officer's sitting around eating lunch and talking about the recent call for mobilization. It was apparent to them, that they thought this war wouldn't last long, by the looks on their faces. Schubaltz yelled "Achtung!" As loud as he could, and thus the room shifted to him and silent they all went. 26 Verstummelung Heer commanders, stood in attention in various places of the room, valued CO's to take on the Comaticain force's if war had come to bear, in most cases it would, now that Verstummelung's age old ally, the Jewittists, had gone to war against them. Schubaltz, in his dark grey army uniform took off his visor hat and sat it down on the table. "Comatica has made it's first move, our ally is gone to war against the Comatican's in Topal, the interesting note is, we'll be deployed there.

Schubaltz threw a map of the Jewittist base on the table. Apparently our ally is under a direct attack, naval bombardment and ICBM's, however, what we are unsure of is the amount of ground resistance already on site. What we do know, is that the Jewittist base will be a staging point for our operations against the Comatican forces on Topal." The 26 CO's looked at the table. Schubaltz looked at the base schematics. "The base has suffered some damage, but enough to sustain our deployment force. Our plan calls for our mobile specialized warfare unit to deploy outside of the base, then after we deploy our full force, we will move towards Lotres, we will then fortify the river crossings, and bridges. Without the river, their main drive through most of the forests will be tough, very tough. Holding the junction will buy our allys time to bulk up their defenses, in the event of our force failing. We're going to deploy many vehicals into this operation, pack your Flecktarn, and Versten Camouflauge, we will be going into a forest/plain like terrain."

The offical declairation of war was being drafted as Schubaltz was speaking to his CO's. The plan was, to deploy via air, and some by sea, using the Jewittist base as a staging area. A massive air armada was being compiled, as soon as the Alliance between the Jewittist nation had been signed. They sought to send so much through in a matter of half a day, it would cause havoc on the ground. Most of this was going to be airdropped...only the heavy tanks, and such would land in the base.

Schubaltz was going to launch his armada with atleast some naval backing. Four Reich class battleships, with Bismark Refit class battleships, and dozens of Ageis Class destroyers, and Raven class submarines, would escort a fleet of up to 300 Cargo vessels, and 3 aircraft carriers, Nimitz size, to the Topal islands. The whole operation called for an airdrop of around 12,000 specialized troopers, and vehicals, it also called for the deployment of 150,000 seasoned Verstummelung troops. Granted the first wave was more artillery and anti-tank guns than troops, thus why the 150,000 number was so small, Verstummelung knew that Topal was plains, and forests. Large troop numbers ment easy prey in the forests, if you have enough artillery and anti-tank guns, you could deciment most of the enemy without seeing them face to face. The 540,000 was there to just ensure that the Reich's assests (the vehicals, and such) remained just that. The Reich's goal in this battle was to keep the island, it held resources, that could help keep the Reich's factories going at even higher outputs, and the Jewittists' knew it to.

Granted, this was atleast four to six days ago....

The Reich fleet had arrived in the area not long after the Comatician forces had started their operation, granted the intel the Jewittists had sent payed off in the long run, it allowed the Reich to deploy an advanced force in such a small amount of time....

Whilst (I'm assuming) the Jewittist forces mingled with the Comatician's in the air and in the sea, it gave the Verstians, the perfect window. Their fleet of about 135 C-130's and about 50 C-5's with a force of up to 100 Super Stallions from the carriers deployed...they had been launched in a time frame that was tight, they sought to arrive when the ships had arrived. Once they had made it to the island, the Verstummelung airforce, flying Jewittist made aircraft, formed an air parimiter around the paratrooping force. It was then a quick run to the Jewittist base, the Paratroopers, begun deploying in rapid formation out the sides of the C-130's, their fast response Humvee's and anti-tank guns and supplies were air dropped from the back. The C-5's made "drop and go" runs on the base, no plane was on the ground very long, they deployed heavier 155mm artillery, rocket tanks, and the famed Pz-14B Panther III, and the Pz-10 and Pz-9. Anti-aircraft tanks also deployed, and the deadly "Pocket Panzers" also started to deploy in clearings from the C-5s. All in all Verstummelung had deployed a total of 12,000 special action troopers, and up to 1200 vehicals, and 1230 forms of artillery and anti-tank. Granted this was the first part of it.

The northern part of the island, was not blockaded, and any vessel contesting that idea was picked on by four massive size battleships, and pelted by destroyer's and cruisers. The Cargo vessels made their landings of their supplies, and the 2nd Heer Panzer Army, 540,000 men poured out near the northern most city, and established a pre-fabricated command post. The Panzers were rolling rapidly onto the beach head, and the local government was informed, Verstummelung was friendly. They showed full documentation of the alliance with the Jewittit's. Within 6 hours, most of the force was onshore, the ships formed a blockade to protect the vessels, and artillery units on the shores, set up to pepper anything that came their way, or towards the beach. In all, 6000 vehicals had deployed, these pocket panzers provided a cheap effective anti-air defense...and mobile artillery.

Schubaltz stepped into the command post not far inland. "Has the preperation for the defense of our allied base begun yet?" He looked to his second. "Yes mein Kommandant! Our attack will begin at once!" He threw his arm into the italian facist salute. "Sieg Verstummelung!" Schubaltz shot back a half assed look. "Yes, a victory we shalt require. Make ready the attack."

A coded message was sent to the Jewittit base.

We have landed, and set up operations north of your base, our advanced force will reach you in a day, be prepared. We have 50 combat capable ships to your west, if you require aid, ask, and we will provide fire support against a marked target.

Toast to Victory friend.

The Fuhrer back in Verstummelung had a short dinner and looked at the report from Topal. "Yes I see, the 2nd Panzer Army has made it, good...forward them more pocket panzers...they'll need their rapid amount of firepower A.S.A.P."

OOC: This is my homepage for Verstummelung weapons; If you have any issues, feel free to IM me at "ParanoiaEndtimes." It is AIM.
Present Day Comatica
12-01-2006, 03:32
OOC: Damn, you're not gonna let me get any sorta upper hand, are you? :p

Note: You sunk 4. I posted my losses at the end of the first section of my post.

IC: Nearly every ship in the attacking Comatic fleet was hit with some kind of ordnance. About half of the remaining fleet was taking on water, and wreckage was amply distributed throughout the battle zone. Missiles and shells rained down relentlessly on the sailors, most of which were scrambling to defend against the death that imminently awaited them. In a last attempt to inflict damage, cruisers and destroyers launched about 15 Skimmers (OOC: I made them up, BTW) and employed their Rapid-Fire Torpedo System, or RFTS. 355 mm torpedoes rocketed out from the dark undersides of frigates and destroyers in sharp succession; twelve at a time. One was not meant to destroy a hull. But several in one place could break a large gap. Also, several more SSMs were fired in a last-ditch attempt before the remaining ships turned and fled.

