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The Scandinvan Factbook (MT).

The Scandinvans
19-12-2005, 22:27
The Glorious Empire of the Scandinvans

Geography (still working on the map and on other the info):

Total: 21,880,000 sq km
Land: 21,500,000 sq km
Sea: 380,000 sq km

Coastline; 23,723 sq km

Maritime claims:
Territorial Sea: 14 nm
Contiguous zone: 15 nm
Exclusive Economic Zone: 175 nm

Mostly temperate throughout the entire empire, but there is a large tropical zones in the southern empire. There are also artic conditions in the northern part and glaciers there and in the mountains.

Terrain: Flat plains cover most of the empire, with mountains taking up great parts of the country, and from the mountainous areas highlands extend forth for quite a distance.

Lowest Point: Valley of the Iron Blade: -124 meters
Highest Point: Mount Diamond Peak: 10,362 meters

Natural Resources:
Sapphires, Diamonds, Rubies, Opals, Emeralds, Silver, Gold, Copper, Coal, Platinum, Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Forest, Zinc, Magnesium Dioxide, Magnesium, Uranium, Iron, Titanium, Aluminum, Vast Virgin Forests, hydropower, huge land and offshore natural gas and oil deposits, etc.

Land Use:
Arable Land: 20.23%
Permanent Crops: 1.957%

Irrigated Land: 91,047 sq km

Natural Hazards: Land Slides, Mud Slides, Avalanches (in the mountains and highlands), Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions, Dust Storms, and rare Volcanic Eruptions.

People of the Scandinvan Empire

Basic Information: The Empire is divided mostly between two groups, the citizens and non-citizens, with their being a third smaller group of auxiliary citizens. The third group is made up of people who served in the Imperial Army for twelve years and were granted partial citizenship in return for their service to the empire. But, if they do not marry a citizen of an auxiliary, of which the children of each marriage would gain full citizenship for their children. As well this law applies to citizens and if either doesn’t marry a citizen or auxiliary citizen their children would not have any form of citizenship.

To be able

Total: 2,760,000,000
Citizen: 1,200,000,000
Auxiliary Citizen: 60,000,000
Non-Citizen: 1,500,000,000

Singular: Scandinvan
Plural: Scandinvans

Ethnic Groups-Demography:
Citizen: 89% Norse Scandinvan, 1.6% Valgardian Norse (ruling class), 3.4% Old Tribal Norse (knights), 2% Germans, 2% Finnish, 2% other.
Auxiliary Citizen: 62% German, 18% Russian, 8% Anglo-Saxon, 4% Baltic Peoples, 4% Rus, 3% Irish, and 1% French.
Non-Citizen: 10% Baltic Peoples, 8% German, 6% French, 3% Anglo-Saxon, 3% Magyar, 10% Russian, 20% of Various African Descent, 12% Hispanic, 18% Asian, 5% Norse Immigrants, 3% Old Tribal Norse, and 3% People of Mixed Races.

32% Catholic, 38% Odinists (old Viking Religion), 20% Protestant Detonations, 9% Buddhist, 21% other Religions, 9% Atheist, 1% Banned Religions.

Unemployment Rate: 2.59%

Definition: People over 15 can read and write.
Total: 99.6%
Male: 99.3%
Female: 99.8%


Country Name:

Full Name: The Glorious Empire of the Scandinvans
Short Name: The Scandivan Empire

Government Type:
Emperor heading the government, with Parliament playing a large part.

Imperial Capital:

Parliamentary Capital:

Unknown, the current line of emperors remain unbroken for thousands of years and have ruled the country just as long.

National Holidays:

Day of Peace: February 2nd
Renewal of Life: March 1st
Conquest of the Nine Kingdoms: March 27th
Rising of the Fields: May 3rd
Birth of the Emperor: June 10th
Flame of the Sun: June 30th
Constitution Day: July 28th
Unity of the Empire: August 17th
Gathering in the Fields: September 25th
Final Harvest: October 14th
Harvest Feast: November 22nd
Christmas: December 25th
New Year’s Day: December 31st

July 28th , 1378

Legal Syestem:
Enforces the Constitution, Imperial edicts, Parliamentary laws, will of the emperor, and protects the citizens of the Empire.

All citizens who have full citizenship, not auxiliary citizenship, and are of 20 years of age.

