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1000 Year Reich
16-12-2005, 22:01
Dearest Mother,

I am doing well and am healthy, your constant letters always keep me lifted even when we have to march for miles. How is Father? In your last letter you wrote he was sick. I hope I find him well, or else little Hans would have to run the farm while he is ill and since I am not there to help. You should not worry either mother, about me. We are undefeatable! The Führer is a great man who has led us to great things! Already now my unit is in Warsaw, where we won an easy victory over the stubburn Poles. I must say though I respect them, they are a prideful people, and even in defeat when I look into their faces I can see they still hold onto it. Oh, and while I remember, I managed to become friends with the company photographer, and I exchanged some cigarrettes for pictures he had taken. I've left them enclosed with this letter. Well, I must go, I can hear the call for lights out. I love you and all the family. I miss you all dearly and hope to see you soon. And with how we win, I expect to see you very soon!

Your Son,

Corporal Eric Straussen sealed the letter to his mother and sighed it for their home town of Hamburg. He stood up and walked out of his tent flap. All along beside him where hundreds of other such tents. Some had small fires burning out in front of them, reminding Erik when he and his little brother use to have bon fires at fall time on the farm. Smiling he walked over to the company cp and slid his letter into the small mail box sitting on the table outside.

Content with that he walked back, all the while looking out and watching in the distance the blinking lights of Warsaw in the background.
My cousin Zander is in the 5th Panzer Brigade, Aunt Muller sent me this, his entry into Warsaw!
Here is my unit marching! Don't we look so unstoppable? Can you see me? I'm close to the edge, third row back! Show father, he'll be proud.
1000 Year Reich
16-12-2005, 22:20
"Schnell! Stehen Sie auf! Wir ziehen heraus um!" a voice yelled out. Quick! Get up! We're moving out!"

Erik rolled out of his cot and stood. Quick as possible he and the fellow three soldiers in the tent with him wrestled into their uniforms. Erik made sure to stow away his pen and paper along with the letters he had recieved from his mother. Finally packed he grabbed his mp-40 and stepped out of the tent, following Hans and Jurgen.

Outside a few hundred men scrambled, all were in uniform but they were busy packing up tents, eating breakfast fast as possible, or trying to find breakfast. Thanks to his rank, Erik simply supervised as the others took down the tent.

Kapitän Schatten, company commander, drove up in his command car. By this time nearly all the tents were stowed and the men were beginning to form up into ranks. Schatten stepped out of his car and returned the salutes of Leutnant Keller. "Ist die Brigade bereit?" the captain asked. Is the Brigade ready?

"Ja Kapitan. Wir erwarten Ihre Aufträge," said Leutnant Keller. Yes, we await your orders.

"Gut, März zum Sammlungpunkt. Wir werden den Westen gesprungenen Zug verschalen." Good, march to the rally point. From there we will board train that is going West.

"Ja Sir mein Kapitän," said Keller. He saluted and turned around smartly. He marched to the front of the ranks. "Prepare to depart!" The call was echeod by non-coms down the ranks.

"Linkes Gesicht! Vorwärts! Marsch!" Like a well oiled machine the line of troops marched, they went up the embankment of the field they had camped in and came onto the paved road, heading to the train depot. Out around them hundreds of other men were packing their camp sites, doing the same as them. They joined a long line of troops heading for the depot.
1000 Year Reich
16-12-2005, 22:37
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16-12-2005, 22:40
OOC: I like the beginning letter, and the personification of Erik. Good-job so far, keep it up. You seem like you'll be an ok WWII rp'er.
Nasjonal Samling
16-12-2005, 22:44
Would like to read more! VERY NICE!
16-12-2005, 22:46
well... s i c k ! !
1000 Year Reich
16-12-2005, 22:49
OOC: (ooc=out of character right?) Thanks guys. And Proteria: Sind Sie deutsch? Warum finden Sie, was ich Krankem schreibe?
16-12-2005, 22:51
OOC: (ooc=out of character right?) Thanks guys. And Proteria: Sind Sie deutsch? Warum finden Sie, was ich Krankem schreibe?OOC: Yes, OOC stands for Out Of Character.

You're definitely off to a promising start as a RPer from where I sit.
16-12-2005, 23:01
OOC: Yeah this is great.
16-12-2005, 23:08
Nice. Just, nice.

