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Return of AFRP

A Few Rich People
12-12-2005, 23:53
Years have past since AFRP had paid attention to the world. A great turmoil turned its eyes inward, the Dispersal war. It started when lower management, those in charge of the cities, began to realize that the overseeing corporation did very little save collect profit from their toils. Thus the individual cities united against Mikosolf, gathering their personal armies to cast of the shackles of the Corporation.

The Corporation would not allow this, they brought the full force of their arms to bear against the insuring cities. Yet, despite their numbers, superior training, and weapons, the war machine ground to a halt within weeks of the first shots. The cities, the suppliers or everything from fuel to munitions to food, stopped serving the Corporation. Thus, like many grand armies, logistics shattered the back of the Corporate Military. While their tanks ground to a stop and guns ceased to fire the insurgent forces gathered them up, adding armor and weapons to their force. Soon even some of those in the military defected, seeing how the Corporation was not the godly power they had once revered, adding both man power and training to the growing insurgent forces.

The war should had ended within months, but much of the military was still staunch defenders of the Corporation. Raiding arm factories and fuel storage, some of the Corporate forces were able to carry own the fight. But sheer numbers were grinding them down, cutting into the meager area of land they controlled, forces it closer and closer to the Corporation Fortress-Headquarters.

There, at the last bastion of Mikosolf the elite guards held the insurgents at bay, slowly giving in wall after wall for nearly a month. Eventually the insurgent forces slaughtered their way through the grand halls, staining the lush carpets and stone walls with blood. Even the Bastion, the great bunker complex below where High Judicature Mikial Zakrufs, the head of the Mikosolf Directorate, made his last stand. Surrounded by the last twenty of the Crusader forces, his own elite soldiers, they fought for hours, till they finally ran out of ammo. Hundreds lay dead, and all but two of the Crusaders were dead, and Mikial himself was fatally wounded. As one insurgent, then Corporal Kassen, asked the once proud leader if he had any last words, he responded,

“I have no words for the scum that destroyed our nation, I was to bring us to glory, where will dogs like yourself take us?” He spat at Kassen, his saliva red with his blood, as he quickly pulled out a gilded pistol and shot himself in the head, spraying his once powerful brains over the hewn stone walls that contained his last stand.

Now, the Mikosolf Corporation is but a shadow of its former glory, no longer the controlling corporation of a booming nation, but once more a normal corporation, though with almost no power beyond consulting as all their factories and workers are stripped from them.

As the war closed, and the Mikosolf Corporation was dispelled from AFRP’s government the leaders of the cities turned on each other. Those who had just fought side by side now turned on each other. The few cities that were either weak to begin with or were crippled by the war were quickly conquered, taken into the other leaders control.

Soon only five were left, their forces were for the most part evenly matched. Realizing that continued fighting would accomplish little more that further destruction of the once great country they met in armistice in the destroyed Fortress-Headquarters. They talked for a great while, their choice would either bring about peace and reconstruction of a war that would drive the nation into the ground.

Eventually, a treaty was worked out. Each of the five leaders would control what they had already, trade would be allowed freely without tariff between the city-states, armies would be kept, but any act of aggression to another AFRP city-state would result in the rest of the states fighting the aggressor. WMD would be evenly divided among the powers and the rest dismantled or sold.

Thus the City-States were born. Now they exist in a delicate equilibrium, knowing that peace only exists because they cannot gain enough power alone to conquer the others. Even secrete alliances have not tipped the balance, because no more than two factions can even ally with each other, leaving any act of aggression by the alliance open to a three verses two war. So now, AFRP looks outward once again. No longer a corporation dictatorship but a council.

OOC: This is where you people can come in. Though I have no plans for a revolution *yet* giving support (politically/economically) will begin to top the scales, and who knows, maybe change the face of AFRP once again.

The five leaders are as follow:

Judicator Kassen, leader of the Mazion
Description: Charasmatic insurgent, witnessed the suicide of former Mikosolf CEO, believes in the right to bear arms, freedom to the lowest worker, most socialist of the factions.

Director Morecraft, leader of the New Mikosolf
Description: Though not as fascist or restricting as Mikosolf, he believes in the power of corporations. Wants to bring AFRP back as a pure economic power. What he controls is run as it was in the days of Mikosolf, but more willing to inport.

Reiha Haverty, leader of Reborn Earth
Description: Wants to renew the land that Mikosolf has destroyed. Wants a green economy, and balance with nature. Militant tree-hugger best describes her.

Father Santorum, leader of Reborn Fire
Description: Fundamentalist, wants to bring Christianity to AFRP (which is a primarily atheistic nation). Centrist rightwing Christian, against gays, and all those who are not Christian or of white ancestry.

Director Dobson, leader of Only Us
Description: Isolationist, wants to make AFRP fully self sufficient and ignore the world.
A Few Rich People
13-12-2005, 01:05
The Gupta Dynasty
13-12-2005, 01:08
OOC:Too lazy to make an IC post (I might do it sometime later this week) but great to see you back! NS ain't been the same, man. Oh, and this is Yafor 2, in case you didn't see from the sig.
A Few Rich People
13-12-2005, 01:16
OOC: Heh, well glad to be back, but with a new face on an old nation O.o
The Gupta Dynasty
13-12-2005, 01:42
OOC:Noticed that right away. *imagines* A commie AFRP would be funny! Especially with the name! *imagines again* Uh-uh. Never gonna happen.
13-12-2005, 02:18
Welcome back! Good to see some of the old players still around. Maybe we can have a bit more interaction than we did back in the day...
A Few Rich People
13-12-2005, 04:59
Bump for the evening crowd and then to let the post slip if nothing occurs with it.
Unified Sith
16-12-2005, 02:45
OOC: You know, me and Jordaxia were just talking about you the other day AFRP :p

And would you believe it, you heard our calls!
A Few Rich People
16-12-2005, 02:47
OOC: What can I say, I'm crazy like that ;)