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Celebration of the Kirisuban Emperors birthday (limited RP)

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19-12-2005, 12:04
As preparations continued for the public holiday on the 23rd December, the staff of the Imperial palace worked hard supervised by the 25 year old Crown Princess Fujiko who even joined in herself to clean the Imperial State Carriage.

Beside her was her father Emperor Akahito in his early 50's. Some grey hair was showing but he was still as energetic as he was when he was his daughters age.

"Father, we've got a special guest coming from Kageshima this year. Our UN mission made the arrangements" she tells him.

He listens as his daughter brings him up to date and smiles saying "I'm sure Miss Solei will be a charming representative for her nation. I'll see how the catering is proceding and pass on her dietary requirements"

he rides off towards the kitchens while all round the Imperial palace preparations continued.
22-12-2005, 19:48
22/12/05, 2300 hours local time:

Kaigan Miromuta, Kirisubo's UN Ambassador arrives in a hanger of Edo's international airport after stepping out from the UN portal.

He had accepted the assurances of the gnome operating it at the UN HQ that it was perfectly safe but was relieved to see himself in one piece at the end of the journey.

A Foreign Office official was waiting in the hanger for him and led him to a car, the driver taking his case and the bag with his swords.

the two men talk about the visit of the Kageshiman representative, Caresse Solei as they are driven to the foreign office when the meeting continues until Kaigan retires late at night in a guest room where he grabs a few hours sleep before his early start the next day.
22-12-2005, 20:47
Caresse Solei stared quietly out the window as the plane descended and broke through the cloud cover over Edo. As the flight attendant announced that they would be landing in approximately fifteen minutes, she twisted around her fine-boned wrist the bracelet of square bone pieces, stained violet, that marked her as a representative of the Lady of Fate Herself. It looked out of place with the rest of her attire. She’d changed clothes and fixed her hair already, giving herself plenty of time to make certain her appearance was perfect before finally returning to her seat to await their arrival.

On the other side of the aisle, her two guards sat easily chatting with each other. She’d opted to be accompanied by a pair of her cousins, Gaetan and Rene’ SummerStorm. Rene’ was a powerful Spellsinger and Gaetan a WaveFist master. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have bothered with hand-picking her entourage, but her brother Severin had recently been caught up in unexpected conflict at a conference in Czardas, and was currently unable to return home as that country’s borders were invaded. Her Papa had expressed anxiety, so she’d asked Gaetan and Rene’ to accompany her, and of course, they agreed. After all, she was family, and to the Dylani, family was the most important thing in the world.

“All right, Ambassador?” Gaetan wondered, his tone gently teasing.

Caresse lifted her head, chandelier earrings chiming gently against the sharp, but noble planes of her face. “Of course,” she replied, smoothing the lap of her formal gown and straightening her fur cloak. As the plane descended, and the stewardess instructed everyone to fasten seatbelts, she complied readily and folded her tiny, delicate hands in her lap. Soon, now. Very soon.
22-12-2005, 21:16
Edo International Airport; 23/12/05 0500 hours local time

Kaigan waits in the VIP lounge drinking a coffee while he watches the Kageshiman plane descend.

Draining his coffee he adjusts the paired swords in his belt sash and tugs on his dark blue kimono to straighten it again.

Fully dressed with black hakama and a padded navy blue Haori jacket with his family crest embroidered in the front of it he looked every inch a samurai.

A voice interupts his thoughts.

An Imperial Airways Stewardess says to him "Kaigan Sama, our guests plane is touching down"

He replies "Hai Wakarimas" and drains his coffee before following the stewardess to the door leading to the runway.

The cold morning air blows at him but doesn't wreck his short black hair.

As the plane comes to a stop a pair of airport workers push the steps over to the door as the stewardess radio's the pilot to ask them to open the door at their convenience.
22-12-2005, 21:23
The plane came to a stop and the pilot lowered the steps, giving the traditional “Thank you for flying with us, watch your step, and have a nice day” departure speech as the Shimajinn delegation began collecting themselves. Gaetan was the tallest of the three of them, and was quick to take both his suitcase and Rene’s, and Caresse’s two small suitcases for the trip. Rene’, as planned, picked up the two cases containing the gifts for the Emperor. Caresse unbuckled her seatbelt and rose to her feet, tucking a curl of glossy, black hair behind the pointed tip of her ear. “Well,” she said quietly, pulling her cloak closely around her, “Let’s be off. It wouldn’t do to keep the Ambassador and the Emperor waiting.”

“Right behind you,” Gaetan reassured her quietly, and she swept ahead of them, gathering the full skirts of her formal gown and the thick folds of her cloak and moving through the aisle to the door to carefully descend the steps, tiny feet in low-heeled slippers finding a balance with seamless grace.
22-12-2005, 21:33
Kaigan approaches Caresse and gives her a low bow followed by the stewardess.

As he rises he makes eye contact and says in perfect but slightly accented english "Welcome to the Empire of Kirisubo Ms Solei. my name is Ambassador Kaigan Miromuta and I'll be helping to look after you while you're in the Empire"

Kaigan couldn't help notice Caresse's beauty but he had a job to do. After sizing up her escort he speaks in Kirisuban to the stewardess who gets out her radio and finds out where their bio-diesel saloon car has got to.
22-12-2005, 21:42
Caresse wasn't necessarily beautiful in the modern sense - her features were very sharp, almost severe, in an elven sort of way. But she had a grace and nobility about her that were quite lovely, and her violet eyes were full of keen intelligence. She was very delicately boned, only 5'3" in slippers, with rich, coffee-colored skin and glossy black hair that was swept up in elaborate loops before cascading to her hips. Her ball gown was black, with tiny, iridescent beads stitched into the shape of a spray of orchids embellishing the skirt and bodice. She wore a full-length, hooded fur cloak, also in black, and her chandelier earrings sparkled with bits of opal.

She folded her hands at her waist and bowed deeply to the ambassador.

"Miromuta-sama, Hajimemashite," she said softly. "Watashi wa Solei Caresse, Shimajinn no taishi liaison.” Her voice was oddly musical.
22-12-2005, 21:53
Kaigan smiles slightly and replies "Caresse san, you do my nation the honour of serving you. The Emperor is expecting us" as the large white saloon car pulls up.

The luggage is carefully stowed by the airport workers in the large boot and Kaigan adds "after you" opening a passenger door for Caresse and her escorts.
22-12-2005, 21:59
Rene' kept hold of the two cases, and Caresse thanked Kaigan graciously before settling into the car. Her guards, both of whom were dressed for the cold in woolen pants, boots, and long-sleeved tunics under plain wool cloaks with skull-and-crossbone clasps, waited until both of them were inside and took the outside positions next to the car doors, as was proper.

Caresse smoothed her skirts again, smiling mildly at Kaigan as he joined her. "In the chests are Our Lady's gifts to His Eminence, the Emperor," she said softly. "Which I was told to present to him personally, if it pleases you. Thank you very much for meeting us at the gate," she said politely. "Our flight was quite pleasant. I enjoyed looking over this city from the air."
22-12-2005, 22:12
Kaigan speaks briefly to the driver and he sets off leaving the airport and driving through the quiet early morning streets of Edo. A few people were staking their claim to a good spot to watch the parade from and police were on every street corner.

"Edo is a beautiful city and a lot of the old quarter remains to this day" Kaigan replies "I'm glad you had a good flight and hopefully if theres time later I could give you a tour.

The schedule was left open so you could stay overnight if you wanted to. Theres quarters for you and your guards in the Imperial Palace so you can rest if you need to. The parade won't start until noon although.

You'll be in the Emperor's carriage along with His Imperial Majesty and the Empress. The carriage is large enough to take your guards as well if you need them"
22-12-2005, 22:18
Caresse considered that solemnly for a moment. "If it's all right, I think it would be better if they walked alongside. We're quite used to walking everywhere anyway," she said with a smile. "There are no cars or carriages in Kageshima." She glanced out the window with interest as the car swept forward. "I think I would enjoy a tour," she said finally. "The architecture here is very interesting. I see some of the same elements we incorporate back home, but many of them are applied in different ways. And I have no pressing engagements after this, so I'm certain no one would mind if I stayed an extra day. I would like to telegram my Papa to confirm it, though, if it isn't too much trouble." She turned back to Kaigan, lovely face grave. "You see, my elder brother is currently at a diplomatic conference in Czardas, and the country has been besieged by several enemies, so the situation is very tense right now. He'll want to know that I arrived safely, and when to expect me home."
22-12-2005, 22:27
Kaigan notices her concern and says "Off course. Theres a telegram office in the grounds of the Imperial Palace. We'll stop by there before the meeting starts. Your guards will have 500 samurai to keep them company so I can't see there being any problems.

I hope your brother is safe over there. I've done some peace brokering myself and its not an easy job"

The driver arrives at the main gate of the Imperial Palace and Kaigan produces his UN pass and his Army Identity card before the car is admitted.

The car pulls up at a wooden building and Kaigan says "theres the telegram office if you wish to use it"
22-12-2005, 22:30
She nodded, and Gaetan got out of the car to let her out. "I won't be long," she promised. "Thank you for waiting." Rene' stayed where he was, as Gaetan was more than enough protection for a short jaunt like this, and he watched as the two of them made their way into the telegraph office.
22-12-2005, 22:36
the old man who manned the Imperial Telegram office bowed and after writing out the message patiently tapped it out.

A few minutes later he announces "the message is on its way. I hope I can serve his Majesty's most honoured guest again"
22-12-2005, 22:37
Caresse thanked him graciously and returned to the waiting car, sliding back into the seat with a smile for Kaigan. "It's finished," she said simply. "I'm certain he'll feel much better knowing I arrived without any mishaps." Beside her, Gaetan closed the door and settled in.
22-12-2005, 22:47
The driver stops at another check point and Kaigan has to again show his UN and Army passes.

He's waved on and soon the car pulls up beside a large meeting hall. In the background a lot of people are practising a dry run of the parade and trying to keep in step.

Kaigan smiles and gets out first. He consults with a guard by the door and returns to the car.

"The Emperor Akahito and Crown Princess Fujiko is there already" he says opening the passenger door for Caresse and her guards.

He replaces the swords in his belt sash and waits for the VIP to exit the vehicle.
22-12-2005, 22:50
Gaetan gave Caresse his hand getting out of the vehicle, which she accepted, straightening and drawing her cloak around her as she stepped aside to let Rene' out. The two of them fell easily in behind her, and she offered Kaigan a soft smile. "Then, it would be quite rude to keep them waiting."
22-12-2005, 23:02
Kaigan enters the hall to find two armed and alert samurai at the door.

They bow to Kaigan and Caresse and Kaigan takes of his shoes before going any further.

"I'll introduce you first and then we'll start the formalities" he tells Caresse, leaving his katana with the guards but keeping his wakizashi.

Sliding the door to one side the large room can be seen and two figures are sitting on mats round a low table at the far end of the room. The man and woman are both dressed in Kimonos and Kaigan enters first bowing to their Imperial majesties and intoducing Caresse.
22-12-2005, 23:07
Caresse also toed off her slippers, and waited for Kaigan to make the introductions before slipping softly into the room and bowing deeply. "Your Grace, Princess. We are greatly honored to make your acquaintance and to have been invited to be present on this very auspicious occasion. Her Grace, the Lady Fate, Ruler of Kageshima, sends her warmest regards and good wishes to His Excellency, the Emperor of Kirisubo, descendant of the sun, along with gifts of friendship."
22-12-2005, 23:15
The Emperor and the Crown-Princess rise and Kaigan approaches with Caresse beside him.