OOC2: Massive losses this time:

3 destroyers
3 frigates
2 nuclear subs
1 carrier escort
1 cruiser
1 missile/artillery ship
2 missile destroyers
3 ASW ships
12-01-2006, 03:53
OOC: I take no prisoners in the air or in the sea, they are my domains, and I like it that way. Anyways, just wait, I got a plan for your fleet ;) Of course, you can always do a kamikazee and stop me know. I am assuming that the south is well fortified by some T-Boats of mine (since I sent them all across), and your only escape is West. If not, just ignore my last statement.


The T-Boat Division, now seeing the fleeing fleet, and not targetted by the incoming ordanance, sped up to the retreating fleet. Once entering 500 feet within the torpedo range, they launched off their rocket-assisted hydropump-engined 650mm torpedoes with cone-shaped warheads at the vessels of the outer edges.

With six tubes loaded and flodded in the front twelve vessels, it was sure to do damage, and the ships behind them awaited a counter attack.

Meanwhile, the aireal wings blasted their way, litterally, to the heart of the Comatican Fleets, Sunburn-classed SSMs blowing into hulls and below vessels to create mid-hull cracking.

The Fuel-Air Bomb-assisted warheads detonated and blew pieces of sensors and towers off their henges. Before the crews could recover the SSMs and GGMs locked and fired onto ships, GGMs targetting armaments and SSMs targetting hulls, attempting to blow the frontal portions, the sonar systems, to bits.

Naval ships had no time to prepare for the second volly as the Skimmers hit two Brian Johnson-classes, and one Alice Cooper-class was rendered unable to operate effectively along with an other Brian Johnson. So far the only vessel taking on emergency water was the Jim Morrison-class hit directly by a torpedo earlier, but since the Alice Cooper-classes, and surrounding aircraft, were prepared, their final assault was less effective.

The wounded and near-sunk vessels were towed by Jim Morrison-class Auxilary Ships into Sourland Terramach Base, where they would be docked and repared if seen able to be without reaching construction costs. The base was already on high alert and the runway was being re-paved by concrete laying trucks which were just Topalian private buisnesses earning an extra bonus for speedy work.

The vessels that were able to operate, 90% of the fleet, accelerated blindly to catch the retreating Comaticans from the rear as the T-Boats rushed them from the east. The Fleet would have to turn West to get away, and that was right towards an incoming Lungian Assault Division.
12-01-2006, 20:53
"Katrupos has not faced a determined attack sir, but our soldiers are ready to fight. We also have a new ally." Spoke the assistant.

"Who?" Replied Roland.

"Verstummelung, sir. They are landing in the Truitt base, and are going to help us reinforce key positions like bridges and roads in the forrests."

"Hm. Keep me updated. I dont trust these foreigners. But then I trust very few people. Make sure we keep harassing the enemy position. Guerilla raids by the Frozopian guard, tire the enemy out, but avoid major conflicts."

"Indeed sir. We have the Frozopians attacking the enemy outside Katrupos. It seems they are gathering in numbers there."


Outside Katrupos

The Frozopian company warily watched the enemy convoy, hiding in the long grass in the darkness. It seemed the enemy were reorganising their forces, with different soldiers gathering outside of Katrupos.
"Go." The officer spoke into the radio.
Immediatly several mortar rounds fell from the sky, aiming directly into the centre of the convoy. 6 Thousand old Frozopian guard had been watching the convoy, and dozens of mortar rounds fell on the enemy. More RPG rockets were used to immobilise if not destroy the enemy vehicles, as the Frozopians unleashed SMG and sniper fire on the enemy convoy. They were ordered to slow down the new reinforcements who vastly outnumbered both the Frozopian guard and the soldiers defending Katrupos.

Private Ryan shouldered his sniper rifle sighting the nearest enemy soldier and sent a round his way. He then reached for his radio.
"Trap time I think sir."
"I agree private. Trigger A1 and A2 now."
The enemy were unfortunate in their choice of road today, although they had little choice. It was one of the few roads that lead from the coast to the city that was large enough for any sort of troop movement. Which is why the Frozopians and booby trapped it days ago as a prevention for reinforcements.

At the lead of the enemy columb the carefully planted explosives were triggered, blowing up vehicles and men around it, as well as destroying the road making it almost unusable. More mines along the road began to go off.....
13-01-2006, 11:59
"Alright! You heard them! Full speed torwards Katrupos!" Albeleo shouted to the rest of his crew aboard one of the two massive Brunhilds. There was a brief second of cheers as all of the ships began to speed forward.

As the massive fleets sped towards their two destinations, they continued to unload more and more fire onto the air planes, while fighter after fighter was quickly dispatched to finish off the invaders and follow them as close to the coast as possible, taking out as many as they could. Once this was done they would quickly return and resupply for their ground forces' assaults, which would do better with air support.

The bombers in the sky, now moving onto larger targets, pelted the hastily moving ships with bombs taking out a moderate amount despite the evasive tactics being taken. Among the casualties were a second Hospital ship, which curved as it began to sink, forcing an artilley ship under as well. All in all roughly ten ships were lost, along with numerous planes and one of the Brunhilds suffered severe damage, though was still sea-worthy enough to continue towards port.

2 Raio Class Cruisers
3 Boreas Class Destroyers
3 Milanon Class Tanker-escorts
1 Tiamat Class Aircraft Carrier
1 Artillery boat
14 Red Devil Fighters
16-01-2006, 21:21
"So where the hell is it we are going?" Asked a privite to his friend. "Doesn't matter, we're preventing a smaller nation from being taken over by a bigger nation. In a sense, I suppose we have a much stronger moral set than those we're fighting against. It really makes sense of why we are here." The privite looked back to his friend. "Oh." The two soldiers walked through the forest. Behind them, were atleast of 4000 pocket panzers, and atleast 340,000 soldiers. Going with them were atleast 500 artillery pieces. They had a single goal, was to make it very difficult for the already doomed Comatican forces to make it anywhere.

Hagan had been the Verstummelung base of operations for atleast three days, it then became a supply base, as most of the Verstummelung forces had moved out of the area, and forward down the main river. It didn't take them long, they used landing craft to carry most of their equipment, the heavy tanks, took the roads towards the Jewittist base. Some 340,000 Verstummelung soldiers made it down towards Lotres, and then the force split almost by half, with about 160,000 soldiers heading south west towards
Katrupos. With them came atleast 2000 of the small PPz-1 Wiesal 1 Pocket Panzer. Most of these vehicals, came with artillery, such as morters, and rockets. A few came with the deadly 75mm ETC cannon, for anti-tank options. The Reich troops also carried with them, MG42B's, Panzerfaust 280's, and the ARS-1A1's. The Reich's forces also came with the stinger equipped in a sense, the Reich was coming down to bruise Comatica with lightly armored pocket panzers, and veteran combat troops. Ofcourse these troops knew what they were doing...and as they moved with rapid pace towards Katrupos, they heard the morter fire....

