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Pananabian Presidential/Consitution elections

18-12-2005, 05:42
Pananab has gone too long without an elected president or a constitution for that matter, so General Stowes has had them set up. Pananab's officially elected president will draft his own constitution. It will be a popular vote and will close in three days. Four candidates are available.

Hakunin Jahuziz: Hakunin is the president of Pananabian Petroleum and has a monopoly of oil in the nation, as it is the first and only in the nation. Hakunin promises a pro-market capitalist economy while giving the people a very large voice in a Republic style of government. He promises to modernize Pananab and make it a shining star in Political Freedoms, Civil Rights, and keep a strong economy all at the same time. Hakunin is the provisional Prime Minister, appointed by General Stowes. Most popular.

General Zheng AoLi: General Zheng AoLi is General Stowe's Second-In-Command of the Armed Forces. Zheng believes that the Pananabian people are too primitive to handle the government themselves and are a volitile bunch of tribals that are making their way into the modern world. He wants to install a military dictatorship, which is exactly opposite of what Stowes wanted, and keep a strong military and economy while garunteeing human rights but leaving the government to himself and his appointed officials. He still promises to build political colleges to allow the people to ascend and allow some control of the government to the people. least popular.

Muhammad Shah: Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Pananab, spreadng to every corner of the nation. Muhammad Shah is General Stowes' Imam, following him all over the world to perform Islamic traditions for Stowes and all of his men. Muhammad is now the most well-known Imam in Pananab and wants to install a Sultanate and have the government based on Islamic Law. Second most popular.

Kao-Tu: Little is known about Kao-Tu, except for the fact taht he is a powerful shaman. Pananab is split into many tribes and Kao-Tu is the leader of the largest one. He believes that Pananab should be splintered into Tribe-States and teh largest should control the government while the others have semi-independence, functioning as a confederacy. Third most popular.

Note-Your votes will not affect the outcome directly. I just want to see everyone's opinion on the candidates before I draft a constitution. Does not apply to FT Pananab.
18-12-2005, 05:46
An Amestrian reporter steps up.

"What are General Zheng Aoli's views on Church and State?"
18-12-2005, 05:50
"I care little for them. As long as they put no stress on the government, it may function as it pleases from private donations. I am a firm believer in seperation of church and state."
18-12-2005, 19:21
20-12-2005, 02:11

Hakunin is in the lead in the polls, followed by Muhammad Shah, the General Zheng Ao Li and Kao-Tu.
21-12-2005, 23:47
The results are in Hakunin Jahuziz won with 35% of the vote, Muhammad Shah in second with 30%, Zheng Ao-Li in third with 22% and Kao'Tu with 13% of the vote. Hakunin Jahuziz will emplace his own constitution and govern Pananab to his liking. Zheng will return to his duties as Head of the Military and Muhammad plans to oversee the construction of the largest Mosque in the world. Kao'Tu's intentions are unknown.