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PROHT Air-show!

Hurtful Thoughts
29-11-2005, 03:10
From: PROHT Defense Ministry

PROHT is looking into procurring the very best planes for its air-force, all designs welcome. Visitors and delegates are welcome as well, since PROHT's Storefront could use some business.

PROHT shall present this airshow at the New Roanoke Island Naval Base.

The main attractions are two flying boats, one from The Allied Union of Velkya, and another from The Armed Republic of The Peoples Freedom. But there shall be space for other competitors. Attendance and refreshments are free.

PROHT however advises you to follow the following rules:
-Limit 2 gaurds per nation, they may be as heavily armed as you wish. Being rumurs of undead walking around, which we take very seriously.
-Only Guards may be armed, all other personal weapons shall be confascated unless in a state of emergency, during which time all personel shall be issued a service weapon and advisor to instruct their proper use.
-Delegates shall be escorted by at least one PROHT national at all times.
-The PROHT Air Force expressedly wishes no private cameras near it's aircraft, and any found on the dignataries or body guards will be confiscated. If you would like a picture of yourself and/or an aircraft, please direct one of our photographers to do so.
- Foreign nation MAY use their exhibits as "storefronts", but they must first alert the PROHT Ministry of Commerce to this.

Please fill out the form below before your arrival:
Personel form
Reason of being here:

For submitting a plane please fill out the following:
Name of plane:

:) Have a nice day!:)
The PeoplesFreedom
29-11-2005, 03:18
The PeoplesFreedoms entry:
A-22 ‘Seagull’ Maritime patrol craft
Length: 30 meters Height: 10.75 m; Wingspan: 20 m
Crew: Two Pilots, One electronics operator, and one gunner
Propulsion: Four Turboprops
Maximum speed: 275 MPH
Payload: 45,000 pounds
Range: 1600 Miles(longer if refueled)
Weapons: Two ASW Missiles or two Torpedoes, Naval Mines, Depth charges, 35mm Nose Cannon
Electronics: Advanced Sonar System.
Countermeasures: Flares, chaff
Price: 5 million
This plane is perfect for Nations whose budget cannot support the state-of-the-art Patrol craft. The Seagull uses old Turboprop engines for transportation but can patrol up to twelve hours without refueling. It can land in the water allowing it to refuel from other ships or ports. It carries enough detect capability to detect most submarines. It also has enough armament to destroy any submarine it encounters or weak ship. For larger ships, it is better to call in the location and have the Navy take them out. The plane is perfect military-wise for smaller nations have their patrol craft. However, larger nations can use them in a Police role. The peoples freedom Naval Home Fleet along with the Drug Control Agency, uses this craft to destroy drug smugglers ships.
Sniper Country
29-11-2005, 03:55

To: Hurtful Thoughts
From: Sniper Country
Re: Air Show


The Confederacy of Sniper Country is wondering of what sort Air Traffic Services you will be providing for the event. If need be, and if the event is large enough, Sniper Country is willing to provide these services.

-Confederacy of Sniper Country
29-11-2005, 03:58
Pale Rider Arms would like to enquire about the possibility of displaying one of its own designs at your air show. We would be quite willing to donate a single aircraft to your nation in exchange for the right to present it at this show.

Thank you for your time,
Samurai Negotiator Miyamoto
Hurtful Thoughts
29-11-2005, 04:24
Re: The Armed Republic of The Peoples Freedom
And who might be flying your plane? (Sorry to have to ask, but New Roanoke Island Naval Base is a secure military installation, and we would like that all visitors arrive home safely after the exhibition)

Re: Confederacy of Sniper Country
Our Air traffic control is, adaquate. (Military FOB for landplanes, massive harbour for floatplanes, small military airport, useually swamped with planes that wiegh less than 3 tons. Such flights have been canceled in order to make room for the incoming flights.

Re: Pale Rider Arms, Samurai Negotiator Miyamoto
We are more than happy to let you present your aircraft, provided you fill out the above forms, be sure to include flight crew.

Wishing the best of luck
Prime Minister Wimptastic
29-11-2005, 04:31
The Kingdom of Fourhearts would like to enter one of it's airships, The Sheildbearer.

Name: Zach Titan
Gender: Male
Wieght: 195
Rank\Occupation: Airship Captian
Reason of being here: Presenting The Sheildbearer

Name of plane: The Sheildbearer
Catagory: Airship (Bomber)

Length: 250 meters long,
Crew: 25 (Only 8 needed for airshow {CO, XO, Nav, Commo, Engineer, Pilot, and Two Gaurdsmen)
Propulsion: Two turbine engines
Maximum speed: 75mph cruising speed/ 125 using fuel
Payload: 450,000 pounds
Range: 5000miles with fuel, unlimited crusing range.
Payload: Combination of Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground, Anti-Missile, Anti-Sub, and Anti-Ship missiles. Any combination up to 450,000 pounds
Weapons: 10 twin .50cal machine guns.
Electronics: Long Range Ground Radar, Communications Array, Wind Generators that allow engines to operate without use of fuel.
Countermeasures: Flares, Anti-Rader Smoke
Price:Not for Sale. Cost $500,000

The Fireship Class Airship is Fourheart's primary defensive airship. The Fireship is capable of delivering a massive amount of damage in a very short amount of time. It's advanced ground rader system allows it to guide missiles to multiple targets simulatanously. It's wind tubines allow the airship to operate without fuel. It's low cost allows Fourhearts to produce a significant number of Fireships.

The Sheildbearer (KFH-001-FS-020) is commanded by Captain Zach Titan.
29-11-2005, 04:44
The Pale Rider Arms aircraft.

Thunderbird VTOL Transport

Length: 18 meters
Wingspan: 12 meters
Height: 5.5 meters
Propulsion: x2 tilting turbojets
Empty Weight: 15,540 kg
Normal Weight: 22,210 kg
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 68,000 kg
Passengers: 20
Armor: 50mm RHA on cockpit, crew compartment and engine nacelles
Armament: x2 Side-Door mounted PRA 8mm miniguns, x1 chin mounted 30mm autocannon, x2 side-mounted recessed missile pods (16 missiles each)
Combat Range, fully loaded: 965.4 kilometers
Ferry Range: 6000 kilometers
Operational Ceiling/Altitude: 8000 meters
Cruising Speed: 400 kph
Maximum Speed: 800 kph
Rate of Climb: 900 meters/minute
Crew: Pilot, copilot, x2 doorgunners
Price: 32,000,000 USD

Utilizing the little known Custer Channel Wing, the Thunderbird VTOL Transport carries two squads of fully equipped troops into battle. With its unique wing design, the Thunderbird is easily capable of hovering and VTOL, and is capable of hovering above a battlefield to provide close air support to allied troops with its assortment of anti-tank and anti-personnel weaponry. Vital areas of the aircraft are armored to prevent small arms fire from injuring the pilots, the passengers, or damaging vital components. The Thunderbird is an excellent choice for a high-speed transport.

Pilot: Stanley Drachos
Gender: Male
Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 66 kilograms
Rank: Airman First Class
Reason for Presence: Pilot of the Thunderbird on exhibit

Bodyguards: Samurai Sergeants Muraki and Musashi
Genders: Male
Height: 1.9 meters and 2.1 meters respectively
Weight: 104 and 113 kilograms respectively
Reasons for Presence: Bodyguards to Airman Drachos
Hurtful Thoughts
29-11-2005, 05:04
Re: The Kingdom of Fourhearts
Thank you for your prompt display of your papers. Permission to land granted, you are on loop 3 to terminal 5.

Re: Pale Rider Arms
Thank you, clearance granted, you are on loop 4 to Terminal 3. We shall provide any necessary in flight refueling via our fleet of KC-130s.

Welcome to PROHT.
29-11-2005, 05:16
The Allied Union would like to display it's RM-3B Trinity multirole aircraft, formally known as the LMF-3.

Length: 23 meters
Wingspan: 20 meters (Switchblade wings fully extended)
Height: 6 meters
Propulsion: 2 State Aviantion Dragon's Breath Tubrojets/ 1 CLASSIFED scram jet engine
Weight: 18,000 kg dry, 21,000 fueled
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 55,000 kg
Fixed Armament: Twin Aramlite 30mm cannons, both mounted on either side of the cockpit.
Normal Payload: 20,000 kg
Maximum Payload: 36,000 kg
Intercept Range: 1000 miles
Ferry Range: 3,000 miles
Maximum Altitude: 120,000 feet
Service Altitude: 90,000 feet
Cruising Speed: Mach 1.8
Maximum Speed: Mach 6.8
Crew: 1 (plus AI)
Cost: $200,000,000

Devloped as the third in a series of multirole fighters dating back to 2013's LMF-1, the Trinity is the most advanced fighter in Velkya's inventory. Able to be launched from a carrier or airstrip, it currently primarily equips Super Dreadnoughts of the Velkyan Navy, although a sqaudron based in Velkya City operates it as well. Able to take on a wide range of roles, including interceptor, air superiority, SEAD, tank- buster, and anti-shipping. The characteristic "switchblade wings" of the Trinity and advanced vectored thrust and control surfaces make it highly manuverable, even towards it's maximum altitude of 90,000 feet. Even with these superior characteristics of the fighter, the cost is prohibitive and only several hundred are fielded by the Air Force and Navy.

Name: Amythest Zenigrad
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7''
Wieght: 129 pounds
Rank\Occupation: 2nd Lt.
Reason of being here: Pilot of RM-3

Name: Mason Volvos
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Wieght: 183 pounds
Rank\Occupation: Second Lt.
Reason of being here: Guard for aircraft

Name: James Earl
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11'
Wieght: 145 pounds
Rank\Occupation: Colonel
Reason of being here: Guard for aircraft
Hurtful Thoughts
29-11-2005, 05:55
Re: The Allied Union of Velkya
Well, it was not the plane we expected, but it shall be admited just the same, you plane is schedualed for loop 2 to Terminal 3. Your plane shall reside in Hangar 10.

To: All
PROHT shall showcase the following planes in competition to their guests'.

Name of plane: FMX-6B (
Catagory: Stealth Tactical Carrier Strike Plane
Crew:1, may carry 3.
Resides in hangar shed 6

Name of plane: UL-2000
Catagory: Light CAS ultralight
Crew: 1, may carry 1 passenger.
Resides on the open field.

Name of plane: CRP-1\RLFS-1 (
Catagory: Amphibious Seaplane
Crew: 4 (Pilot, Co-pilot\Bombadier, Navigator\Gunner, Co-Navigator\Gunner)
Resides in Submarine pen 3. On purchased small number from The Allied Union of Velkya for evaluation.
(We may need a pilot for this plane, since this is our first twin engined seaplane)

Name of plane: MMP-1 (
Catagory: Manpack Pilotless drone and counter artillery bomber
Crew: 0, One pilot may control 2 planes simultaniously.
Hurtful Thoughts
01-12-2005, 03:32
New Roanoke Harbour
was Rather more busy than useual, Task forces One and Five where 'on manuvers' in the intirior of the island; some short term uprising many claimed. And Rask Force Three, with the HTS Independence in tow, the pride fleet of PROHT, was returning from another successful forray into the outside world. The submarines, of course, were almost never to be seen, unless one lived inside a submarine pen. Except today, all six of the attending submarines had been surfaced and decorated in the most vibrant colors; one could hardly recognize them as a subs at all. The SS-A Yahoo, was noticeably different, for it had massive portions of her hull extended and gouged; in order to accomodate additional loads, for it was designed officially as an 'Undersea supply ship' but any commoner would tell you that the 'A' in its designation could only stand for one thing, 'Amphibious', denoting a more aggressive purpose. Troops could be seen unloading from their transports from their hovercraft, or motor launches, and for some reason none of the boats where at their piers. Crowding these boats out of their useual homes were some freshly acquired seaplanes. In the air, a shipment of fresh FMX-6Bs came in to land, these had been made to replace the older FMX-6As, which had suffered horrendous losses in previous air battles, and therefore to keep the HTS Independance's hangar stocked with aircraft. Also joining the festivities was a squadron of F-4 Phantoms, that would be used to evaluate the competition.

There were tiny little 'lawn mower' planes all over the place, the most noticeable where the reletively larger UL-2000s, some had been equiped with pontoons, those had been PROHT's short range martime patrol up to this time, and this event was designed to change all that.
01-12-2005, 04:19
Flightopia's Plane:

Wings Folded:

On The Flight Deck:[I]

[I]Ready to Launch:

Type: F/A-35 Talon

Function: Air superiority, ground attack, and interceptor.

Carrier Capable: Yes


Main Contractor: Alldredge Weapon Systems Inc.

- Two Pratt & Whitney F120-PW-100 engines and two Pulse Detonation Wave Engines (PDWEs).

-P&W Engines, 39,000lbs each, for 78,000lbs total.
-PDWEs, 80,000lbs each, 160,000 lbs total.

Length: 72.08 feet

Height: 19.67 feet,

Wingspan: 56.5 feet

Horizontal Tailspan: 36 feet

Operational Ceiling: 110,000ft.

Max Celling: 150,000ft

-4,200 km (Ferrying)
-3,800 km (Standard Combat)
-5,850 km (Combat With Internal Droptanks)
-Unlimited (With In-flight Refuling)

-Mach 1.1 (Cruising)
-Mach 1.7 (Supercruise)
-Mach 1.9 (Afterburners)
-Mach 5.8 (PDWEs/Max Speed)

Climb Rate:
-Normal Sustained (Jet Turbines): 532 m/s
-Max (PDWEs): 4,600 m/s

-Max Take-off Weight: 71,000 lbs
-Empty Weight: 32,265 lbs
-Normal: 49,600 lbs

Crew: One

-One rotating internal weapon launchers, the launcher can hold up to 12 missiles, or bombs. This keeps the airframe sleek and the radar cross-section small.
-Two 20mm Vulcan cannons mounted on the left and right sides behind the cockpit.

Compatible Weapons:
-AIM-150 Scorpion AELRAAM
-AIM-7 Sparrow
-AIM-9 Sidewinder
-AGM-160 Hammer AELRAGM
-AGM-84 Harpoon
-AGM-98 Swordfish AELRASM
-Most of the GBU class of dumb and laser guided bombs.

Radar Cross-Section: With gear up and weapons bay closed, about the size of a king sized bed.

Counter Measures:
-4 chaff dispensers, 10 chaff each.
-4 flare dispensers, 10 flares each.
-6 Missile scramblers, three on the top and bottom of the craft. Send a signal to a missile’s guidance system and confuses it, causing the missile to veer out of control.

Keynote Systems:
-Laser radar (LADAR), uses lasers iin place of radio waves, undetectable to current ECM equipment. Can detect air, ground, and ship targets up 300 km away, including spacecraft in LEO. Allows the ELR (Extreme Long Range) ordanace to use the LRADAR to track thier target, they only need thier radar activated for the final aproach, this means that unless the pilot imidatety breaks and uses contermeasures it will be too late. Devloped by a Flightopian hero, Dale Brown.
-“Scatter Plot” Radar Detection Avoidance System (RDAS). It receives incoming radar emissions and throws them 180º away from their origin.
-VTOL and Thrust Vectoring.
-There are two CIPs (Common Intergraded Processors) in each F/A-35, with 78 module slots per CIP.
-The new EW-789 Electronic Warfare Command and Control Module (EWCCM).
-User-friendly glass cockpit.
-Great performance.
- Two Pulse Detonation Wave Engines (PDWEs), but they can’t be use for long periods of time.
-Swing-wings, are fully folded-in when PDWEs are in use.
-Under belly ducts for VTOLs.

Total Cost (Per Unit): 138 Million USD

Name: Ron Masterson
Gender: Male
Height:5' 10"
Wieght: 120lbs
Rank\Occupation: 2nd Lt.
Reason of being here:Pilot of the talon.

Name:Jill Hammer
Height:5' 6"
Rank\Occupation: Mst. Sgt.
Reason of being here:Guard

Name:Patrick McClanahan
Height:6' 2"
Rank\Occupation: Sgt. Major
Reason of being here:Guard

Name: Tom Alldredge
Height:6' 7"
Rank\Occupation: CTO of AWS Inc.
Reason of being here:Mechcanic for the aircraft and company rep.