This group of soldiers was commanded by the Pocket Panzer tank Commander, Charles Von Underst also known as "Flak." A man who believed using Flak shells onto enemy infantry was a very effective combination. His partner in this was Commander Eric Reinshin, also known as "Reaper." These two worked very well together, they also pulled special types of tactics, like a tag move, that allowed both of their groups to work together extreamly well. They were well cordinated...

Flak, was riding in an uparmored Pocket Panzer, with a 75mm AT gun atop of it, whilst Reaper road in a Pocket Panzer with a pair of 40mm morters on the back. They kept in constant the morter fire kept getting louder and louder. The colum stopped and disperesed on the sides of the road.

Flak: Reaper, I'm assuming our enemy up ahead is engaged in combat?

Reaper: I wouldn't be surprised, our allies sweeped his naval forces out from under him, so this seems like an attack of desperation.

Flak: My thought's exactly. I'm going to send a Anti-tank team, with recon ahead. Find out what we're facing. In the meantime, let's wait here, and prepare for combat.

Reaper: Agreed.

Reaper opened the hatch of his Pocket Panzer. He looked around, and noticed a few flecktarn camouflauged troopers sitting under a few trees, about 100 of them waiting around. 20 of them carried MG42B's, 10 of them worked 3 120mm morters, the rest carried Panzerfausts, and ARS-1A1's. Heckler Company. Their commander was Captain Meintson. Meintson talked with Reaper for a few minutes....he saluted, and walked to his men. They stood, and dropped most of their heavy gear. They put on their camouflauge smocks, and ran into the forests. They scouted...and set up their machinegun positions...they noticed the convoy of Comatican troops under attack...and the Topal forces hiding out sending rockets and such.

The Jewittit forces, gave them Topal forces frequencys. Captain Meintson's radiomen, radioed the Topal forces. "Friendly's to your northwest, friendly's to your northwest." Seconds later, the Verstummelung forces unleasedh their powerhungry MG42B's...1500 rounds a minute, they would lay waste to anything caught in the crossfire.
17-01-2006, 00:47
OOC: PDC.....vere oh vere are zu? I have made a race change to a race called "Truittis" which I will provide a link on their information once I find it. There are little advantages, unlike what the vampires are.


The Jewittist Republic's own Armal had made its way to Katrupos and begun to field up the massive city by taking abandend buildings and turning them into fortifications. Artillery pieces were placed in centres and intersections. Praetorians and Uberfests were placed ontop of rooves and beside a few artillery pieces.

Infantrymen made their way across the streets runing, reassuring to the Frozopians of their safety. It was only to be fortified for defence against the now-retreating Comatican Fleet, which might come near the city. If it did, it would be prepared.
Present Day Comatica
18-01-2006, 01:53
OOC: Again, sorry for taking so long. Mostly forum problems this time. It might be a while before I can reply for everyone. I'm geting overloaded here.

IC: Loru watched the forces progress towards Katrupos. Their path was agonizingly slow, and Jewittist forces were "setting up shop" in the downtown areas.

Loru was online with Admiral Oura on the CES Pantheon, an Emperor Class battleship, a class that had yet to lose a ship. These were being engineered and produced with feverish speed, and soon the INF would be in possession of a battleship fleet of near 60 warships.

"Oura, I want either the IGF forces in downtown Katrupos by sundown, or a bombing run on the entire metro area. Just try to steer clear of the docks."

"Sir, it looks as if Iaram's division won't make it by evening. If any time at all, it'll be after midnight."

Loru sighed with finality. "Three bombing waves from your aircraft carrier fleet off of southeast Topal. Now. Have offshore naval craft fire about three dozen cruise missiles, then let loose as many Shore Bombardment Missiles as possible."

"What should the three waves target?"

"First anti-aircraft, machine gun nests, heavy artillery, and the airport & any other landing strips. Second wave will target troop movements, large buildings, factories and warehouses, and lighter artillery. Third wave will be armed with incendiary and "blooming" bombs, and serve as an overview of the two previous attacks. By midnight, Iaram's men will hopefully have reached the city limits. If it's the worst case scenario and Antainjly's fleet reaches the port before the city is crumbled, bomb the docks. Then make what work of the fleet is possible."
18-01-2006, 02:36
OOC: Oh and remember, my fleet split into two groups (, one of which is heading towards the shoreline indicated on the map.

IC: General Albeleo looked at the radar showing the aerial forces above his fleet, along with those around the secondary fleet striking against the enemy. So far all losses were necessary to take Comatica and protect Topal's Imperialist ways. However, once one of his fleets began landing troops, Comatica's doom would be assured. With such an optimistic view, the blonde haired general couldn't help smiling, even as his men began to lose their lives in the air above and the ships below.

"For every live lost... One hundred Comatica troops will die." He whispered in Antanjlian, rubbing a hand against his cheek as a young boy rushed into the room. Before the urchin could say anything Albeleo raised an eyebrow and took a few steps forward, placing a hand on the boy's head as he shook his own, "Ah... So this must be from the Emperor about my military strategies..."

"Y-yes sir..." The young boy, who was perhaps only thirteen or fourteen said quietly, staring at the floor. To meet such a great man as general Albeleo was considered the highest honor, even more so for a mere boy, "H-his highness wants no Comatica troops to make it out of Topal alive... They are all to be k-killed... No prisoners taken from our forces..."

"Ah! I see the Emperor has been thinking the same thing as I!" Albeleo began to laugh a bit as stared at the soldiers in the control room, who gave eachother nervous grins, "Well then! Is that all?! Come boy! Can't you see our soldiers are dying in the air above while our soldiers in the carriers are getting more blood-thirsty by the minute? If theres anything more its your duty to tell me right away!"

"A-after this... Galf would like you to... invade Comatica..." The boy went quiet as he stared at Albeleo, a strange look on his face.

"Very well then... If the Emperor commands it, any remaining troops will help with an invading force. Any particular orders?"

"He wants Emperor Titus' head... However if you can bring him in alive... Galf will give you 200 mi-"

"Haha! Ah... Consider it done. No need to ask... If I can take the man alive I will, and the Emperor can parade the fallen emperor around town on a pike for all I care! After all, he is our father is he not?"

"Of course sir! Praise Galf!"

"Praise Galf, soldier!" Albeleo shouted back as the boy quickly rushed off to report the message to HQ.
18-01-2006, 03:09
Lets see if you like Modern WW2 Tactics in Katrupos.
What happened to your retreating fleet? Did I sink it all? If so....

1st Jewittist Fleet

Alert from Sourland Base was deafening when they ehard of the runway being hit and some buildings. It inraged Generalissimo Marique as he looked through holographic command centres and consules and noticed that a city in Topal, Katrupos. It was being fortified by Jewittists across the Sourland Divisions for the past day and satellites confirmed massive battleship divisions ehading that way.