Crown Princess Fujiko pours green tea for everyone and everyone sits down round the low table.

The Emperor replies "We thank the honourable Lady Solei for her greeting and gifts. We also look forward to seeing The Lady Fate in person some day and hope that our countries can continue in friendship"

She smiles and Fujiko says "Have some tea. I'm sure your journey was long and its getting cold outside"

then the meeting begins properly...
22-12-2005, 23:20
"Arigato, Hime-sama," Caresse murmured, accepting the tea gratefully and sitting gracefully with them. "As the diplomatic liaison from Kageshima, I am at your Excellancy's disposal for the duration of my visit. It is also Her Ladyship's wish to forge a strong and beneficial alliance between Her nation and Your Grace's. I am authorized to tell you anything you wish to know." She took a polite sip of tea before continuing. "Your Grace's gifts are waiting outside with my entourage."
22-12-2005, 23:30
Fujiko whispers to Kaigan and he rises letting the guards (now bootless) into the room.

As he makes his way back with them Emperor Akahito says "Caresse san, from the reports we've heard back from Midori san she expects there to be no problem with our embassy staff settling in.

How does your government work and are there any customs we should be aware off when our embassy is established?"
22-12-2005, 23:39
Caresse nodded. "Before I left for the Diplomatic Conference in Quaon," she said, "My Papa... that is, Anatole Solei, with whom Miromuto-sama corresponded regarding the embassy exchange... had found a proper building and it was undergoing renovations to make it suitable for Kirisubo's diplomatic team. It should be finished by the end of the Solstice Festival. Until that time, Miss Midori and Miss Jun have been assigned an attendant, the son of one of our finest captains, to safeguard and guide them during the Festival itself. I brought with me the description of the embassy building for your perusal and approval." She slipped a hand into the inner pocket of her cloak and slid across the table a folded piece of parchment, head dipping as she offered it to the emperor. Inside was the embassy building description (OOC: the same as the one in my Solstice Festival thread). "As for our embassy in Kirisubo, my Papa reviewed the description of your Empress Miyu building, and finds it quite suitable. Aside from close proximity to water, we have no special requirements for our embassy space." She smiled demurely from behind her teacup. "He will assemble the diplomatic team after the Festival, as planned, but he instructed me to inform you that it would be a small team, consisting of two ambassadors and possibly their families, one administrative assistant, and a compliment of ten guards for them."
22-12-2005, 23:47
the Emperor reads the parchment and nods approvingly.

"If Kaigan-san is happy enough with the arrangements then I will be as well" he replies.

Kaigan picks up and says "We have no objections to your diplomatic teams makeup. We expect a few children to be going with the Kirisuban embassy staff as well. The area round your embassy really comes alive after dark with all known Kirisuban amenities in a one square mile area.

Theres bath houses, restaurants, tea houses, a shopping centre, a cinema/theatre and even a few western style clubs and bars. Something for everyone."
22-12-2005, 23:51
She smiled deeply at them. "Then I will be certain to inform Papa to send those who will be certain to enjoy such amenities,” she said graciously. “Most of them aren’t found within the Isles.” She finished her tea and set the cup down gently. “If you have any further questions regarding the embassy, or the Isles, I will do my best to answer them, though it seems that our two nations come from very similar stock. I do not think there will be misunderstandings.”
23-12-2005, 00:02
Fujiko then speaks.

"It looks like we'll have a long and sucessfull relationship then" she says "and I'm sure the Shogun will want to send a member of the Imperial family to open the Embassy. My sister, Princess Genjiko comes of age in the new year and the opening of the embassy would be an ideal chance for her first state visit if your government is agreeable to this"
23-12-2005, 00:09
"I don't see why not," Caresse said softly. "The Dylani are, as a race, easy to get along with and rather impatient with protocol. We're difficult to offend," she said with a self-depriciating smile. "It may be a little... wild... for the daughter of His Grace, the Emperor, but it would be a very safe place for her to grow accustomed to another culture. And of course, it is quite lovely," she added.
23-12-2005, 00:16
with a few more cups of tea fuelling the discussions these go on in a friendly manner for an hour.

With Princess Genjiko's state visit organised in detail and the Emperor and Crown Princess needing to get ready for the parade they excuse themselves and a samurai leads Kaigan, Caresse and her guards to their rooms so they can rest for a few hours.


The Imperial carriage is readied and the two horses pulling it are groomed and prepared. The 500 samurai are getting armoured up and making sure that everything is ready.
23-12-2005, 00:23
Caresse had very little to rest from, but she and her cousins took the opportunity to shuffle through their luggage and extract the things she might need as the night went on. These they put into her satchel, which Rene' carried for her. She also fixed a few of the ornate pins in her hair. They were ready when they were summoned to the carraige, Gaetan bearing the Emperor's gifts and Rene' bearing Caresse's diplomatic pouch.
23-12-2005, 00:37
Kaigan had a surprise waiting for him in his room. He found out he was going to be wearing partial armour and riding by Crown Princess Fujiko's side during the parade.

After a trip to the bath house and a massage he gets armoured up and mounts up. The Crown Princess was now wearing her formal kimono and hakama so she could take part.

The parade left the Imperial place on time, the 500 samurai in full armour and weapons some bearing flags with most of them on foot and some outriders round the carriage with the rest round Kaigan and the Crown Princess.

Cheering and waving crowds thronged the streets as the parade slowly passed. The Emperor Akahito and the Empress Miyu were wearing traditional dress as they waved back to the patriotic crowds.

Photographers were capturing the event all along the route as they wound they way through the city heading to the main Shinto temple in Edo.
23-12-2005, 00:39
As this was not her event, Caresse did not wave to the crowd, who had of course come to see the Emperor. She smiled, and nodded, and her guards walked quietly and unobtrusively beside the carraige, as they moved through the crowded streets toward the temple. She believed she remembered the proper ceremony... thank goodness her papa had insisted she study her history!
23-12-2005, 00:47
two hours after they left the palace the parade arrived at the temple.

The Emperor Akahito, Empress Miyu and Crown Princess Fujiko made their offerings to the Kami and the parade resumed arriving back at the Imperial palace in an hour because they took a shorter route back.

A feast was organised in the grounds of the palace with enough sushi, seafood and other traditional Kirisuban food for everyone. Kaigan still wearing his armour and swords kept Caresse company as the Imperial family chatted with the samurai present as the feast continued.

"Caresse san, how are you finding things so far?" he asks
23-12-2005, 00:54
Caresse also offered a short prayer at the shrine, seeming quite enchanted with the entire process. The feast that was laid out looked wonderful, though of course she politely waited until the local officials had taken their first helpings before getting anything for herself. Gaetan and Rene' hung around in the background, somehow managing to blend in despite their appearence.

"It's very lovey, Miromuto-sama," she told him graciously as she deftly ate small peices of sushi with her chopsticks. "Quite as noble as one would expect. Though I suppose it is made a great deal easier when you know the language." She smiled, reminded by the old samurai of the pirate captains of Kageshima, all of whom knew each other personally from long association, many of whom were related, a pack of grizzled old warriors of grace and cunning whose meetings were like the gatherings of leopards.
23-12-2005, 01:01
Kaigan eats some of his sticky white rice and prawns and replies "so thats how you knew some Kirisuban" when he's told about the samurai pirate captains.

"Have you still got pirates in Kageshima or are they like our modern samurai? members of the defence forces and civil servants. Even ambassadors"
23-12-2005, 01:08
Caresse laughed quietly. "Oh, no," she assured him. "We certainly have pirates. Piracy is something of a trademark of the Dylani lifestyle. Certainly, my Papa chose not to engage in it, but I suspect that is because Her Ladyship shipped him off to Darein Riey before he would have had a chance. I know for a fact that Sorielei, my grandfather, was grooming Papa for captain-hood, but the throne of Evandar needed the help, and he was the one most able to give it." She took a sip of sake. "It was a decision that was very unpopular among the Dylani of the time, to Pledge-Bond their best and brightest young star to a foreign leader. I know a lot of people were very upset. But The Lady of Fate sees things the rest of us cannot, and I maintain faith that She knew what She was doing. Now, my elder brother Severin is next in line for Darein Riey's throne, and he will be a good and able leader," she said with quiet pride.
23-12-2005, 01:24
Kaigan listens carefully and says "Leadership is lonely and your brother will need your help and wisdom.

I know being an army officer for 20 years before I was sent to the UN. As much as you want to get close to the men and women under your command you can't. Rank and titles get in the way but I still have fond memories of the five years I spent with a tank brigage before joining the general staff. They were the closest I've ever had to a family and I wasn't just their Samurai-Captain. I was responsible for them"

ooc : my friend i've gotta get to bed since I've work to go to tomorrow morning. I'll catch you later
23-12-2005, 01:31
"I will be there to lend him my support, and what wisdom I have," she affirmed quietly. "At least until he finds a consort with whom he can share the throne. But I think he will do well - He has been trained well by our Papa and our Grandfather. That is why he is working in the Office of Foreign Affairs now, because Papa believes it is necessary experience." She added a few pieces of sashimi to her plate. "Of course, I understand what you are saying about becoming close to those beneath you. For that very reason, the Dylani have always favored a two-person system of leadership. There is, for lack of a better word, a Captain - it is his job to make the rules and enforce them, to guide those under his command, and to make the best decision from among difficult choices. Working with him is his First Mate, whose duty it is to act as a go-between for the Captain and his crew. Because of the Captain's position, it is likely that he will sometimes make decisions that upset the crew. The First Mate's job is to make certain the Captain knows the status and moral of the crew, and to make sure the crew better understands the reasoning and the necessity of the Captain's decisions. In this way, everyone stays in harmony, and one person need not shoulder the entire burden of leadership alone."

OOC: Goodnight then, and see you tomorrow.
23-12-2005, 08:40
Kaigan nods and says "you have a very sensible system of government".

A geisha had started playing on her samisen in the background. Recognisable by her hairstyle, white makeup and bright flowery kimono she played the stringed instrument gracefully. Some samurai stopped chatting to listen.

"do you want some more sushi?" Kaigan asked "theres plenty left and the octopus was especially tender"
23-12-2005, 16:01
Kaigan nods and says "you have a very sensible system of government".

A geisha had started playing on her samisen in the background. Recognisable by her hairstyle, white makeup and bright flowery kimono she played the stringed instrument gracefully. Some samurai stopped chatting to listen.

"do you want some more sushi?" Kaigan asked "theres plenty left and the octopus was especially tender"

"Thank you," she said, smiling and nodded. "Yes, please." She put a few more peices of sushi on her plate and refilled her cup of sake. "The music is quite lovely. Very different from ours," she said thoughtfully, "but much more soothing."
23-12-2005, 17:50
Kaigan gets some more prawns and rice and deftly rolls up the rice into balls with his chopsticks so he can pick it up.

He consults his watch as says "The reception will be winding up soon if the schedule is kept to. The Geisha's going to be staying as well as far as I know and I really need out of this armour and into a relaxing bath"

He moves his shoulders to stop them stiffening up under the weight of the coat of plates.

"would you care to join me in the bathhouse after the feast?" he asks Caresse "your cousins are welcome to take the waters as well and a hot bath is a gift of the gods to us after a long hard day. Our bath ladies can also give massages as well"
23-12-2005, 22:20
Caresse raised a slender eyebrow.