Sarz is right, your an excellent RPer.
16-12-2005, 23:10
very very very well done, i cant see where it is leading but hey its great.
1000 Year Reich
16-12-2005, 23:13
Fall was coming, and with a chill. Erik sat tightly rapped in long coat trying to keep warm. He and other men of his platoon sat sprawled out inside of an open rail car. The cars with seats had all been taken by the time they had reached the depot and had had to settle for cattle cars. Erik didn't mind too much.

He sat in a far corner next to the oil lamp that hung from above. He had his paper and pen out and was writing back to his mother after the letter he had just gotten from her.

My Son,

God how I pray for you and your safety! Your father is still slightly sick. Doctor Marten says that its a spring flu and will pass. All he needs is rest and fresh water. Oh, but you know your father, how restless he is. He is like the cow with a headache! I thank God that you are safe, and for the victory he has given the German people, and I thank God for the Führer and his safety. My son I hope you fight well for him. You know how your father came back from the first Great War with a limp and a sad look in his eye. I am glad to say he no longer has that look. Your father said that he was proud of you. If he could he would have joined you in signing up, but since he is over-age he could not; and indeed I would not let him. Hans is doing well, he talks of nothing but of how his older brother is a brave strong soldier of the Reich! He is growing, and do not forget his birthday is in a months time. He will be expecting a letter from you. Ah look, I've wrote all too much, just like a mother should. I love you my son, and I pray God keeps you safe. Remember your prayers as well!

Yours always,

Erik smiled again as he re-read it. He pulled out a tattered old book and set it on his knee. He took from his sack a piece of paper and his pen. Thinking for a moment and sucked on the end to make sure the ink hadn't frozen or was dry. Then he began writing back.

Dearest Mother,

You would not believe how I am glad to be home! We crossed into Germany just a day ago by train. It is not very comfortable, but the other men and I are doing well and just glad to be home. I am glad for your prayers, and hope the Holy Father watches over you, Hans, and father. I was surprised the other day when Private Fuller a man in my company said he was not Catholic. I had thought all or most Germans were. But he was not. He said he did not believe in God. I asked him what he did believe in, and you know what he said? He said he believed only in the Führer! I cannot understand how he does. I have faith in our Führer and believe he will help Germany become great, as we have already begun that path. But to not believe in God is too strange for me, and beyond my wits to understand. However several of the others are Catholic or Protestant, and we all pray togethor when we have a moments time. I hope father gets well soon, and I am glad that he is not seriously ill. Tell Hans I am proud he is getting older and stronger. He will be 14 soon right? I cannot remember. Send my Love to everyone at home.

Your Son,

Erik folded the letter and set it in his bag, and made a note to remember to put it in the company mail box when they stopped at the next town. He looked out the open doorway and saw the night shining stars. It was beautiful. The stars were reflected in the water of a river running next to the track.

Erik sighed with content and shuffled further into the recesses of his great coat, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. Another man stood up and turned off the oil lamp overhead.
1000 Year Reich
16-12-2005, 23:30
"Schneller! Schneller!" Faster! Faster! called out a voice over the din of rumbling voices. The troop train had stopped, and the company had begun dumping out, throwing their gear and equipment out and forming up into ranks. The captain also appeared, standing on a small stage set next to the train platform.

Erik formed his men into their proper place in the ranks, then turned smartly and waited. Captain Schattern looked over the few hundred men he was responsible for, seeing how quickly they got into their proper formation. He nodded in approval. He bent over to his aide and spoke, then stepped down from the platform.

Lieutenant Keller spoke with the aide and saluted. He turned back to the assembled men. "Bereiten Sie vor sich zu marschieren!" he called. Prepare to march!

The sergeants and other lower officers echoed the call down the line. Erik could see from the corner of his eye the exit of the train platform. He saw green hills and mountains beyond.

"Rechtes Gesicht!" Right face!

As one the entire unit stepped and turned, weapons and equipment held properly. Erik was proud, his unit had gotten top marks at the military academy for parade ground excellence.


Erik turned his head and yelled the march command along with the other lower ranks. Then the men marched out of the station.

Erik was amazed and nearly lost his step when he saw before him. They were in a large valley, surrounded on either side by high mountains. But it was what was in the valley that amazed Erik. Thousands of tents and buildings were set in the valley. Hundreds, it seemed thousands, were milling around the entire valley. He saw several groups of tanks and jeeps at one part of the valley. It looked like an entire army was here. Erik hadn't been a part of such a force since they had invaded Poland.