The U-4 and Praetorian Defences would not stand a chance to battleship fire, and he knew he had to take action, but his systems were far out of range. "Send out the birds." Was his only command.

Within moments, JF-55 Merlin Hawks, these manned, raised up. Their patriotic look was seen as they were automatically pushed to the hydrolic bays on the John Lennon-class and Voodoo-class carriers.

The Merlin Hawks had their twin-exhusts flame into a blue color due to their unique gel-based propellant, and with the blue flame came a roaring zooming sound as with the spinning and accelerating of motor pieces inside. Their black armor and crowling duck-like Hawk nose was unique and unseen, and with it, came their acceleration.

The hydrolic system was just a safety measure as the Pulse Cannon activated onboard the launching Hawks. Their burst of purple and pink flames showed mixed with sapphire heat as the black birds of prey blurred out of deckman sights and zoomed below the carrier's fold, and then rose to where those on deck could see the planes again.

This was practiced multiple times, and the JF-55s all flew in diamond formations, a custom of Jewittists, and blitzkrieqed the air until reaching mach 4, the top speed of the Merlin Hawk, and seperating into further positions for friction reasons.

Within two hours the Hawks, armed souly with multiple-targetting missiles (anti-shipping, anti-ground, anti-air), TALM-50C Vallassaas, which would be the death of the battleships, to destroy their surface structures.

On the decks of the John Lennon-class eight JB-12 Albatross Heavy Bombers also took to flight, all armed with heavy anti-shipping missiles, nuclear assisted warheads. They would not take any prisoners in the Atlantic War.


The city was half-fortified with supplies coming in by the minute, mostly by the airport, when ifferent supplies started to filter into the streets. Cardboard, space heaters, and active radar emiters. "What the fuck..." Questioned the Head fo Operations watching the men who were ordered through radio by Douvier Daniel Tanner, the Economic-Legislative Leader of the Jewittist Republic, who also was a well-known general, to set up decoys. To keep realism four U-4s were to be placed on roof tops, with other rooves housing fake U-4 Batteries which were just cardboard boxed shaped like the weapons.

The streets were filled with these things to represent Iskra LBTs, machine gun possitions in storefronts, and Praetorian Nests. Space heaters were placed next to generaters which were to activate on a clocked timer and last for 5 hours each on their fuel supply. These space heaters would heat to about 102 degrees the cardboard it was surrounded by.

Active radar emiters were placed at just about every steet corner to confuse targetting to simulate actual radar frequency interception from real Jewittist Systems.

A plan that was ready for deployment since the Topalian Defence, and it was to be tested.

The entire change would take about two hours, well before nightfall, and all movement was changed to surrounding forestry and such to reinforce the Lungian defence from invaders. They hid in the darkness in the forests, with the runway being armed down the entire strip with Praetorians and U-4s. The entire air base was a target, and the Jewittists knew it, and they would use it against them.

For those who used dumbly-guided free-fall bombs, high-altitude rockets with blast-fragmented coned warheads were placed all along in charges inbetween buildings and inbetween the four runways, invisable from visual and lidar reconition. It would create a sure cover to destroy any aircraft to fly through the flak-covered runway.

Once again, it would be completed before nightfall if all went to plan, and with the weather clearing, it would be the perfect day for a bombing raid, and a defence measure.

Outside City Limits; Estimated 34nm From Lungian Defences

A few Aourens made their way into the woods, the north eastern portion of the city, where it was expected some Specialist Comatican Forces might attempt to cross, which the transparent suits of the Aoure would make them invisable in the brush as they hid out with OSIRE rifles set to automatic, just awaiting for the Comaticans to cross.

Night was coming fast, and the some two hundred Aourens, a heavy force, spread in groups of three across the entire region in massive gaps.
18-01-2006, 03:42
Flak and Reaper pondered their next move from their command tents, set up in the forest. Apparently their recon troops spotted offshore, a massive fleet preparing to land troops, they also noted that Comatica had more naval forces in the area than previously thought. However, it was unknown where Comatica's main forces were, this ofcourse was a bad thing, the whole force risked getting flanked, but if the Verstummelung forces, still held Lotres, the fast route of the river's was going to be firmly held by the Verstummelung Reich.

Flak took off his M42 Helmet, and played with the chinstrap, his partner Reaper was studying reports gathered by scouts. Reaper's green eyes scanned the documents, and then it became clear the objective, it wasn't the area around Katrupos, it was the city itself. Driving out the allies setting up positions inside of the city. It made sense, anyone could see it. It also was kinda a give away, due to the heavy Comatican radio traffic in the area. It also didn't help things much, when scouts to the east, didn't come back. So obviously one of the very very very few rounds leading into Katrupos, was going to be used by the Comatican's to stage an assault on the city, this wasn't going to fly with the Soldiers of the Reich.

Flak set out by deploying what little force he had. 2000 of the Pocket Panzers seemed massive, but the size of each vehical was alittle bigger than a damn jeep, but still they had armor and firepower, and speed. TFlak also had atleast 240 artillery pieces, with 120 of them being 120mm rocket batteries. The rest were 155mm to 88mm artillery pieces. Flak also had 100 Anti-aircraft guns, most of them towed flak guns, effective against bombers, no matter how fast they could go. Thats all Flak had to work with, Reaper, had 160,000 troopers to work with, he dispersed them into the forest, setting up tank traps, and ambush points along the only real road into the city. The rest of the back roads were heavily mined with booby traps and claymores. 75mm ETC in ambush points, and morters hidden in the woods...artillery was all around. And the pocket panzers set in choke points, the anti-air Pocket Panzers went all over...the Verstummelung forces sent out scouts on all of the roads, and snipers all around...and waited...
Present Day Comatica
22-01-2006, 03:33
OOC: No offense, Verst, but I find your posts, kind of confusing. I can't understand, for some reason that I myself can't pinpoint, why I don't know what and where your forces are, and where they are headed. Dunno. Maybe I'm losing it. >_>

IC: The eastern portion of the Antanjylian fleet was almost guaranteed an easy victory. The forces in southern Topal were somewhat thinly spread on the shore, and the base which they headed towards was loosely held by Comatic troops. However, the Imperial forces were bound to do some damage, with two dozen X84 220 mm Howitzers mounted gracefully on the hillside overlooking the base. The port was ordered destroyed, for if Antanjyl took it, the southern half of Topal would be in enemy control, and thus, the island would be taken back for it's inhabitants.

All was not lost, however. Senatorat Loru had managed to muster up a moderate fleet of aircraft carriers and battleships. They were set to attack the backside of the Antanjylian fleet heading towards Katrupos. The bombers were relieved of their mission, and fresh planes were sent for a second, larger wave from the carriers.