Name:Leah Mencamp
Height:5' 10"
Rank\Occupation:Lance Corporal
Reason of being here:Mechcanic

Name:Phill Mencamp
Height:5' 2"
Reason of being here:Mechcanic
01-12-2005, 07:50
Shrak Aeronautics would like to display the SX-24 (Spider), our state of the art stealth/strike fighter:
(Actual craft uses LCD skin displays to change color for minimum visibility in any light/weather condition)

Name of plane:SX-24 Spider
Catagory:Multi-Role Strike Fighter
Crew: 6 (Pilot, RIO, 4 maintenance staff)
Span: 45 ft. 7 in.
Length: 63 ft. 3 in.
Height: 17 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 78,500 lbs. max. Takeoff weight
Armament: one 20-mm cannon
8x external missile hard points (1x ea. Wingtip, 3x under ea. wing)
Up to 20,000 lbs. internal mixed ordnance, two external fuel pod contacts
Avionics: LIDAR/LADAR for range detection and Identification w/out alerting the enemy, standard RADAR, integrated full cockpit display(FCD) for unmatched combat awareness(Similiar to a HUD but is displayed over the entire canopy), multi purpose LCD displays for instrument readouts and status displays (Glass cockpit)
Countermeasures: blue/green laser light system to disrupt and scramble LIDAR detection systems, Integrated radar scrambling with frequency agility, 100 flare capacity, 50 chaff ball capacity. airframe design reduces RCS considerably, liquid cooled engine cowling to reduce IRS.
Engines: 2x Shrak J90s (full range thrust vectoring) with 27,500 lbs. thrust each with afterburner
Cost: $91,000,000
Maximum speed: 2.5 mach at 33,600 ft.
Cruising Speed: 1.2 mach
Range: 6,780 kilometers (maximum with external fuel tanks)/ unlimited with aerial refueling
Service Ceiling: 71,150 ft.
Deployment: land deployable, can be used with Type 2 aerial launch blister, capable of carrier launch
Notes; The Spider is a next generation strike/stealth aircraft; using revolutionary new maneuvering principles that allow it to go without a tail rudder give the SX-24 unprecedented maneuverability and stealth for a strike aircraft. In stealth configuration (no fuel tanks, internal weapons only, sub-sonic speed limit) the Spider can out stealth the American F-22 and even the F-117, the new Shrak J-90 engine system provides low heat, low weight thrust without sacrificing capability. The SX-24 features a newly designed pilot interface that allows pilots unmatched reaction and weapons control. A visual enhancement system integral to the HUVD (Heads up Visor Display) allows detection to extreme (50+ miles) ranges without active detection systems in clear weather

Name: Jean-Paul Baptiste
Gender: Male
Height: 173 cm
Wieght:94 kg
Rank\Occupation: Civilian/Exhibition pilot
Reason of being here: Pilot of Aircraft

Name: Sabrine Buskha
Gender: Female
Height:198 cm
Wieght:95 kg.
Rank\Occupation:Civilian/Exhibition Weapon System Officer
Reason of being here: Weapon System Officer of Aircraft

Name:Winslow Kipplestein
Height:177 cm
Wieght:96 kg
Rank\Occupation:Civilan/Chief of Maintenance Crew
Reason of being here:
Maintenance crew chief

Name:Jessica Stybos
Rank\Occupation: Civilian/Maintenance Technician
Reason of being here:
Maintenance Crew

Name:James Alamede
Rank\Occupation: Civilian/Maintenance Technician
Reason of being here:
Maintenance Crew

Name:Muhhammed al Taqki
Rank\Occupation: Civilian/Maintenance Technician
Reason of being here:
Maintenance Crew
01-12-2005, 13:17
The head of Strategic Arms new product procurement department readied himself of a trip to New Roanoke Island, as he was preparing his suitcase and briefcase for his up coming fact finding trip to PROHT territory he received a telephone call informing him of a ‘companion’ that would be travelling with him. A new starter, it would seem, that needed to be shown the ropes of the business.

What the executive didn’t know was that the new starter was an operator for the Bureau of National Security, who had been tasked with investigating the recent incident at ‘Hurtful Beach’.

Name; Andrew Garner
Gender; Male
Height; 6’2
Weight; 190
Rank/Occupation; Department Head of Procurements, Strategic Arms Inc.
Reason for being here; new product research and acquisition.

Name; Adrian Walker
Gender; Male
Height; 5’9
Weight; 210
Rank/Occupation; Executive Assistant (sic; Intelligence agent)
Reason for being here; Assistant to Mr Garner (sic; gain proof of PROHT involvement in Hurtful Beach incident)
Hurtful Thoughts
02-12-2005, 04:53
Re: Shrak Aeronautics
Thank you for your impressive manifest. We'll see what we can do to accomodate your maintnace crew, hope you won't mind if we barrow some of their expertise, since PROHT did not expect this many large landplanes.

Re: Strategic Arms
Thank you for taking our invitation to see how advanced our technology is. We feel very sorry about your country's current epidemic, and your contry's refusal of our aid. Perhaps we shall show you some of PROHT's methods of dealing with such vermin.

Too all:
If you are unable to provide full transportation, you shall be transported to New Roanoke Island at PROHT's expense, via our squadron of RLFS-1 seaplanes, which shall be arriving to the borders of your territorial waters very shortly. They shall contain our finest of servants and culinary delights.

The planes may also land at your nearest airport upon special request only (some of the attending countries have open hostilities with ours).

OOC: I hope the reply TG made it.
02-12-2005, 05:42
OCC: Can use our own aircraft to fly to the PROHT? also, will we RP our arrival and what structure will the rest of the RP follow.
Hurtful Thoughts
02-12-2005, 06:26
OOC: Yes, the People's Republic Of Hurtful Thoughts (simply PROHT, no 'the') highly recommends that you use your own planes if you plan on bringing a plane along. I shall remind all groups involved that this is a LIVE FIRE EVALUATION, so therefore losers will truly go down in flames. And you may RP your arrival.

Structure is fairly simple, the planes get sent up to be 'evaluated', by PROHT, while taking whatever punishment they can on a live firing range, planes are eliminated when the all representing planes are destroyed, and penalties are given if they become grounded\destroyed. When shooting non-sentiant targets, godmod is allowed (may state what happens as a resualt of your actions). All other aspects prohibit godmodding.

So from the looks of it your going to be doing some spectating and\or snooping on the ground, showing off acrobatics, dogfighting, and shooting at targets on the ground, and then be shot at in return. Aircraft weapons will be 'looked over'.

PROHT will also give a tour of the facilities during the airshow to the obsservers of this RP (mostly Alidor)

PROHT suggests that our seaplanes be used for two reasons:
1) Our pilots need experiance behind the wheel of such things (this is our first RP with seaplanes\transports)
2)to alleviate ovrcrowding on the airfield
You may RP the entire experiance on those planes, and their seprate arrivals (pilot and steward competance may vary)
02-12-2005, 06:30
Thr nation of Flightopia respectfully declines the use of your planes, we shall arrive on a private Cesna Citation X, call-sign Blade 25. ETE from Flight City, 12 hours.

OCC: Will RP arrival later, sorry I'm just really tired.
Hurtful Thoughts
02-12-2005, 06:41
Thr nation of Flightopia respectfully declines the use of your planes, we shall arrive on a private Cesna Citation X, call-sign Blade 25. ETE from Flight City, 12 hours.

That is understood.

The seaplane then made a course for The Kingdom of Alidor, under instruction to not only pick up the observers, but to take pictures, many pictures, mostly of a stricken destroyer and a massive bomb crater, or whatever else looked interesting. (The goal was to get the news first, and then distort it before Alidor releases its rendition (also distorted) of events.)
04-12-2005, 23:11
We are willing to share the experience of our maintenance staff as necesary. our representatives will be arriving via Mondoth Air VC-225 comercial transport for security reasons and to accomadate special exhibition equipment. If possible the maintenance staff would like to be accomodated at the nearest airport. If it's allright, the exehibition aircraft itself will be arriving at the airfield of the competition.
Hurtful Thoughts
06-12-2005, 05:26
That is fine by us.

The small airfield should be able to accomodate your planes, provided they don't mind sitting in the mud or on expanded steel plates. (hangar space limited, we shall provide tents for the planes, note, this is to simulate the rough field handling that they would typically encounter in PROHT engagements)
06-12-2005, 05:42
The Kingdom of Fourheart's extends it's deepest regret that we must recall the Sheildbearer. We were unaware that this would be a live fire evaluation.

Kingdom of Fourhearts
06-12-2005, 06:35
This is acceptable, Shrak Aircraft are built to function in even the toughest environments, from freezing cold artic conflicts to searing desert turf wars and everything in between, we understand that our customers will rely on our aircraft to perform at their maximum capacities no matter the climate and design accordingly.
Hurtful Thoughts
09-12-2005, 08:13
Well then, all that is left is for the competition to show up.
09-12-2005, 08:44
The Flightopian C-130, painted in a green and gray camo pattern made a slow bank toward the field. Flying only 300m behind was the Talon. The pilot, was Tom Alldredge, even though he was a civilian did not mean he had never been in the air force. Riding shotgun was the guard and the rear of the plane was filled with ordinance, the special ordinance, the rest of the crew, and maintenance equipment.

Tom keyed him mic, “This is Flightopian-256 requesting VFR vectors to the active and clearance to land, over.”
10-12-2005, 03:11
Hurtful Thoughts
10-12-2005, 04:41
Thank You! Please enjoy your stay!

Your C-130 is cleared to land on runway 2 (paved) and shall proceed to hangar 4.

Your Expositionary plane is cleared for runway 6 (grass\dirt strip).
10-12-2005, 05:42
The C-130 made a smooth bank to turn to final for runway 2. Flying at the same speed about 500m abrest was that talon. The gear extended from the belly of the 130 and the plane floated down to earth and made contact with a screach. After the C-130 was off the runway the Talon lined up not with the runway but with its parking ramp and as it grew closes the underbelly vents started vectoring thrust away from forward movement to vertical. It began to haver over its ramp then decended the 10m to set down right on the yellow line. Masterson climbed out useing the on fuaslage fold-out steps and as he walked away sighted the C-130's engnines spinning down. He smiled, they were Flightopia's Team Talon and they were ready to kick some ass.
Hurtful Thoughts
10-12-2005, 20:03
Had to be called in to tow the talon into the dirt field (the 5 ton truck stalled and had to be dragged off as well, and the M-113s also lacked the power to move the plane - the tracks spun on the pavement, making the world's most diabolical of noises)

(You don't get a paved parking ramp, just dirt, and some expanded sheet metal)

While they let the C-130 park itself under its own power.

The PROHT OPFOR planes were neatly lined up, mostly 'old' F-4s and a few FMX-6Bs, and almost unoticeable were the UL-2000s, which made the place look more like an eccentric hobbyist convention than a high security federal instalation.

Down by the bay, a flying boat had finishedc its own taxi to a nearby pier, to disembark delegates, visitor, representitive, PROHT officials, and a select roll of film of the coast of Alidor.

In the PROHT Chemical\Biological Weapons Lab, a 'small' self-sufficent inststallation that did almost all of PROHT's CBW reasearch, in the nearly abandoned level 4 containment zone (PROHT uses the OLD Russian 3 zone containment system mind you), workers were furiously attempting to hide all evidence of project "Plague" from the new arrivals, the facility came with such measures already (trapdoors, catacombs, and false wall assemblies), but this was the first time they would have to make it work, and if all goes well, the last. The technitions also used extreme caution when handling Dr. Hannibal Lector's 'experiments', lest one of them broke lose to repeat the last New Roanoke Incedent, 20,000,000 islanders died and it took 9 years to make the island 'safe' again.
11-12-2005, 04:22
"This is Mondoth Air flight 22065 requesting permission to land and disembark maintenance staff and equipment for demonstration. The Demonstration crew would at this time like to request that the demonstration landing field and airspace be cleared for the SX-24, as a demonstration the aircraft will be landing under full stealth protocol and wishes to avoid accidents caused by lack of warning of the aircrafts presence. Thank You."

The VC-225 cruided magnificently, preparing for descent the briliant red and gold paint reflected the sunlight adding a further level of camoflauge to the nearly invisible fighter cruising in the aircrafts RADAR shadow. the SX-24's variable pattern skin reflected the color of the sky complete with light cloud patterns and lit to the same level as the natural sunlight to avoid showing up a dark spot against the sky. The Jet Thrust Vecotring and the friction heated leading surfaces had small capilaries just under the LCD skin circulating liquid methane to absorb the heat. The aircrafts unique shape not only scattered radar and LIDAR but combined with computer designed wingtip vanes virtually eliminated the formation of tell-tale contrails. Inside the Pilot and Weapons Officer waited the go ahead from the VC-225 crew for their own landing descent as being in the adar shadow from the traffic control tower also put them out of radio comunication with it.
Hurtful Thoughts
12-12-2005, 04:19
(femenine Air traffic controler)
"Flight 22065, you are cleared to land on runways 3 and 5, please don't hit the truck stalled out on the taxiway.

Enjoy our stay at New Roanoke Naval Station!"

Then she faxed a smiliey:
13-12-2005, 00:41
"Tower, this is Flight 2065, thanks for clearace, we'll watch out for the stalled vehicle."

The Pilot relayed the clearance tot he SX-24 which slowed down, gettign above and behind the VC-225, staying in the larger aircraft raar shadow for as long as possible before suddenly diving low. The variable pattern camoflauge was set to its highest refresh rate renderingt he fighter all but invisibe to the naked eye. diving steep the 'spider' stayd below 80kts of horizontal velocity, a 'magic number' in air defense, anti stealth radar sets were powerful enough to detect atmospheric gradients and that caused screens to clutter badly unless a 'speed gate' was instituted that only diplayed contacts moving fast enough to be aircraft.
The fighter stayed in power dive until it droppedto within five undred feet of the ground where it pulled up violently, flaring control surfaces and angling thrusters radically to shed speed and change bak to a more normal flight attitude, staying there only momentarily he fighter dove again, less dramitically this time, dipping blow the radar horizon, losing itself in ground clutter the fighters advanced on the runway at its lowest maintainable speed until it was too close to the airport to evade visual detection where the fighters variable camoflauge shifted to bright red and gold "home Guard" display colors, doing an overflight of the runwa like this the ifghter swooped over and around into a steep banking turn that ended witht he aircraft ont he ground, landing gear full extended and jet thrusters angled hard to lose speed.

The VC-225 follwed more calmly and gracefully, touching down without complaint and slowly taxing to the terminal, followng the smaller SX-24 fighter.
18-12-2005, 02:52
The two representative of Strategic Arms Incorporated disembarked from the seaplane, Andrew Garner Extended his right hand towards the welcoming official waiting on the pier while his assistant struggled through the sea planes door with several heavy cases.

“I can’t wait for the exhibition to begin” Andrew Garner offered with his extended hand, of course as one of the directors of Alidor’s largest supplier of military equipment he knew all about the unfortunate incident at Hurtful Beach, but hoped that it wouldn’t affect this business trip after all he wasn’t part of the Alidorn government, he was just part of the company that gave the Alidorn military its bite.

Adrian Walker continued to struggle with, not only his own luggage but with, Andrew Garners luggage’s as well. Although Garners luggage consisted of mainly cloths (two whole cases the vain bugger), Adrian’s contained disassembled recording devices such as digital cameras and bugging equipment for reconnaissance and information gathering purposes and the Beretta PX4 Storm in its concealed holster was starting to chafe his left arm pit to the point of agony.
Hurtful Thoughts
19-12-2005, 03:50
One of the officers in military fitiuges walks up to Andrew Garner, slung his Assault rifle over his shoulder, and offered a handshake, while saying:

"Greetings! You may call me Dimitri. I take it your well dressed gaurd is also an excellent bellhop. I shall be your designted escort and guide, and photographer during your stay."

Dimitri also noticed Adrian, and called up a few servants to help carry the luggage, as well as put both Adrian an Andrew through a screening process to prove they are who they claimed, they both checked out, but one of the members was found with a gun. To this Dimitri scoffed:

"That little pea shooter wouldn't do you any good here, especially if we get attacked again. You may think I'm just supersticious, but I think that PROHT didn't do to good of a job cleaning this island, some even claim to see monsters at night, and since the dissapearances started, we've been a little edgy."

And then after a brief pause he started up again:

"Did you see that footage of those zombies we killed off your north coast, wow, those things can sure do alot of damage, lucky we caught them before they could attack anyone, I also feel sorry fot the loss of one of your destroyers, I would suggest a picket to catch the zombies as they wade ashore, as they undoubtedly will."

"So where do you two want to go first?"
20-12-2005, 13:04
“The zombies are no where near the coast line yet….” Andrew Garner said to Dimitri, the PROHT guard, but decided that an argument was not needed at this time.

The two men followed Dimitri to the screening area of the base where Adrian’s concealed pistol was discovered but was not confiscated, but rather handed back to the spy. Adrian Walker relaxed a little when the disassembled recording devices hid in his luggage made it through the screening area unnoticed.