"The Saarland!" said a soldier. Erik repremanded him quietly for speaking while on march, but was also glad. He now knew where they were. In the Saar valley. On the border of France! He smiled broadly as they marched down a hill and into a roped off site of ground, their camping spot. They were going to invade France! thought Erik excitedly. He like any other German hated the French and longed to see them suffer in return for the humilation of the Great War.
1000 Year Reich
16-12-2005, 23:39
New Dornalia
16-12-2005, 23:41
OOC: Not a bad set of posts so far. What technology level are you?
New Ausha
17-12-2005, 00:27
OOC: Hey, do you think I could hop in this RP, as like, a fellow soldier in your company. I don't know much deutsch, but I could help with your story.
1000 Year Reich
17-12-2005, 11:11
OOC: New Dornalia- I'm WWII tech. New Ausha- maybe, but perhaps when the invasion of France happens, you can be a French or British soldier on the opposing side?
1000 Year Reich
17-12-2005, 14:37
Luetnant Keller stood amongst the large group of men huddled around him. It was near dawn, and a wet mist had settled over the area, hiding them. Erik sat with his platoon listening closely as the lieutenant debriefed them again.

"Aller Sie wissen, was unsere Mission ist. Sobald wir den Rand kreuzen, sollen wir continueally vorrücken, bis wir Arlon erreichen. Das Beglians wird nicht erwarten, daß wir folglich kein resitance dort sein sollten. Kampfbrunnen," Keller said. He looked around and into the faces of his men. They were all ready for this, most were eager. Finally they would revenge themsevles upon the French. (You all know what our mission is. Once we cross the border we are to advance continueally until we reach Arlon. The Beglians will not be expecting us therefore there should be no resitance. Fight well.)

Erik thought it unfortunate that they had to go through Belgium to get there, but then he didn't like the thought of trying to fight through the Maginot Line that he'd read about.

Lieutenant Keller stood up and moved out down the line of men to the command post area. Erik followed him with his eyes. All along, on either side, thousands of german soldiers were assembled. All veterans of the invasion of Poland.

"Es ist heraus zu verfluchtes kaltes und naß. Überlassen Sie ihm die Generäle, um uns an solch einem Tag angreifen zu lassen," said Hans. The assistant machine gunner was frowning and shudderin slightly in his long coat. (It is too damn cold and wet out. Leave it to the generals to have us attack on such a day.)

"Es ist, weil sie die Generäle, daß wir Hans hören, sind jetzt ruhige Unterhaltung sind gegen Aufträge sind," said Erik quietly. It is because they are the generals that we do listen Hans, now be quiet talking is against orders.

The private nodded and kept quiet. Suddenly off to the left Captain Schattern appeared next to Lieutenant Keller. The lieutenant nodded. Overhead Erik suddenly heard the drone of engines. He looked up, and in the morning haze of light he saw dozens of planes flying over. The Luftwaffe was supporting their attack. Further in the rear the roar of railcar artillery opened up, and several miles in front of Erik ground exploded.

Keller blew a wistle. The men all stood. A second wistle, the tanks began advancing. A third wistle. The infantry advanced. The invasion of Belgium had begun.
17-12-2005, 16:22
OOC: Hehe, this looks like the start of something good!
17-12-2005, 16:23
OOC: Wait a second....Lol

Tag for interest; looks good so far. Fear not Brother; the Reich has tamed the dark things of the world; and they will slink from the shadows to aid you soon enough ;)
1000 Year Reich
17-12-2005, 17:39
May 15th, 1940
Operations Report
1st Panzer Division
General Heinz Guderian

City of Sedan, France captured as of 0300 hours, elements of the 12th Infantry Division along with the first tank group of the 1st Panzer Division successfully flanked the French forces surrounding the town, French driven off with high casualties. Requesting further orders.

Full stop
Radio Message Sent

Guderian stepped out of his command tent and glanced around him. All around the city of Sedan his 1st and 2nd Panzer divisions were camped. Men were still up and working on repairing their tanks and vehicles.

He sighed and tried to relax. The campaign was going well. Rommel was on his far flank advancing just as he was, the elite panzer forces of the German Army. Guderian smiled, yes the campaign was going well, and all his ideas and strategies of blitzkrieg were working well.

Guderian was suddenly interupted by an aide who stepped forward with a telegram. "This just came in sir, from High Command." Guderian nodded and took it.

To: General Guderian, 1st Panzer Group
From: German High Command, Field Marshal von Kleist

Commander, you and your men have executed your orders well. However as of right now you and General Rommel are to halt your advance. Army group A is advancing along the central route via the Arrdennes. You are to await for the 23th and 19th Infantry Divisions under General Junger.