The disasterous attack attempted on the Jewittist naval forces in northeastern Topal was felt deep in the navy: almost 30 ships lost. The battleship and a carrier-escort had indeed made it out, and they would soon meet up with a massive naval force, which was going to attempt a larger, more well-coordinated offensive on the Jewittist base, along with ground and air forces (OOC: Whoop, you didn't hear that...*shifts eyes*).

The Comatic forces on Topal now totaled a crippling 1.1 million IGF personnel, 75,000 aircraft personnel, and hundreds of thousands of sailors. These numbers would not last long, however, as the BGV alliance launched it's major offensive on Comatic soil.


The horizon glowed softly in the mid-evening air. 95 Blackrod bombers, accompanied tentatively by three dozen anti-SAM planes and 55 Monitors.

About three miles offshore, the bombers launched special fumiary missiles, which struck the skyscrapers at their bases and collapsed them, hopefully impeding the landing Antanjylian troops. Their main purpose, however, was to create a smokescreen, smoke that fooled radar. Using satellite guiding, each bomber launched a regular missile at major artillery and airport hangars. Once through the smokescreen, the Blackrods used camera guided missiles to neutralize the minor heavy artillery, anti-aircraft and machine gun nests. Through this they could distinguish between decoys, but only on occasion. Many times, the pilots launched ordnance at the cardboard boxes, unaware that they were wasting ammunition.

It was here that several bombers were shot out of the sky as they struck and retreated, then struck and retreated again, all while in formation. Once their targets were neutralized, they dropped any unguided payload into the downtown area, attempting to render it nothing but rubble.


Two dozen cruise torpedoes streaked along in the dark blue abyss, forty feet from the surface. A silent tail of air bubbles lagged behind as their propellors kicked up a whirlpool. Fifteen miles from their targets, the propellors of Antanjylian ships on the tail end of the fleet headed to Katrupos, the torpedoes systematically dropped down to 75 feet, still with their "eyes" on the ships.

At one mile, the cruise torpedoes rose to 60 feet, and let loose the Rapid-Fire Torpedo System, or RFTS. The 355 mm mini-torpedoes, perfectly targeted on the hulls and rudders of the ships above, sprang in rapid succession from each cruise torpedo, a dozen from each. Then the main torpedoes themselves rocketed forward, splaying out a pure white foam streak behind them, headed slyly towards propellors that had not been knocked out yet and other undersea targets.


Several APMs indicated the presence of Jewittist fighters several dozen miles northeast of Katrupos. Performing their complicated, yet powerful routine was dubiously easy to the advanced computers, programmed to engage weapons systems as soon as the threat was seen. Information was relayed back to the CES Conquerer, an Emperor Class offshore the Katrupos suburban area. This intel was passed on to the CES Nuvella, an aircraft carrier not too far away. Assuming that the APMs had not managed to slow the Jewittist fighters, it and other carriers launched six dozen Blackrods, and another eight dozen Monitors. They screamed up to mach 2.5 and rocketed over the city of Katrupos, preparing themselves for a vicious rendezvous.
22-01-2006, 13:27
BUMP, post response later, sorry I didnt realise PDC replied earlier (thought RP was dead.)
22-01-2006, 15:56
OOC: Ok So what Ive gathered is that PDC is bombing Katrupos, but since all the AA equipment and artillary there is foreign, I will leave the appropriate damage recieved their to my allies. PDC I need you to comment on my raids on your reinforcements heading to Katrupos....
Present Day Comatica
22-01-2006, 16:43
PDC I need you to comment on my raids on your reinforcements heading to Katrupos....

OOC: Could you point me to the post you're referring to? I don't remember anything about a raid...I guess I am going insane.
22-01-2006, 17:24
Old IC:
Outside Katrupos

The Frozopian company warily watched the enemy convoy, hiding in the long grass in the darkness. It seemed the enemy were reorganising their forces, with different soldiers gathering outside of Katrupos.
"Go." The officer spoke into the radio.
Immediatly several mortar rounds fell from the sky, aiming directly into the centre of the convoy. 6 Thousand old Frozopian guard had been watching the convoy, and dozens of mortar rounds fell on the enemy. More RPG rockets were used to immobilise if not destroy the enemy vehicles, as the Frozopians unleashed SMG and sniper fire on the enemy convoy. They were ordered to slow down the new reinforcements who vastly outnumbered both the Frozopian guard and the soldiers defending Katrupos.

Private Ryan shouldered his sniper rifle sighting the nearest enemy soldier and sent a round his way. He then reached for his radio.
"Trap time I think sir."
"I agree private. Trigger A1 and A2 now."
The enemy were unfortunate in their choice of road today, although they had little choice. It was one of the few roads that lead from the coast to the city that was large enough for any sort of troop movement. Which is why the Frozopians and booby trapped it days ago as a prevention for reinforcements.

At the lead of the enemy columb the carefully planted explosives were triggered, blowing up vehicles and men around it, as well as destroying the road making it almost unusable. More mines along the road began to go off.....

New IC:

Message sent to PDC command:

There is time for peace. Each day passes with more and more people rushing to Topal's aid. We suggest you remove all of your forces from Topal. Should you even achieve success, which is unlikely to say the least, such a victory will cost the lives of thousands of your own soldiers. Should peace become available I will argue for a ceasfire for all hostilities against your nation.


OOC: I was thinking I want to free up my land for the upcoming Free Frozopia conflict.
23-01-2006, 02:08
OOC: You're being fired at from in the woods, deeply covered and protected by brush and don't expect too much...


The onslaught of the cardboard and old systems deeply destroyed the city, but the real damage was barely felt in the woods by a few SAMs who gave their positions off by firing at enemy aircraft.

Nearly a hundred artillery, SAMs, and Iskras were destroyed or out of battle worthiness.

AA guns spat out yellow munitions across the sky in fields and sheets of metal in the night sky, lighting the sky and even more allowing firecrackers to go off as aircraft flew threw them, seeming like a bottlerocket.

Gas-rockets placed at the runway ignited once bombed and flew up and rammed themselves into bombers and aircraft, some exploding in mid-air giving off a spard-like shrapenal.

JF-55s slowed down from their mach speeds and let loose their guns onto the incoming mach-speeding aircraft. Their rear-placed guns then autotargetted the enemies and begun to unleash a volly on them.

The dogfight-prepared Merlin Hawks all turned in formations at the enemy as they slowed and started to turn towards the Jewittists. They unleashed TALM-50C Vallassaa missiles at the aircraft, each firing a single missile. The twelve fighters prepared themselves for a fight to prove their air superiority in the war.
Present Day Comatica
23-01-2006, 02:22
While I agree that this war should end, I should also make it clear that, while I will end the conflict in Topal for the time being, I will continue to wage war on Truitt, Antanjyl, and Verstummelung. I have begun my assault on Coalition forces in Topal, and I would think that it would be difficult to end it immediately. Therefore, I will continue my plans in the meantime, and will sign the ceasefire when I deem appropriate, which shall be soon.