“That little pea shooter won’t do you any good here” The PROHT guard scoffed “Especially if we get attacked again” and then went on to make claims about the ‘monsters’ that inhabit the island, Adrian didn’t believe the claims, soldiers are known to exaggerate everything, but Adrian didn’t make his feeling’s known to Dimitri either, as Dimitri seemed to be revealing in the attention he was receiving from Andrew and Adrian.

“So where do you want to go to first” Dimitri asked.

“I think it would be a good idea if we put our clothing in our rooms if you don’t mind Dimitri” Andrew answered.
Hurtful Thoughts
20-12-2005, 22:41
"All right, but please hurry, since it looks as if the planes have started to arrive."

Dimitri then shows them to their 'lodging', a large wooden barracks, prevouisly used, and parts of it have been burned down while others are in the process of being repaired. A few claw marks are noticeable, along with some blood splatter, and a very heavy smell of industrial dysinfectant, the kind used in bioweapons labs and hospitals. A few delapidated warning signs dot the area, their warnings now no longer discernable.
22-12-2005, 16:47
As Andrew Garner argued with Dimitri about the lodgings that PROHT government had provided, Adrian went into the “lodging” with the servants carrying the luggage and as the PROHT slaves left he took the opportunity to check the building over. A quick check of each window proved to supply views of thick wooded areas and none of them provided a clear view of the runways that would be in use for the air show. Leaving the shack, Adrian’s mind working on other way’s of recording the PROHT aircraft at the air show, Adrian walked out on the red faced Andrew Garner arguing with Dimitri and watched intently.

“This hovel isn’t fit for animals, never mind the f***ing department head of a major corporation” The veins on the sides of Andrews neck and the middle of his forehead looked as though they would burst if he didn’t calm down.

“I demand accommodation suitable for an executive like myself, G*d damn it” white spit sprayed from his mouth as he yelled at the unfortunate PROHT guard.
Hurtful Thoughts
23-12-2005, 00:25
Dimitri just stood there, wondered why he was doing this, then remembered and replied, with no small amount of sarcasm in his voice:

"Well, it is either here or living right on the airfield, in a tent, during a live fire exercise. No electricity, and with shrapnel falling about at all times. Would you like that instead?"

(all hangars have been locked for security reasons)
23-12-2005, 03:32
OOC: Sry for delay, having some trouble with my other RP's


As the exhaust from the SX-24's dare devil landing disipated the canopy swung open and the Pilot and wepons officer began unstrapping and pulling themselves out of the plan. Nearby the VC-225 rolled t a stop and the ranp lowered. The maintenance crew began exiting the aircraft almost before the ramp hit the ground, carrying large cargo containers cotnaining a variety of equipment. Jessica Stybos and Muhhamed al Taqki, being the senior Technicians, had taken the warning about Zombies to heart and were both carrying full blown military grade G-160 repeating shotguns with under-barrel weapons system capable of firing just about everything from bean bags to light anti tank rockets. The rest of the maintenance crew were unarmed, however, one of the boxes contained an automatic security system standard for all demonstration crews that included a small number of Less than Lethal detterants that would go up around the maintenance equipment and the aircraft when otherwise unattended to prevent snooping or theft.
The crew finished unloading their boxes and began lookign around for a representative to tell them where to go next.
Hurtful Thoughts
23-12-2005, 06:20
Marccus Gable, holding a bottle of vodka in one hand and waving an assualt rifle in the other, was called down to start orienation for the Talon demonstration team of Flightopia.

(good luck with him)

Mondoth's representitive, came with a preverbial army of attendants, at least a whole squad was following James 'Overkill' O'Brian, who had a short demeenur about him, he also had a reputation of a very short temper. He was armed with a Squad automatic weapon, his web gear was laden with hand grenades. He also had a backpack with many electronic gizmos attached, which unless looked at closely, only appeared to be a mass of useless wires.

When James arrived, he stopped and refused to speak until all his attendants had caught up to him, even though he obvously had the heaviest pack, he was always in front. At last he spoke, breaking the silence:

"Welcome, my name is Jame O'Brian, I'll be your guide and also part of thecompetition in the first round, this man over here shall be your photgrapher, that one is mine, and the one over there is the film crew for the air displays, and that guy over there is in charge of keeping everyone in line."

<last guy waves a bottle of gin, grins, takes a swig, belches, half the CO's accompany laugh.>
23-12-2005, 06:41
Jessica stepped forward, Shotgun held up at a casual angle in one hand she began talking in a thick Bronx accent, her free hand gesturing wildly when appropriate.

"Pleasure', I'm Jessy Stybos, I run the Modnothian contingent," Gesturing wildly behind her to the other technicians she continues, "That's Muhhamed al Taqki my right hand man, Jimme and Winslow round out our merry gang of greasers. Over there," Gesturing to the SX-24 where Jean-Paul and Sabrine were doing post-flight operations, "Is Jean-Paul our pilot and Sabrine his Weapons officer. Anyway, we got a lot of equipment here and it would be nice to be able to put it somewhere, nowhere fancy, just point us towards a nice plot o' land to pitch tent or the closest four star. I also need to know where the planes'll be when not in use so my people can rig up a security system, wouldn't do to have people peeking under the hood without payin."
Hurtful Thoughts
23-12-2005, 06:56
"About ten feet to your right"
<points to a atch of worn dirt and mud>
"There won't be any electricity, so I hope you brought a generator, there is some electrical up in some old run down wooden cabin, but I've never been there, used to be forbidden, was used for weapons testing I hear. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, heres your tent, the winter sets in rather quickly out here and you best gest a shelter for your plane immediately or suffer failures, a storm with chances of freezing rain is coming later in the night.

<Already as the sun goes down a perceivable blanket of cold surrounds them temprature 40 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping>
23-12-2005, 08:07
OCC: So I need so RP what with this drunk guy??
23-12-2005, 09:29
The team quickly set about they're tasks. The maintenance team eschewed the proffered tent in exchange for a Shrak Inflatable Structure (Not yet available for retail) they had brought. The structure inflates to a low building with plenty of romm inside for six occupants and the gear needed to run a demonstration of the SX-24 Spider, it has electrical lighting, a light weight, small air circualtion system with limited temperature control, a gore text floor, and even plastic windows and a kevlar door flap that can be secured with a key lock, all held rigid by 'poles' made of nancarbon fiber and kevlar and filled with high pressure air. the powerful turbine pump was allowed to run on battery power while the generator was set up, a stack of Hydron Fuel cells to provide electricity. once everything was hooked up with the structure inflating smoothly on its own, Jean-Paul and Sabrine went out to the aircraft. the Spider could take pretty much anything but they threw a protective cover over it anyway, staking it down securely. the VC-225 was tough but it really couldn't take too much harsh weather and was too big for a practical covering with the limited available crew. As it was no longer needed though it was decided that the VC-225 would be returned to Mondoth Air for now and after obtaining clearence the passenger jet took of for warmer climes. The security system went up quickly, protecting the sleeping structure and the Spider which was dragged closer to the structure for convenience.
Hurtful Thoughts
23-12-2005, 20:14
OCC: So I need so RP what with this drunk guy??

Yes, and due to his demeenur, he tends to let things slide, like bothering to move his tank out of the way, PROHT national secrets, etc. Mostly to make the Alidorians envy you.

And besides, you don't want O'Brian, he may be competant, but he also is feircely loyal to his country, not to the competition. (Mono also gets him since they are sharing mechanics)

Dimitri is the avarage grunt, low clearance, his knowledge of the hapenings are mostly based on rumurs, hopes he gets a pay raise or two for this.
24-12-2005, 04:37
The Talon crew assembled their LCQAS MIII (Light-Weight Composite Quick Assemble Structure [Mark III ? big size] it is a lightweight modular building made of plyable composite which becomes hard as steel when connected to a power source. The structure can hold the Talon, have room for the crew and cover part of the C-130 so it becomes part of the living space.), put the chalks on the C-130 and the Talon, put covers on the C-130 on the talon they just covered the in takes and the swing wing slots, nothing else, hooked up their hydrogen generator and fuel cells to the heaters, lights, comm. Units, the electronic door locks, and C-130. They were just setting up their private area when they noticed a gruff man stumbling towards them holding a bottle of vodka in one hand and waving an assault rifle in the other. Jill turned to her CO, “Lt. is that the guy they sent up for orientation? He is drunk for Christ sakes!”

“All the better sergeant, all the better.”

Lt. Masterson threw his head outside, “Hey buddy it is colder then fuck outside, you want to come in?”
Hurtful Thoughts
24-12-2005, 21:19
Marccus Gable
"Cold? This? Not t all, and I wouldn't be much good holed up in one of those huts, but, if you insist why not?"
<slings gun on his back, barrel down for easy firing from the hip; staggers into the shelter; tucks bottle in his belt, t nw becomes apparent that the bottle is plugged not with a cork, but a rag>
25-12-2005, 01:15
The Lt. gestured to a small fold out table with some chairs, “Care to have a seat, or were you just going to sabotage our aircraft?”

The Sgt.s then blocked the door. “This guy is up to no good, if anything he can give us some info and wake up in a few hours not know who he is or where he is,” Masterson thought.

OCC: I have christmas dinner soon so I can only make this short post.
Hurtful Thoughts
26-12-2005, 01:47
If you haven't noticed, Marcus Gable is NOT drunk, it's just that he ran out of grenades, and happens to be a paramedic; that bottle can serve four different purposes, only one of which involves drinking.

"Sabatpge? Now why would I go out of my way just to do that? I'm here just to make sure you jerks don't get yourselves killed before the dogfights start. I suggest you get ready, they shall post the timetable in the main office at the air terminal, if you would llike I could give you a ride on top of that tank, I'll have to get it back to storage anyways, I'm sure the rest of you can fend for yourselves while I'm gone."

Marcus then notices that one of the Sgts braced themselves in the doorway.

"Well, it was nice chatting, but I'm on company time and I'll have to return that tank now, if you get into trouble while I'm gone, yell, and someone might come to help you."

This wasn't a lie, though he was originally willing to blow off the conssequences of showing up to the terminal late or being dragged off by MPs, either way, that might happen anyways if that Sgt doesn't move.
26-12-2005, 05:37
The Lt. though a moment, "Guy seemed coherent, he should go."

He barkend an order, "Sgt. move asside, one question Gable, those zombies I've heard so much about, they real, or just a rumor in the wind. Cause is they come I want to know what I will have to try and kill."
Hurtful Thoughts
26-12-2005, 06:54
"Well, I just came from a search and destroy mission (, found a few zombies, cleared out some log cabin, they aren't the kind we used to fight in the old days. They now have their own culture, technology, and language now, found some other creatures, not allowed to discuss that part any further. Though it appears that our Royal guards unit wghich made first contact has closed whatever allowed them to come here. We also had a few others, you know, that 'riot' back in 97? Killed 2,000,000 civies before we could stop them. Then we heard of such things going on in Panama beech (, we simply bombed the F*** out of it with a little help, and then when steaming home one of our fleets found a similar outbrake in Alidor (, so yes, in a few words, these things are real, very real. If you need me just scream."

"Best ways I figured to kill them was a shot in the head usually did it, some - those new ones - required a little more force, followed shortly afterby a good dose of fire, a few of them were reported to get back up even with their heads cut off, I personally don't let them lay around long enough to verify that claim."

The one stop description ( PB incedent

And yes, the PB RP was of terrible quality, and rather than fix it we shot ourselves.
26-12-2005, 08:12
OCC: I will be out of contact and not checking my TGs or the foumrs till next Sunday.
Hurtful Thoughts
28-12-2005, 05:49
A flight of 12 freshly acquired C-17 globemasters arrived from Pundit Arms, as nightfall unfolded.

Marcus had finished parkingthe tank in a storage area, alongside anothe 19 similar tanks, to be loaded into the task forces waiting in the harbour.

Another Combat patrol of battle weary UL-2000s, used sine the great revolution, buzzed over the log cabin once more, scouring the area for unwanted pests or the ocasional spy.

Major Stryker, was sitting in the cockpit of one of the CRP-1 seaplanes, which had come under scutiny since a similar plane went down, presumed to be wing fatigue, and until PROHT makes new ones, they will have to use these old used commercial planes.

Inside one of the hangars, the F-4s and FMX-6Bs were being redied for tommorow's 'festivities'.

In the control terminal a post-it was placed on the tackboard, with the morning's announcements:
(Make this appear to be the real thing to the pilots, do not mention the word 'exercise', lie if you have to)
0100 hrs
surprise readieness drill, simulated enemy attack (infantry attack only, no AAA, no tanks), live fire exercise.
0300 hrs
Nightime bombing exercise and nightime visibility testing (AAA, no EMP)
Bread, water, rice, tea
0700 hrs
Pilots may submit their challenges
0730 hrs
Demonstrations (no AA)
1030 hrs
Daylight bombing exercise (EMP used, full AA)
1200 hrs
Leftovers, 'stew', tea bag if they saved it, sandwich
1300 hrs
Duels (w\o AA) start
Round 1
Interlude, daylight attack on airbase, planes must drop whatever they are doing and provide CAS with their Air supioroity loadouts
Round 2
Interlude, shelling ad mining of runway, destruction of all ungaurded supplies
Round 3
2000 hrs
'Pilot's choice' (like the condemned man's last meal)
2100 hrs
Lights out, curfew enforced, stragglers shall be shot
2200 hrs
Nightime attack, with tanks and EMP and SAMs, counter attack landing forces and run interdiction of 'enemy supply lines'
2300 hrs
Rollout of airbase for Navy evaluation, those who make it this far have passed ARMY specs.
a similar post it was in the lobby:

0700 hrs
Pilots may submit their challenges

0730 hrs

1030 hrs
Daylight bombing exercise

1200 hrs

1300 hrs
Duels start

2000 hrs

2100 hrs
Lights out, curfew enforced, stragglers shall be shot
Temrature now -10 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing
01-01-2006, 06:24
OOC: Have returned from the holidays.
02-01-2006, 05:55
OCC: Back from the mighty state of Utah.
Hurtful Thoughts
05-01-2006, 04:11
OOC: My replies shall come few and long in between. Due to current time constraints.
Hurtful Thoughts
21-01-2006, 01:12
I’m infrequent not dead…
Will assume Marcus makes it safely back with the ‘Official’ schedule and that everyone settled in for the night and prepared in their own fashion for the events of the coming morning.

The Log Cabin
Dimitree was sleeping nice and cozy in his warm bed int the cabin, uniform in a heap by the floor and gun leaning against the wall. When a very loud knock at the door woke him up, at first he thought it was just wind, but it kept up and was getting louder, so Dimitree got out of bed to see what it was. He checked his watch, it was only 12:45 in the Morning. A tinge of gut wrenching fear hit him and he decided it best to take his gun with him; so he slung it behind him as he pulled out a flashlight. Then went up to the door and peered outside.

Standing in front of him was a boy in a PROHT Marine uniform, with 8 combat packs slung about him, topped with ammo and grenades, he had a CM-16 and an RPG slung behind him and a pair of CM-249 SAWs at his hips. Dimitree’s attention then returned to the boy’s face.

In it he saw death, no, in it he saw a face that just saw death and lived. Dimitree hid his own gun behind him and invited the boy into the cabin to calm down. Then set a pot on the stove to prepare tea to calm the boy down to get information from him and went about getting dressed and waking the others.

Best case would be that the boy was sent to declare an emergency, the worst case…

After waking the others and getting dressed he handed the boy a cup of tea (the first hot meal the boy most likely has had in the past week) and asked why he came here.

The boy then started to tell a story about his 12 man patrol and their last mission. They had been sent out to make sure the Airport facility was secure, he was in the reserve group.

They made contact.

His entire patrol except himself perished in the ensuing firefight, he ran to the cabin seeking shelter or at least a worthwhile last stand against them. It was more than likely that he just led them right to the cabin, it was no longer safe, and soon, escape would be impossible. Dimitree ran off into a room and radioed their problem to the control tower.

In the woods
The PROHT police force, wearing their blue greatcoats, stood out in the forest, unlike the ‘CDF’ force they where inspecting in an open field North of the Airport and all facing south in neat rows, the CDF was never issued guns, just melee weapons. A few men in armor could be seen on horseback; these where the remains of the force that survived and repelled an invasion of undead, theses where the deserters, and they have been given this fate to reclaim their honor. The Bluehats told them to start marching south, and the blues themselves went north. As soon as the Police left the CDF, a flight of MMP-1 flew overhead, each dropping 3 canisters. They had gassed their own troops, the effects where immidiate. The Bio-engineered and cultivated Aerobic-Ergot fungus had taken hold in seconds. They continued to march south, towards the Airport. The time was 12:00 AM.