"I'm afraid I didn't bring a swimming suit," she told Kaigan, the corners of her lips twitching upward in a half-smile.
23-12-2005, 22:38
Kaigan manages a half smile and replies "they're not necessary in one of our bath houses and the baths are communal. We've also steam rooms as well if thats more your thing.

We are perfectly comfortable with nudity in our bath houses and that attitude is necessary since theres very little privacy for us anywhere. Theres so many of us in the Empire that you create your own privacy in your head.

I could even do that sharing a steamroom or a packed sunken bath"

He drinks some sake and eats more of his meal.
23-12-2005, 22:57
She chuckled quietly. "That does sound relaxing," she allowed. "I suppose I could be convinced to partake of a relaxing bath. I'll ask Gaetan and Rene', though I somehow think they'll prefer to take the opportunity to unwind without me."
23-12-2005, 23:16
Kaigan looks puzzled for a moment and says "fair enough. the imperial bath house is more than large enough for them to unwind somewhere else or they can enjoy some of the entertainment in the imperial tea house. The Geisha is playing tonight"

the reception gradually winds down and the guests depart.

Crown Princess Fujiko goes over to Kaigan and Caresse and Kaigan suggests heading to the bath house.

The princess is agreeable and they arrange to meet there in 20 minutes time.


back at his room Kaigan gets out of his armour and after undressed gets changed into a cotton kimono and sandals. Since the bathhouse is only 50 metres away from the palace he walks over their with the Crown Princess and they wait inside for Caresse.

(there'll also be the same items supplied for Caresse and her cousins. If they want to go to tea house they'll also find a silk kimono each and help to put them on)
23-12-2005, 23:25
(there'll also be the same items supplied for Caresse and her cousins. If they want to go to tea house they'll also find a silk kimono each and help to put them on)

Caresse similarly donned her plain cotton kimono. She did mention the meeting to her cousins, and Gaetan promptly took the opportunity to tease her, but as she'd expected, they welcomed the chance to relax alone. She coiled her thick, ebony hair and pinned it on top of her head, then went to the bath house herself.
23-12-2005, 23:34
Kaigan and Crown Princess Fujiko along with Caresse head to a sunken bath that could hold 10 people easily. The spa setting is turned on and the hot water bubbles away.

three other baths are fully occupied by members of the palace staff as the mixed groups share the waters relaxing after their hard day as well.

Fujiko after being soaped up enters the bath first and is followed by Kaigan after he recieves the bath ladies attention.

Once the bath ladies deal with everyone they withdraw to a discrete distance so Fujiko, Caresse and Kaigan can relax unless they need further help.
23-12-2005, 23:41
Caresse found the entire process strange, but pleasant overall, and finally sank into the hot water with a soft sigh. She'd been flying from country to country for the past twelve days, and she hadn't had enough time between missions to really relax. She swept one foot gently through the water. She had tiny, slender feet, with a single interesting feature - her toes had one extra knuckle, and webbing between them.
23-12-2005, 23:45
Kaigan was already relaxing saying softly "may the Kami be praised for a hot spa bath"

It was Fujiko who noticed Caresse's webbed toes and once Caresse was relaxed herself, the princess politely asked her why she had webbed toes.
23-12-2005, 23:51
Caresse blinked, then laughed softly. "Oh. All Dylani do, Hime-sama," she told the princess. "We're creatures of the wind and waves. We can breathe water as easily as air, and these," she said, slipping one set of toes above the waterline and wiggling them, "make us powerful swimmers. It's the reason why we requested an embassy on the waterfront. A Dylani who doesn't swim will decline in health and grow melancholy, and eventually waste away."
23-12-2005, 23:57
The Princess smiles and gently replies "your people mind find the river water a bit cold this time of year. Maybe a swimming pool in the Empress Miyu building would be a good idea. In the north of the Empire we get so much snow theres many ski resorts"

she nudges Kaigan and asks "didn't Midori san get engaged while on a ski-ing trip?"

Kaigan now alert adds "actually she did. Her fiance is the UN Ambassador for Love and Esterel"
24-12-2005, 00:27
"We've tried swimming pools before," Caresse told her. "Unfortunately, they are a poor substitute at best. At worst, our requests to not cleanse them with chlorine products go unheeded, and they can be extremely toxic. The cold won't be an issue," She assured the princess. "While we come from a tropical climate, we aren't hurt in the least by chill. We don't necessarily enjoy it, but it doesn't hurt us. It's cold in the deeps," she said quietly.
24-12-2005, 00:34
Kaigan makes a mental note of this since he has just completed the debate on the rights of sapient beings before he returned home.

He calls over a bath lady and a little Kirisuban later she's massaging his sore shoulders. The middle aged woman works efficently and quickly and Kaigan thanks her.

While all this is going on the young Princess Genjiko enters the bath house and joins her sister in the bath.

Fujiko makes the introductions and the 16 year old princess welcomes Caresse to Kirisubo
24-12-2005, 00:40
"Good evening, princess," Caresse replied graciously, dipping her head in deference to the young princess. "Thank you, I'm quite honored to be here. His Grace, the Emperor, and your sister the princess mentioned that you might be interested in studying abroad when you come of age?"
24-12-2005, 01:00
Princess Genjiko smiles broadly and says "I've thought about going to a foreign university but i'll probally end up where Fujiko went. The University of Nagano. Theres good ski-ing near there i'm told.

Still if there is a safe place I could study abroad without needed a pair of guards I'd be interested in hearing about it.

I shared my 16th bithday with my brother Saruji. We're twins and he's going to the Yedo Military Academy once we go to the temple together after the new year celebrations"
24-12-2005, 01:25
"It's quite an experience, studying abroad," Caresse said, with the air of one who knew. "I'm sure you'll enjoy it, so long as you are always eager to try new things, and stretch your comfort zones."
24-12-2005, 01:33
Genjiko sinks down further into the bath and replies "Since I'll be going to Kageshima soon I'm sure I'll have the chance to see a lot of new things. Life is an education anyway.

Do you have any horses in Kageshima?"
24-12-2005, 01:44
"No, I'm afraid not," Caresse said gently. "We also don't have any universities. Dylani walk everywhere, or swim, or sail, since none of our islands are any larger than twenty miles at the widest point. Since you are a guest from another nation, you will be provided with the services of our porters if you need transportation."
24-12-2005, 02:00
"ah well" Genjiko replies "we used to have Kagamen who carried around people in litters and the like but cars put them out of business.

I wonder why we don't go back to using them again especially since it would be more environmentally friendly than a car"

Kaigan nods when he hears the idea and suggests "your Imperial Majesty, Bio-diesel vehicles are already more environmentally friendly than a normal car and our trams and trains are powered by electricity"

Genjiko counters by saying "Kaigan san that is public transport you're talking about. Surely theres a place for Kagamen or even rickshaw taxi's in Edo and we'd have clearer air as a result"

and another of Princess Genjiko's environmental debates begins, Fujiko rolls her eyes knowing this may take a while....
24-12-2005, 02:17
Caresse smiled and politely stayed out of the debate, keeping her attention on how nice the bath felt. She wondered how her Papa was handling the Solstice Festival... Afriel would be showing up, and that worried her. Of course, Bastien was with Anatole, and his effervescent enthusiasm had to count for something, but still...

She tried to brush such concerns away.
24-12-2005, 02:22
Fujiko nudges Kaigan and Genjiko over to the other side of the bath so she can talk in peace while they debate about Kagamen.

she ducks under the water and emerges beside Caresse and notices some concern in her expression.

"Did my sister annoy you?" she asks quietly
24-12-2005, 02:30
"Not at all," Caresse assured her. "Your sister is delightful. I'm afraid I was letting my mind wander to ... family matters that make me anxious. I know I shouldn't, and I should take this opportunity to relax."
24-12-2005, 02:44
Fujiko says softly "its only natural to be concerned about family matters. I'm always worrying about my father. I think he works too hard and that he should give up polo.

After the last time a pony threw him I thought he would have taken the hint.

However you need to relax. Tomorrow can take care of itself. I'll order some tea for us since Genjiko will keep Kaigan busy for a long time"

Fujiko claps her hands and the bath lady runs off with the order.
24-12-2005, 02:58
Caresse smiled gratefully at Fujiko. "It's my father I'm worried about too," she confessed. "But he's a very wise man, and much more learned than I am, so I suppose I shouldn't worry... he can take care of himself, and my two younger siblings are with him."
24-12-2005, 03:05
the pot of herbal tea and two cups arrive on a little tray and Fujiko pours both cups.

Handing one to Caresse she says softly "this will help you relax. its lemon tea and good for you. Then we'll see about a full body massage later for you if you want one"

She then takes her own cup and lies back in the bath letting the hot water do its work. she sips at the tea and smiles.
24-12-2005, 03:27
"Thank you," Caresse said sincerely, taking the teacup and inhaling deeply before sinking back into the hot water. "Does the imperial family pamper all its foreign guests this way?" she wondered, mildly joking.
24-12-2005, 10:23
Fujiko smiled as she says "actually we do. Kirisubo is built on the pillars of duty, honour and compassion. These are what Bushido is based on and what the samurai class live by.

I could tell just by looking at your shoulders that you were tense. Kaigan's were the same before he got his massage. I'm sure as a UN Ambassador he dosen't get much time to relax in his job and perhaps you don't either."
24-12-2005, 16:34
"Oh, it's usually not so bad," Caresse protested mildly. "I enjoy my work, I really do. There are just so many other things happening right now. They don't have anything to do with work, but since I'm not at home, I can't put my mind at ease." She sighed quietly and sank deeper into the water with her tea. "But I shouldn't be going on about it. You're very kind, Fujito-hime."
24-12-2005, 16:40
Fujiko tops up her tea and sinks further into the bath.

As bathers finish other ones arrive keeping the two bath ladies very busy.

"tomorrow is another day" Fujiko says softly "and it'll take care of itself. My father always told me that.

How are your cousins finding this trip?"
24-12-2005, 16:55
Caresse blinked, then flushed slightly. "Well, they're mostly along for my sake, but I'm sure they're quite happy with the accomodations. As long as neither of them actually has to spring to my defense, it's like a vacation. Though Rene' didn't enjoy the plane very much."
24-12-2005, 17:16
Fujiko nods and replies "I didn't like planes too much either when I started my royal duties but its the only way to get round the Empire quickly. I can understand Rene's problem only too well.

I hadn't even came of age when I started standing in for my father. when I was 15 I launched an Imperial Navy aircraft carrier and thats when I met my husband, Samurai-Commander Sanjuro Tsubaki.

We got married after I came of age and we've got a two year old daughter Emiko. He dosen't get back from the navy very often but letters keep us in touch. He's got leave for the new year celebration so he'll be home soon"
24-12-2005, 19:55
"That's good," Caresse said. "It's very hard to be without your loved ones. I've had several men ask me... well, a lot of things," she said quietly, "but most of them were from other countries. I'm not a prejudiced person, but I just don't think I could ever marry anyone who wasn't Dylani. There's too much they would never understand."
24-12-2005, 20:13
Fujiko nods in agreement.

"i can see your point of view. Very few foreigners can understand Kirisubo properly. Although we are partially westernised theres still so much that is alien to visitors.