~Emperor Titus Celmaetus~


The Comatic soldiers followed their training and took cover. As vehicles exploded in a ball of fire one by one, the troops sprinted into the dark woods, flicking on nightvision goggles as they ran. Gunners, hidden in underbrush and shrubs, set hundreds of rounds into the grass, clouding the area with white dust and smoke. Every which way, grenades and an assortment of other artillery were detonating, creating a mass chaos under the opaque canopy of the trees towering above.

The Comatics reorganized, and launched a counterattack on the hidden Frozopians in the grassland. Several thousand Comatics combed the woods and prairie with the unmistakable prowess of the IGF, flushing Frozpians out of foxholes and craters. Granted, the enemy had the advantage of surprise and artillery, and many dozens of Comatics were killed due to that. Mines in the fields claimed the lives of unsuspecting souls.

It was then that the Comatic armor began to reorganize, also. Fighting vehicles, mortars, tanks, and even LAV-A ambulances slipped into the fields, taking out artillery vantage points and claiming them as their own. The convoy attempted to move on, slowly, due to the wrecked roads. Scouts were sent ahead of the main convoy, searching roadside woods and grassland. A thousand men's worth of platoons were sent out also, to keep the area surrounding the main road clear of opposition. The area previously traveled that was clear of Comatics would be hit with a napalm strike once called by the general.

OOC: Losses in attack--

5 APCs
11 mortars, 7 mortar vehicles
2 tanks
3 fighting vehicles
1 ambulance
14 troop carriers
342 killed, 120 injured
23-01-2006, 02:35
Imperator Juan Ricardo de Prieto y Wolf read over all the reports he had received from his Intelligence Minister and his Jewittist and Verstummelung allies. Apparently Comatica had attacked the nation of Topal to reclaim old lands. With this declaration of war nations gathered along lines with some joining COmatica and others defending Topal. His allies had joined Topal and now he knew that he had to honor his alliance and friendship with them. Philanchez would defend Topal, Philanchez would defend freedom...

-Encrypted Message-
To: Topal

The Grand Socialist Imperium of Philanchez has decided to enter the current war on the side of Topal and her allies. We seek your approval of sending troops and ships to assist in the defence of Topal against the forces of oppression.

We will send 20,000 troops and their vehicles under the command of General Ignacio Uruego and a flotilla of six GAM class DDG, two Brian Johnson class DDG, one Voodoo class CVN, four Unforgiven class MAS, two Alice Cooper class PDAG, and one Angus Young class BBG.

Please respond in haste.
23-01-2006, 03:22
(OOC: Sorry Comatica, didn't mean to confuse. Basically what I did was mined all but one road into the city, and dispersed over 160,000 infantry and 2000 pocket sized tanks, and hundreads more of artillery in the forests around. I made a huge sized post...but jolt got rid of it.)

IC: Thew Jewittist forces managed to hold of the impending air attack, Verstummelung helped with it's 500 various Stinger equipped vehicals, and AA artillery....


A pair of flectarn dressed scouts moved through the dense forests, hidden along the roads, with their own NV goggles on. Every so often, they would stop and plant a sonor sensor into the ground. They were outside of Katrupos....

The first one moved slowly, and looked...he heard a rumbling in the distance, and footsteps. He raised his hand, and readied his ARS-1A. His partnet, lowered the sonor device into the ground....he listened...

" four...its the Comatican force." His partner looked back to him. Seconds later, he started seeing infantry approach him. "Fuck this shit!" He raised his rifle, and fired the first shots Verstummelung had fired in 20 years. 7.92mm rounds sped towards enemy infantry, he emptyed the sliding drum and threw a smoke grenade. He turned, and grabbed his partner and took off darting down the road.

Flak and Reaper stepped into the radio tent near the city. The radioman listened to the frantic crys on the radio. "Watch 1, say again?!?" The scout on the radio replyed. "Heavy armor, number's unknown but they are hostile. I say again they are ho....." The line went dead. It was assumed they were both lost. Flak looked to his partner. "Its about time." Reaper buckled up flectar paratrooper smock, and adjusted his helmet. "I suppose we should get ready?" He grinned slightly.

Flak and Reaper walked out to a pool of armored vehicals, and anti-tank troops. They sat around a makeshift model of the area. Flak grabbed a stick. "We're here, the enemy is here. We know they are moving along this path....the path we just happen to have most of our main anti-tank artillery lined up on. I want artillery deployed along here, here and here, and be prepared to flatten the ground below it on a moment's notice. Infantry will move behind them, and hit them with a concentrated assault. Keep in mind, they are sporting heavy armor. The chances of us knocking one of their tanks out is slim...but what we can close range is cripple their tanks, and perhaps capture their armor." Reaper nodded and pointed to the model. "We have no idea how large their force is, but the Jewittist forces in this area can't take this force on alone, what we need to do is buy time untill our heavy armor can be dispatched to this area." They all nodded and the order was dispatched.

Assuming Comatica was going into the city, the route they were traveling on, was left open and bare. But the area had so many hidden anti-tank wasn't funny. Tank traps and mines cluttered it all. Troopers sporting anti-tank rocket launchers laid hidden in the trees, and machinegun nests made murderholes all over the place. Morters set up on the ridges around the roads, and artillery laid in close proximity. In a sense, they made it a tough fight....

As the enemy drew near...the Verstummelung forces waited..for the dawn.

(Can you tell me what you're doing, both me and Truitt are sorta confused.)
23-01-2006, 17:15
OOC: It doesnt look this war is going to end, which is a damn shame considering my rebels in Frozopia will need help (Philanchez, help there would be ALOT more useful.) Goddamn this is screwed up, Im very confused how I am supposed to stop this fighting. Its a WW1 Scenario, new nations joining the war and extending its length.


Message to Philanchez forces:

"Although we are thankful for your offer, we feel including you in this conflict will reduce our chances of a ceasefire. However if a ceasefire becomes impossible, your help will be needed. Please wait till I have recieved a response of all nations involved before accepting your help."


Message to all Topal Conflict members:

There is a chance for peace here. If we end the fighting now, we can prevent harm to our nations before it is too late. I propose a peaceful meeting tomorrow, to discuss the possibility of a cease fire.

24-01-2006, 16:55
Message to Topal Conflict Members

We are willing to come to term with a Cease Fire is both parties in Topal and Comatica are satisfied, and if Topal remains an Imperialist State. That last part can come to pass for as long as you wish, however it was my main goal to make sure that your government did not change by the war's end. In anycase it appears my ships will eventually be needed elsewhere.

General Albeleo


All of the ships suddenly stopped moving as the fighters began to do routine runs to scout out for any opportunistic attacks during the cease-fire. While they had seen little action and would have, in their own eyes, brought the war to a swirt close, they would eventually need to return to their homeland, or at the very least an allies, to finish off with other things.
25-01-2006, 01:33
Schubaltz looked at the message infront of him from the Topalian government, whilst he sipped a coke which reminded him of drinking gasoline. He simply smirked at the message he recieved. "They wish to end the conflict here...yet Comatica still continues' their advance upon our very position. I think this is a ruse, and a joke." He threw the letter away, and made plans for a massive offensive, to break the back of Comatica. He had to call upon more weaponary...but if he managed to get what he wanted, he would seriously rock the island.