The Control Tower
After recieving Dimitri's call for help, central command decided to add some different missions in the upcoming action, perhaps an extraction team from the new FMX-6Bs, with a full camera crew on board of course. So, they decided to declare the emergency raid at 12:45, full sirens and all, and they made certain that the fresh batch of HT-501s gave their own performance for the cameras.

Brief overview of the gas, which for the time being will be called:
It was designed as an easy to produce way of making all of PROHT’s population into a fighting force, or as a nation killing bio-weapon, unlike project plague, Ergot-X is easier to carry, and with proper quarantine will kill itself in one year.

It may be swallowed, injected, aerosol, or absorbed through the skin. And unlike normal Ergot, it self replicates within animals and processes its alkaloids into LSD.

Based on previous experiments the following has been discovered:
Cannot judge time or distance \ No good with firearms, prefer to bludgeon
Urge to think leaves them
Altered perception of reality (IR?) \ Hallucinations
They cannot run away from what they fear, they must attack
They do not feel pain
Appear to become stronger and ‘dumber’ the longer they are infected
Victim dies of brain damage and/or LSD overdose within 1 year of infection

They do not seem capable of swimming, and tend to drown if they attempt to do so, a few have managed to swim even after being infected for 6 months though.

They kill for 2 different reasons:
>They see you as food, they get hungry, you are an easy target, they leave nothing behind.

>They see you as a threat, they attack you in order to make you no longer a threat to them; this is how they expand.
21-01-2006, 01:32
OCC: So you want my bird in th air? And my team on the ground?
Hurtful Thoughts
21-01-2006, 02:08
OCC: So you want my bird in th air? And my team on the ground?

I want All Crews to wake up and have their birds in the air and running close air support by 0100 hrs or else the airport will be overrun. Your crews all have 15 minutes.

Oh, and you're being attacked by about half a million troops, no biggy...

The alarm sounded.

A few men staggered out of bed to find PROHT troops running around setting up a defence perimiter around the Control Tower and dirt strip to be used as the airfield by the planes, already UL-2000s and FMX-6Bs could be seen in close order ready for takeoff. Albeit with cold engines but then that is only minor. A CH-47 could be seen lifting off from the roof of the control center.

A few troops went from plane to plane to make sure that the crews recieved the word that the airport was under attack and that it was not a drill, some older members mentioned zombies.
21-01-2006, 03:22
Team Talon Hangar
0045 Hours Local

Masterson entered the realm of the living as the alarms jolted him from his light sleep. He could plainly see the members of his team scurrying about, the two guards he noticed had run into the C-130 and began unload small arms where as the ground crew began to move out weapons for the Talon. “What in the hell is going on?” John thundered.

“Sir, orders are to scramble this bird in under 15 minutes to provide close-air-support,” Patrick McClanahan responded, “they say it is those damn zombies.”

Masterson only had to think for a few seconds, “What close air stuff we got?”

Alldredge responded almost immediately, “We didn’t pack light, we have CBU-72Bs and mini-mavs, and plenty of em’.”

“Ok, load 5 CBUs and 3 mini-mavs. And load the guns!”

This task completed was as soon as possible

With their battle armor they moved the weapons into the aircraft, the techs hooked them up and with a huge team effort, 5 “Talons” they pushed the aircraft out of the hangar into the horrid cold of the night.

Masterson climbed into the cockpit and ran his preflight checks. Well the computer really ran them but still. When the computer had run through the “Before Engine Start” checklist the Lt. pushed the started and heard the click and whining as the turbofans started up. A small smile broke across his face as the reassuring vibrations of the engines at idle coursed though him. He keyed his mic, “New Roanoke Tower this is Talon-One requesting immediate takeoff clearance at the ramp, over.” He moved his left had off the throttle and vectored the engines’ thrust into the underbelly ducts.

Inside the hangar the team was gearing up for a fight. The ground crew was prepping the C-130 for takeoff if they need to get out of dodge and the guards unloaded their supply of weapons that included:

FM-8s (M-8s chambered for a 6.55 mm round) with under-barrel grenade launchers
M-132 50.-Calibers
M-29 Mortars
M82A1A Sniper Rifles
And M-72 LAWs

They set up the 50.-Cals on the tarmac ready for anything thrown at them. Lord knows it would not be good. When the Lt. was in the air the on ground CO was Sgt. Major Patrick McClanahan, he spoke into his headset, “Battle Mountain this is McClanahan, do you copy over?”

Battle Mountain AFB, CIC
1605 Hours Local

22 stories under a scorching sun, single massive jet black runway, and a few base buildings in Kimbu Dessert near God Mountains was the HQ of Battle Mountain AFB. All the major buildings, labs, base logistics, and aircraft were stored 20 stories underground in a massive underground complex, which had once been a nuke storage bunker from the Cold War. The CIC was a large theater like room and above a stage in the center of the room were 3 massive world displays shows all Flightopian military forces and their positions. Major General Rudy David the commander of this base was at his command area on the floor when his headset was filled by a familiar voice.

“We read you “Mach”, what is deal,” asked David.

“Sir the turds may hit the turbines in a hurry here. We have just been scrambled to provide close-air-support. Word is they are zombies.”


“Yes sir, and the locals are freaking out, we will keep you informed of the party over here. But, if it gets hairy we would like some back up.”

“Ok, I will try to launch a team to hold outside PROHT airspace, but be advised it’s going to take awhile to get to you.”

“Understood sir, Talon leader out.”

Back at the Talon Hangar

The Sgt. called to his men over the radio, “Well guys, the brass says we are gonna be alone for some time so asses and elbows people. Just remember, they are zombies, so nice words and peace sings won’t do much good here.”

OCC: Can the ground crew use weapons if they need to defend themselves?

The ground crew was wearing the same battle armor as issued to the guards as they were all part of the 32nd JOF (Joint Operations Force) also known as the Battle Force based at Battle Mountain AFB, a special operations unit that was the best of the best, only 700 troops in the unit. They were an air force unit and used air force equipment, but could get support from all other military SOC units. They were issued the “Talon” Electronic Battle Armor. When one was inside it felt like a sort-of-stiff suit, but when hit the fabric became harder then titanium, they could take a minigun in the chest and be fine. It also had small hydraulic actuators that formed an exoskeleton that allowed them to throw crates like toys. Along with this the suit was NBC and in the boots small charges of compressed air allowed them to not need cars or run, but jet jump to where they needed to go. But, the battery life on this stuff was only 24 hours, although the batteries were small and they carried spares, if things went to hell the armor could be on emergency power (1 hour of juice) in a hurry. This suit gave one “Talon” operator the force of an entire platoon.
Hurtful Thoughts
22-01-2006, 09:40
Impressive, but I fear that by the time you're through there will be nothing left for anyone else.

New Roanoke Island Naval base is a MT military base if you haven't noticed, and PROHT bolstered its massive garrision just for you people. You don't have to defend the airstrip single-handedly. PROHT's Marines (active Army) is well equiped with tanks and AFVs tailored to killing 'zombies' and the occasional riot\civil war\imperialistic urge of expansion

To give you an idea, each of those Task Forces carries a brigade of infantry ready to fight, and PROHT has 3 of its 5 there right now, plus another resserve division based in New Roanoke Island, then there is the police force which recently has been given M113s and M998s from the Marines, then there is the Air arm stationed there, augmented by mainland F-4s.

In summary, you have another 15,000+ heavily armed combat ready troops on the island. And at least 25,000 police officers armed better than a SWAT team. (If you haven't noticed yet, the police are the ones that know what is going on)

Control tower:
What do you mean 'request clearance to take off'?!? We gave it as soon as we said scramble!!! Now get that bird up there, pronto!

The PROHT 'Police' Officer could barely contain his anger at how "pip pip, cheerio" the foriegners had becme, and if he saw any more ever it would be too soon.

Aside: This Island IS properly quarantined, right?

Aide: Yes sir, nothing can get on or off this island, this place is sealed.

ATC: And the control tower?

A: In no danger whatsoever, it is in lockdown.

ATC: Sceince labs?

A: Destroying the documents and evidence as we speek by your boys in blue.
22-01-2006, 10:18
OOC: Sorry for lateness, the forum breakdown a few days ago left me without my subs

The sirens and alarms woke the entire Mondoth team up instantly. The flight crew ran out of the tent followed closely by the pilots. Jessica and Winslow quickly and efficiently removed the Weather Blanket, while Sabrine ducked under it and began removing the arming pins from the weapons as fast as James and Al Taqki could lift them into place, 2 one thousand pound FAE bombs were attached to external hardpoints with a pair of RuddyHawk cluster munition bombs and a pair of peregrine A2A missiles rounding out the external load, The Internal weapons bay was loaded with Mustangs (Maverick Equivelant), and a few HARM missiles. Jean-Paul hauled the hatch open and jumped into his seat, flicking switches and readying the plane for takeoff. As Jessica and Winslow ran clear of the rapidly powering up fighter, pulling the wheel blocks behind them, Sabrine pulled the last pin and slammed the weapons bay hatch closed, jumping into her seat behind Jean-Paul she triggered the hatch close. With the cockpit still lowering into place Jean-Paul turned the SX-25 around and rammed the throttle into full power, setting the Thrust Vectors to full downward angle the Fighter pulled into the sky as the cockpit slid into the locked position. The fighter almost instantly disapeared as the LCD skin finished analyzing conditions an began showing empty sky.

"New Roanoke Tower, this is Widow/Mondoth Actual, please advise, we are in the air and looking for targets. Repeat, this is Widow, tell us what to shoot over."
22-01-2006, 10:44
Personel form
Name: Boris Blasbergiev
Height: 6.4
Wieght: 72kg
Rank\Occupation: Pilot of Blasbergias Airforce Il 76TD
Reason of being here: Fly bys and static display of our Nations Il76TD

For submitting a plane please fill out the following:
Name of plane: Ilyushin Il 76TD
Catagory:military cargo
Crew: 6
Vasili Konev
Boris Blasbergiev
Lev Kuznetsov
Ilya Mazarin
Maxim Konev
Marat Safinov
Hurtful Thoughts
22-01-2006, 19:27
Control Tower:
[Sigh] Sure, you are cleared to land, expect heavy fighting on the runway, but then again you might as well land anywhere in the defense perimiter where it won't run over anybody.

Police officer: They just keep coming, I don't know what is worse, the CDF on meth or these guys.
22-01-2006, 21:21
Masterson smiled from the transmission. He then pushed the throttle forward making hot plumes of fire spew from the belly of the craft as it ascended skyward. Once he was high enough he went to normal flight mode and started away from airfield. He would head north then sweep south to search for
targets. He took a snapshot with his laser radar (LADAR) and noticed a group of people advancing towards the airfield from the north.

He made a call on his radio, “New Roanoke Tower this is Talon-One, I have targets to the north of the base moving south to the airfield. Are they you boys or can I take em' out? Over.”

But before he got a return he selected his fuel-air cluster bombs and began to line up a shot.
Hurtful Thoughts
25-01-2006, 03:57
Air traffic control (that sweat feminine voice, a little stressed)
To SX-25:
An F/A-35 Talon is already engaging enemy forces, they are to the north, use of lethal force is highly recommended. A flight of UL-2000s shall mark free fire zones with some willie petes for you.

To F/A-35 Talon:
Visual accounts of our ground crew confirms that you are in the area of a large concentration of rioters, you are strongly suggested to use lethal force, if you need any more ammunition or support we have a flight of FMX-6Bs in the air armed with 6 tons of FAEs; would you like additional support?

On the ground
Marcus Gable was walking around the field for a midnight stroll until an FMX-6 ran him off the field and into a foxhole. Where he was quickly briefed on what to expect in the next few minutes. In the background he saw the Talon rising in the air and fly north; then he looked at the horizon to see it blotted out by a massive wave of people, he decided that now was a good time to light his Molotov and not get comfortable.

Shrak Aeronotics bay:
James O'Brian decided to take carefull note to the loading procedures of their SX-25, the form of near invisibility eluded his grasp somewhat, but the security systems he was fairly confident in disabling without getting caught, but he rather it not be one of PROHT's men who risked their lives doing so. He then walked over to Flightopia's base of operations and asked about the wareabouts of their escort.

In the Air
FMX-6B lead plane
(Air traffic controler): Alright, you have been given the task of recovering a group of delegates that have been cut off outside the defense perimiter, they are to East North East of your current location. Don't let the fact that the delegates are Alidorian hinder you, we have spin doctors working on every possable contingincy, but you better keep them all alive if you hope not to be demoted to the CDF.

(Pilot): Understood... (pause as he switches frequencies) Looks like our friends are taking care of their own business leaving us to go on a publicity stunt. You will provide cover as I hover inlow to pick them up.

*No, the FMX-6 is not a VTOL, but under the right wind and its slow stall speed of 45 knots level it may be able to slow to a landspeed of a brisk walk. Usefull for clandestine insertion/extraction missions on foriegn soil.

Gordy S. was sent out a second time, this time not to gas people, but now to mark them for death. The CDF was a holdover of PROHT's compulsary military training, they are the very underdog of PROHT's defences, they are not even issued guns, and training is little more than political brainwashing and mandatory physical fitness. Gordy was lucky enough to make it into the 'Army' PROHT's regular resserve forces, tasked to be the 2nd of a grand total of 4 layers of defence of their homeland. The Marines being technically the first but they generally are stretched thin with oversees disputes to be a real homeland fighting force, while the third and last realistic line of defense was the ever vaunted Police force, former members of the military other than the CDF. Excluding the CDF, PROHT's total armed forces number no more than 12 million men, 4 million being police officers.
Hurtful Thoughts
25-01-2006, 04:13
Project summary
Project 'Plauge' Military designation PVNRT, Activation code ******
The Base disease that started Project 'Plauge' was a fluke, started by a very unique ailment discovered oversees and brought to New Roanoke Island Naval base for further research with the intention to be deveolped into a bio weapon. After 12 test subjects had been injected with the disease, one became a suitable carrier and was breed as the 'E' class bioweapon carriers. During this time one of these carriers escaped and infected the locals. After a 3 yeear war and intensive coverup operations, it has been misrepresented as anything such as zombies or a mass riot. Little did the world know how close it came to destruction. Since then the Program has ceased and cleanup measures are underway to prevent potential spraed of this highly virolent disease. Total confirmed death toll is over 150 million.

Project 'Hades' military designation HE80
Project 'Hades' was started in order to find a disease more suited to offensive operations to which PVNRT was unsuitable due to its MAD tendencies. HE80 is based off of a well breed form of Ergot, which exhibited pecularities such as processing LSD on its own and able to flourish inside the human body. A fast acting strain of HIV derivitive has been added to increase virolence and potency. The name is derived by its compostion of one part HIV slurry to 80 parts 'Ergot-X'. Unlike PVNRT it could be carried in non sentient carriers and dispensed in the useual manerisms. It also had a dead man's switch which killed the infected within one year of infection without treatment.
25-01-2006, 04:33
"Roger that tower, Tally Ho!" with that the 'Spider' dove, marking the area outlined by the white hot flares of White Phosphorous, diving in Sabrine triggered the fighters laser designator, lighting up a two clumps of hostiles. Seeing the indicators on his Cockpit display Jean-Paul triggered a pair of Mustangs. The fighter's internal munitions bay doors flipped open for just under a second, just long enough for the two missiles to be pushed out on trails of burning rocket fuel. The missiles followed the paths' of the twin laser designator beams straight to there targets, throwing up cgouts of flame and smoke as the missiles detonated a few feet of the ground for maximum effect against infantry.
25-01-2006, 06:01
OCC: It's late so i'm just gonna make a quick post. Also, would this be before the Mondoth aircraft struck? Dosen't matter i'm just wondering where in time I am.

In The Air

“Negative tower, I can handle it.”

Masterson flipped the green safety cover off the fire button on his stick. We waited till the bomb drop pipper was over the center of the massive group, so many people he couldn’t count. He depressed the button quickly three times. The weapons bay opened and closed in the blink of an eye spitting out 3 fuel-air cluster bombs. They fell like stones and bust just about 40 ft up, raining fire and bringing a massive overpressrue as they did so. As he climbed away he felt a shockwave and when he made a 180 turn to look behind him all he saw was a conflagration where the people once were. Hey keyed his radio transmit button, “New Roanoke Tower, this is Talon-One, I have turned the free-fire zone into a “fire zone”. Can you confirm total destruction of the targets, my laser radar is showing no more hostiles but I would like another confirmation.”