Executive Branch:
Head of State: Emperor Reginald
Head of Government: Emperor Reginald
Commander of Army: Emperor Reginald
Imperial Advisor (elected): Memor Vernoco
Prime Minister (elected): David Weron
Minister of Defense (appointed): Lord Uinta
Minister of Economy: Lady Munastia
Minister of State (appointed): Lord Phillip

Legislative Branch:
Parliament made up of 1000 seats (elected):
Imperialists: 152 seats
Traditionalists: 48 seats
Conservatives: 76 seats
Green: 37 seats
Republic: 66 seats
People’s Rights: 44 seats
Communists: 27 seats
Democracy Now: 20 seats
Pagan Revivalists: 83 seats
Christian Fundamentalists: 52 seats
Liberals: 76 seats
Nobles: 34 seats
Norse: 98 seats
Non-Citizen Rights: 12 seats
Veterans: 56 seats
Theists: 24 seats
Merchant: 47 seats
Industries: 18 seats

Judicial Branch (from highest to lowest):
High Imperial Court
Imperial Courts
Provincial Courts
District Courts
City Courts

1 Darvian= $1.60
GPD; $75,000,000,000
Per Captia: $25,000


Generally, the people of the Scandinavian Empire maintain an ancient prejudice that can be traced back to their Norse ancestry. Though the Norse make up the single largest group in the country they are not the majority. Yet they make up nearly one hundred percent of the citizens that can vote. With them controlling the Parliament and supporting the emperors the Norse have controlled the armed forces, politics, economy, and the imperial throne for the empire’s entire history. At the top of the Norse society are the extremely long –lived Valgardian Norse, of which the emperors belong to, and they are wealthiest and most powerful single group in the country. As a whole the Norse generally separate themselves from non-Norse and even more so non-White peoples. Though the government doesn’t endorse this they do nothing to stop. This has resulted with the Norse making their own communities and schools that are separated from non-Norse and other races. These communities tend to have far better schools, higher incomes, and greater standards of living then the rest of the empire. An example of this is the imperial capital of Valgard which by Imperial law no non-Valgardian may enter save by the Emperors consent, which is rarely given.

The non-Norse Europeans and people of other races have in turn have been put in a inferior place. These groups cannot vote and cannot be elected to public office, due to strict citizen laws. As well they have a lower educational standard, inferior healthcare, and overall have lower incomes and standards of living. In the past and present the Imperial government has generally overlooked this, despite large protests by citizens, auxiliary citizens, and non-citizens.

OOC: I will complete the rest over the next few days.
The Scandinvans
20-12-2005, 00:30
bump for interest
20-12-2005, 00:57
On the natural resource list, Pluntonium is not a natural resource, rather an artifically created element based off of Uranium. And it says you have a mostly mountainous terrain, with huge oil deposits on the land. Oil drills on mountains? Besides that, you dont have a Coalitionist Government... but I geuss that is'nt technically wrong...
The Scandinvans
20-12-2005, 01:16
Thanks for pointing out Pluntonium in my list. As well my terrain info says that plains make up most of my empire and that gnerally mountains cover large ares of my empire.
The Scandinvans
20-12-2005, 23:36
bump again for interest
Potty 5
21-12-2005, 02:10
Will there be a who's who (with Fat Monkey 13?)? And how are the fiefs going?
The Scandinvans
21-12-2005, 02:52
Yes, there will be a who's who eventually, and no offense Fat Monkey 13 is really a major or widely known person in the empire because though he is noble their are many wealthier and more powerful nobles. Also the feifs are generating a large amount of income.
21-12-2005, 03:14
Total: 2,549,000,000
Citizen: 1,000,000
Auxiliary Citizen: 49,000,000
Non-Citizen: 1,400,000

In your population section, I think you want it to say 1,000,000,000 for Citizen and 1,400,000,000 for Non-Citzen (unless I am missing something)

32% Catholic, 38% Odinists (old Viking Religion), 20% Protestant Detonations, 9% Buddhist, 21% other Religions, 9% Atheist, 1% Banned Religions.

The total of the religions add up to 130% (unless a lot of people believe in 2 religions... :confused: )

1 Darvian= $1.60
GPD; $75,000,000
Per Captia: $25,000

Is the GPD supposed to be GDP? If so, how does a nation in which the total GDP is 75,000,000 with 2.5 Billion people (roughly), have a GDP per capita of 25,000?
The Scandinvans
21-12-2005, 03:21
Thanks for point out the error in my popultion section. As well people do pratice two religions in my empire as when they attend a religious service of another religion once a year.
21-12-2005, 03:27

Join the real Scandinavia now!
The Scandinvans
21-12-2005, 05:46
Okay Kapellen....
The Scandinvans
21-12-2005, 07:18
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