Guderian swore. "Get me Rommel on the radio, now."

"Ja General."
1000 Year Reich
17-12-2005, 17:52
"Ja Heinz erhielt ich den Auftrag gerade jetzt außerdem. Ich weiß, es bin rediculous. Wenn wir wir jetzt angreifen sollen, würden wir die Franzosen auf dem Durchlauf haben," said Rommel. He sat in his communications tent, radio in hand. General Heinz Guderian on the other end. Yes Heinz I got the order just now as well. I know, it is rediculous. If we we're to attack now, we would have the French on the run.

Guderian's voice came through.

"Was bedeuten Sie, was sind ich gehend, über es zu tun?" What do you mean, "What am I going to do about it?".

Guderians voice kept talking and Rommel looked at the map of France before him. He looked at the pins of units, both German and French, dotted at over it.

"Ja sehe ich es." Yes I see it.

Guderian spoke again.

"Sie Mittel gehen gegen Aufträge? Wir könnten das Gericht sein, das für das geordnet wurde." You mean go against orders? We could be court marshalled for that.

Guderian sounded an affirmative. Rommel thought about it. If they did indeed cut out across westward they could cut off a large section of the French army from the south, and still reach the sea. But it would mean ignoring a direct order from the High Command.

"Alles rechte Heinz, greifen wir zusammen morgens an." All right Heinz, we will attack together in the morning. Rommel handed the radio head set to the operator and stepped up out of the tent. He walked to his command tent where his aides where.

"Bereiten Sie die Männer, wir angreifen an der Dämmerung vor." Prepare the men, we attack at dawn.
17-12-2005, 17:52
[OOC: As an avid student of history (WWII and the Cold War in particular), I find your RPing to be both enjoyable to read and totally immersive, right down to the use of German in the dialogue between characters. Whether you decide to stay at WWII tech, or you decide to move up to Modern Tech (MT) with a sort of "alternate-universe" Reich, I'll be watching your posts with much interest. Keep up the great work!]
17-12-2005, 18:11
1000 Year Reich
17-12-2005, 18:12
ooc: thanks, I try to stay historically acurate...except about the part of germany losing. ^^

May 16th, 0600 hours

Erik got into the armored truck along with the rest of his platoon. The sun was just barely coming up over the far horizon. He wrestled into positiona nd sat down heavily. He was still tired. His unit had been attached to General Guderian's Panzer group and since they had been attacking non-stop. It was tiring but uplifting at the same time, and it meant the mail had a hard time catching up with the advance.

Erik pulled out from his coat pocket the letter he had just recieved from his mother two days before when they had halted long enough to refuel the tanks and have food and munitions brought up from the rear supply lines.

Dearest Son,

We have heard of nothing but victory! The Führer has announced that Paris will be captured and France defeated in days! I am so happy my son, and your father was so cheered that by this that his fever broke and is now doing well and working on the farm again. Oh, but God how I worry for your safety and that of your men. I pray three times a day, as does little Hans. He has told me that he wishes you to bring him a captured French army helmet with you when you return, as part of his birthday gift. Even Heidel visits the farm and talks with me. You know how she has always fancied you. My son, I pray for your safe return from this war and that our victory over the French comes quickly, and because you are there my brave boy, I know that we will be.

With Love,

He smiled as he read the last few lines. He missed his mother and family horribly, but he had his duty to the Fatherland and the Führer first. He tucked the letter back into his jacket and adjusted the strap on his mp-40. It had seen much use over the past week and it was already claimed four Frenchmen. Erik had begun to keep count. At first when he shot the man, he had frozen, suddenly realizing what he had done, but the battle continued and he killed again, and all thoughts of remorse fled when he saw Jurgen fall.

Sitting on the end of the truck he peeked out and looked at the column of tanks behind them.

It was an impressive site. He was near the rear of the main column but there were still many of the impressive panzers driving along behind. He tucked back inside, and listened as the men were talking.

"Ich hörte von meinem Freund, der ein Teil des Brigadebefehl Pfostens ist, den wir ohne Aufträge vorrücken!" I heard from my friend who is a part of the brigade command post that we are advancing without orders! said one man, a new replacement from a week before.

"So habe ich gehört, ausgenommen ich hörte, daß wir Aufträge ungehorsamsind." So I have heard, except I heard that we are disobeying orders. said Hans.