Even if they spoke the language theres still so much they would miss. Is there a special guy back home whose waiting for you?"
24-12-2005, 20:22
"No," she said. "I haven't met anyone yet. I'm half Evandarian, and the daughter of a king and the Lady of Fate's right-hand assistant, so a lot of people view me as... unreachable. And I so rarely ever leave the Cloister, or Kyoika, when I'm home, I suppose I contribute to that perception."
24-12-2005, 20:32
Fujiko muses and says "maybe you should try and make yourself more available. Life isn't all work. You need to play as well from time to time, just like Genjiko is doing right now.

she loves debating and I think she'll end up as a diplomat some day. Kaigan will better watch his back in case she takes his job off him"
24-12-2005, 23:06
"I have a lot of years ahead of me," Caresse countered. "There's no need to try and find a spouse just yet. Besides, my brother will need me until he finds a consort. I'll be devoting all my energy to him." She smiled wryly. "Soleis are somewhat known for our work ethic," she confessed. "Papa always used to say 'if there's time to burn, there's time to learn'."
24-12-2005, 23:21
Fujiko drinks more tea and says softly "Caresse san working hard is good but you still need to relax from time to time. I work hard as well but if I didn't get a bath and a massage every day I would be really stressed out"

A bath lady goes over to Fujiko and whispers in her ear. Fujiko nods and sighs.

"Please accept my apologies. I must leave you now. Princess Emiko needs my attention. I'm sure I'll see you again before you leave us."

The crown princess gets out of the bath and puts on her cotton kimono and sandals and leaves escorted by a samurai guard.
24-12-2005, 23:58
"Of course," she said, nodding as Fujiko took her leave to go and check on her daughter.

She set her teacup aside and tried to relax in the water, wondering idly if her Papa had ever taken a day off in his life.
25-12-2005, 00:07
As Genjiko's and Kaigan's discussion winds up he finds himself mostly agreeing with the princess.

As the three of them relax in the bath Kaigan asks Caresse "When do you plan to return home?"
25-12-2005, 00:10
"I was scheduled to return home the day after tomorrow," she told him.
25-12-2005, 00:22
Kaigan replies "In that case we could see the Empress Miyu building at your convenience Then the rest of the day could be your own.

I don't need to get back to the UN HQ until tomorrow night. Its a fairly routine vote on a repeal and I won't miss that much of it"
25-12-2005, 00:32
Caresse nodded. "I would be happy to do that tomorrow," she told him. "I doubt our team will be large. I can't foresee us needing more than a couple of floors."
25-12-2005, 00:40
"thats sounds about right. Two other embassies will also be sharing the building so you'll have company. They seem fairly civilised from the dealings i've had with them so you shouldn't have any trouble from your neighbours" Kaigan replies as he stretches out in the bath.

"Now thats sorted lets have no more talk about work" he adds and orders a small flask of sake for the three of them.
25-12-2005, 00:46
Caresse smiled and accepted another cup of sake. "What's on your mind, Miromuto-sama?"
25-12-2005, 00:58
Kaigan sips his sake and even Princess Genjiko takes a cup worth.

"This is the real break I've had since I arrived at the UN" he says "even with Midori san and a new secretary around its never ending work and meetings"

he shrugs his shoulders and adds "thank the kami that new year is coming up. It'll be the first time i've seen the rest of my family in four months"
26-12-2005, 20:59
"That's very unfortunate," Caresse told him sympathetically, "but I'm certain they understand. It is very hard, especially if there are children involved, but sometimes the importance of work is greater."
26-12-2005, 21:05
Kaigan drains his sake and pours another cup before replying.

"I don't have any children of my own nor a partner. My brother and sister have two children each and I look forward to seeing them as well as my parents.

The army took up twenty years of my life and all i've got to show for it its a few stripes on my uniform. If I don't get a wife or consort soon It'll be far too late for me. Work has always been important to me but somethings are more important"
26-12-2005, 21:39
Caresse looked down at her hands. "It can be difficult to find someone who will understand the demands of your work and will not feel slighted if she.. or he, I suppose... doesn't get to spend as much time with you as they would like. It's very difficult to raise children when you don't have your partner helping you," she said quietly. "And it's hard for the children to understand why."
26-12-2005, 21:47
Kaigan manages a slight smile and says "if I can manage a family they'll have their father around at least some of the time. Theres enough housing around the UN HQ for a family to live.

My father was a career army officer himself and I felt the same way"
26-12-2005, 21:58
"My other parent is the monarch of Darein Riey," Caresse told him. "And Papa is advisor to the throne, as well as head of the foreign affairs office for Kageshima. He tried to spend time with us, but Darein Riey took up most of his energy and time... and... well, Afriel was busy with... other things. Things more pressing than all of us."
26-12-2005, 22:08
Kaigan nods in understanding.

"it must have been hard for you, but at least my mother was always around. With my father being an army Colonel he earned enough so she could could stay at home.

I suppose it'll be hard for the both of us to find an understanding partner but thats karma"
26-12-2005, 22:27
"We call it Fate," Caresse told him. "And She can be cruel at times, but She sees farther than any of us. May I tell you a secret?"
26-12-2005, 22:37
"sure Caresse san" he says and leans over so Genjiko won't hear it..
26-12-2005, 22:44
Caresse didn't have a flair for the dramatic. She leaned in and said simply, "I think Papa was miserable all his life. But he did what he did because The Lady asked it of him, and even though it meant sacrificing many things, the end result is that Darein Riey will have a ruler who actually cares about the people, who WANTS to be on the throne, and who is fit to govern. And at the moment, it does not have a ruler who is any of those things. It is a greater good, and we have known that since we were small... but that does not make it easier to bear, really. It is a terrible thing when the people you love are happy, so if you truly love them, you should always strive to ensure their happiness, instead of looking for them to add to your own."
26-12-2005, 22:59
Kaigan nods and replies "thats what Bushido is all about. It was my duty to make sacrifices to continue the family tradition and let my brother and sister have a choice of career.

My family are all samurai and they'll raise their children the same way. Without the code of Bushido our class is just a bunch of people with swords.

It took me a long time to understand but I did when I became an army officer. They become your responsibility and that duty never goes away.

Fate is cruel at times but its the way we work"
26-12-2005, 23:21
"She can be cruel," Caresse agreed, "but I suppose what I was trying to say was, She is never cruel without reason. There is more to any situation than meets the eye, more than those of us who are mortal can see, and that is why destiny can be so important. We do not follow Bushido, per se," she told Kaigan. "Our code of conduct revolves around love, loyalty, and generosity toward those we hold dear. But wasn't there a great poet who said that those who adhere to the way of Bushido must, in reality, serve with all their hearts the power of love? I have seen nations in which Bushido was perverted, so that it was a way of strict law without mercy and honor without kindness, but the code is based off of the greatest love a man can have for his leader, his country, his family, and his own soul."
26-12-2005, 23:27
"you're so right" Kaigan simply replies draining his cup of sake.

By now Genjiko is meditating in the bath and looking like she's a million miles away.
26-12-2005, 23:38
Caresse realized she had been ranting and flushed slightly, deciding to change the subject. "I would love to go sightseeing in the city," she mentioned. "I like to try and find something to take home with me by which I can remember all the lovely places I have visited. Perhaps something to wear so that, if I ever return, or am honored to host your nation's delegates within the Cloister, I will have an appropriate dress?"
26-12-2005, 23:43
Kaigan manages a small smile and says "thats something I can help you with. After you check out the embassy building I'll drive you to a top department store and you can get the dress you want and then I'll drive you all around town.

they may not have much left in their summer range but we'll see how we get on"
26-12-2005, 23:50
"Miromuta-sama," she said with a light laugh. "Don't you have more important things to attend to than driving a young woman around town so she can try on dresses? I can't imagine that such a thing would be interesting." She smiled in a slightly teasing manner at him.
26-12-2005, 23:54
"I'm an ambassador for my country, a gentleman and a samurai. You're not just any other young woman. You're an honoured guest of the Empire and its my duty to look after you" Kaigan says chuckling.

"anyway I don't need to get back to the UN until tomorrow night. It'll be good for the both of us to enjoy a bit of Kirisuban culture and to relax before we get back to work again"
26-12-2005, 23:58
She smiled demurely. "In that case, I suppose I will have to accept your generous invitation, and hope very much that I won't bore you over the course of the day."
27-12-2005, 00:06
"you're more likely to bore your cousins than myself" Kaigan replies chuckling and refils their sake cups.

"to shopping and culture" he adds drinking some of his sake
27-12-2005, 00:09
She flushed prettily and toasted him back... it seemed that, with the combination of sake, sweet tea, and hot, scented water, she was beginning to relax. "To shopping and culture. And I'm sure they won't mind. They'll just tag along and look themselves... it is the first time they've been out of the islands, so I'm sure that sort of thing will be fascinating. And so long as you're accompanying us, I doubt we'd be in much danger."
27-12-2005, 00:13
"there'll be nothing to worry about" Kaigan reassures Caresse "This will be a trip they won't forget especially if they've found their way down to the tea house"

He drains his cup and finds the sake bottle is empty.

"do you want some more?" he asks
27-12-2005, 00:18
"I'm sure they would," she agreed. "But Miromuto-sama, tell me... how do your people feel about.... unorthodox relationships?" She glanced at the sake bottle and nodded. "Yes, please. Dylani can hold their liquor," she said with a hint of humor.
27-12-2005, 00:31
Kaigan orders another flask of sake and turns back to Caresse.

"we aim to make life simple in Kirisubo. A man or woman using a courtesans services is considered normal as it should be so if its normal for us it'll be normal for them. Sometimes a palace maid can perform the same service and nothing is said about it because no laws are being broken.

Theres no stigma attached to it like there is in western countries.

Its no disgrace to get drunk in Kirisubo either but sometimes you need to apologise later on to save face"

He chuckles as the new flask arrives.
27-12-2005, 01:21
"Drunkeness is fairly common in Kageshima," she returned, "And most of us are very... well, relaxed about such things as sex and marraige. So it isn't unusual... in fact, it's common, really... in Kageshima to see a man with a man or a woman with a woman. It's one of the reasons our population is so slow-growing," she joked.
27-12-2005, 01:33
Kaigan opens the flask and refills the cups.

"i'm sure Midori has already found out about Dylani customs and her report will certainly make interesting reading when I see it.

Same sex marriages and relationships have also been enshrined in Kirisuban law for a long time. Again its considered normal for us as is divorce which has been around for centuries"
27-12-2005, 01:37
"Well, that was what I was asking," she said. "Forgive me for not being clear enough. Gaetan and Rene'.... well, I'd wondered if I should tell them to be more discreet than usual. In Kageshima, no one is accustomed to hiding their feelings."
27-12-2005, 01:44
Kaigan drains his cup and says "We may look reserved but we never bottle our feelings up. If you do that how can you hope to keep yourself in harmony.

Just let them be themselves. Life is simpler that way"
27-12-2005, 01:48
She nodded, drinking her sake and looking mildly releived. "It is as you say. In that case, I'm sure we'll have a delightful afternoon tomorrow exploring the city."
27-12-2005, 01:58
Kaigan tops up the cups and sinks deeper in the bath more relaxed than he could ever remember being.

He drinks more sake and says "I'm sure tomorrow will be a wonderful day"
27-12-2005, 02:01
Caresse smiled more deeply at him and thanked him. She sipped the refilled cup of sake, finishing it in three slow drinks, letting it linger on her tongue. "I wish the Emperor had opened one of his gift bottles of tikari," she said idly. "I'm sure you would enjoy a taste of our native wine."
27-12-2005, 02:05
"maybe we'll get that pleasure before we leave" Kaigan says "when your father mentioned that he was sending a gift from your forges to the Emperor what did he mean?"

