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Yaroslav Ind. [Aircraft Storefront]

03-12-2005, 21:27
Message from the Head Director Leonid Baslov:

Here at Yaroslav Industries we have a commitment to exellence and quality of our product like no other company in the world. If you buy from us you can be assured that you will have the best product on the market today.


Yaroslav Industries was began by a head designer of the Institute of Military Aircraft & Propulsion Design in 1958. For decades it was a second rate company only getting minor orders from the Union of Communist Republics Air Force while its main competitor GIT (Garkov & Titov) was completely dominating the market within the nation. To make matters worse Union of Communist Republics government controlled all the military exports and because GIT had strong political connections with the government they made sure that Yaroslav Ind. planes never left UCR borders.

Things changed in 1997 then both GIT and Yaroslav Ind., along with all other companies designing and producing military hardwate, were forced to merge into the Cooperative Design Beuraue. This decision was made by the Prime Minister of UCR himself, nobody could do anything about it. This opened YI designers opportunity to show themselves. The product of cooperation between GIT, YI and several companies from the nation of Space Union, was Mish-11 Arhangel arguably the best jet fighter that ever took to the skies. Until 2005 YI and GIT continued cooperating under CDB mostly on designing modified versions of Mish-11.

In 2002 the second revolution happened which put an end to the Union of Communist Republics. From the ashes of that mighty nation Russian Federation was reborn as fast as it was brought down in 1892 by the communists only 2 years after Tsarist armies were defeated. This new face of Russia was much more freedom loving and capitalistic then the ones that came before it. Cooperative Design Beuraue was disbanded, Garkov & Titov were forced to sell all their assets after their political ties with the government were nulified. The buyer of their assets and of all the assets of CDB Aircraft Design division was no other then the Yaroslav Industries. The company benefited greatly from freedom to sell their product on the foreign markets, in addition they became the main contractors for the Russian Federation air force. Although RFAF gained control of the company by buying 67% of its stock, YI was relatively free to do what they wanted as long as their priority was to furfill orders from the air force.

Yaroslav Industries of today are a strong, globaly competitive company with a seemingly bright future. Just in few years they were able to expand their line of products from only featuring military aircraft to also featuring civilian aircraft.


All order requests should be submitted to the Head of YI Export Committee, Valerie Letunov. Under any circumstances we reserve the right to not sell the product if we deem such an action as a threat to the nation we are based in which is the Russian Federation. We do not hold any preference in the ideology of our costumer only that he or she is not a threat to our controlling share holder.
03-12-2005, 21:28
Product Listings:

Military Aircraft:



Military Training Aircraft:


Civilian Aircraft:


Private Light Aircraft:
03-12-2005, 21:28

Yar-1M "Akula"

Role: Attack Aircraft
Length: 12.7 m
Wingspan: 11.6 m
Height: 3.7 m
Crew/Accomodations: 1x Pilot, 1x WSO
Max Speed: 671 km/h
Radius of Action: 1342 km
Arnament: 2x 30 mm PD-74 Cannon, 2x 12.7 mm PD-12 Machine guns
Hardpoints: 5x 723 kg each
Interlan Bomb Bay: Yes, 2 bombs
Max weapon load: 4879 kg
Engine: 1x UZM-UM turboprop
Avionics: 1x All-weather Multi-frequency MPR-12-15 Radar, 1x PP-141-213 Tageting suite
Description: Yar-1M "Akula" is a basically a modified Yar-1 "Pchela" which was the first fighter aircraft ever created by YI. Yar-1 went through a series of modifications with introduction of an avionics suite, better arnament and better engine. Yar-1M can also carry wide variety of bombs, missiles, and even cruise missiles. This aircraft was made primarily to meet the demands of the civilian defense agencies rather then air force. The gamble paid off then Russian Federation Agenstvo Natsionalnoye Bezopasnosti has purchased 471 of these with a follow up order of 1231 more.

Cost: 67000 USD


Description: A remote control version used for flying target testing for other aircraft and missiles.
Cost: 59000 USD

Description: The civilian version
Cost: 27000 USD
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