No reply to any message was sent fourth.

The idea itself sounded simple, basically massing a huge army, releasing an insane amount of artillery, and move south whilst the shell shock sets in. Schubaltz was capable of proforming such a task, he was actually going to bring in 500 MRLS and 400 Pzh2000's. In a sense, he didn't want to send a message, he wanted to simply make the situation as hopeless for Comatica as possible, they would pull off the island as a whole, and have nothing to bargain with. Ofcourse he would have to send his large force in Lotres south to wreak havoc upon the forces in the south. This was no small feet, with the force in Katrupos linking up, they could more effectivly wipe the Comatican's off the damn map.

The operation was being planned as Schubaltz was thinking of what to do with it. He knew moving south would pretty much cause the Comatican's to drop their focus on the Jewittits, and the Topalian resistance, and focus on his forces. With over 6000 artillery pieces/tanks and such...he wondered if he could pull off the offensive ahead of his internal thought, this he pondered as he relayed the message to his commanders in the field.

The battleplan was as fallows.
-Set up decoys to fool the Comatican's of another offensive, like something to sweep from the south-east.
-Send out false information reguarding this offensive, to bring their forces on this part of the island.
-Amass in Lotres, and basically move south under heavy artillery cover, and air cover provided by the Jewittits.
-Wipe Comatica out/take no prisoners.(Take their beach-head.)

Ofcourse the battleplan message, was sent out under three bit code, three different codes for one message, it was perfect, and a specilized machine, could decode all three at once.

Preperations were under way.
25-01-2006, 03:00
OOC: Hm, lets wrap up this front of the battle....and reply to my air counter and naval missile attacks on your coastal ships near Sourland and Kapturos.


Raptior, Capitallia

The Presidente walked briskly from side to side of the small yet roomy area that was el Presidente de la Republica Quarter, the political room of the Presidente where he made all his diplomatic decisions official.

His wings fluttered, body language for internal debate between two consciousness states. "Mi amigo, get the President or what ever runs Comatica, I want to speak with him of a ceasefire in the Atlantic War." He ordered, although rather politely. The youngin was always polite, even to those knew and far below him in the ranks of political Jewittist Republic.

The man was unreachable, so the Presidente sat down and wrote a very brief e-mail.

"Mi amigo,
It has come to my attention of the Jewittists claiming more and more seaway in the Atlantic, and thus, I am offering to call peace of the conflict to those naval vessels within hostile range of Topal, which is within 500 miles of its territorial waters.

To accept this peace offering, the final terms must be met:

No Comatican Vessel is to reenter this "hostile range" at any time.

All Comatican Vessels in this range must be handed over to Jewittist hands.

All Comaticans onboard these captured vessels will of course be given paid shippments to Comatican-controlled Topalian lands.

The Jewittist Republic will not assault Comatican troops from the sea which is fully assured by the respect given to the Comaticans from myself.

All logistical ships to aid Comatican troops will be fired at as hostile, yet the air ways will be left open unless firing onto Jewittist Vessels. Air shippments are allowed, yet they are not to be escorted by over two aircraft.

I hope you agree to these terms, as this si the minimum I could do due to my limited military possition. I assure you all sailors, including admirals, will be returned safely to Comatican-controlled lands unharmed.

-Presidente Fonzi Jewitt de Raptior"
Present Day Comatica
27-01-2006, 01:54
OOC: I thought I was in control of the majority of the south, and as a result I was confused that so many Verst forces made it so close to Katrupos.

Basically, I'm moving a large amount of troops toward Katrupos, attacking targets in the city, and holding beaches all over the south.

IC: Each anti-missile plane was blazing with white fire as hundreds of AaSmA's were fired in succession. They intercepted many of the anti-shipping missiles, but several made it past the lines and caused superstructure damage to the warships and transports. When closer, the Blackrods launched many AaSmA's themselves, and fired on the incoming bombers and fighters with 40 mm swivel cannons on the wings.

The battles in Topal would not last long, however; the massive assault on Comatica had begun by BGVD, and the troops would be needed to fight the homeland war.

OOC: Sorry for the short post, but I just read the post in the Space program thread, and it scared the crap out of me. I need to focus my RP resoucres on that front for a little.

BTW, AaSmA's are a tricky little attack method. Read about them more in my siggy, under 'military innovations', along with APMs, and the armor that Blackrods have.
Present Day Comatica
28-01-2006, 18:38
OOC: Hm, lets wrap up this front of the battle....and reply to my air counter and naval missile attacks on your coastal ships near Sourland and Kapturos.


Raptior, Capitallia

The Presidente walked briskly from side to side of the small yet roomy area that was el Presidente de la Republica Quarter, the political room of the Presidente where he made all his diplomatic decisions official.

His wings fluttered, body language for internal debate between two consciousness states. "Mi amigo, get the President or what ever runs Comatica, I want to speak with him of a ceasefire in the Atlantic War." He ordered, although rather politely. The youngin was always polite, even to those knew and far below him in the ranks of political Jewittist Republic.

The man was unreachable, so the Presidente sat down and wrote a very brief e-mail.

"Mi amigo,
It has come to my attention of the Jewittists claiming more and more seaway in the Atlantic, and thus, I am offering to call peace of the conflict to those naval vessels within hostile range of Topal, which is within 500 miles of its territorial waters.

To accept this peace offering, the final terms must be met:

No Comatican Vessel is to reenter this "hostile range" at any time.

All Comatican Vessels in this range must be handed over to Jewittist hands.

All Comaticans onboard these captured vessels will of course be given paid shippments to Comatican-controlled Topalian lands.

The Jewittist Republic will not assault Comatican troops from the sea which is fully assured by the respect given to the Comaticans from myself.

All logistical ships to aid Comatican troops will be fired at as hostile, yet the air ways will be left open unless firing onto Jewittist Vessels. Air shippments are allowed, yet they are not to be escorted by over two aircraft.

I hope you agree to these terms, as this si the minimum I could do due to my limited military possition. I assure you all sailors, including admirals, will be returned safely to Comatican-controlled lands unharmed.

-Presidente Fonzi Jewitt de Raptior"
The ceasefire terms have been agreed to, approved by myself, Emperor Titus, and the majority of the Imperial Senate. We will pull our naval forces from hostile zones, and halt any assaults on Topal, Verstummelung, and Jewittist forces. For the time being, however, we will not rescind our already-controlled Topalian lands, Katrupos being one of those areas (OOC: assuming I won the city. Your call). This is a ceasefire, not a surrender.