He drinks more of his sake and started getting a warm feeling in his toes and it wasn't the hot water.
27-12-2005, 02:14
"I'm authorized to present it to the Emperor personally, along with the story," Caresse explained to him. "Our people have an oral tradition, and stories are a priceless part of our heritage, which is why it is important that it be told to the Emperor from beginning to end in the old style, in which I am trained."
27-12-2005, 02:22
"You should present his Imperial Majesty with the gift and the story tomorrow morning. Thats the best time to do most things in Kirisubo." Kaigan replies.

Consulting the clock on the wall he says "I'm afraid I need to leave you for the night. We'll have an early start tomorrow and i need to make arrangements for your presentation as well as another stop over before bedtime.

Would 9am be a good time for you Caresse san?"
27-12-2005, 02:23
She nodded. "Thank you, Miromuto-sama. I'll be awake bright and early."
27-12-2005, 02:27
Kaigan gets out of the bath and puts on his cotton kimono and sandals.

He bows and leaves a lot happier than he entered the bath house.

After seeing the Emperors secretary who was still up and working, Kaigan gets changed into his kimono again and heads to the tea house so he can enjoy the Geisha's perfromance as well as other traditional pleasures.
27-12-2005, 03:13
Caresse, on the other hand, went to bed so she would be well rested for the next morning.
27-12-2005, 11:04
the next morning Kaigan wakes up beside the courtesan in one of the rooms of the tea house.

The lady of the willow world was still sleeping and Kaigan recovered her with the quilt they had been sharing.

He had slept extremely well and the combination of the hot water, sake, a massage from the courtesan and a night of passion had left him happy and relaxed.

He got dressed quickly and returned to his room so he could get ready for the new day.

after a shower and a change of kimono Kaigan got some breakfast along with the other members of the Imperial staff and watched the sun rise. A rare pleasure that he hadn't seen in a long time.
27-12-2005, 15:27
Gaetan was already up and practicing forms when Caresse rose and padded into the parlor of the suite they shared. He paused when she entered and smiled at her.

"Join me?" he offered simply.

"When I'm awake," Caresse countered as she went to wash her face and brush her hair.

When she had accomplished those things, she consented to do her forms with Gaetan - Rene' was sleeping in, as he often did, and wasn't terribly interested in martial arts anyway. Gaetan was much more powerful than her, and smoother in his motions, but that sort of thing didn't much matter to Caresse. Practicing her forms helped her center and focus, and they spent an hour at it before she excused herself to wash up again and get dressed.

She almost dressed casually before remembering that she was to present the Emperor's gifts to him this morning, and with that in mind, settled on a semi-formal outfit, a simple black dress with long, off-the-shoulder, flares sleeves and a bell skirt with accents of deep violet that matched her eyes down the front. She did her hair more simply, braiding it into two plaits and wrapping them around her head so that it looked as though she was wearing a crown and using pins crowned with violet beads to hold it in place.

"Pretty as always, cousin," Rene' yawned as he padded through. "Anyone in particular you're trying to impress?"

"I'm trying to be respectful to the Emperor, as Miromuto-sama told me I would be presenting our gifts to him this morning," Caresse countered. "And then we're going shopping."

"Shopping?" Rene' hiked a brow, smirking. "Is that so. Why didn't you tell us?"

"Because you were sleeping," She told him simply. "But don't get too excited. You're here as my assistants, remember?" She turned and favored him with a dark smirk. "You get to carry my bags."

Rene' laughed. "I've got nothing to worry about, then," he teased, "since you're so thrifty. I'll be surprised if you find more than half a dozen things in the whole city that meet your standards."

Caresse frowned deliberately at him, trying very hard not to smile. "It isn't like that," she told him. "There are certain colors that fit my coloring. I know what they are and I keep to them."

"Better than Anatole," Gaetan added as he wandered in, rubbing his hair dry from a recent shower. "Who seems to have made a study of how many shades of gray it's possible to wear in a lifetime."

"It's what he looks best in," Caresse countered with a chuckle. "Besides, Papa never did like to stand out." She finished pinning up the curls at the nape of her neck and stood, using her mirror to check herself. "Well, I'm finished. If you'll get dressed so we can be ready when we're summoned...."
27-12-2005, 15:35
after breakfast Kaigan meditated and had a brief meeting with the Crown Princess before the clock ticked round to 9am.

Back in the meeting hall the Emperor Akahito and Crown Princess Fujiko sat peacefully while Kaigan waited outside the hall with a pair of samurai guards.
27-12-2005, 16:03
Shortly after, Caresse swept into the hall with her guards behind her. She bowed deeply to the Emperor, the princess, and Kaigan in turn.
27-12-2005, 16:07
"Good Morning" the Emperor says to Caresse "I hope you and your guards have enjoyed our hospitality so far.

Ambassador Miromuta tells me that you've a story to tell me"
27-12-2005, 16:16
"That is correct, your grace," Caresse said softly. "For my people, our oral tradition is nearly as important to us as your ancestors are to you - it is the history of our people, kept alive so that we of long memory will never forget. But first, if it pleases your grace, we have a simpler gift... " She waved a hand and Rene' stepped forward, kneeling to open his square, wooden case for the Emperor's perusal. Inside were a set of four wine bottles, dark green in color and wrapped in stamped leather.

"Our famous native wine, Tikari," Caresse explained. "It is the traditional drink of our islands. As it is illegal to export outside the Krakens, you will not find it anywhere else. A gift of good will from Her Ladyship to His Grace. Tikari is very potent," she warned him. "It should be diluted by a factor of three for human consumption. Instructions for proper dilution are on the label."
27-12-2005, 16:20
"Domo Caresse san" the Crown Princess replies and accepts the gifts on behalf of her father.

"I'm sure we'll have plenty of chances to use this gift from the Lady of Fate" she adds.
27-12-2005, 16:28
"Hime-sama," Caresse responded respectfully, bowing to the princess and motioning Gaetan forward with the other case, which was long and rectangular. "That was a gift to His Grace from Her Ladyship in honor of our burgeoning alliance. This is a gift specifically to His Grace for the occassion of his birthday." She smiled slightly and took the case into her lap, allowing both her guards to retreat. "And the story that goes with it, which I am authorized to recite to Your Grace in the old style, in which I am trained as a loremaster."
27-12-2005, 16:32
The Emperor nods and says "I would be honoured to listen to your story. Please continue Caresse san"
27-12-2005, 17:35
Caresse nodded and settled, kneeling before the Emperor with the case in her lap. Her voice was lyrical, musical, and subtly expressive.

"For His Grace's enjoyment and edification...

"Long ago, in ancient times, when the world was young and demons and angels walked the earth and had congress with its inhabitants, there was a race of demons whose souls were bound to earth and fire. Metalsmiths were they, artisans of the forge, with bodies of molten stone and eyes of flame. The weapons they created are the wonders of this world, and none have seen their like since.

"Amongst these demons, there was one who rose above all others. The founder of the race, first of his kind, his name was Erlissan, and his people were called the Annunaki. Erlissan was a creature of terrible anger and spite, but a magnificent warrior the likes of which had not been seen in an eon. He fought against Heaven with fury and skill, and many angels' wings did he tear, and many fortifications did he bring down through the cunning of his command. His hands were like swords, and so he did not use swords himself, though no other could craft them as he could.

"And it came to pass that Erlissan was close in heart to the leader of Hell, which some call Samiel, and some call Lucifer, and some call Satan, but none of these names is true. His title was The Morning Star. And his loyalty to his leader was strong. One day, word came to Erlissan that his sovereign was forced, by dint of bargain, to fight a duel in order to obtain the release of twenty-score of Hell's most loyal servants, who had been captured and detained by Heaven, with threat of destruction laid before them unless their Sovereign saved them. Heaven, you see, was determined to show to these humans that their ruler cared nothing for them, but the Morning Star would not take this insult. In arrogance, the commander of Heaven's armies, whose name would be known to you as Michael, challenged the Prince of Hell. But Michael possessed a sword of holy flame that could cut through anything, including another sword, and so this duel was to the Morning Star's disadvantage.

"And so, the Morning Star went to Erlissan and comissioned him to make for him a sword like no other, that could withstand the power of the sword of Michael.

"For ninety days and nights, Erlissan did nothing, neither ate nor slept nor engaged in battle, nor had any pleasing company, nor conversation. All his energy was bent toward this blade which he would place in the hand of his leader, whom he revered. He forged it in fire, in water, and in air, and imbued it with the mightiest magics he possessed, calling upon demons of the other six houses to add their enchantments to it under his watchful eye. When there was no flaw in the sword, and its metal and its spells had been honed to perfection, Erlissan christened it and presented it to his leader.

"The Morning Star went to Michael as planned, and they fought their duel, and Heaven and earth shook with their might. It was the first duel of many which they would fight over the course of the War. In his arrogance, Michael believed his victory assured, but the blade of Erlissan was true, and though its enchantments were sorely pressed, it withstood the power of Michael's sword.

"Minutes became hours and hours became days. Their fierce battle did not abate. But the Morning Star was more skilled than Michael, and after seventeen days of battle, threw him down and fell upon him to devour him forever.

"Seeing this, the Lord of Lords reached down his hand and empowered Michael, and he struck at the sword. With a sound like a thousand claps of thunder, the carefully laid enchantments shattered and the painstakingly folded blade splintered. And so the Morning Star was forced to flee in defeat. Of the fate of the captives, we know nothing - only that they were never released, and so it is assumed that they were destroyed as promised.

"Shamed by his failure, though he was certainly outmatched against The Throne of Heaven, Erlissan took the blade, which had been damaged so that it was no longer worthy, and gave it to the families of the captives.

"Long ages passed and the war ended, and humanity was condemned to toil in pain and hardship, and the servants of Hell were scattered to the four winds. Soon, mountains fell and oceans rose, and all traces of the war were obliterated, save a very few.

"So it came to pass that the son of a human and a demon, a Nephilim, settled in the Kraken Islands. His name was Dylanae SummerStorm, and he is the proginator of the Dylani race. He was half Defiler, which are the demons of the wind and waves. It is the power of demons to sense hints of their own power, and so, as he was exploring the deeps, he came upon the ruins of a small city.

"Excavation began five years ago, and in these cities, we have uncovered many strange and wondrous things. But of these, this was the greatest. Through much investigation and the reforging of ancient ties, Fate, queen and champion of Kageshima, discovered its identity. Though its power is shattered and its blade is ruined, the craftsmanship which created it is still evident. And because its style will doubtless be familiar to you..." here, Caresse smirked, "... Her Ladyship presents it to you as a gift and an object of wonder."

Slender fingers stroked the wood and unfastened the clasp, lifting the lid. "The blade which was christened 'Shur'elo Na'akt', which translates in the ancient tongue to 'Enemy of the Fire of God'."

At this, her remark about the style seeming familiar became clear - Shur'elo Na'akt was a Katana. Slightly longer than the usual, but not quite a Nodachi, its blade was still intact, but spiderweb splinters marred its gleaming, coal-gray surface. The metal was dark, and didn't look like iron or steel or anything else easily identified. It had no tetsubo or bindings, only the naked blade, terrible in the grace of its curve and the perfection of its folding. Printed on the tang, which was long enough to indicate that this sword was a fully two-handed weapon, letters in an ancient script were stamped into the metal and embossed in some fiery red substance that still glowed faintly. It looked ancient and hungry, but somehow sad.

