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5.2 Earthquake in Zeniopa's Capital!

30-12-2005, 16:57
In the Capital city of Balstack had 5.2 Earthquake hit on December 27th, 2005 at 8:15am USZ Time. The Earthqauke Killed 3 People and Injured Thousands. Damage is anywhere from 100,000zd-500,000zd. (zd Stands for Zeniopain Dollar). People we just having a Normal Morning. Kids in Zeniopa where out of School due to the Holidays. But then, the Earthquake Struck! Airports Re-Opened December 28th, 2005 because of some Minor Damage. But this is not the Only thing we are Worried About. Mt. Hillbo is the Third Tallest Mountian on the Central Island of the Nation. It's also a Active Volcano. It's seen some small Activity recently so we are Evacuating 200,000 Residents to the North or South parts of the Nation. The Volcano is the Blame for the Earthqaukes. Also, for the Fault line that is 40 miles off shore to the West. But, 4months ago you still have to remember a 7.2 Earthquake struck the Tiny Town of "Dinstowe" at September 2nd, 2005 at 5:49pm USZ Time.(USZ time means United States of Zeniopa Time)
30-12-2005, 17:01
This Just In: Earthqauke was not a Activity of the Volcano. It actually was a Fault Problem off shore that Created the 5.2 earthquake. But, we still need to Evacuate due to earthquakes may Trigger the Volcano
30-12-2005, 17:59
We are saddened greatly by your problems in your country. We are sending 140 million generis ($100million, or 191 million zd) for evacuation and/or rebuilding. We sympathize with your plight.
Dr J Edwards
Prime Minister of Rolatia
30-12-2005, 21:02
Thank You!

This Just IN: Another 6.1 Earthqauke struck the Large city of Grusnton December 30th (Today) at 2:51pm USZ Time. No Fatalities have been reported yet. But there are Thousands of Injury Reports. "Worse part is that this Earthqauke hit during Rush Hour" says Freddy BillyBob a School Teacher. "This is odd, because aftershocks are supposed to weaker most times" says Local College Professer PipSqueak Dumbhead. The Earthqauke caused more than 10,000,000zd and more people are evacuating farther from the Volcano which had a Minor Eruption at 1:34pm Today. The Eruption killed 10 people and Injured 203people causing more than 400,575zd in damage. People in the North Isle of the Nation are being advised your are the Next Island in the Nation (12 Islands) that might be evacuated. Over 2million people are being moved south. Our nation is looking for a Nearby country that has room(Must be in our Region) for our Evacues to go...Help is NEEDED. A Marine Warning is also posted due to High Waves due to a 7.4 Earthquake off Shore. More Details coming soon...
30-12-2005, 21:06
This Just In: A Minor 25ft. Tsunami struck North Isle. But, these citizens cant go south...They'll head strait for the Volcano. They can't go north, nobody is offering Room. We need help! The Tsunami has probally caused over 100,000zd and no Deaths have yet been reported. More Details coming soon...

"This rare outburst of Problems is common every 200years. We knew this would happen, but not this early. This is unusaul because the last outburst was only 73 years ago before the Nation got Independence." Says local NET Member (NET means National Evacue Team, They help Evacues)
30-12-2005, 21:21
Update: Country has New Evacuation Plan:

Central Isle Residents will go South
North Isle Residents go to Eastern Part of Island (Still Need more Room)
Machino Isle Residents go South
Ontiquago Isle Residents go Southeast
Ginthoe' Isle Residents go Southeast

Everyone else Remain where you are...Your Safe...
30-12-2005, 21:33
"Hello, I am your Host, Ugly Person McTalksOlot and I am reporting on Channel 738,348,947 News. We've finally got our Channel up and Running, We're going to interview this Man Jeff Sanders about his Experiance.

Jeff: Hi, I am Jeff Sanders
Reporter: Yes, Hello. Are you Injured from the Earthquake?
Jeff: No, I'm Fine. So is my Family
Reporter: Do you consider your Family blessed to not be Injured?
Jeff: Yes, Luckily we are Tourists, so we have No Property Damage.
Reporter: Do you think it's harder for Tourists to handle the situation?
Jeff: I agree and both disagree. First of all we didn't lose and Property. But second we have guilt that Natives lost there's. So my Family is staying for a while to help out as much as we can.
Reporter: May I talk to your Children or Wife?
Jeff: Ok, this is Katie, my 12 year old Daughter.
Katie: Hi
Reporter: Hello, Were you scared?
Katie: Yes, I was woken up because I was alseep when it hit...
Reporter: You still scared?
Katie: No, but I feel sorry for the people who lost there loved ones and there homes and businesses in the Disaster.
Reporter: Ok, thanks. We'll get back to you in a Moment after this Commercial Break..."

*Switches to McDonald's Chicken Selects Commercial" (I'm lovin' it! LOL)
30-12-2005, 21:38
Update: Overall Deathtoll is now at 123,483 People. Damage Level: 3,000,000,000zd
30-12-2005, 21:42
Update: USZ's Vice-President was sadly Killed during the Collapse of his House when the Earthquake Struck...May he R.I.P. :( :(
30-12-2005, 21:44
30-12-2005, 21:53
Update: A 6.7 Earthquake just struck again in the city of Balstack!
30-12-2005, 22:01
People plz Help Us! If you Care about anyone, plz HELP!