He then put his plane in a slow orbit over the flaming mass of what once was forest and flesh.

Team Talon Hangar

“Sir!” Jill Hammer said, “There is some guy heading towards the hanger. Looks a bit suspicious.”

“I will handle it,” Patrick stated matter-of-factly.

He walked outside into brisk night air and approached the man. He noticed a missive fare raging only a few miles away. “Guess Masterson had some fun,” he thought.

He walked up to the man, extending his hand as he did so, “I’m Sgt. Major Patrick McClanahan,” he spoke warmly, but never broke eye contact, “You are?”

OCC: If I’m not interacting with this guy the right way, let me know and I will edit my post.
Hurtful Thoughts
27-01-2006, 05:24
On the ground:
Marcus Gable saw to his disbelief the enormous amounts of destruction in the distance, nearby the advance waves of ‘rioters’ where already swarming the defensive positions, and through a pair of ‘borrowed’ field glasses he saw a very disturbing sight. Even after being firebombed with FAEs, many of the rioters where still alive for the time being, that was, of course expected *, but he didn’t expect to see them WALKING. With large parts missing, eyes blown from their sockets, and for the most part on fire or burned to a cinder with flesh dangling from their bones. He looked at his molotov, and wondered; if these… things… can continue walking after an FAE blast, what good would this do? He hoped he was the only person to see this, but he would be wrong, for already the news was being circulated within the most clandestine of circles of PROHT defense planning.

Accidentailly deleted massive portions, will reattach as soon as I remember what they said
27-01-2006, 06:27
Sabrine spotted the movement before Jean-Paul did, she watched the tactical ground displays whiel Jean-Paul focused on the sky. Tempoorarily over riding his display she showed the images of still alive rioters. Acknowleding he flipped the aircraft up and over, back on line with the target he clicked the safety on his 20mm cannon to the off position he swiched the ammo feed to 'air bursting' and attack profile to 'ground attack' with a slow whirr of electric motivators the cannon dipped from 'true' by about ten degrees. the camera on his main display followed the movement of the gun, displaying an elongated circle overlayed ont he image, the 'area of effect' of his chosen weapons profile. As the fighter swept overhead, Jean-Paul squeezed the trigger releasing a stuttering stream of 20mm HE fragmenting rounds that detonated at about ten feet above the ground, showering the area below with a deadly hail shrapnel. If an FAE didn't kill these things, the only answer had to be cold hard, old fashioned lead. and Jean-Paul applied his folksy remedy wit gusto.
27-01-2006, 06:50
OCC: Sorry I'ts late, can only have a quick post.
In the Air

Masterson after noticing to his suprise that there were still targets alive he switched to his two 20mm Vulcan cannons and went in close. John turned his Talon from a plane to a helicopter gunship. He put his plane in VTOL and while hovering nearly level with the people clambering at the fences and defensive positions squeezed the trigger and as he did so slowly yawed to the right sweeping the crowd from its left side to its right. As he was raping the people with fire his LADAR showed another aircraft making an attack run. He looked up and saw nothing, not even through his NVGs. Then a goup of rioters just exploded. That’s when he remembered that the Mondothian aircraft was invisible. “Damn,” he thought, “If I didn’t have LADAR I wouldn’t even know he was even there!” Once he finished his killing, or at least firing enough rounds that nothing moved, he cringed at the sight before him then climbed out and started another orbit.
Hurtful Thoughts
31-01-2006, 02:30
Waiting for Alidor to post so we can move on.

After one month of waiting we shall continue without him.
Although I do not wish to RP Alidor (RP saving myserlf? Isn't that godmod?) So I would like an impartial person to be willing to post for Alidor in the event he doesn't return.

I consider godmodesque behavior a small price to pay if that is what it will take to keep a thread alive.
31-01-2006, 05:49
OCC: I aggree. It gets a bit frustrating posting in tiny bursts ever week or so.
05-02-2006, 08:23
OCC: I'll bump it but I'm wondering if this is just going to die.
Hurtful Thoughts
06-02-2006, 02:35
I guess the Alidorians shall be quitly forgotten, a timeslide could fill in this plot hole at a later time.

Just assume that the enemy forces, via multiple sorties by the participants, are either all dead or retreated back into the forest. You may cover this part more thoroughly or move on to the next segment or both.

(Time segments pre-determined in advance, see 'schedual')
06-02-2006, 04:51
OOC: SO... we're moving on?
06-02-2006, 05:53
Masterson banked his Talon arround on approach to the hanger. Once he set down, secured the plane, and moved it inside the hanger he fell asleep. The guards still on duty. They were ready for anything.

OCC: Short post.
Hurtful Thoughts
07-02-2006, 04:19
OOC: SO... we're moving on?

yep, looks like you're challenging Flightopia too. That or PROHT's own air force...
07-02-2006, 04:37
... I suppose I should land my plane

After two passes to make sure evrything was dead, Jean Paul guided the 'Spider' back towards the Airstrip. Screaching to an expert landing the plane was quickly taxiied back to the Mondothian area.
As the hatch popped up to let the crew exit, several patches of the fighter's skin began flickering with dianostic readouts, giving the maintenance techs a heads up on what was needed. This time it was moslty fuel and cannon ammo but in a real combat situation the skin display could be linked to all of up to twenty four individual diagnostics that measured everything from tire pressure to the computer systems themselves, greatly reducing the time it takes to service the fighter.

As the ground crew went to work Jena-Paul and Sabrine went into the Mondothian tent structure to rest, waiting nervously for the next challenge.
Hurtful Thoughts
08-02-2006, 02:43
The "next challenge" is a briefed schedualed 3:00 AM nighttime bombing run, of a 'distant troop/zombie/rioter concentration', they have AAA.

Marcus Gable pulled himself out of his foxhole, and waded past the mounds of dead back to the Talon hangar, to find none other than Mr. O'Brian talking shop with one of the flightopians, he decided to keep himself scarce or recieve a rather large tongue lashing for leaving his post.

The PROHT planes, which had been flying elswhere returned from their misions, out from one of the planes came a film crew which had filmed it to make it look as if PROHT did the most fighting, while the other planes where grounded, AND, footage of an attempted rescue mission.

All guest personel, please report to the combat briefing room for further instructions by 0200 hrs. That is all.

0200 hrs, Briefing room:
[a rather heavy set man in a 'spiffy' drab grey uniform marches in and turns on an overhead projector, showing an aireal view of the woods to the north, clearly visable are tank concentrations and SAM batteries.]

"Satalite photoes show that the enemy is preparing a much more determined attack, after they managed to raid one of our many armouries while everyone else was busy sweeping the airfield. As you can see, anti-aircraft fire will be heavy as soon as they feel threatened. Your goal is to soften their land defenses so that our land troops may move in and deal with these rioters. Remember, these are PROHT citizens, not an invading army, we want minimal casualties on all sides, PROHT is willing to let you use its stocks of tear gas, and chlorine if you feel it is necessary, but knock out those tanks and artillery. The Talon has been given the east flank, while the Spider gets the west flank and PROHT forces shall go right up the middle to act as forward air controlers and soften that section as well. We do not want you to shoot our advancing infantry columns, it should be fairly easy to recognize the differences, the infantry wear uniforms, the rioters don't. The land assault starts at 0300 hours; I suggest that if you want any special munitions, please ask us."
08-02-2006, 08:52
Briefing Room
0200 Hours

Masterson spoke, "I think we are good. Thanks for the intell." He has his team then stired out of the room heading towards the hangar.

Talon Hangar
0245 hrs.

As with the previous attack the team loaded the Talon and pulled it out onto the tarmac. But, this time in its bay were 16 “mini-mav” missiles. The LADAR guided weapons have a 28-mile range and carry 28lb thermium-nitrate warheads. They could kill tanks, AAA, and SAMs with ease but weren't great for anti-infantry operations. Luckly for the zombies on foot. Masterson walked out to his plane at a much more leisurely pace then before. "I actually got 3 minutes of sleep," he muttered under his breath. He noticed the PROHT aircraft though his flight helmet’s NVGs and binoculars. They were apparently unloading what looked like camera gear. “Odd,” he thought but then simply shrugged it off. He climbed into the cockpit, giving Patrick a crisp salute as he climbed up the built in ladder. He didn’t need to worry about anything holding his plane down as the ground crew had just finished untying the plane. The computer automatically ran all the preflight and systems checks. Everyting was in the green. Time to kill some real targets. The crew on the ground then prepared for what was known as a “Banger” launch of the aircraft, by runnig into the hangar to be protects from jet blast. The engines running at just above idle, using the thruse vectoring John tipped his aircraft up 65 degrees while STILL ON THE GROUND. Nothing in the back was damaged because of a retractable "anti tail-strike" bumper on the underside of the craft. He then pushed the engines and PDWEs throttles to zone 5 and in a blink of an eye sped away, reaching Vr speed in just under 5 seconds. Before those on the ground knew it, the plane was gone into the night air.

In the Air
0250 Hours
Masterson killed the PDWEs and banked around at about .75 mach and headed towards the combat area at an attitude of 5,000 ft. He activated his LADAR and looked at his display. He could see five SA-11 SAM Batteries and 10 tanks dispersed right where the intel said they would be. They were about 30 miles out and he could fire a perfect shot from low lever about 25 miles out. He locked-up all the targets (The targets are marked with GPS coordinates until the mini-mavs terminal guidance radar gets a final lock, so you can fire at ground targets BVR.), took the Talon to NAP of the earth, and made a call to ATC as he skimmed above the trees, “New Roanoke Tower this is Talon-One I have hostile AAA and armor targets locked, request clearance to engage. Over,” he said with a coolness that can only come from years of flying combat missions.

OCC: If a SAM is launched I expect you will RP if it hits? Or do I RP my counter measures first?
09-02-2006, 01:27
After the briefing Jean-Paul and Sabrine jumped into the Spider and performed a quick Pre-flight, as soon as the diagnostics lit up green Jean-Paul shoved the throttles to the stop allowing the plane to roar to life and shudder onto the flight-line, screaming into the sky. Sabrine checked the ordnance to make sure she had it all memorized for quick use. Several HARM type anti Radar missiles were available, as were a pair of Sub-munition dispensers loaded with several hundred BAT type smart bomblets that, when released, used a MMW radar system to home in on enemy armored vehicles, deploying self forming projectiles as anti tank rounds. Other weapons included a standard array of Mustangs and a small number of the new 'Eagle' AAM.

With the HARMs primed to 'self deploy' int he event a SAM launcher revealed its position by going active or launching a missile. The Spider flew clean, without any external equipment to mar the stealthy forms or show up against the LCD 'invisibilty' screens the fighter was almost as stealthy as when it had come in. only a flickering of the Spider's ground search radar, looking for tanks and other targets, betrayed its presence as it flew barely skimming the treetops.
Hurtful Thoughts
09-02-2006, 04:00
Since most of the 'tanks' 'rioters' and 'SAMs' are decoys in this case (don't want to lose too many CDF troops to this thread), they wouldn't be really effective. Of course the stuff over the central front is real, and aimed at your planes.

The artillery shall deploy radar assisted 'box' patterns and saturate the area they predict your plane will be with shells - SAMs will be launched as well, in bulk (obsolete crap, but still SAMs) - once they lose those RADARs, they'll use optical sights.

Control tower:
Yes, you are confirmed to be in the area of the rioters, please don't kill our ground troops.

In the Air:
A wave of FMX-6Bs fly in low to avoid RADAR, though it was a staged event, the pilots knew not of this, and the 'ground troops' would attack them with just as much force as the foriegn planes. (someone else may RP enemy effectivenes if they wish). each of the five planes where loaded with a pair of Shrike ARMs and one ton of chlorine gas, along with their usual allotment of 35 mm shells. The crews hoped that the plane's geometry would be sufficient to render enemy RADAR almost useless until it would be too late.

Random Sgt.
"Masks on!"
[Troops affix gas masks]
"Fix baoyonets!"
[clatter of troops fixing bayonets]
[sound of troops running into the cloud of chlorine\tear gas and atempting to yell through gas masks, those who failed to properly fit gasmasks fall down]
09-02-2006, 06:05
Masterson went to zone 5 on his turbofans a closed the range. He did a final LADAR check then fired 15 of his misslies at a range of 10 miles. The flack arround him was missing by a mile and he was not painted by height-finders. But durring the missile launch he betted they had gotten a smal glimpse at him. But, the aircradts design and speical systems kept it invisible to the enemy. He patted the top of the insturment panel, "Good Talon," he spoke, "Don't let them even have a peek at you." He then used one of the underbelly cameras to watch his missiles cruse in.

OCC: I let them hitting to you.
Hurtful Thoughts
09-02-2006, 06:17
Having all RADAR on the east flank been destroyed\disabled, one of the gunners took careful aim with his 5" AAA and directed the other 3 guns of his battery to do likewise, eah offset a little in case he tries to jink left or right, up or down. (and if he flies level all 4 will wing his plane). Upon the Lietenant's orders all 4 guns fired AA rounds on target. All around them other remaining and hidden batteries did likewise. They didn't notice the FMX-6 gliding in from behind while spraying tear gas upon the 'enemy' troops.

(some of those guns are using - essentially - 5" buchshot)

A few particularly miffed rioters started throwing stones and shooting machine guns and RPGs at the elusive plane. Tracers then lit up the sky.

This was responded in kind by the FMX-6Bs two 35 mm CC-35B cannons, as it strafed the 'tanks' and idle SAM stations, shredding them to pieces. The 5" guns had no hope of turning their guns to face the new attacker, while the machinegun bullts simply bounced off the armored undercarrige of the plane, which only succeded in chipping the plane's new paint job (RAM coating).

A pair of large, lumbering MPP-2 could be seen lumbering over the main front, circleing and calling off the coverage of PROHT gas strikes and firing a 3" artillery gun at particualrly hard fortifications, then proceeding to fire salvoes of rockets at the holes, the rocketrs where thermobaric, and having entered the bunkers, created sufficient overpressure to collapse the structures. (nobody occupied any of these thankfully).

(the MPP-2s are the planes that had been limitred procured from Valkyria, the original intention of this thread mind you, was to compare these to the competing design from the People's Freedom)
09-02-2006, 07:05
Coming in low the HARMs triggered as the Spider's ECM package detected the various radars looking for it, Streaking out from the plane and showering the radar dishes with flame and shrapnel. The Spider's Radar and Visual stealthed profile made any kind of attmepts to hit it almost laughable, espescialy with the radar instalations going up from HARMs. Using the MMW ground search radar, Sabrine locked several targets in for Mustang strikes and designated a flight plath for spreading BAT bomblets over the maximum number of enemy vehicles. Careful to avoid hitting the PROHTian troops, Jean-Paul slashed through the air over his target area, firing the mustang missiles at the targets Sabrine designated and trying to get as close to the drop points for the BATs that Sabrine had also chosen.
09-02-2006, 08:41
OCC: The missiles were targeted at tanks as well. Anyhow…

In the Air

Ron knew he was in shit long before the AAA opened up. The LADAR on the Talon is extremely accurate, within 50 miles it can produce photo quality images, the computer on his aircraft calculated the firing angles and trajectories of the AAA battery and told Masterson that they had him boxed in. “Fuck me,” he thought. It was this time when Ron knew he had only option to save himself. He without thinking pushed the turbofans and PDWE to full power and prayed he could punch thought it. His aircraft went from mach .5 to 1.5 in 6 seconds. He saw the tracers fly around him and cursed the full moon under which he flew. Records form the LADAR would show that most rounds came within a foor of hitting his aircraft. When his plane reached mach 4 we pulled up into a 90-degree climb, still accelerating. As he climbed the weapons fire got progressively less and less accurate. After 110 seconds he reached his attack climb apex at 40,000 ft. He then rolled the aircraft over in a wide loop and still with throttles at max power went into a steep dive and fired his last missile. After having the weapon kicked out of his plane he turned back towards the airbase. The he launched missile was no ordinary missile. Instead of one warhead it carried 12 5-pound thirmium-nitrate warheads, theses warheads could steer themselves towards their targets, which were at this point 4 AAA guns. At an altitude of 5,000 msl the weapon separated into 12 separate parts, 3 for each gun. Form the dive and rocket in the missile they would impact close to mach 4.

Back in the Talon Masterson made a radio call, “New Roanoke Tower this is Talon-One, unless there is a serious situation you need me to respond to I’m returning to base to re-arm. Over”

Talon Hangar
That Same Time

Sgt. McClanahan still was in the hangar looking over the team’s stock of weapons when his radio was filled with a voice being spoken over 5,000 miles away.