"There is no magic left upon it," Caresse said softly. "It has been defeated, and the legend of this blade is little-known except amongst the most learned of Dylani loremasters, for it is a story the demon father of Dylanae knew well. It is made of Syir, the metal used by all of Hell's forges, which you will never find elsewhere in this world. It is the maker and the legend that make it valuable. So, we present both to you as a gift. Her Ladyship could think of no one else who would appreciate better the great talent and skill that went into the making of this blade than those who are famed for the creation of similar blades themselves. Therefore, She offers it to Your Grace, the Emperor of Kirisubo, Descendent of the Sun. Thus ends the tale of the Sword of Erlissan. Let him hear it who will," she concluded in the traditional style.
27-12-2005, 18:08
the Emperor smiled and says "I Akahito, Emperor of Kirisubo, descendant of the sun goddess accept this gift and the story which goes with it.

In return I present to your Lady Fate a weapon of similar beauty. This Katana has been in the Imperial family for a long time and was believed to have been forged by the great master sword smith Ureya and well over 600 years old."

The Emperor nods to Kaigan who presents Caresse with a Katana, the handle bound with red and black binding, a pure black laquered scabbard with a golden dragon streaming down the whole length of the scabbard on both sides and a small coiled dragon shaped guard.

"with this sword we celebrate our friendship. From this day onwards let the Dylani and the Kirisubans live in peace and friendship"
27-12-2005, 18:21
Gaetan stepped forward and accepted the sword as Caresse gave the one in her hands to Kaigan. "May it be as you have said," she agreed solemnly, bowing deeply once more. "We will bear Your Grace's generous gift to Her Ladyship."
27-12-2005, 18:28
Crown Princess Fujiko claps her hands and a pot is of tea is brought in with enough cups for everyone present.

A maid pours it and hands the first cup to Caresse and the second cup to the Emperor.

"Let us toast our new friendship" the Emperor says "and let the tea seal it"

Once everyone gets a cup they all drink from it.

With the formalities complete a more relaxed gathering takes place.
27-12-2005, 18:36
Caresse and her entourage toasted gracefully and sipped their tea cordially.

"What else would you like to discuss?" she inquired of the Emperor. "I am, of course, at your disposal."
27-12-2005, 18:43
The Emperor nods to Kaigan who goes through the agenda he was given.

"For starters Caresse san our Trade and Industry Department are interested in a mutual trade arrangement.

If we knew what the Dylani were interested in obtaining from the outside world then we could supply it in exchange for local Dylani products"
27-12-2005, 18:55
"Our most common imports are beef and poultry and metal," she told Kaigan. "But we are open to other products, such as textiles. What does Kirisubo export?"
27-12-2005, 19:01
"we can export steel easily enough to the Dylani but we don't really go in for the farming of food animals.

We can also supply woven silk, cotton, linen and other light fabrics which you may find useful in your climate.

We also produce rubberised fabric which the Imperial Navy uses for waterproof clothing and may well be useful in your wet season.

the rest of our industry produces consumer goods, motor vehicles and of course rice,sake and beer"
27-12-2005, 19:40
Caresse considered that quietly even as Gaetan opened her satchel for her and placed a quill pen and a roll of parchment in her hands. "Steel and textiles, then," she noted, pen nib scratching quietly on the thick parchment, "and sake, which I'm certain our people will happily buy. We do make rice wine, but we have never put the energy or focus into that that we put into our tikari wine, so I'm certain Kirisubo has more varied types of sake, of better quality. We may be able to find a use for rubberized fabric as well... I'll speak to some of our artisans as soon as I am able and see if there is a market for it."
27-12-2005, 21:53
"I'll look forward to your reply then" Kaigan says "I don't think there'd be a market for anything that needs electricty or has wheels on it so your list sums up what you could use.

what do the Dylani usually export?"
27-12-2005, 22:24
"We have a number of exports," Caresse told him. "Including fruits and vegetables such as passionfruit, pineapple, coconut, starfruit, cranberries, and such. We export our seaweed products, and of course fish, but I doubt you have use for those things. We do export uranium, as we have no use for it ourselves. There is ebony, obsidian, crafts, some herbal remedies and poisons, salt..."
27-12-2005, 22:32
Kaigan gets a notebook and pencil out of his belt sash and starts writing.

"We can use the fruit & vegetables since we grow mostly rice, millet and barley in our farms.

We could also use Uranium since our nuclear power usage is increasing and i'm sure there would be a market for your local craft goods with the proper aadvertising. I'll look into the Ebony and Obsidian later.

Is that sea salt or rock salt you export?"
27-12-2005, 22:35
"Sea salt," she told him. "We do a lot of natural crafts and we have some very skilled artisans, though much of it is fairly primitive, comparitively."
27-12-2005, 22:52
Kaigan smiles and says "we extract sea salt ourselves but the simplicy of the craft goods will be attractive to the average Kirisuban. With their mostly hectic lives they appreciate the simple things in life.

I'll send Midori a message to bring some craft items back with her and then we can talk more when our embassy is opened"

He stops writting and happy with his list closes over the book, puts the pencil back into it and stashes the book in his belt sash.
27-12-2005, 22:57
Caresse nodded. "I'm sure as we get to know each other better, our trade will increase. In the meantime, this is a suitable start. And I'm sure Midori-sama is enjoying herself. I heard she'd been appointed one of the SummerStorms as her guide, so she'll be well cared for. No family in Kageshima is as respected."
27-12-2005, 23:31
"I'm happy she's in good hands then" Kaigan replies and looks over the list he was given.

He finishes his tea and remarks "I think thats all we can today" and bows to the Emperor and the Crown Princess taking his leave.

When they leave the meeting hall, a samurai guard closes over the shoji door and Kaigan says to Caresse "the rest of the day is yours now after we visit the embassy building"
28-12-2005, 02:09
She nodded. "I look forward to it, then. Shall I accompany you now?"
Roman Republic
28-12-2005, 03:06
To: The Emperor
From: President Bhavan Patel

The Fatherland would like to wish you a Happy Birthday. We wish to attend the celebration but my staff a I are busy. So the Ambassador in your country may attend on my behalf. We wish to send you a Happy Birthday present. We will send a Gurkha Kukri ( and a birthday card.
28-12-2005, 08:32
Kaigan turns to Caresse and says "I'll be a few minutes getting changed and then we can go"

True to his word Kaigan re-appears wearing a navy blue suit, white shirt, red tie and a dark coloured trench coat and his two cases. One is a long slim affair and he puts both in the boot of the car.

Snow was on the ground as well.

He finds their car and driver and soon everyone is on their way out of the palace and into the busy streets of Edo.

Its not a long jouney to the waterfront part of the city and Kaigan shows Caresse the outside of the 10 storey Empress Miyu building.
28-12-2005, 08:43
To: The Emperor
From: President Bhavan Patel

The Fatherland would like to wish you a Happy Birthday. We wish to attend the celebration but my staff a I are busy. So the Ambassador in your country may attend on my behalf. We wish to send you a Happy Birthday present. We will send a Gurkha Kukri ( and a birthday card.

There meeting completed the Emperor and Crown Princess return to their office where a parcel and typed letter waits for them.

"Its a bit late" Fujiko says "but welcome all the same."

The Emperor logs into the office computer and sends the following e-mail.

To : The Ambassador from the Fatherland of the Roman Republic; Empress Miyu building
From : Emperor Akahito, Son of heaven

I thank you for your Presidents gift although due to a hold up in the post we didn't get it till this morning. The offical celebrations are over but if you wish to have an audience that can be arranged.

Our new year celebrations are coming up and I extend an invitation to bring in the new year in style in the Imperial Palace. Two staff and yourself may attend.

Emperor Akahito
28-12-2005, 14:56
Caresse wore her fur cloak and the same dress she had been wearing earlier that morning. The cold made her cheeks very red. She appraised the Princess Miyu building quietly, tilting her head so she could see the tempestuous water nearby. "The location is certainly suitable," she said.
28-12-2005, 18:38
"Just wait until you see inside the building" Kaigan says "Theres already embassies in the there so you're people won't be lonely.

Theres also a large gym in one of the sub-levels for common use so there'll always be a place to relax and vent frustrations.

Shall we?"

Kaigan leads Caresse and her cousins to the main door and shows his army pass to the receptionist on duty, a small well dressed young woman who gives everyone a visitors pass to wear.

Kaigan signs the visitors book and says to Caresse "floors 2 & 3 will belong to the Kageshima Embassy. They're not completely furnished yet but the accomdations are"

He hits the recall button on the lift and says "here starts the tour"
28-12-2005, 19:04
Caresse pinned the badge to her cloak. "I'm sure we can bring over whatever we need," she assured him. "We're a simple people."
28-12-2005, 19:15
the lift arrives and the doors open. Kaigan enters first and holds the door open button so Caresse and her guards can follow him in.
28-12-2005, 19:32
Caresse did so, and she and her guards stepped out of the lift into the second floor lobby. She blinked. "It's so... lavish," she said quietly.
28-12-2005, 19:36
the wooden floor was gleaming and the first thing the group could see was the reception area. A few western style chairs and sofas were visable, their light colours matching the pale green walls and curtains.

A small curving reception desk also in light wood can also been seen as well a vast open space beyond it.

Pointing out the tracks in the floor and ceiling Kaigan says "We can partition areas off by using sliding shoji walls. You'll notice that theres tracks running horizontally as well as vertical. You'll be able to define the space any way you want to thereby creating privacy and additonal 'rooms'.

Theres also enough wall sockets if you want to use electrical items and when the summer hits us you'll be glad to have fans.

Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems are fitted as standard so if you have any smokers can you tell them to smoke out on the balcony?"

Kaigan chuckles at his little joke and adds "at the back of each floor theres various sized sleeping rooms, a communal area, a kitchen and a shower block.

I'm sure you'll want to add your own touches but all the floors are laid out the same way"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 00:03
A tall lady with red hair approaches from behind, “Hello Kaigan, I just love the place.

Sorry, I just kind of barged in on your affairs, but I’m quite bored, and wanted to see if I could find someone who could help me set up a time to see the Emperor, I kinda forgot to give him a gift.”

The lady turns towards Caresse, opening up a piece of gold letterhead, “Oh, and you must be from the nation of… Kageshima. My name is Maeann, but you can call me Mae. I’m the ambassador of Northern Sushi’s wife.”

Mae turns towards Kaigan again, “Is it okay if I kinda join your activities for the rest of the day? My husband has to work very late tonight. Something about colonial affairs.”
29-12-2005, 00:15
Caresse nodded, listening carefully and memorizing the floor plan so she could submit it to her father when she returned. "We don't have tobacco," she said absently. "We don't grow it and nobody imports it, so Dylani aren't smokers... I doubt they'd take to it, anyway, since our lungs are rather sensitive..." she paused at the entrance of another woman, violet eyes quietly appraising the new arrival as she folded her hands patiently in front of her.
29-12-2005, 00:15
Kaigan looks at the woman and replies politely "Mae I have some influence with the Emperors secretary but let me check first. With the new year celebration coming up soon he may be very busy.

Would your honourable husband wish to be involved in the audience as well?"

Kaigan looks over to Caresse and adds "It's not really up to me. This is Miss Solei's state visit and she wants to see the sights and do some shopping. You'll really need to ask her"
29-12-2005, 00:23
The Holy Emperror of Patriacha Would Like to extend his formal congratualtions and send's an envoy with a jeweled silver bracelet bearing the Princesses coat of arms
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 00:25
Mae adds, “Well, the gift was from both of us so I think he shall come to visit the Emperor too. It will also be okay if it is after the new year’s celebrations, but it must be as soon as it is possible for him. We cannot hang on to his present forever.”