Erik shook his head. "Es macht nicht, wenn wir sind, seiend befolgend oder Aufträge aus, wir ist angreifend und die Franzosen und den zu besiegen ist alles, die uns betreffen sollten," he said. It does not matter if we are obeying or disobeying orders, we are attacking and defeating the French and that is all that should concern us.

The other nodded. Hans smiled. "Ja Herr General," he said amusingly. The truck rumbled again as they came over a rise. The German advance of the Panzers were continuing.
17-12-2005, 18:26
ooc: sweet, and I gotta love the pics. Keep the story up!
New Ausha
17-12-2005, 19:14
OOC: If you want me to stop just say.

I was scared. "What the hell am I doing? These panzers have us cornered." A tall, dark officer of the french army approached his waiting company. "Men, the germans will capture Paris, very soon. These germans are unstoppable." The men nodded in agreement.

Ihd joined the French Army in 1940, to counter the Nazi war machine. With the invasion of France, Iwas placed in an armored unit. He was frigtened, about how weak and thin-skinned his tanks were. Another thing that angered him, was Germany's automatic weapons. It seemed 1/3 soldiers in the German army had some sort of automatic weapon. Nobody in his company had ever even held one.

Two strong hands shook mefom sleep. "Jaque!! Panzers!!!" Jaque shot up, and looked over the measly stockade. Sure enough, 4 german panzers approached thier postion. The officer were quick to react. "Grenades!! Stop those tanks!!!" Around a dozen grenades flew towards the enemy, and exploding, flining dirt up into the air. Laughter was heared from the Germans. Jaque, in a rage, fired his bolt action rifle several times at the column, only to be met with more laughter. Each of the panzers, fired out thier turrets, shaking the earth.

What am I doing? Where am I? I looked around, and saw my officer. He looked at me, his face covered in dirt. "Where are we Captin?" "Quiet! He nearly shoved Jaque down." 'It wasn't just some armored column, Jaque. It was a battalion, a panzer battalion." "Where are the men!?" His officer looked down. I fell over, tears in his eyes. Each of those men, I had made lasting friendships with. "Those bastards,"I said slowly. I fell down to the earth. "I-I, I looked at the captin, We must go to my farm, about 17 km from here." The captin stood up. "We shall go then,"he said grimly. We shouldered our weapons, and were off.
1000 Year Reich
19-12-2005, 14:24
Guderian grumbled to himself again as he looked through his binoculars. He watched as his two Panzer divisions reinforced by several infantry brigades advanced against the defences of the French city of Marle.

His army had advanced over 80 kilometers in one day. He was damned proud of his men, and glad that the supply lines had been able to keep fuel coming, without it he'd be a sitting duck. But he needed to capture this city, once he did he could halt and make repairs to his panzers. Only about a 3rd were operable, the others having been halted futher north where machanics worked feverantly on them.

Guderian jumped down into the seat of his amored car. His aides had teloscopes or binoculars watching the advance from the top hatch.

"Sir, the infantry have reached the outer ridge banks," called Ricter. The young officer aide looked into his scope. Guderian nodded and stood, bringing his binoculars to bear.

Erik cursed again. "Scheiße!" He slammed into the embankment and put his head down. French artillery came slamming down around him, dirt being flung in all directions. On either side of Erik men of his company ran and jumped to the ground as well, the French artillery seeming to focus on them, which didn't help improve matters.

"Gottfluch jene verdammten französischen Artilleristen!" God curse those damned French gunners! yelled Hans over the roar of the barrage. Erik nodded feverantly in approval.

Lieutenant Keller crouched low and moving fast came up next to them. "Wir rücken auf meinen Befehl vor! Halten Sie, vorwärts zu bewegen, die panzers unterstützt uns oben!" We advance on my command! Keep moving forward, the panzers will back us up.

Erik and the men around him nodded and ducked as another round came and hit nearby.

Lieutenant Keller stood, looked down and up the line, then blew his wistle. With a yell the men rose from the ground and ran up and over the embankment. The French artillery smashed among some of the men, sending them to the ground dead. Erik simply ran forward, heedless of anything else, just wanting to move away from the embankment that was attracting so much attention from the French.

He looked around as he ran. He and his fellow soldiers were advancing through fields of crops, several hundred strong, and on either side groups of Panzers and more men advanced as well. Erik suddenly dropped his head, but then brought it back up. Planes roared over head, but they were Luftwaffe! Three Stuka dive bombers, their siren screams like demons out of hell as they sped toward the city before Erik and dropped their deadly load. The French artillery faltered, then stopped.