“Patrick this is General David. I have something important for you son.”

“Go ahead sir.”

“Well,” there was brief pause, “One of the NIN (Need-it-Now) satellites we launched to support you mission a few days ago picked up some stuff you need to see.”

Streamed from Battle Mountain to Patrick’s helmet display was something horrific. The general provided the commentary.

“We just took the time to look over the video captured a few hours ago. As you can see there was a large group of PROHT police in this field. Now you can see a flight of fighter jets dropping gas canisters over the area. Those canisters contain what we think as some from of virus that mutated those poor souls. We know this as those people then prceed to kill PROHT soldiers and attack the base and sorounding armories."

“So you are saying that PROTH made those zombies? Why the fuck would they do that?”

“We think it was to test the aircraft in the show,” then general replied gloomily.

“Ok, I understand sir. Talon leader out.”

Then the channel was abruptly cut.

McClanahan paced for a moment in furstration then became well minded enought to skeep to the team. He needed not explain what he was told to his team. He streamed the conversation and video to them as well. Patrick only need to say a few words, “Ok people, I think the People’s Republic might have some odd intents,” he spoke with obvious anger, “We will deal with this fact later. We will ask why they did what they did. But, not until the time is right. Until then, stay sharp.” He then proceeded to load more FM-8 magazines.
Hurtful Thoughts
10-02-2006, 23:46
Flightopia, you DO recall that James O'Brian from the Spider hangar (PROHT national) is busy chewing out 'Patrick McClanahan' for losing Marcus Gable?

(Marcus is also around the Talon hangar, a little short of ammo and winded, but still with enough sense to steer clear of O'Brain's fist)
11-02-2006, 00:03
Talon Hangar

OCC: Sorry, just noticed you posted that reply.

Patrick then turned ARROUND and walked briskly to the door of the hangar. “Mr. O’Brian, last time I saw Gable was about seven hours ago. HE came here, towed his tank away then left. I would suggest looking around the base or in the trenches for him. Heck, he could be only fifity feet awayy from where we stand. But, I can only speculate at to his location. Hell, he might have been killed by those zombies.” He paused. The time was right. “In which case he death would have been an accident, as those zombies were created by your government for this evaluation." He paused again longer this time, studying the man infront of him. "Am I incorrect Mr. O’Brian?” The Sgt.’s eyes were fixed on the pupils of the man infront of him, never looking away.
Hurtful Thoughts
11-02-2006, 01:02
Mr. O'Brian, even though one of the marines, didn't know anything of what he was talking about. Still he kept the cold expression that he had when he entered, to be accused of conspiracy!

"I don't believe you! I see no proof in your accusations. We may seem barbaric at times. If the government just wanted to evaluate your planes, they could have used dummy targets. It would have been much cheeper."

Marcus Gable, from behind, heard the story... and decided it better to not hide so that he wouldn't be accused of spying, something O'Brian knew a thing or two about.

"WTF are you saying! You didn't see those things, I did I know what I saw. Those weren't government troops, they where rioters, pure and simple, I've fought them before. Except these buggers seem a bit more robust, that is evolution for you."
11-02-2006, 05:25
Partrick was not at all supprised at thier denial, he didn't think O'Brian knew any thing, Gable may have known something.

"Well, I could provide you with the video our satilights recovered of your aircraft gassing goverment officers. But, I would think it is news to you both. Possibly your CO could show proof that my goverment's worries are false.That would make the brass up my ass happy (He actually like his COs,but for the purpose of this situation he changed his view.). After all, we are outnumbed in a foregin nation."
Hurtful Thoughts
11-02-2006, 06:01
OOC: (to prevent further confusion)

Gable is a grunt in the Mrines, aside from his many close encounters, is rather unenlightened on the subject.

You could convince them that the government is playing everyone for fools, but then I'd have to kill them...

BTW: The MMP-1 is manpack UAV, not a jet, it's powered by a small compresion stroke motor (model diesel motor) the 'bomblets' are actually hand grenades. The MMP-1 has an almost identical siloute to the FMX-6, which is powered by a turboprop or diesel, depending on variant. The MPP-2 is an amphibious patrol plane, prop-driven. I believe I provided photoes and descriptions at the start of this thread...

Marcus Gable:
[His CO was killed two days ago... during an alien\zombie raid upon a group of CDF troops in training. The suggestion to talk to his CO sort of mde him blow a fuse]
I've seen real zombies, these, these are just guys with bad attitudes and an unwillingness to die. A zombie will kill you in no time flat and walk even after decapitation, and are iommune to gas, these buggers aren't zombies. Why don't YOU go talk to my CO, I'm sure he'd be happy to have company, being dead and all!"

James knew that any attempt to argue or reason with him at this point would most likely resault in a rather messy brawl, since a number of idle troops had started to gather around wondering what set Gable off this time, a few may have heard bits and pieces of Gable's ranting, and some of them would undoubtedly come to his aid if punches started flying.

James decided to wait until the two belligerents went their seprate ways, then wlked over to Patrick and politely asked to see the video. Being thouroghly curious as to what Pat was squawking about.
11-02-2006, 06:27
“So, you want to see the video? Follow me.”

Patrick led James into the hangar to the coms area in the back of hangar where a flatscreen TV was set-up. He motioned to one of the chairs inside the rig of equipment.

“Please have a seat”

Once James was seated he went to one of the laptops and typed a few commands. The TV went to a blue screen, and then the video began to play. One could plainly see the aircraft and PROHT police through the lowlight optics from the satellite. As the images of men being killed (He is a rather moralistic man) Patrick knew that someone would have to pay for these atrocities. Not now, when the time was right. Only then. But, for now he could olny hope this man could understand just what was going on on this island.
Hurtful Thoughts
11-02-2006, 06:47
James felt uneasy watching the video. But somthing they where telling him didn't match what he saw. he got up, and asked for Pat to zoom in on the 'canisters'. Then it hit him, those where hand grenades, any kid could make this kind of deceptive video and pass it off as real, which could greatly damage PROHT's reputation, not much, but it would be wrong to let it stand.

"You might want to take a closer look at these videos before you start pointing fingers, this is obviouly a hoax film, those are hand grenades, not bombs, and those jets look more like idling FMX-6As on a runway superimposed on a parade ground a short march north of here. The Police rally the local CDFs there once every month or so for basic compulasry training."

(You have to remember, James is very patriotic, a charcteristic from a lifetime of brainwashing. At this very moment James is secretly suspecting the Talon crew of the attack, for any number of reasons. But he's smart enough to keep his mouth shut, for now.)
11-02-2006, 07:26
"Fair enough, you can believe anything you want. Now if you will excuse me, I have to take account of my weapon stores. If there is anything you need from us, feel free stop by."

He then politley made a motion to the door.

"Why are all these troops so blind? What kind of goverment is this miliary run by?" He thought.
Hurtful Thoughts
11-02-2006, 07:51
James O'Brian took Ptrick's advice and left.

Over his shoulder he says to Ptrick:
"You do know that someone is playing BOTH of us for fools?"

(reffering to 'The brass' that the talon crew answers to)

James then decides it would be best to inform his superiors of his growing concerns of an invasion.
11-02-2006, 07:54
OCC: Sorry, I don't really get the last part, was he thinking that, or did he say it?
Hurtful Thoughts
12-02-2006, 03:40
<Incoming encripted telegram>

Mittleton, Alidor (
To: *****

Our recon unit found a military Biotech center in the epicenter of Alidor's recent zombie outbrake, the disease appears virus based. Symptoms very similar to PVNRT. Request update on how project Ex is coming along. Also request media to become involved in our discovery. It would be in PROHT's best intrest to have Alidor's supirior BW program shut down.

We shall need an extraction team soon...

Heard over the shortwave ( that you have some 'delegates' stomping around back. Deal with them...
<End message>

Inside Armoury's secret bunker (unraided):

Voice 2: What wonderful timing, and you just said the Talon crew is suspecting foul play? I believe we had some Alidorians around during this show, it would be rather awful if they where found infected at the riot's point of origin and their suitcases packed with electronic survailence gear?

Voice 5: Understood expect a full media blowout in the next 15 minutes...

Voice 3: Commandant, you did a great service to your country by reporting this to us.
13-02-2006, 03:48
Talon Hanger
0352 Hours
Masterson saw the lights of the airbase after he roared over a slight ridge to the south. He banked for approach and made a on the numbers VTOL landing in front of the hangar. As he walked away from his still cooling jet (The speeds he flies at create a bit of heat) he noticed a group of PROHT soldiers dispersing from around the hangar. When he walked inside he knew something was very wrong, just by the expressions on the faces of his men. Patrick approached him.

“Sergeant, what is going on?” Asked John.

“Sir, you really need to see this.”

The Lt. was shown the recon video and told about the denial from O’Brian. After some time with his brow furrowed in thought John spoke, “Ok, we need to work fast."

"Why sir?

“We are in a nation that gust GASSED their own police force!”

“Ok," He said with a firm aggrement, "What do you want to do sir?”

“Well, first rearm the Talon. Keep everyone on constant alert. I think the shit is gonna hit the fan. Get the C-130 ready, if we need to go. Load the Talon with 6 mini-mavs, 2 cluster bombs, and 4 Scorpion missiles. Now, I need to get the brass on the horn.”

Battle Mountain AFB - CIC
0415 Hours

General David was at his desk in the CIC reading over reports from the 432nd Air Intelligence Wing. They had taken a look at the intell and confirmed the previous assessment. They PROHT military did gas the police with a chem. or bio weapon of some kind. The only amendment was that the fighters were apparently UCAVS, nowhere as good a the Sealthhawks but still worked. His had was reaching for the phone when it rang.

“Genera David?”

“General, it’s John Masterson. Sir, there is something you need know.”

The events that recently occurred were told with out preamble.

“Sir, I’m requesting that five Stargazer bombers be scrambled, so that….”

The general finished the sentence for him, “So if the shit hits the fan and the PROHT military tries to arrest you or somthing we can cover your escape? It's risky, you know that it will take time for the bombers to be ready?."

John responded instantly, "I do."
"Very well. I will have Generals Ron Jaenston and Amy Trentrose get the planes from their wings launched. You can expect the Stargazers on station in around 6 hours, the Vampires about 10.”

“Thank you sir, we’ll keep in touch.”

With that the line was disconnected.

Talon Hanger
That Same Time

John placed the phone back in its cradle and joined Patrick in the makeshift kitchen as he was pouring coffee. McClanahan spoke without turning from his task, “What did the general say?”

“That the cavalry is on its way.”

Patrick only nodded and then left to assist in bringing the Talon inside (The hangar door will be closed so you can't see inside) and rearming it.

OCC: The planes won’t enter your airspace, just hold outside it.
Hurtful Thoughts
14-02-2006, 02:32
The PROHT Signal Corps set up a small theater, and informed everyone over the PA system that they had found a pair of spies within the delegation, and that they have been apprehended and are being dealt with. They then Showed footage of a blood besplattered log cabin, and a suitcase loaded full of survallence gear (planted*) vials that where reported to have contained the agent that spurred the riots, and a flight of missing MMP-1s; PROHT athourities admit they lost a few of them shortly after the delegates arrived,. but did not want to cause a panic. Their escort, Staff Sgt. Dimitri Ingsbrooke is still missing.

A large sigh of relief cme over the military force stationed in new Roanoke island, until the final summary.

"Due to the unknown nature of the disease, and its potential virality, PROHT is going through international channels to post a 2 week quarantine effective immidietely, Our RADARs found a flight of incoming planes and have sent an escort from ther mainland to inform them of our predicament."

It looks like New Roanoke Island is the start of another Cold War...
14-02-2006, 03:14
Mondoth is willing to lend our ocnsiderable medical expertise to identify the virus and work towards a cure.
OOC: Whats going on with the fighter competition?
14-02-2006, 03:18
OCC: I don't know how you got my bombers on RADAR, they are stealth (Shold have made clear) The Vampire is the modified B-1 from the book serries by Dale Brown. The Stargaer is hypersonic again stealth, the design is on the Pudu storefront, I will TG you the specs. But, the point is you won't know they are there. Again, my fault for not explainig that.
Hurtful Thoughts
15-02-2006, 02:28
OOC: To clear things up...

Personel form
Name: Boris Blasbergiev
Height: 6.4
Wieght: 72kg
Rank\Occupation: Pilot of Blasbergias Airforce Il 76TD
Reason of being here: Fly bys and static display of our Nations Il76TD

For submitting a plane please fill out the following:
Name of plane: Ilyushin Il 76TD
Catagory:military cargo
Crew: 6
Vasili Konev
Boris Blasbergiev
Lev Kuznetsov
Ilya Mazarin
Maxim Konev
Marat Safinov

I was reffering to this particular late arrival, sorry for the confusion.

In reply to Monodoth, the flights shall remain on schedual, but the pilots may not leave until they have been confirmed as 'non-infected'.
16-02-2006, 02:00
Mondoth is willing to lend its considerable Medical expertise to PROHT to help identify, contain and possibly cure any viral outbreak caused by the 'agent'.
Mondoth will also wish to perform a medical examination on its pilots, independent of any such evaluation done by PROHT
Hurtful Thoughts
16-02-2006, 02:05
Mondoth is willing to lend its considerable Medical expertise to PROHT to help identify, contain and possibly cure any viral outbreak caused by the 'agent'.
Mondoth will also wish to perform a medical examination on its pilots, independent of any such evaluation done by PROHT

That is acceptable, but leaving before the end of the competition would be forfiet.
16-02-2006, 04:38
We're not planning on leaving...
17-02-2006, 01:18
OCC: Now that has been some time lets asume that the 4 bombers from my nation are holding, undiscovered, just outside your nation's airspace.

BTW, check your TGs.
Marine Devil Dog
17-02-2006, 01:23
Personel form
Name: Chris Uniat
Gender: Male
Height: 6" 8'
Weight: 178lbs
Rank\Occupation: Colonel\Air Force
Reason of being here: Showing off the moded planes we have.

For submitting a plane please fill out the following:
Name of plane: F/A-18J Hornet
Catagory: Fighter/Strike
Crew: 1
17-02-2006, 01:26
OCC: I can't speek for PROHT, bit I don't know if this is still open. Again, up to him.
Hurtful Thoughts
18-02-2006, 01:59
Late entries?

Well, you can enter late,you would have to be briefed on the current situation, and would have points deducted from final score (but like the popular vote in the electoral college, it really doesn't mean anything).

That said, you would have to agree to the terms, on the first post AND that your plane will recive a lower score, AND that you shall be entering entering a potentially biohazardous area.

If you do choose to join, you wil be sent to a temporary Army FOB, to the north, the climate there is tropical (it's a big island).
Hurtful Thoughts
20-02-2006, 17:43
The submarine, SSA Yahoo, was undergoing sea trials on the North shore of New Roanoke Island with the HT-101 assault vehicle, the planned replacement for PROHT's aging M-113s.

Recently, a news broadcast reminded the crew of a fiasco overseas that caused the loss of over 50 marines (yes, 50). And that chabces where, the ones that did make it ashore won't have long to live. They heard along the grapevine that Task force two was going to try and save them, but everyonene knew why Task Force Two was called 'Old Standby, it just wouldn't have the same strength of Task Force Three. Of course, the boats are all of the same design, and all are similarly equiped, all except Task Force Three that is. The SSA Yahoo was of PROHT's Tango plus block III conversions. Whereas the other subs are only block II, the Block III's where faster, quieter, bigger and could lash on large external loads without interfereing with the hull, or creating undue turbulence, of course, the Block II had larger internal volume for its size and was more manuverable.

But then again, Alidor subchasers found the SSA Yahoo regardless, hence the loss of the first 40 man landing party, the other 14 are MIA in Alidor, apparently, most of them made it to Mittleton, two planes where lost attempting to cover what was left of the landing force, one pilot confirmed dead, shot in the back of the head at point blank, a non-suicide.
23-02-2006, 04:52
Log Cabin in the woods near air field

Adrian Walker was woken from his slumber by a knock at the cabin door as he was pulling his trousers on Dimitri had already opened the door to a young boy who was carrying an impressive array of weaponry.

Dimitri came to wake the two men from Alidor, finding Adrian partially dressed he moved on to Andrews room who, after a slight hissy fit decided to stay in the log cabin.

The three men listened to the boy’s story of a zombie attack and before they knew what was happening the cabin had been surrounded by the intentionally gassed horde.
Adrian and Dimitri dragged a settee to the cabins door and blocked it to deny the poor souls outside entry.

