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The Resistant Region

New World Order III
06-12-2005, 23:09
The "Resistant" Region is a region at war against NS MODERATORS. Our factbook entry is as follows.

World Factbook: This region currently has a Declaration of War against NS MODERATORS! We seek their complete and utter destruction and will not rest until they are all destroyed. No citizen will be spared. We also have a reputation for looking out for our fellow nations. Every nation in the Resistant region offers a percent of their military forces to help protect our borders and we are seperate from the UN and the rest of the Global Community that cowards under the control of the NS MODERATORS.

If you are interested in fighting these autrocies, then this region is right for you. The NS MODERATORS have become drunk with power. Here are some regional members who are brave enough to fight.

Idiot grease monkeys
Haroutioun II
Moderator Terminators

We are also currently allied with the Aviators region in our fight against the evil NS MODERATORS. Join the fight and free your nation from their grip!