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Chamber doors are opened

13-12-2005, 03:07
The foriegn minister made one final reassurance "Are you sure madam?"
"Yes" she replied.
Here we go thought the minister. He pressed a button. Admiral-Bell's new chamber of foriegn affairs building was opened, and the following message was sent around the world:


The nation of Admiral-Bell has been isolationist far to long. We have literally thrown the doors open for you. We wish you to establish embasies and bring trade.


The Moderator of Admiral-Bell
14-12-2005, 05:00
no nation wishes to join us thought the foriegn minister Why?

Innish Cadwaladr
14-12-2005, 16:29
To: The Moderator of Admiral-Bell
From: "Mad" Jack O' Bannon, High King o' Innish Cadwaladr

Embassies an' free trade be just wot I be lookin' fer, though ye could do a bit better dressin' up wot ye 'ave ter offer, yer Moderatorship, if'n ye don't mind me sayin' so. As such, I don't 'ave no fair idear wot I 'ave ter gain from joinin' in any kind o' alliance wit' ye. I don't 'ave no fair idea wot me embassy can an' can not consist of, an' I don't evn 'ave no right idear wot yer 'ave ter trade! 'owever, there be a reason that I earned the title o' Mad Jack rather than jus' Jack, an' so I'll take a chance wit' ye if'n ye'll take a chance wit' me. If'n ye'll check me post, ye'll see wot I 'ave ter offer fer trade, though the short list be Innish Rum, Innish Limes, grains, poultry, fish, steel an' other ores, Innish Weed, hemp, an' a variety o' other things.

As fer me embassy, since ye don't 'ave no guidelines, I'll tell yer that I be sendin' the 'ead o' Clan MacBurney ter yer fair land, along wit' 'is wife, four sons an' five fair daughters. Asides from them, I'll be sendin' one o' me personal Druids fer consultin', a Runemaster ter 'elp wit' the 'igher learnin', a Bard ter 'elp wit' the histories, an' a Shide singer ter 'elp soothe 'is poor soul while it's away from it's 'omeland, I'm shore yer understand. He'll also be accompanied by a full compliment o' Innish guards, whose armament'll be consistin' o' the full compliment o' Innish blades, which be: a Claymore, an Innish longsword, a Dirk, an Innish dike, an' a Basket-Hilt Claymore fer affairs o' state. Also, unless ye be bannin' firearms, they'll also each keep a 'untin' rifle in storage, though they'll naught be carryin' it. Also, I'll be needin' there embassy by some kind o' water, preferably the sea if ye 'ave one, an' if not, a lake'll do; jus' some form o' water, I'm shore ye understand. Asides from that, ye may send what ye see fit ter me own sunny shores, so long as ye be clearin' it wit' me first, an' let me know wot exactly ye 'ave ter trade. Also know that any Innish buccaneer activity on yer ships'll be severly cracked down upon once we be in fair trade, an' yer can count on the Innish 'avin' yer back in any scrap ye be involved in so long as ye be 'avin' ours.

May yer voyages be short an' yer destinations prosperous,
"Mad" Jack O' Bannon
15-12-2005, 01:17
the nation of Admiral-Bell has disappeared from the world as of now thought the moderator. And it will stay thet way...
At least for a while
Old Celts
15-12-2005, 03:19
Far be it from me to refuse a nation in need of help. The Kingdom of the Old Celts is ready and willing to open up trade relations and establish embassies. No nation should have to bare the burden alone. Our Kingdom stands beside you.

Seamus McGillicutty
Premier of Foreign Relations
Kingdom of Old Celts