Speaking to Dimitri, Adrian asked if he could take one of the CM-249 SAW’s to help the two soldiers fight, although the young boy looked in no fit state to help Adrian and Dimitri defend the cabin and Andrew was just in hysterics at being so close to death, the wimp.

Dimitri had left the three of them in what was the log cabins living room as he radioed his superiors. When Dimitri was busy Adrian explained to Andrew who and what he was and that as a secondary mission he was to protect the Strategic Arms executive.

When Dimitri returned to the living room of the cabin Adrian suggested that the group find a way onto the roof as the cabin was already surrounded and escape seemed unlikely. Dimitri agreed readily and as Adrian checked his sidearm a Berretta PX4 Storm the young boy handed him one of the CM-249 SAW weapons, which Adrian quickly checked and ascertained it to be in good working order.

Smashing a hole in the ceiling of the kitchen the three men and young boy scrambled to the roof and despite his age the young PROHT soldier was holding up much better that the forty three year old executive who was sobbing to himself uncontrollably.

The night was dark and bitterly cold for Adrian and Andrew who were dressed in little more than expensive suits, designed to show off ones wealth and not keep one warm in sub-zero temperatures, while Andrew continued to wail Adrian, Dimitri and the boy soldier fire controlled bursts into the crowd of gassed PROHT citizens.

As the numbers of deliberately infected people thinned out around the cabin the unmistakable noise of jet engines and high explosive munitions echoed through the trees from the direction of the airfield the two Alidorn’s had been escorted through the previous day. “Fuck” Adrian thought to himself “these bastards must be everywhere”

Seeing the crowds of infected people thinning out, due to the near constant fire from the roof top, Adrian decided it was time to get the executive the hell out of New Roanoke and try and finish his mission alone. Grabbing Dimitri’s shoulder Adrian shouted over the groans of the infect “Dimitri he have to get away from here or we’ll all wind up like those bastards down there” Dimitri looked shocked at first but then seemed to understand and jumped down into the decimated horde and on landing drove the but of his rifle squarely down onto the forehead of an infected man, sending him convulsing to the floor, quickly bringing his weapon up to aim Dimitri dropped another four infected before the boy soldier joined him on the ground. The two PROHT soldiers had managed to establish a clearing to which Adrian threw Andrew into from the roof, before jumping down himself to join them in the fight. Once on the ground Adrian grabbed Andrew by his shirt and jacket collar and dragged the man half running half crawling as Dimitri and the young PROHT soldier kept them clear of the zombies, they were making a dash for the runway at which the air show was being held.

While the foursome fled to the base Adrian was trying to think of a possible extraction for Andrew that would hopefully leave Adrian free to gather the information he needed to complete his mission and prove PROHT did have some kind of bio-weapon that created zombies and that they may have been to blame for the mess in Mittleton City.

Reaching the air strip Adrian noticed that a hanger was open and it didn’t appear to be manned by PROHT personnel in fact it seemed to be Flightotian air force personnel defending it. Seeing that the hanger door was being pulled closed Adrian decided it was now or never.

“Dimitri I think our little friend should see a doctor, you should know were the medical barracks are can you take him” Adrian gave a quick look around before finishing with “I think we should be ok on the base for now, it seems as if the attack has been subdued” Adrian waited for Dimitri to escort the young boy to see a doctor and prayed that Andrew didn’t chime into the conversation.
Hurtful Thoughts
23-02-2006, 22:57
OOC: Keep in mind that Alidor's post is backtracking to the first wave, at one in the morning. And the a PROHT rescue team was sent (those guys with cameras)

"No, I'm paid to keep you two alive, not the boy, the boy shall be dealt with according to our ways when the time is right (reffering to his desertion under enemy fire, and the usual punishment that such actions incur) as far as I'm concerned, the boy is aleady dead."

As Dimitri was finishing his last sentance, an FMX-6B came in low and slow, bomb bay dors open, as it gew closer, the plane kept idling and nosing up, finding the direction and speed of the wind to acheive the lowest possable ground speed. From the Bay doors a camera crew and a machine gunner where clearly visible. They where yelling something but it could not be heard over the noise. But they where also gesturing that they get in.

Overhead another wave of planes where coming in, fully armed with half ton FAEs (10 bombs each, 4 planes). By the airfield, foxholes where visable, manned with troops assigned to prevent ANYONE from rushing the field, to make a dash for the hangar would be death.

Dimitri saw what this meant and sprinted for the bomb bay door of the nearly hovering plane, grabbing onto one of the flight crew to be pulled up into the plane, Dimitri gestured that everyone do the same. The boy on the other hand, was starting to get a little trigger happy, and his aim has getting progressively dangerous to anyone standing around him, Dimitri could see him foaming at the mouth, he was infected.
24-02-2006, 00:55
OCC: Ok I just deleated the post. When you are all up to speed I will post.
24-02-2006, 03:08
Woods near PROHT airbase

A PROHT aircraft drifted in towards the three men and young boy, Adrian recognising immediately the similarity to the aeroplanes used to bomb the Alidorn coast line killing several marines outright, Dimitri made a sudden run for it as it glided several feet above the ground and Adrian noticed the hand being thrust out of the under belly bomb bay doors.

Grabbing Andrew by the collar again Adrian dragged the man to ward’s the FMX-6B, hoping that Andrew had enough grit in him to realise help when it showed its face.

Andrew knew help when he saw it and in his enthusiastic attempt to get rescued knocked Adrian over and nearly dragged the crew out of the aircraft as he clambered in. Adrian dazed on the floor, with the enhanced squad assault weapon lying several feet from his reach, notice the young PROHT soldier that had risked everything to alert them to the outbreak had begun to foam at the mouth. His young life torn from him by military drafting was now being ended in a cruel way.

There was no time for emotion to over take Adrian Walker he had to act quickly. Drawing his 9mm Beretta PX4 Strom from it underarm holster he ran to the convulsing boy and as the boy lay on the ground screaming in unimaginable pain Adrian ended his misery with three level shots to the head.

Grabbing the CM-249 SAW Adrian looked for the FMX-6b that had pass so lethargically by him. It was over twenty metres ahead of him and as he gave chase trying to facilitate his rescue he noticed a camera pointed straight at him “fuck” as he stopped running, his well tuned mind returned to him, I’ve just delivered the man I was supposed to protect into the hands of the enemy, they’re going to have a field day with that video footage aswell.

Looking again at the airfield Adrian noticed the entrenched soldiers. He had a choice to make, run back into the forest and certain death or try and convince the soldiers guarding the base not to fire on him, either way was risky, but at least limited ammo wouldn’t matter if the entrenched soldiers decided to fire at him.

“Help, help they’re right behind me" he yelled as he ran towards the foxholes in the field “Help, they attacked my cabin, please help me” Adrian ran as fast as his legs could carry him and the CM-249 SAW towards the Flightopian hanger and the lines of foxholes littering the field between him and the hanger.
Hurtful Thoughts
24-02-2006, 04:50
On the ground:
Marcus Gable saw to his disbelief the enormous amounts of destruction in the distance, nearby the advance waves of ‘rioters’ where already swarming the defensive positions, and through a pair of ‘borrowed’ field glasses he saw a very disturbing sight. Even after being firebombed with FAEs, many of the rioters where still alive for the time being, that was, of course expected *, but he didn’t expect to see them WALKING. With large parts missing, eyes blown from their sockets, and for the most part on fire or burned to a cinder with flesh dangling from their bones. He looked at his molotov, and wondered; if these… things… can continue walking after an FAE blast, what good would this do? He hoped he was the only person to see this, but he would be wrong, for already the news was being circulated within the most clandestine of circles of PROHT defense planning.

Marcus saw a lne man, rushing and waving his arms, wearing a business suit.
Obviously infected he thought to himself
He took steady aim and fired one shot, the body crumpled to the ground.


The wave of FMX-6Bs dropped their 20 tons of bombs on the area.

Nothing was spared.

The CH-47 (see post #59) landed by the now deserted log cabin, the infected moved on as soon as it was empty, a camera crew and security detail hopped out, and started a series of documentries.

One was in the event that everyone died
One in the event that the rescue mission failed
One in the event of a success
One in the event that the Alidorians made it to the airfield

While doing the documentries, spin doctors and forensics experts where searching the area vigorously.

And then they came across a suitcase full of spy gear. And heard from the 'feild crew' that an Alidorian killed a PROHT soldier.

They then hastily made a script, and startd filming. Adding planted gear to clinch the deal.

They then fnished all the documentries, packed up and left.

Voices where dubbed over (no anchormen where used, just a narrator) and additional fotage added when a report came verifying that Aldor had a working weapons grade disease of similar descriptions, so they spliced in forensic footage sentfrom the recon group in Mittleton and botched a few numbers about to make it look genuine.

Lead FMX-6B, bomb bay area
Aas Andrew was panting on the floor and Dimitri was yelling at the flight crew to make a second pass for Adrian, one of the flight crew attempted to subdue both of them with a kosh, Dimitri was unfazed, since he was still wearing a combat helmet, and put up a struggle, sending the bayonet of his rifle into the chect of one of the flight crew, only to be literaly kicked from the plane, now over the forestr and traveling in excess of 300 mph.

Dimitri, still stunned at the current turn of events, hit the trees with tremendous force, each branch and twig lacerating his arms legs and face, he could feel his bones break, and then all went dark for him.

Dimitri awoke in terrible pain, a quick overhaul of his health revealed a bunch of broken ribs, a broken right leg, and a collapsed left lung. Multiple contusions, larcerations, and most likely puncture wounds and if not careful, infected. Though for now he felt fine, or at least as normal as anyone could feel after suffering as many injuries.
24-02-2006, 05:06
OCC: Ok, caught up? Question: Could my troops "happen" to see the guy ket kicked out?
24-02-2006, 05:51
OOC: I guess Adrian is dead, unless he wasn't seriously wounded or even hit. but then that would probably be a god mod, not sure, but if you have Andrew as a captive, and I think I painted a pretty good picture of him being a sniveling wimp, and Adrian is dead then I think I have no one left to RP? is that right.
24-02-2006, 07:23
OCC: Ok then, check your TGs.
25-02-2006, 02:41
(OOC: Ok then, I think I figured out away to stay in the RP, its a bit long winded but I think it works.
Flightopia if you had a sniper on the roof of your hanger, then he/she probably would have see my agent being shot and if your using the same tinman equipment from Dale Brown's Plan of Attack than you probably would have known he wasn't infected)

The National Survey Agency

The young lieutenant watched the images coming in from one of the satellites crossing over New Roanoke Island, his computer monitor showed a man running out of the forests on one side of the PROHT air force base into its perimeter. He was half dragging another man and a young boy wearing a PROHT uniform and a PROHT soldier were with them. A modified FMX-6 drifted across the open field and picked up two of the men while the third killed the young boy, who was now convulsing on the floor, with three level shoots to the head.

In the Bureau of National Security, in one of its many sub-sections a group of intelligence agents sat around a table in the units action room, a room protected by a twenty inch thick door made of dense titanium metal balance so precisely on its hinges that a single man could open it (but only if he knew the access code and had been biometrically registered into the units security system) the walls were four foot thick reinforced concrete with copper mesh woven into it to prevent listening devices to snatch any part of a conversation and the only lines of communication into the room lead directly to the BNS interchange or the National Survey Agency. The agents sat watched the streaming satellite imagery on a large screen, it was a live feed delayed by nearly ten seconds but, it showed a lone man with a blue aura around him, highlighting Adrian to make it easier for the agents to follow his tracks, the other person the sophisticated computer was searching for was Andrew Garner (but he is already inside a PROHT aircraft) the screen showed the young agent running towards the PPOHT foxholes waving his left arm frantically while carrying the CM-249 SAW with his right, a flash and puff of smoke was clearly visible from the side of the PROHT air base’s control tower. Adrian creased over and lay still on the grass for a few seconds, then with the CM-249 SAW clasped in both hands began rolling side ways towards the tree line, before he reach the trees the air base had passed from the satellite’s view.

The woods near the air base

A couple metres into the tree line Adrian rose to his right knee and checked his abdomen were he felt the bullet hit. Pulling his shirt aside he saw that he had only received a flesh wound by the over zealous PROTH soldier that had fired at him “For god’s sake” he thought to himself “Those soldiers must be fucking brain dead, I was shouting for help for god’s sake”.
Tucking his shirt back into his trousers he grabbed the CM-249 SAW and skirted around the tree line to find another way into the air base his shirt was starting to soak in blood from the flesh wound he received but his jacket was concealing it so far.

Second Sub-Floor the Bureau of National Security
Foreign Intelligence Group 5

The agents around the table in the Action Room looked at one and other in amazement, a PROHT soldier just tried to kill an Alidorn citizen, for all they knew,

“Is it possible to get an extraction team in there” the man sat at the head of the table asked, the group looked around at each other trying to think of a way to recover the agent and his charge.

“We have several ships in the area, sir” one of the agents sat to the right of the head agent said.

“Sarah, I don’t think sending in the marines is on the cards right now” Samuel Anderson the chief agent of the Foreign Intelligence Group 5 retorted.

“I meant a quick surgical strike by special forces, sir” Sarah responded “We have some new toys that have been developed and teams trained in the use but they have never tested in a real life exercise” her gaze level with Samuels and unflinching.

“Put together a plan” Samuel said in a monotone, pissed off voice, “You have three hours to get it together and show me” from the tone of Samuels voice and his matter of fact reply Sarah know she had been chided, but she wasted no time and left the meeting room and immediately went to her station, activating her computer and sourcing several ‘operators’ to help in her plan.

Samuel looked around the Action Room and when the only access door had been sealed again he asked “When will we have another fly by Satellite and when will there be a geosynchronous satellite above that island” he finish while pointing at the frozen picture of Adrian in mid role.
25-02-2006, 07:11
Roof of Talon Hangar

“What the hell is he doing?” Thought Hammer. After the two other ran off in the jet to leave their “friend” to die. The man was running towards the line of foxholes. Through her suit’s audio amplifying system even from this distance she could he him clear as if he was two feet away, “Help, help they’re right behind me. Help, they attacked my cabin, please help me,” he yelled. Then to her astonishment a shot rang out and the man crumpled to the ground. She watched for a few moments to she if the shot was fatal. The man began to stir and to her amazement he began to roll towards the tree line. “The guy is gonna die unless we help him!” Her mind was ringing. Hammer got on the radio, “Lt. the guy we were watching got abandoned. He was running towards the PROHT lines shouting that he was not infected. The shot him sir! He will die if we don’t help him ASAP!”

“Ok. Then you don’t need to ask me to go get him. But, don’t take him to the base hospital. Bring him here. If they get a hold of him who knows what could happen. They might shoot again.”

“Yes sir! I’m hotfooted.”

She jumped down from the hangar (you know the suit) and moved though cover until she reached the fence. She could just tear it open. But that would make to much noise. She activated the compressed air charges in her boots, which shot her up about 30 feet above the fence. They charges fire again to slow her landing. Once she was sure she had her shit in order began to creep into the treeline. The going was slow and meticulous as she didn’t want to be seen or heard. It took her 10 minutes to reach the man who now had propped himself against a tree and had become unconcincious.

“Hey buddy,” she spoke , “Looks like you need some help.”

Without waiting she picked him up, threw him over she shoulder, being careful to not tear the wound and began to take him back to the hanger.

Talon Hanger
15 Minutes Later

When she returned a team member had cut a hole in the fence as a jump might kill the man. Once inside he was placed on a cot and Lance Corporal Leah Mencamp, a trained corpsman, began to tend to him. One thing was for certain, he was NOT infected.

As Masterson watched these events he could only hope this guy pulled though. Then he could tell them what he did to piss-off the PROHT.
27-02-2006, 00:50
OCC: BUMP. I hate it when we stall like this. Also, I hate bible-bashers, but thats anouther story.
Hurtful Thoughts
27-02-2006, 02:19
Alright, Marcus Gable DID notice the beat up fence though, and was dealyed as he filed papers and repaired the fence.

I'll also assume Flightopia has thus far managed to hide Adrian from the autorities (not a hard thing come to think about it)

I've seen real zombies, these, these are just guys with bad attitudes and an unwillingness to die.
Oh, the Irony! ;)

So I guess now everything is up to date.

