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Terrorist attack

The Marxist State
14-12-2005, 00:08 -The city of Red Peace. Where our story begins. The town in the Left-hand corner is the "Rebel Village" where the rebellion makes it's home. Note that Red Peace is NOT our capital.

Dissatisfied with the Socialist goverment and the rule of Igor Kakarov, a group of warriors known as the Eye of God have arose. They seek to give the military total power.

Red Peace - 2:12 AM

"Hurry up!" said Godeye warrior Lei Choi, "today is when we make our move."

"Yeah yeah I'm going." said Grigor, getting into the truck. "Everything ready."

"Yeah" said Choi, holding up the large suitcase like object.

"Remember Lei, once you've press the button it'll happen, we need to be 10 miles away by then."

"I know, it's the big plan, now lets hurry." They drove off quickly. The police were too tied up with the Rebellion to deal with such trivial crimes as speeding. Soon they were at a massive building. They snuck around, it took the 2 of them to plant the object. And when they did, it was ready. Grigor and Lei got into the truck. They drove 15 miles to be safe. When they stopped in the street, Lei pulled out an object that looked like a garage door opener and pressed a large button on it that said "DET" A screen on it counted down. "5....4....3....2....1." A small mushroom cloud was seen in the backround and instantly 8 miles of land was destroyed by a simple Backpack nuke. "IT WORKED! LET THOSE DAMN COMMIES EAT THAT!" They cheered in victory and Lei started up a camera while Grigor put a ski mask over his face. The video was recieved the capital of Gloria the next day.

(A voice scrambaler makes an electronic monotone cover Grigor's voice. He has an AK101 held close to his chest and is wearing all black clothing.)

Today, you have been attacked by The Eye of God. He will not stand for socalisim any more and your nation will fall to our power or be obliterated.
654,455 Dead
900,456 Injured
Risk of Radiaton Sickness for 1,653,032
Risk of Cancer for 10,214,255
10 miles of land uninhabitable for hundreds of years
20 miles of land that will be uninhabitable for shorter periods
(eg 10 or 20 years)
Winds will blow fallout SSE, towards downtown.

This only takes account the citizens of Red Peace. It is heavily toured by foreigners.
The Marxist State
14-12-2005, 03:15
H-Town Tejas
14-12-2005, 03:37
Chairman Ryouta Nagaraku was sitting in his office when he got a knock on the door.
His secretary, Megumi Morinuma, came in with a news article.
"I saw this, thought it might interest you," she said.
Ryouta read the article.
"Terrorists bomb Red Peace with backpack nuke...BACKPACK NUKE! Where the hell did terrorists get backpack nukes!" Ryouta said.
"I don't know, sir," Megumi said, "What should I tell Mikel to do?"
"I'll call him," Ryouta said.
When his secretary left the room, Ryouta dialed his foreign minister's number.
"Mikel! Some crazy terrorists bombed Red Peace, you know, in the Marxist State?" he said into the phone.
"You mean the city all our tourists go to?" his foreign minister said.
"Yeah," Ryouta said, "Send them some aid."
With that, he hung up.

Dear Marxist State,
The People's Republic of H-Town Tejas has heard about the terrorist attack in your nation. We are willing to send you aid, depending on how much you will need. Our army will probably seem poorly equipped, though. Especially because your terrorists have backpack nukes.

Mikel Aritza, PRH-TT Foreign Minister.
The Marxist State
14-12-2005, 03:45
(If you haven't noticed, The Marxist State is mixed Russian-Chinese)
To: The People's Republic of H-town Tejas
From: Foreign Advisor Shi-Keen

It may intrest you to know that the device was stolen military equipment, before this attack the Godeye Warriors were just rioters that were a small migraine to Kakarov and his goverment, they had a man in one of our military labs. They are ill-equipped. We need soldiers to fight off this rebellion, they are in the town of a Gaia, 100 miles away, and medical equipment. We will provide anti-radiaton equipment for aide workers who must go near the blast site.
The Marxist State
14-12-2005, 14:03
The Marxist State
15-12-2005, 00:32
Gloria - 9:35 PM (Same day as the bombings)

Igor Savornez Kakarov watched the video again, he couldn't believe what he saw. How could this happen. He said into a microphone, "Scieszka(occ: silent S BTW), in my office."

Scieszka Karzanof, shes the last one you'd expect to be a Military advisor. She was slightly below average height. and wore glasses. She had shoulder length brown hair and wore a black sweater and sweatpants. She was chosen for this position because she was The State's most infamous Technoligics Officer during the Red Snow revolution of 5 years ago, figuring out missile codes and shifting through triliabites of hacked and classifyed data at unnatural speed. Her intrests in the works of all different people, from Sun Tzu to Karal Marx gave her great information of the military, more then that of the State's best male generals. She also served in the Navy-Airforce and became a Major General because of her great experteise in the technology of that feild. Despite her appearnce, she definatly knew her way around the military.

"What sir..." she said in an irratated voice, standing in the double doorway to the newly furnished office. "I have things to do. I need to go see the ambassador of..."

"The hell with him...we got something much more important."

"What could possibly be more important then nucular war in other countries."

"Nucular war in our country Scieszka." He threw her the artiacle. Instantly the angry scrowl left her face and a sadden look appeared.

" brother was working there...."

"Not then, it was in the middle of the night, your brother works in the day and he'd be safe in his home."

"Approxamently 700,000 dead casualties expected to rise as fallout travels south." she read aloud. "Eye of God claming responsablity! What the hell! The wrost they've ever done is hit one of your guards with an empty soda can, how could they have done this!"

"I honostly don't know, but I want you on it, I need you to find everything you can on this man." He had one of his guards standing to the left of him hand her a file."

"Major Robert Chaimberlain, highest ranking Non-Russian or Asian soldier in the Navy, what of him."

"He's a capitalist, a damn evil one too. We think he might've had something to do with it."

"I'm on it sir." And with that Scieszka walked out with 2 elite guards in dark red and orange unifourm beside her.