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Massive Military Increases

07-12-2005, 02:15
"This is Jameson Jones of Shazbotdom News Network reporting to you live from our studios in Shaz City. The rumors that have been circulating throughout the country were proven as plausable today as the Marine Corps started a campaign to encourage more civilians to join the military. This campaign stems from an increasing threat of violence against the Pure Socialist Holy Empire from nations that do not want us to help protect the peace in certain parts of the world. With that a major overhaul is being started throughout the Military of the Pure Socialist Holy Empire that will introduce new aircraft into the fleet.

The information obtained by this station states that the Military will increase from using 1% of the current population to using 2.955% of the current population. No word yet as to how much of an increase will take place in the difference branches of the Military but there is much speculation throughout the Pure Socialist Holy Empire. We now go to Trisha Kelandre out in the field with more on this situation. Trish?"

In Parliament Square
"Thanks Jameson. By what we have heard from the civilian populace, they believe that the increases will be mostly with the Special Forces section and the Reserves, although a few people have stated that most of the increase will be in the Active Marine Corps, which is only sporting 4 companies when it should have more."

Video Footage from roughly a few hours earlier
"I belive that the increase will be in the Marine Air Corps. I mean they only have 1,000 aircraft. How are they supposed to defend the nation with only that many planes?"

"What i believe is that most of the people will go to the active marines. They are so few they are a discrase to the nation."

"I don't believe what I am hearing with these people. Most of the people should go toward the new Marine Aircraft, the Space Fleet, and the SCS Marines. They will be the shining point in the future of the Nation."

Back to Trish
"Back to you in the Studio."

In the Studio
"Thanks Trish, in other news, rabid dogs attacked a mailman earlier this week. He is currently in critical condition at St. Demitri's Hospital in Shaz City..."
13-12-2005, 23:01
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