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Naviblah is seeking Defense Contractors.

19-12-2005, 08:13
We are looking for several defense contractors willing to Design and Build the following

Logistical Vehicles
Logistical Ships
Logistical Aircraft
Logistical Equipment to work with our soon to be launched GPS satelites.

All designes except the GPS system the defense contractor will be able to resell to other nations. This is due to national security concerns.

Our current defense budget is $32 billion. Established contractors prefered, but we will accept bids by anyone.
19-12-2005, 08:34
We would be quite willing to sell you our cargo variant Thunderbird transport VTOL, which simply removes all of the armament in favor of more cargo capacity. It is reasonably priced at 16,000,000 USD.

Thunderbird-C Logistics VTOL

Length: 18 meters
Wingspan: 12 meters
Height: 5.5 meters
Propulsion: x2 tilting turbojets
Empty Weight: 13,540 kg
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 68,000 kg
Passengers: 20
Armor: 50mm RHA on cockpit, crew compartment and engine nacelles
Armament: None
Range: 6000 kilometers
Operational Ceiling/Altitude: 8000 meters
Cruising Speed: 400 kph
Maximum Speed: 800 kph
Rate of Climb: 1000 meters/minute
Crew: Pilot, copilot
Price: 16,000,000 USD
19-12-2005, 09:07
TO: Naviblah Department/Ministry of Defense
FROM: Office of Paul David Nettleton, USNSEA Minister of Defense
SUBJECT: Defense Contractors

While Minister Nettleton cannot directly speak to you at this time, he has told us to contact you about an excellent weapons contractor. Sarzonia possesses some of the world's best vessels. Portland Iron Works. Their support vessels shall do wonders for your navy.

Click here for a link to their products. (

Yours Truly,
Office of Paul David Nettleton
19-12-2005, 09:19
Thank you both for responding so quickly. We will go over both offers, and will be in contact.

For future notice, we're especially looking for aircraft with assault landing capabilities. And we prefer TubroProp Aircraft.