Mae turns to Caresse and asks, “Miss Solei, may I come? I just love to shop, and I’m willing to go where ever you want. It could be fun.”
29-12-2005, 00:31
Kaigan goes to his notebook, tears a page out and writes a phone number on it with his pencil. He passes the piece of paper to Mae.

"Mae, I'll be back at UN HQ by tonight so when you get talking to your husband again give him this phone number.

Miss Hitomi Akubo is his Imperial Majesties secretary and she's the person you need to convince to gain an audience. If you mention to her I sent you she'll try her hardest to find an agreeable time for you and cut through the red tape"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 00:36
Mae takes the paper. “I will make sure he calls her sometime tonight and leaves a message."

Mae pauses a moment. "Oh, and one more thing, where can I buy dog kibble near the embassy?”
29-12-2005, 00:41
Kaigan replies "theres a large western style shopping centre less than 1/2 mile away from here. If you look out the window you'll see the tram lines that pass here.

If you catch the tram into the city centre and ask the conductor to let you off at the Huchimoto centre they'll keep you right.

On the same site theres a cinema, a few bars and other places of entertainment your staff may like to check out later on"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 00:45
Mae replies “thanks Kaigan.”

Mae then approaches closer to Caresse, begging, “So can I come? It will be the finest shopping you’ve had in your life.”
29-12-2005, 00:46
Caresse smiled fleetingly. "Well, of course, if it is agreeable with you, Miromuto-sama, I have no objections. I do not think it would be a security issue," she mused, canting her head slightly at Gaetan, who eyed Mae quietly, but said nothing. The corner of Caresse's mouth quirked, and she curtseyed to Mae. "Of course, Miss Maeann is welcome wherever she chooses to go."
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 00:50
Mae smiles and says, “I’ve already been cleared to be in the embassy. It shouldn’t be any security problem.

and I’m willing to shop wherever you wish to do so.”
29-12-2005, 00:52
"Oh, I'm sure I don't have any preferences," Caresse said, moving away. "After all, I've never been to this country before."
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 00:55
“I’m pretty new here too,” said Mae. “Our embassy is only a few days old.”
29-12-2005, 00:57
"Is that so?" Caresse wondered idly. "You're new to the diplomatic scene, then?"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 01:00
"Well," Mae replied, "my husband has always been in the government doing something. I also lived in the royal palace a few years back, when my husband was trying out for diplomatic service."
29-12-2005, 01:01
Kaigan makes a mental calculation and works out if everyone in the back squeezes up another person could get in.

"Ladies, I figure that theres space in the car for another person if we squeeze up. The main shops in Edo are the well known department stores in the Sagura district. Afterwards when everyone is shopped out theres always a light lunch and a trip to Edo castle.

That's if you are all agreeable to this plan"
29-12-2005, 01:07
"Whatever Miromuto-sama says will, in this instance, be," Caresse said.
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 01:09
“The plan sound fine to me Kaigan,” Mae said.

Mae turns to Caresse and asks, “is that fine with you, it is your day isn’t it?”
29-12-2005, 01:21
"It looks like we're all going on a trip" Kaigan remarks "the cars out by the front door and the driver is waiting for us"
29-12-2005, 01:22
Caresse dipped her head and waited patiently to fall in behind them with her bodyguards.
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 01:28
Mae follows behind the rest of the whole group.
29-12-2005, 01:29
Kaigan leads the group back to the lift and down to the waiting car.

After explaining the the driver he's happy with an extra passenger and using a few shortcuts avoids the usual Edo traffic jams to quickly find a parking space in Sagura.

"We're here" Kaigan tells everyone "it dosen't really matter where we start since they do a lot of the same goods"
29-12-2005, 01:30
"Oh, go ahead," Caresse said lightly. "We'll just wander along and sight-see." She took Gaetan's arm.
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 01:35
Mae says, “Kaigan, go however you want, but I do ask you get us there quickly. I just hate rush-hour so much.”

Mae ducks her head and scoots into the back row of the car.
29-12-2005, 01:43
"Ok" Kaigan says looking up at the street sign which stated that they were parked in Anjin Street.

"Lets meet back here in 2 hours. If you get lost ask for directions to Anjin Street. The drivers going to stay here in case we get back early"

Knowing that Caresse was his responsibility he stays with her advising Mae "all the shops here take international credit cards and if you need any money changed theres a bank not far from here"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 01:51
Mae replies, “okay, I won’t be late…”

Mae picks her cell phone out of her pocket and answers it. She is told she has a collect call from the Capital City. Mae accepts the call and says, “Hello.”

Mae continues talking and seems very saddened. After Mae hangs up the phone, she begins to cry in front of Kaigan.

Mae tells Kaigan, “After today’s activities, I need you to take me to the airport. I’m on a 9pm flight out. Delta Winds Flight 548, to Capital City-Olympic Airport.”
29-12-2005, 01:54
Kaigan goes over to Mae and asks quietly "Mae,what happened?"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 01:56
"Kaigan, my son has been shot," Mae replied and continued to cry.
29-12-2005, 02:01
Kaigan says to Caresse "I'll catch you up later"

He then turns to Mae and says "I'm sorry to hear that. You can travel with me since I'll be going to the airport as well. That where the UN portal is."

He gives Mae a half packet of paper tissues from his trench coat pocket and asks "was there anymore news?"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 02:07
"Kaigan, can I sit with you in the airport? I don't know how big the departures terminal is because I haven't left. I hope the Delta Winds gate is near your flight.

I would leave earlier, but Delta Winds only has two flights a day, and I have already missed the first," Mae stated.

"Also my son is a police officer, he was shot at a bank 3 hours ago"
29-12-2005, 02:13
Kaigan speaks with the driver and he leaves the car locking it up and joins Caresse. Kaigan retrieves his case and long package from the boot as well.

"Caresse san I'll get a taxi back to the Empress Miyu building with Mae. Naga your driver can be your guide from this point on" he says hoping that Caresse won't be offended.
29-12-2005, 02:16
All three Dylani averted their eyes from the crying woman, and Caresse said something, likely a change of subject, to Rene', who seemed releived to reply. Then they'd moved off a little ways almost without anyone noticing, giving Mae plenty of space. When Kaigan adressed her, she shushed them and listened, then shook her head, offering him a wry smile.

"No, of course not," she said quietly. "The needs of a... lady... are, of course. Paramount. I'm certain we can manage without causing any trouble. Don't trouble yourself about us."
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 02:17
"We cannot go back now Kaigan," responded Mae. "My son is from a past marriage. My husband does not know. If it is okay with you can I join up with Caresse and go shopping with the two of you."
29-12-2005, 02:22
Putting his case & parcel back in the boot of the car the driver stays with the car after Kaigan talks briefly with him.

"Fair enough Mae, we'll go shopping" Kaigan says gently and joins Caresse.
29-12-2005, 02:25
The Dylani were talking and laughing quietly in their musical language. Their smiles were wry.
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 02:26
Mae asks one last question before setting off to go shopping, "do you know if there are any flights sooner to Olympic Airport in Northern Sushi. If not, I'm fine with Delta Winds, as I am a diamond skymile member, and will probably end up in first class."
29-12-2005, 02:28
Caresse's eyes widened mildly upon overhearing this, and her mouth thinned, but she continued to smile blandly. Gaetan merely looked expressionless, but a frown overtook Rene's features briefly before being smoothed over. He turned quickly to Caresse and jabbered something at her, and she replied slowly and softly, with gravity.
29-12-2005, 02:32
"there is a faster way to get home Mae" Kaigan says "since Northern Sushi is in the UN you could travel by the UN Gnomes portal. It takes a lot of getting used to but a journey that would take you hours by plane would only take a few seconds by portal. Our portal is in Edo International Airport so its no problem getting to it"

ooc: the way it was explained to me was its like a stargate and you need to dial in your destination to get there.
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 02:38
"Well, I can't get to the airport that quick, because my ride isn't going to be able to pick me up until 11pm in Northern Sushi anyways," Mae responded. "I'll take the Delta Winds flight, I just love their first class pedicure service."
29-12-2005, 02:40
This remark was greeted with all three Dylani staring at her in very obvious disbelief, disapproval lurking in their dark eyes, before Caresse gathered herself and her cousins and bowed deeply to Kaigan. "Ambassador," she said succinctly, "We won't trouble you further. Please resolve... issues here, and retrieve us when you have the time. Excuse me." She spun and gripped both males by the bicept, fairly dragging them off into the market.
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 02:44
Mae starts to speak to Caresse, “I apologize if I was a little rude Caresse, but how would you feel if your son could die?

Anyways, let's just go sightseeing and shopping, like I came to do.”
29-12-2005, 02:45
"I'll see you back here as planned Caresse" Kaigan calls out as she vanishes into the crowds.

"Mae, shock affects different people in different ways. I know a little coffee shop not far from here where we can talk in peace and it looks like we need to" he says as gently as he can.
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 02:46
"Ok," Mae replied.
29-12-2005, 02:54
Kaigan leads Mae to a little place he knows well from his childhood and orders two cappuchinos paying the waiter when the coffee arrives.

Having pieced a little bit of the story together he says to Mae "I'm sure Caresse will be fine for two hours but I'm worried about you. I'm here to listen if you want to talk"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 03:00
A man from the embassy enters the cafe.

"I have a telegram for Maeann," the man says,"it's from the CIZ."

Mae thanks the Mae and sets the letter down unopened and takes a sip of her Cappuccino.
Roman Republic
29-12-2005, 04:00
To : The Ambassador from the Fatherland of the Roman Republic; Empress Miyu building
From : Emperor Akahito, Son of heaven

I thank you for your Presidents gift although due to a hold up in the post we didn't get it till this morning. The offical celebrations are over but if you wish to have an audience that can be arranged.

Our new year celebrations are coming up and I extend an invitation to bring in the new year in style in the Imperial Palace. Two staff and yourself may attend.

Emperor Akahito

To: Emperor Akahito
From: Ambassador Sahabir Rai of the Roman Republic

Thank you for inviting me and a detachment of my staff to attend your New Years Party on behalf of our President.
29-12-2005, 19:33
OOC: since we've got two diverging stories may I suggest that Caresse take the driver Naga as her guide round Edo.

Regarding shopping in Edo city centre think of the big American style department stores and think bigger again with more gift wrapping than the average Christmas present.

Feel free to make up japanese sounding names for these and theres also smaller shops which sell international brand name fashions.

The original plan to meet back in two hours still stands.


Kaigan watches the embassy employee leave and wonders how he managed to locate Mae here.

Kaigan sips some of his coffee and says "I know this situation is difficult but wouldn't it be a good idea to see whats in the letter. It may be good news for all you know"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 19:53
"Well," Mae replies," it's just the CIZ ---

it's probably something about having to renew my security clearance, that is all that the Central Intelligence Zone ever seems to bother me with."
29-12-2005, 19:57
Caresse and her entourage left to go shopping, as planned, and despite their obvious differences, did their best not to act like tourists over the course of the next two hours. She found a few things she liked and, as promised, made Rene' and Gaetan carry them, for which Rene' stuck out his tongue and Gaetan merely smiled knowingly.
29-12-2005, 20:21
Kaigan nods and says "no wonder they found you here. you must have been followed all the way from the embassy just so they could deliver a letter.