"Aufladung! Wir haben sie jetzt!" Charge! We have them now! yelled a voice from behind Erik. He yelled along with the others in enthusiasm. They got within a hundred or so more yards when the houses around the outskirts of town faces them erupted with rifle and machine gun fire.

French soldiers had taken refuge within them. Erik dove for the ground and flattened himself, machine gun fire raking the earth around him. He turned his head and saw Lieutenant Keller lying next to him, a bullet hole through his forehead, a calm look in his empty eyes. Erik quickly looked away. The men around him were all crouched, not daring to move. Erik cursed and then yelled out.

"Wer hat das Panzerfaust?!" he yelled. A man next to him pointed over to the left. There about ten yards away were two men lying, a rocket launcher and rounds next to them. Erik crawled over to them.

"Wenn ich diese Maschine Gewehr ablenke, feuern Sie einen Umlauf in sie ab!" When I distract that machine gun, you fire a round into them! he yelled into the ear of the operator. The man nodded, given heart by Erik's statement. Erik swallowed hard then moved back over to the right. He waited until he saw the man was ready, then he stood and ran right. He fired wildly at the house then dove for ground. The machine gun erupted and bullets sped after him. Suddenly a groud 'voom' hissing sound came and the window of the machine gun next blew out, red flame erupting from it. The men cheered and advanced, Erik waved them forward.

Guderian watched with glee as his infantry and tanks entered the city. The fight would soon be over!
1000 Year Reich
20-12-2005, 18:54
Erik hated rain, more than anything right now in his life. They had taken possession of the Eastern half of the town. The French infantry had stubburnly stayed in the city making a desprate holding action, even when most French armour units had withdrawn. Then it had been raining for two days.

Erik was however a bit pleased. He'd been promoted to sergeant. He now commanded the company, since Lieutenant Keller had been killed. He looked around at the men crouched around him in the old broken down building they had taken shelter in. It had a partial roof, but it was better than being out in the rain.

Erik took out his map of the town and wiped away all the water on it. He took out a pencil and made some adjustments to the small little dots. They had just taken yet another building across the street. Tommorow they were needing to take the large hotel across from the main central government building.

"Scheiße," said Erik miserably.
1000 Year Reich
16-01-2006, 20:45
Dearest Mother,

You must by now already know! We have captured Paris! Officers and men are singing and all are cheering. Some men are even in tears at finally having succeeded where our fathers did not in the last Great War. I forgot in my last letter to tell you, but I was promoted to Sergeant of my platoon. I was honored to get promoted and General Guderian himself gave me the Iron Cross for my bravery! I was so proud mother that you cannot imagine. \

I was forced to make an attack on a heavily defended French position. My men were being killed and I saw the rocket lying next to me. I picked it up and ran faster than the dear in the old forest at home. I went across open terrain and got into position and destroyed an enemy bunker. The General said I saved hundreds of lives by my act of bravery.

But now we are in Paris! I will be sure to bring back some wine and bread. Also I have once again been making deals with the company photographer and gotten some pictures he made. I have sent a few along with my letter.

I love you and miss you very much Mother, and all of the family. I hope I will receive leave soon, and then I will be able to visit home again. Send Father my regards, and Hans to wash behind his ears. God save the Fuhrer!

Your Son,

Smack! Crump. Smack! Crump. Smack! Crump.

The perfect sound of thousands of marching boots in full cadence echoed throughout the city of Paris. Lines upon lines of victorious German soldiers, smiling and sometimes cheering, marched through the capital of their defeated and hated enemy.

Erik himself stood outside the main line, marching in-step next to his platoon. He swelled with pride and happiness when he and his men marched beneath the Arch de Triumph. Frenchmen and women lined the streets. Erik could see fear and loathing on some faces, on others were looks of sadness and some were openly crying.

Good! Erik thought. Let them feel the sting and pain of defeat as we did. The Fuhrer was right. These people deserve it. They deserve to be conquered.

The line of men turned down a main street where the army was marching past a large stand. On it where officers of varying rank, including General Guderian and General Rommel; two commanders who had helped make this dream possible, this march of victory into Paris.

“Augen verließen!” Eyes right! called out Erik as they passed the group of officers. With perfect parade ground precision the heads of his men turned. Erik himself raised his ceremonial sword up to his face, cross guard over his nose. He brought it back down when they passed.

“Augen vorwärts!” Eyes Forward!

The men marched past, and the parade stretched on for the entire army. It lasted for the entire day.