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Allanea applies to Woodstock Pact

29-12-2005, 09:53
Official Announcement of the Confederate States of Allanea

We, the Representatives of the CSA, have a desire to join the Woodstock Pact. We believe that the Confederacy fits the Woodstock Pact criteria on all counts, as follows:

1.The Confederacy is a democratic system. (

Not only does Allanea have a system of elections whereby members of a bicameral legislature and a president are chosen, but, in fact, on all levels of government elected officials are present. The Confederacy elects local police chiefs known as ‘sheriffs’, public school administrators and state Supreme Court judges as well as state governors and local legislators.

2. The Confederacy is dedicated to human rights. (

We have participated in the International Summit to Stop Genocide and many several events, and even fought wars against slavery, religious oppression, and other violations of rights. The protection of human rights is the main basis for the Allanean system of government and politics.

3. The Confederacy is dedicated to foreign diplomacy. (

While in previous administrations (the Blix and Graham regimes) the Confederacy has been guilty of having a less than constructive foreign policy, and at times the blatant disregard of diplomacy as such, modern Allanea is different. With the moderate Democrat and Hamiltonian movement at the helm, Allanea is firmly on the path to peace and international cooperation.

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31-12-2005, 22:13
05-01-2006, 17:10
To: Confederate States of Allanea
From: Grant Haffner
Deputy Senior Vice President and External Affairs Officer
Incorporated States of Sarzonia
Subject: Woodstock Pact

The Woodstock Pact thanks you for your application and expression of interest in becoming her 22nd member. However, your application did not receive enough support from member nations to secure your nation's admission. We thank you for taking the time to submit your application to the Pact and we hope to have positive interactions with your nation in the future.