With all due respect,
Senatorat Loru
Commander of Invading Topalian IGF Forces
28-01-2006, 18:42
OOC: Cant you just remove your troops? And I certainly havent lost Katrupos.
I might have to continue this conflict. I need all of Topal, and If I have to call in some Frozopian soldiers, so be it.
28-01-2006, 21:33
Whilst Comatica was pulling away it's naval support. Verstummelung took the wonderful chance it had been given. The artillery units that had been requested arrived, and were sent to the frontlines, Lotres for example.

Schubaltz put his fun loving CO Adder incharge of this offensive. Adder was very good at artillery and mechanized units, in a sense he would be perfect for this offensive. Adder had alot to work with, he had some 7500 vehicals...this included tanks, artillery, anti-air, apcs, ambulances, all that sorte. As Comatica attacked Katrupos...Verstummelung exposed their flank.

The Artillery set up in an open field, with anti-air and infantry surrounding. The Artillery consited of dozens of 155mm cannons, and hundreads of MRLS launchers. Didn't take them long to find out the general direction of the Comatican force laying seige to Katrupos. When the Forces in Katrupos sent their positions out to the artillery in Lotres, it was just that, a slaughter. About 1000 artillery pieces set off one of the largest attacks in the history of the island. They rained a large salvo onto the Comaticans heading towards Katrupos...and then after a minute, they changed position. Then set up again, and launched another on their supply lines, and front line defense. After about another minute, they changed and did the exact same thing, just all focused on the frontline defense. Fallowing this...came a total of 4000 vehicals, in a massive blitzkreig south. Verstummelung worked in numbers with their cheap to make tanks, and their tough armor. Their humvee's moved with them, with shortstop engaged (prevents fused artillery) and anti-air vehicals. Their goal was to wipe out Comatica all together....and as the tanks went a rollin, the infantry fallowed and left anything Comatican not alive.

The Katrupos force, also sent up their artillery and fallowed with a salvo that was timed some 5 minutes after the Lotres artillery blazed away. Their pocket panzers fallowed and swept infantry with mini-guns and anti-air 20mm cannons. Anti-tank troops ambushed tanks with RPG's and rockets.
28-01-2006, 22:40
OOC: *gets the Adder reference* ;) Unfortunately I must leave to dispel foreign devils IC:

The Antanjylian fleet was silent since the cease-fire had been called, none of the ships even moving. There were problems at home, and sooner or later they would be forced to regroup with the rest of the naval fleets. The eventual invasion on Comatica would have to be postponed...

General Albeleo himself delivered the message as he sat back in his conference room aboard the Brunhild, his long blonde hair tied behind him as he crossed a leg over him. At his sides were two extremely beautiful women, his personal concubines from the empire. He then stared forward, a dead look in his eyes, even as his voice was the very definition of calm.

"Attention allies and Comatica..." He began, his voice trailing off as the camera adjusted itself and zoomed in, "I am General Albeleo from Antanjyl, and unfortunately my forces and I must leave you to fight a war of our own... However, take heart in the fact that should Comatica ever rekindle the invasion, we will report back enmasse, more powerful than ever before! Yet it still pains me that it had to come to this... But it is my duty to my nation that I protect her, and I am sure each and every one of your soldiers listening here today understand what I'm feeling at this moment... I bid you this farewell, hoping that your ceasefire goes well, and no precious lives on either side are wasted needlessly."

With that, the camera turned off and General Albeleo began to order his forces to evacuate Topal's waters. They were headed in the opposite direction of Topal, towards the ally nation of Red Tide 2 to bring their entire navy together. Afterwards they would no doubt return if their empire permitted, but for now everyone was content with the evacuation.
Present Day Comatica
02-02-2006, 02:56
OOC: I'm confused, once again, as to the situation. I've come to expect that from myself.:p Verst, did you agree to the ceasefire? 'Cause, you know, I'm looking around wildly for answers, which is confusing me further.:D
03-02-2006, 01:15
(OOC: I didn't accept the cease-fire, I'm also sending alot of artillery rounds onto your southern defences facing Lotres, and that large force heading towards Katrupos. Also a large armored group is heading south, right behind the devisation caused by my artillery. My artillery isn't proximity fused aswell. )
07-02-2006, 01:02
OOC: I am assuming this cease-fire is between myself and you Comatica.

Wow, it's glad to see Jolt again (I thought I would never say that). Anyways, I will RP me stopping my assault on your forces on the ground and me resuming control of those ships that you were planning on hitting Katrupos with and those supporting the troops in the far south.

I am assuming that I am allowed to board and send on representatives to move your vessels, one at a time, to Sourland and, well, the rest is explained below.

I might as well start a string of OOC comments. I was hoping that something comes out of this World War that spawns for a new one. Maybe what I do to your captured sailors will spawn it? Either way, I will not deny the actions I will do in my next post.


Jewittist Ships, flying that proud blue and white flag above all the other smaller flags of captured nations from the past which they served from, slowly came up to the once-targetted Comatican Fleets.

North and South, East and West, the vessels came one by one, in the deck quarters and command bridges stood uniformed men and women in bleach-white shirts and pants. Their small bat-like wings folded proudly, covered by white cloth similar to that around their sleeves and leggings.

Their eyes showed victory as the Jewittist Fleet had proven itself in the Atlantic War. Glassy yet clean, their emerald-colored eyes peered into a massive harbor as slowly the forgein vessel crept into the waterways of Jewittist Sourland Terramarine Base, in the mist of the Topalian Defence.

Once docking the winged temporary commanders of the ships commanded over loud speakers and ship-wide communications to get off of the vessel as if they were returning home, and they were to be sent to a holding facility.

It was surely a holding facility, a four-star hotel with guards at the door, if anything. The forgeiners walked their way about eight city blocks, but their new homes for a week or more was well-furnished and kept. It was worked by Topalians, yet owned and funded by the Jewittist Economy.

Ships slowly came in and out, the empty vessels were quickly manned by incoming winged personnel from aircraft flying in with almost two hundred men per plane, nearly thirty planes in an hour.

The new crews had arrived to bring the vessels to Republic waters for repainting and modifications to meet Jewittist Common Maintance Standards as not to have troubles when in repair or quick supply.

The Comaticans were well kept with the promise of returning to Comatican-occupied Topal in the far south once transportation was made available after the crews of the captured ships were done being brought in. A lie, although very few knew this. Many soldiers protested to base commanders of the change of peacefully sending them home. "You're giving them a meal and then sending them home, after they shot at us? Where would they put them after they get them back in their control? Back in ships or the frontlines!" Debated a sailor to his captain in frantic. "This is out of my hands, el Presidente gave the Comaticans his word." The sailor simpley muttered before leaving without approval "What ever happened to the days of Emeraldian Supremacy...."

What the Comaticans, or many of those at the base, did not know, was the fact that Judittsnacht was about to begin for the third time in history, only this time the Presidente would openly say he ordered the operation.