Still you have to admire their dedication to duty.

I don't really understand why your husband dosen't know about your son but thats for you and him to sort out. Shouldn't he glad to be a step father?"
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 20:27
“I just don’t know how he’ll react to that news,” Mae responded.

“Also, I think I will open the letter in the airport, when I’m alone.”
29-12-2005, 20:33
"Then tell him whats happened. If he respects you as his honoured wife he'll understand" Kaigan replies and takes another drink of his coffee.
Northern Sushi
29-12-2005, 21:01
Mae takes another sip. "Well I guess I can tell him," Mae responded, "but, I will---

I have a phone call." Mae answers her cell phone and seems angry. Mae says, "I think I must open the letter."
30-12-2005, 00:56
Kaigan dosen't listen as Mae answers the phone but he can see her anger.

He drinks half of his cup of coffee and wonders what Caresse thought of Kirisuban department stores.
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 07:16
Mae speaks to Kaigan, "The bank robbery, it wasn't just a bank... it was the national bank.

All of the Delta Winds flights were cancelled, and I think it's best if I stay here, I feel safe here."
30-12-2005, 08:32
Kaigan looks back at Mae and says "In that case news can reach you just as easily in the embassy as it can if you're home. Make those CIZ guys do some proper work for a change.

I'm sure your son will be fine. Body armour can do wonders these days."

Trying to change the subject he asks "whats your husband like? I don't think I even know his name yet?"
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 08:40
Mae responds, "Oh, his name is Ken. You must have seen him around. He's a bit shorter than me, has dark black hair, and some very tan skin."

Mae sips more coffee and then puts her phone back in her pocket.
30-12-2005, 08:48
Kaigan shakes his head.

"today was the first time i'd been in the Empress Miyu building so I don't know any other staff apart from yourself.

How are you and the staff settling in?"
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 18:22
Mae responds to the question, “Everyone just loves it here. I am so happy; Northern Sushi is actually pretty dull compared to here.

So, is the embassy building brand new or have you just bothered not to come in the past.”
Mae chuckles at her remark.
30-12-2005, 18:40
Kaigan replies "its a brand new building and was originally intended as offices for the foreign ministry.

However once our government started its Embassy Exchange programme we set aside two buildings for ready made embassy offices. This was one of them and certainly has proven the most popular

Two countries want to build their own embassy but that means they'll be late in arriving"
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 18:48
Mae responds, "So it is a new building. I thought it was new, but didn't know how new.

What nations want to build their own embassies?"
30-12-2005, 18:53
"Little India and Optischer" Kaigan replies "We use existing buildings so the Kirisuban Embassy in both countries is already in place.

Our Ambassadors seems happy with their accomodations as well but we have very few needs"
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 19:24
Mae asks, "Have you heard much about your embassy in my homeland?"
30-12-2005, 21:39
"Actually I haven't" Kaigan replies "beyond that its adequate for the Embassy staff's needs.

I may have made the initial contacts but the foreign office runs the programme. It was their bright idea to give me another job to do.

So what is Northern Sushi like?"
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 21:48
"Well," Mae replied, "the beaches, and forests, and mountains are all nice. But the cities, the cities are gross."
30-12-2005, 21:55
Kaigan nods and says "If Edo is an improvement over one of your cities i'm flattered. I grew up here and frankly was glad to leave it when I joined the army. The air seems a bit cleaner but not much else has changed in 20 years.

My parents, brother and sister still live here. I'll be back in time for the new new year celebrations. Usually its the only time we can all get together"
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 22:27
"Well, I never see my family," Mae responded, "my cousin, Jason, who is 15 years younger than me is off to university, in a nation I have never even heard of, Novacom,

and my son, who you already know about. That is my whole family. I am very close to my cousin and my son, but no one else, except my husband.”
30-12-2005, 22:43
an old woman wearing an apron over her flowery green kimono heads out of the coffee shop towards the table where Kaigan and Mae are.

She bows and talks to Kaigan in Kirisuban who responds happily and starts asking about the family business and other things.

She shrugs her shoulders and talks for another minute before bowing again and returning to the kitchen.

"that was Yuki. She was running this coffee shop when I was a little boy. My mother always took us here when she went shopping. Her daughter runs it now and the business has been here as long as I can remember"
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 22:47
“Could you tell her I love the coffee if she comes back,” Mae asked.
30-12-2005, 22:52
"I certainly will" he replies and drains his cup.

"when you finish your coffee do you want to see if we can catch up with Caresse? I'm sure she can't have got to far" he adds.
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 23:12
Mae answers the question with a cheerful "okay!"
30-12-2005, 23:23
A few minutes later they leave the little coffee shop and head into the bustling streets.

The usual Edo traffic jams have reduced vehicle movement to a slow crawl but the drivers seem used to this state of affairs. The city is very clean and no litter can be seen in the streets.

Trams go up and down the streets on a regular basis and theres plenty of children and parents around since the schools have stopped for the new year holidays.

Older teenagers clump together in groups wearing the latest fashions which include Goth themes and a cross between a traditional kimono, a short skirt and tall boots.

not seeing Caresse and her guards around Kaigan shrugs his shoulders and says "I think they've lost us but they'll be back at the car in time. It dosen't stop you getting to know your newest shopping area although"
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 23:28
“Well, we can go shopping,” Mae responded, “us two. We can meet back in," Mae takes a look at her watch, “ninety minutes.”
30-12-2005, 23:34
"i know where to start" Kaigan says and points to the nearest large department store.

"that's Ekidoshi where you can get practically anything. They're a bit pricey but they also do designer clothes as well as a very good food hall"

the large building rose up six floors into the air dwarfing every building around it.
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 23:42
“Okay, let’s go in,” Mae replied.
30-12-2005, 23:47
they enter the busy store and run straight into the beauty products department.

The sign by the lifts is also printed in english and lists what department is on which floor.

"where do you want to start?" Kaigan asks as a small child looks up at Mae and points, her mother gently guiding her away and telling her in Kirisuban thats its bad manners to point out foreigners.
Northern Sushi
30-12-2005, 23:50
Mae asks, "Can we start in cooking supplies? I would love some local cooking supplies for our embassy, as everything we cook with is from Sushi. All we can make is Sushiian dishes too, so some cookbooks would be lovely also."
31-12-2005, 00:00
"floor 5 it is then" Kaigan says and presses the recall button for the lift.

the car arrives fairly quickly and they exit the lift on the 5th floor. spread out over the whole floor is the houseware department.

the kitchenware section covers a quarter of the total area and signs in English and Kirisuban point the way to all the different sub-departments.

Again theres a lot of women and children present and before they can do anything a smartly dressed woman asks Mae if she needs help. She's dressed in the uniform of the store and her name badge says thats she's called Yukiko.
Northern Sushi
31-12-2005, 00:04
Mae turns to Yukiko, “Well I live at the embassy and want to cook up some traditional foods from Kirisubo, because I will be here a while and want to try your cuisine.

I will need the special local cooking equipment and some regional cookbooks, please.”
31-12-2005, 00:11
"I can show you what you are after" Yukiko replies and leads Mae and Kaigan to a section which contains nothing but items for the kitchen.

"We fry food using woks" she adds "and our dishes are mostly vegetarian".

she points out a selection of pots, pans and various sized woks as well as kitchen utensils, knife sets and chopsticks.

She leaves them briefly returning with a few cookery books in english and with full colour pictures of the meals.
Northern Sushi
31-12-2005, 00:31
“I would love several different sized woks” Mae responded, “and several English cookbooks.”

Mae sees something shiny that catches her eye, “I think I also want this knife set. The one that says Samurai.”
31-12-2005, 00:44
Kaigan notices the knives as well and says "its a good brand".

he examines the box and adds "theres also sushi knives there as well and its a good price".

Yukiko goes off to get more cookery books while Kaigan checks the knives.
Northern Sushi
31-12-2005, 00:48
Mae turns back to Kaigan and says, “Kaigan, can you tell Yukiko that I’ll take one of every English cookbook they have, assuming there aren’t that many.

Also, the knifes. I want those knives, and of course the woks too.”
31-12-2005, 00:56
Yukiko returns with more books and Kaigan briefly converses with her in kirisuban.

she then says to Mae "altogether theres 7 cookbooks, a set of 3 woks and the knife set. Will that be everything?"
Northern Sushi
31-12-2005, 03:20
Mae nods her head and answers, "yes, it is good. That will be everything."
31-12-2005, 03:37
Yukiko leads Kaigan and Mae to a computer terminal / till and scans the bar codes of the items.

The till makes the calculation and she declares "Madam that will be 750 Obans. We can send a bill to the embassy, charge your credit card or pay cash. Whatever you find the easiest to do.

We can also deliver these goods directly to the embassy"
Northern Sushi
31-12-2005, 04:03
Mae says, "charge it to my SushiPro Embassy Official Bank Card.

Oh, and deliver it to the embassy."
31-12-2005, 04:07
Yukiko slides the card through the reader and gives Mae a printed slip to sign and returning the card.

Kaigan checks it because its in Kanji writing and using western numbers and says "the bills right"
Northern Sushi
31-12-2005, 04:33
Mae responds, "thank you Yukiko." Mae signs the slip and hands it back to Yukiko.
31-12-2005, 12:47
Yukiko bows and says "please come and visit us again".

she calls over a junior member of staff who wheels over a small shopping trolley and loads the goods into it heading to a staff lift so the goods can be despatched.

She then moves onto her next customer, a woman pushing a baby buggy and a sleeping infant inside it.

Kaigan looks at Mae and says "now you have the equipment I suppose you'll need some food. The food hall is in the basement"
Northern Sushi
31-12-2005, 18:50
Mae says aloud, "to the basement then."
31-12-2005, 19:01
they head back to the lift and soon arrive in the basement.

the food hall is a huge open space separated by several aisles of shelves stocking everything from sticky white rice to microwaveable hamburgers.

"here we are" Kaigan says consulting his watch "we've still got more than an hour before Caresse is expecting us. How many people are you planning to cook for?"
Northern Sushi
31-12-2005, 19:08
"Just me, my husband, and his two senior staff, and the occasional guest. We don't need anything fancy, we want local homestyle food," Mae answered.

Mae added, "We don't have markets like this in Sushi, instead we have little stores called corner shops on the corner of every major intersection in the city. The corner shops have a buffet and about two short aisles of food. You can eat in and they will cook for you."
31-12-2005, 19:16
Kaigan nods and says "sticky white rice and brown rice would be the first things you'll need. I would also recommend a few jars of pickled vegetables and some tofu. Mushrooms also make a good meal as well as salad vegetables.

Fresh fish is best if you're making sushi and you'll need vinegar for that as well.

Noodles always make a quick snack and if you're after something warm for breakfast get some rice porriage mix.

all that will cover the basics"
Northern Sushi
31-12-2005, 19:26
Mae answers, "that shall be fine."
31-12-2005, 19:36
Kaigan pushes the small shopping trolley and as he picks food of the shelves he explains what the Kirisuban writing means on the packages.

very soon theres two 3 kg bags of rice, a packet of fresh wrapped fish from the deli bar, fresh salad vegetables, packets of fresh tofu, a punnet of mushrooms and the other items he mentioned previously.

He also locates a bag of frozen lightly battered tempura prawns and adds those to the growing pile of food as well as tea bags filled with green tea.

He does this with military precision and is round the food hall in less than 10 minutes.