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Storm Front

United States of Mars
19-12-2005, 19:20
OOC: For those of you who care, I got the idea for this from the Star Trek: Enterprise episode but it should be entirely different.

This is assuming that anyone involved has somehow found their way into
1940s Earth either through time-travel or an alternate dimension etc.

2084 orbiting Mars (See NSWiki Article Mars (MTO) for more information on this universe.)

"The engine should be ready any second now sir," Lieutenant Pittman said.

"Good, tell Command that we're ready to go."

"Yessir. Command has authorised us for departure and engineering is reporting we're good to go!"

"That's something," the Captian mused. "Let's go. Helmsman, take us out and start the engine at Factor 3."

As soon as the engine started the ship started rocking, certainly normal considering the new engine ratios were untested in the field. The explosion was not normal, neither was the bright light blinging everyone on the bridge. The light stayed for several seconds before stopping along with the rocking of the ship.

"Report!" the Captain ordered. "Engineering what went wrong?"

"Nothing went wrong sir," the engineer reported over the intercom. "According to these figures, the balance was perfect."

"It didn't feel perfect," the Captain growled. "Find out what happened." He hit the intercom button ending the transmittion. "Lieutenant, tell Command to stand by while we find out what happened."

"Sir, erm, I'm not picking up any communications from Command or anything on regular Mars frequencies," the Communications officer reported.

"Have you ran a diagnostic?"

"Yes sir. Nothing came up. I'm not picking up any Earth signals either. Even if the main Com Array wasn't working we should still pick up something through the main computer."

The Science officer suddenly spoke up. "Captain! The sensors are not picking anything up on Mars at all."

"Well they're clearly not working, find out whats wrong with them."

"Sir, the thing is, they're picking up cities on Earth."

"Keep scanning Lieutenant..."

----20 minutes later----
All the senior officers aboard the ship were in the briefing room. The room was cream coloured and had an oak able in the middle.

"From what I've been able to pick up sir, the Earth below is not the Earth we know. This is 1940s Earth. Below, the world is fighting World War 2," he Communications officer reported.

"What?" the Captain asked.

"That would explain why we can't pick up anything from Mars. They didn't start colonising it until the 2020s," the Science Officer said.

The Captain stood up and walked over to the window of the room. The view was of Earth. "Well how were we brought here?" he asked.

"The one thing on the planet I've found that's unusual has been a high count of Theta Radiation count. Unusual levels for this time in history. It shouldn't be here Captain," the Science Officer reported again.

The engineer looked up from the screen in front of him and butted in. "Captain, I've been looking at this Theta Radiation and it looks like it's being produced by some sort of device on the planet. Somewhere near London in Great Britain. I've been analising it and this device could have been responsible for our coming here."

"Well then," the Captain said. "Let's go and take a look. Tell the shuttlebay to prepare a shuttle for departure."

"Sir, this device could bring other ships into the region and we must make sure that nothin interferes with the course of history," he Science officer said.

"It seems like someone has done just that Lieutenant."