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are flying discs apropriate?

14-12-2005, 17:47
How would all you NS aircraft designers out there rate flying discs as on tech levels.

Im not talking about generic "attackers from another world" type film craft with indescribable technology, im talking about ww2 concept planes level. - like the schriever disc

I dont want to get onto a conspiracy discussion here

But If you dont already know, the nazi government and military of germany was intrested with flying disc technology - that is a fact, whether they flew foo-fighters or not is debated.

But if i copied their designs or concept craft designs - would MT Rpers out there allow it to be used.
The most advanced i am contemplating uses Harrier VTOL engines. and is armed with laser guided weapons and other Attack-heli style armament.
Mainly produced for stealth and propaganda

Would the NS World Accept the Use of Flying Discs?.
14-12-2005, 18:09
I'm an FT nation so i suppose my comments only mean so much but i also remember the allies, more to the point the Americans experimenting with a twin prop engine design that had simularities to a 'disk' design. They scraped it though. I believe it was something about the inablities for pilots to control the aircraft. If i remember right, it was an extremely fast and adgile aircraft, that is for as long as they could fly it.
14-12-2005, 18:16
Perhaps you refer to this, the Chance Vought V-173:

As an MT player I would have absolutely nothing against other nations using VTOL flying disk designs, they are completely feasible.
14-12-2005, 18:50
Yes, that is the craft i was refering to. An interesting design I always thought. There were many oddities the the US came up with in the search for newer and better.
14-12-2005, 20:37
Truthfully a disk shaped aircraft would have many problems with the aerodynamics, or all of the weapons would need to be internal and it would be hard on the thrusters, it could though have old WWII stuff with flaps but then comes back to aerodynamics. And think about fitting everything into a disk, like trying to fix squares into a circle, which means a lot of wasted space. Then there is the problem of combat, the disk would present such a big target to AA positions and when the aircraft would turn. There are some good things though, it would be very excellent in straight on conflicts and a good tactic would be to swoop in and leave, much like Stukas.
14-12-2005, 20:50
And think about fitting everything into a disk, like trying to fix squares into a circle, which means a lot of wasted space.

you could put fuel there, fuel is always good, unless its too heavy or you're covered in it and surrounded by a thousand monkeys with lighters
14-12-2005, 21:06
The idea is sound and the technology is MT so I wouldn't have a problem with these things being used MT. Now I don't see any advantages over conventional VTOL designs except maybe psychological ones. But those would be outweighed (For me) by the complications of making such an aircraft viable as a combat aircraft, the weapons and radar would take some fitting into a flying disc and the control surfaces would have to be pretty wild I imagine to get combat performance. It would probably make a better spy aircraft. fit it with a Plasma Radar Shield (Currently being produced in RL by a russian company, so its MT, I'd be happy to sell you my IC research in that field) and you've got a first class UFO it even glows in the dark and disapears from radar.
14-12-2005, 21:45
No argument from me hear. It'll only help me...

Soldier: Sir, there's a UFO!
Commander: Holy crap, I can't believe it's not butter! Oh wait, what?
Soldier: There's an unidentified flying object!
Commander: Oh my god! $10.99 for a double cheeseburger with medium fries? What a rip!
Soldier: Sir!
Commander: What? Oh, sorry. Shoot it down.
15-12-2005, 00:09
Fuel!? No way if you use a lot it would probably be on the outer edges and then when anything piearces it...... Bang

My Impression of an Disk Shaped Airplane Attack:

Private: Sir enemy inbound!
General: Where?
Private: Right there!
General: Oh, okay.

General pulls out his pistol and shoots at the wide disk, with one shot it is engulfed in flame as the others are shot down by everything from Ack-Ack to farmer hicks were their .22.
General: Back to the john.
The Kraven Corporation
15-12-2005, 00:14
The way I see it is, if you really want to have flying Discs as your Air force, Go for it, This is a free form RP, if you like the Idea of hundereds of Saucers approaching enemy positions in an Earth Vs The Flying Saucers esq scene, Go for it. if anything it'll add a new dimenson to Nationstates

The Role playing possibilities are endless, I mean if you worked it properly you could dupe Enemy nations into beliving they were being attacked by space craft from another world, Would make for some Fun Roleplaying on both parts and if you can pull it off, Kudos to you!
15-12-2005, 00:25
First off, it would have to be tracer fire. This is proven by Mythbusters. Second it would happen maybe 25% of the time. Third, Military Fuel Tanks are pretty well protected.
15-12-2005, 18:38
First off, it would have to be tracer fire. This is proven by Mythbusters....

Well if the Mybusters say so how can I disagree with that logic? Also when the enemy forces will have such a gigantic target unless you guys are thinking of the little darting speeding ones and not the big floaty ones.
15-12-2005, 18:40
hmm god bless the unmodderated Rps.

The idea i was going for, ill keep it to FAS military format.

Country of Origin: RFK
Similar Aircraft: Schievers Disc

Crew: 1, 2
Role: high altitude bomber, air defence, strike craft. lowlevel attack craft.
Diametre: 13.5m
Maximum Speed:
Maximum Ceiling:
Service Ceiling:
Maximum Range:
Combat Range:
In-Flight Refueling: No
Internal Fuel: dependable.
Engines: various types, ranging from turbofan vtol engines to magnetic propulsion.
Sensors: Laser designator,

Auto-turret 30mm
Air to Air - weapons similar to - BVRAAM,
Air to surface: weapons similar to - ALARM, Exocet, Brimstone
Other -

Ive been reading up on some engines and found intresting stuff.
Iridian States
15-12-2005, 19:13
First off, it would have to be tracer fire.
Or explosive or incendiary rounds.
15-12-2005, 19:21
Frisbees are not considered PMT in Bjornoya.
15-12-2005, 19:21
Or explosive or incendiary rounds.
QFE. Most modern fighter aircraft guns are really light cannon loaded with a mixture of armour-piercing slugs and explosive shells.
Iridian States
15-12-2005, 19:24
15-12-2005, 20:22
QFE. Most modern fighter aircraft guns are really light cannon loaded with a mixture of armour-piercing slugs and explosive shells.

Most modern air-air fighting is with missles (which are explosive) and usually they do not even see them before the fight is done.
15-12-2005, 22:18
Most of the armament on this is laser guided or helicopter based weapons.

On the fact it would be either very far away from battle in stealth mode

Or supporting ground troops clear towns etc. and shoot down enemy craft as a support weapons platform.

gunpods, missiles, auto-guns of various calibres, flamethrowers, NBC role.
15-12-2005, 22:36
Okay to wrap this up I think the fianl conclusion is that is could happen but that it would be largly ineffective except on a mind warfare level.
The Horde Of Doom
15-12-2005, 22:37
Why not use it for recon?
Potty 5
15-12-2005, 22:52
Discs are capable at MT. But the WW2 US version only worked because of it's props and thier position (The Nazi one never worked).
15-12-2005, 22:53
Why not use it for recon?
i am/will
The Horde Of Doom
15-12-2005, 23:09
Example of recon work:
"Sir....I have to report something."
"What is it private."
"Well I was out in the woods, on patrol and I...well...I say a flying saucer. It was watching us set up-"
"You mean to tell me aliens are spying on us?"
"N-no sir...I just..."
"You j-j-just going to go clean the latrines! And stop drinking!"

Most people would think themselves crazy if they saw and, and wouldn't even report it.
16-12-2005, 17:25
very nice idea. and yes in some cases that would happen.

Like the one in england where a patrol group came across what they belived to be a Triangular craft.


i think we can finally agree on the fact that it is free roleplaying and mt saucers/discs are usable. - now to start the building production thread.