Although I notice a bit of hostility since nobody even saw Dimitri take a nose dive out of the plane without a parachute, if he can treat his bleeding he should live for some time (povided nothing decides to eat him), and if he somehow gets his leg splinted and finds a set of crutches he might be able to get moveing. Of course that collapsed lung isn't a good thing...
27-02-2006, 03:04
OCC: Oh by the way, what did you mean by that cold war remark?
27-02-2006, 04:52
OCC: Sorry for doubble post but i think we can assume that Adrian dosen't die in our hangar from the gunshot. Just to keep the plot moving.
27-02-2006, 19:58
Flightopian Hanger

When Adrian came round he found his jacket, shirt and weapons had been removed and a tightly wound bandage had been fitted around his abdomen, as light streamed into his eyes again they slowly focused into the curved (?) hanger roof and his ears picked up the rhythmic sounds of maintenance work being carried out around him.

Lifting his head slighted a thumping headache made him slow his ascent from his new found cot. Not recalling exactly how he ended up in the hanger Adrian was cautious looking for clues as to his saviours or his captures, either way he would find out quickly as a shuffled to his right meant someone had noticed him now sitting up on the edge of the bed.
27-02-2006, 21:25
Masterson now noticed that their “guest” had woken up and was sitting up on his cot. “Oh good you’re awake,” he spoke. “I hope you don’t mind but we took the courtesy of fixing you up. You lucky, if Sgt. Hammer hadn’t seen you get shot or got there 5 minutes later you wouldn’t have made it. Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’m 1st Lieutenant John Masterson, Flightopian Air Force. Now, I would like to know who you are and why the PROHT want you dead.” John then sat back in his chair and waited for a response.
27-02-2006, 22:49
Flightopian Hanger

“How…How long have I been out” Adrian ask still waking up from his slumber, a cocktail of medicines keeping him groggy and his thoughts scattered.

“I, remember I was in a log cabin, with two” he shook his head slowly “No three others when it was surrounded by some kind of deranged group intend on getting in” then, argh” Adrian winced with pain as his hand passed of his bandaged wound “We managed to escape the cabin and something happened” his mind still clouded by trying to find the memories he wanted “I was alone on the field and then someone shot me” sucking a breath in hard through the pain in his abdomen, Adrian struggled to his feet “Do you have a satellite or long range radio unit or phone I could use?, its quite urgent”

Foreign Intelligence Group 5

(OOC: This part maybe changed, depends if Hurtful has a problem with parts of it)

The stream footage was being displayed the large monitor mounted one wall at the end of the conference table, another satellite was making a pass over the PROHT island and the airbase had been magnified to a degree that show in-detail wandering around hangers or huddled in foxholes.

“I’m not seeing a blue aura” Samuel commented dryly
“Sir, it’s been nearly twenty minutes since we last had eyes on the area” Sarah replied “Our operative may have moved away from the base”
“Unlikely, Walker has a mission and he knows that his principle target is in that base somewhere” Samuel countered without lifting his gaze from the images on the screen.
“What is that?” Samuel pointed to a sudden blue aura appeared near one of the airbases FMX-6B aircraft “Focus in on that man quickly” he ordered. One of the technicians typed a stream of commands into his access terminal built into the conference Table and a highlighted box appeared to the top right of the display screen showing Andrew Garner being roughly escorted by two PROHT guards.

“Shit, shit” Samuel muttered “Sarah, how far along is your plan”
Sarah looked at her terminal for a second before answering “Sir, I have contacted navy intelligence and they are currently forwarding the class and designations of available forces”
27-02-2006, 23:39
"Certainly,” John said, “Right this way.

As he led the man to the comms area he informed Adrian that he had been out about 30 minutes. “It seems like you pissed of the PROHT,” Masterson spoke seriously, “If you desire we can protect you and try to get you off the damned rock.” He handed the sat phone to Adrian. “We’ll talk after you make the calls you need.”

As the man made his calls Masterson spoke as if talking to himself.

Battle Mountain AFB
0932 Hours

General David was just returning to the now fully staffed CIC from a run around the base the voice of Lt. Masterson jumped into his ears.

“General is Masterson.”

“Go ahead lieutenant.”

“Sir we just rescued a man who was shot by PROHT soldiers while trying to enter the base.”

“I would not blame them in light of the previous events.”

“The man was running with a gun shouting very loudly that he was not infected. I think the soldiers tired to kill him knowing he was not infected.”

“Do you have any proof?”

“Not as of yet. But the man was part of a foreign delegation and there is no trace of the two others he says he was with.” There was long pause before Masterson spoke again. “Sir, I think we need to get this guy out of here, and fast. The island has been locked down so it needs to be a snatch and grab.”

“One moment lieutenant.”

General David pulled up the location of all battle force units and then spoke again to Masterson. “John, we have a team onboard one of the freighters (Teams are deployed on disguised cargo freighters that have Pavedasher aircraft and choppers so they can be covertly deployed) about 600 miles out. I will have them move closer to PROHT waters. But you must give me time to notify the president.”

“Understood sir. Masterson out.”

Presidential Apartment, Flight City, Judas
A Short Time Later

President Hunter Alldredge was just getting ready to go out to lunch with a few of his “Friends” in Congress when an aide approached him with a phone in his hand. “Mr. President I have General David from Battle Mountain on the phone for you.”

“Thank you George,” the President said as he took the phone. “Rudy what does your little lair in the desert need?”

“Well sir, some things have come up with that airshow in the PROHT we sent a team to.”
David then explained everything that had happened so far. It was some time before the president spoke. “So what you’re asking is my authorization to get this man out of PROHT?”

“Yes sir if it comes to that and also to defend ourselves if the team come under attack or the man is tried to be retaken by the PROHT.”

“Ok, you have authorization, and find out what country this man is from.”

The line went dead.

General David relayed this to his commanders as well as to Masterson.

Talon Hangar

John also handed a message to the man as he spoke on the phone it read:

We can get you out if here if you wish. We can also protect you from falling into PROHT hands. I also need to know, what country are you from?
Hurtful Thoughts
28-02-2006, 04:08
Mind if we jump ahead to 0600, breakfast after this post?
(Mostly for Dimitri to either catch up time wise or die)
(As for the 'cold war' quip, I was reffering to the mutual fear of each other, since PROHT has a small force of armed men 12 million including police officers, if PROHT can make ANY country think twice about invading, its propaganda has won.)

Dimitri had finally controled the bleeding by using up all his sulpha tablets and 'ready-clot' from his first aid kit, and simply splinted and attached a tournequet to his shattered leg, then he crawled around a bit in the snow looking for a good pair of hiking staves. Having accmplished this, he painfully got to his feet, slung his rifle (or what was left of it) and started limping towards base.

Due to his collapsed lung, he was foaming blood from the mouth.

By the time he got nearby he started moving a bit more cautously, ten layed down in the bushes as a flight of planes flew overhead, he had a chance top marvel at the spectacle (this was the second air strike) with the AAA and SAMs and ASMs streaking around the sky, dancing with the planes that he could only glimpse when he saw them on a strafe run.
(was still nightfall, PROHT troops don't have Nightvision, or IR, just plain ol Mark I eyeball, helmet, and one ungodly thick greatcoat.)

Soon it was over, and he noticed a wave of advancing infantry.

'Perhaps I could signal them, I may be too far for them to hear me, but they'll shoot as soon as they see me unless I could tell them otherwise'

Dimitri pulled out a flashlight, and blinked the unit 3 times, with a filtered lense of his identification color (Torquise [because hardly any other country has this color]).

A reply signal came soon enough in morse code (blinker style), it was a challenge, and he didn't know the proper reply. He simply replied that he fell out of a plane, and needed medical attention, he took cover in case they didn't believe him.

The advancing infantry accepted the reply, and asked from what nationality he represented (they mistook him for a foriegn flyer), he replied that he was with the Alidorian group, but was a PROHT Marine escort, and had been kicked out of the plane and suffered serious injury, and noted that one of the Alidorians was left behind in a log cabin.
28-02-2006, 07:11
OCC: Once my "guest" tells me more I will post IC.
28-02-2006, 17:32
Flightopian Hanger

Typing in the number for a military base switch board, Adrian requested that his call be diverted to another switch board and then finally to the Bureau of National Security switch board before being connected to Samuel Anderson, the head of Foreign Intelligence Group 5,

“Anderson, secure” was the response Samuel gave as soon as he lifted the receiver of his phone.
“Trojan, open” Adrian responded with his codename and indicating that his phone was not scrambling the conversation.
“Trojan, go ahead”
“Mission compromised, target is not recovered and secondary missing” Adrian kept his sentences as short as possible to prevent anyone who was listening from understanding or gaining any useful information.
“Understood Trojan” Anderson replied knowingly “What is situation”
“Possible friendly forces found” Adrian looked around “Permission to inform them of situation”
“Do you trust your friends?”
“They put themselves at risk to help me” Adrian answered
“It’s your choice then” Samuel added “If you trust your friends, tell them”
“Trojan, out” Adrian finished the conversation quickly, he could wait till a secure line was available before going into more detail.

Finishing on the phone Adrian walked over to 1st Lieutenant John Masterson to explain why PROHT didn’t want Alidorn people on New Roanoke Island.

Getting the Lieutenants attention Adrian began to explain about a viral outbreak in his home country of Alidor and how a PROHT fleet showed up not long after and forcibly landed troops on Alidorn soil, killing several Alidorn Marines in a unprovoked bombing run and then the unknown number of PROHT Marines disappeared inland, tracks confirmed they were heading for Mittleton City the centre of the outbreak, but search parties had no luck in finding them. That was when he had been tasked with joining a Strategic Arms Inc director to New Roanoke Island to find some proof of a link between PROHT and the Mittleton City outbreak. Unfortunately he and the other Alidorn he had accompanied along with two PROHT soldiers were attacked by people who seemed infected with the same disease as the one ravaging Alidor. The rest they must have witnessed themselves for they had rescued him from the wood’s before he was killed. Adrian explained that he needed proof PROHT had some kind of biological weapon that sent people into a violent frenzy, intent on attacking and killing anyone they encounter, and he had to find Andrew Garner before he could evacuate the island.
01-03-2006, 02:12
“Ok. So we need to find your friend right? We don’t need go get proof because we already have it.”

Masterson then showed him the video of the gas attack.

“Now that that unpleasantness is behind us I need to know where you last saw Andrew.”

He was told the story of the incident with the plane.

“Ok, hold on.”

Masterson then spoke to General David. “General it’s Masterson.”

“Go ahead.”

“Sir I need some imagery sent down, the last few hours of any PROHT aircraft. Flash on any jets that hover near the ground then later after landing bringing out a possible prisoner.”

“One moment, let met get a techy on that.” After about 5 minutes the general’s voice returned. “Lieutenant I think this is what you are looking for.”

The video was streamed to John’s helmet display as well as the comms area where Adrian could watch as well. It showed the entire incident with the jet, Adrian getting shot, and then the plane landing with a man being escorted by two PROHT guards towards the detention center. “Is that your man?” Masterson asked. When Adrian nodded John went into action. Masterson handed him a suit of battle armor. “If we are going to get you two out of here we need to keep for from dying on us.” He then turned to the ground crew, “Get the Talon armed for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat and out on the ramp. I want to be in the air in five minutes.” John then spoke Gen. David. “Sir, I’m requesting authorization to rescue the other Alidorian and get these two off the island. I’m also requesting the ROE to be changed so if we are fired upon we can return fire.”

“Authorization granted. I’m sending in the bombers and the other team. Bombers ETE is 15 minutes, the Talon team about 25. Good luck.”

“Thank you sir.”

The call ended.

Masterson then turned to Patrick who had now joined him, “Get everything loaded into the C-130, anything sensitive like the comms gear or anything that can’t be loaded in 10 minutes gets destroyed. Get Tom to prep the -130 for take-off and get it in the air. The rest of you will get the two Alidorians to safety while I and the bombers cover you from the air. You will board the Pavedasher when it arrives in about 25 minutes. You know the new ROE. Have fun boys and girls.”
Masterson saluted them and they returned it. Then they all went to work. 4 talon operators would rescue the man. It was overkill.

Lead EB-120 Stargazer
That Same Time

The Mission Commander, Major Frank “Fonzi” Vine, was just returning from the john when the radio squawked. “Aurora (The Unit’s Callsign) one-one do you copy over.”

“We copy.”

“You have a new tasking, set condition gold.”

“Understood condition gold, you may proceed with tasking over.”

“Your orders are to attack and disable all SAMs, AAA, and radar on New Roanoke Island. You also will launch stealth hawks to provide close air support. Over.”

“Wilco, Flight copies. Out.”

He then switched to the flight’s frequency. He needed not explain the orders as everyone else had been monitoring the other frequency.

“Alright boys and girls, you know the drill.”

Each of the five Stargazers launched two Stealthhawk UCAVS, extremely stealthy (An RCS the size of a Falcon) aircraft shaped like large flat surfboards that carried 7 mini-mavs each. They cruised into PROHT airspace at very low level (About 20 feet) holding only 10 miles away ready to upon orders from the ground team pop-up and start taking out targets. The bombers then went hypersonic and as they did so launched HSARM (Hypersonic Anti Radar Cruise-Missiles) and cruise missiles directed at SAMs and AAA. When the 32nd went in, they went in hard.
Hurtful Thoughts
01-03-2006, 02:22
Underground bunker in PROHT FOB Many miles North of Navy base
Andrew Garner was being held in an unlit holding cell, surrounded by interigator/executioners, and one camera, illuminating the room with a small crisp red dot that blinked.

"You understand ou methods of interogation, no torture, if you are found a liar, we will shoot you."

"You are a procurer and designer of Alidorian arms, yes?"

"Andrew, we found a bioweapons complex in the center of Mittleton City, Aliodor, the very place your zombie outbrake started, and then you two show up, and the same thing happens here. Care to explain this?"

"We have photoes of your partner shooting a PROHT Marine 3 times in the head needlesly, he could have been saved otherwise... You murdered him."

"We have names of the people involved in your bioweapons project, and one of them happened to show up dead in Mittleton, from a helicopter crash."

"Your country didn't seem to want our help. You may complain about your loss of 4 guys and a jeep, but we lost 140 people back there, where are the bodies?"

"If you are willing to confess to Alidor's illegal weapons programs, and point out the war crimminals, you may live, otherwise, you may join the others who silently disapear around here every day."

One of the interigators cocks a gun and point it at Andrew's temple.
"Choose your answers wisely, a lot of people died to get this information, your death would be insignificant in comparision."

All Across NRI, Radar stations, and fixed SAM sites where being destroyed, by charting the path of destruction, it was plain for the men to see where they where headed, but still did not know who they where, of course, when someone does somehing as hostile as that, you don't care who it is, just shoot it down. Politicaly important persons evacuated the area mst likely on their list. A little known and hastily erected FOB for a late coming competitor, and the staging area for the upcoming duels on the agenda.

PA system
Code 10, this is not a drill, one of the competitors are attacking Government installations, all personel are to be Armed immediatly, PROHT shall not be responsable for your safety any longer, night curfew shall be in affect, dissenters shall be shot. All Pilots are to take to the air immediately, you shall be breifed in the air over the radio. That is all.

Secure land line:
To: Dwadalfia Prime

PROHT is under attack from a hostile country, we respectfully request that we may use your planes to defend our mutual airbases to protect as many personel as we can.

OOC: uh, the FMX-6 is an old tech piston/turboprop plane, and doesn't really hover too well.
01-03-2006, 02:32
OCC: Is that the tropical one.
Hurtful Thoughts
01-03-2006, 03:17
Yes, I would like a response from Monodoth and Dweladelfia prime before moving on though.

You are sort of ignoring PROHT's story, which is equally true and more widespread, since it made NS's equivilent to CNN and BBC news. If you don't believe me check Alidor's 'Outbrake' thread, your satalites should be able to spot all that happened over there as well, provided a satalite was over there at the time.

The time frame is fairly well synchronised with this thread.
02-03-2006, 22:19
Underground Bunker in PROHT FOB

“You understand our methods or interrogation, no torture, if you are found a liar, we will shoot you”

Andrew heard one of his captors say to him, the stark reality hitting Andrew like a wet cod across the face, looking around the room Andrew saw nothing but a single red dot of light (Would the camera actually pick up any pictures in a dark room?) the words of his interrogator drifting into a background noise until

“If you are willing to confess to Alidor’s illegal weapons programs, and point out the war criminals, you may live, otherwise, you may join the others who silently disappear around here everyday”

A weapon cocked somewhere in the dark room.

“Chose your words wisely, a lot of people died to get this information, your death would be insignif..”

“Insignificant, you fool” Andrew yelled into the dark room “Your fleet entered Alidorn waters illegally, placed your mines in territorial waters and attempted a landing on Alidorn soil” sweat running from his brow and dropping from his nose exploded into fine mists of salty spray “You sank an Alidorn vessel in territorial waters and murdered four soldiers god damn you, it is you who are harbouring war criminals not Alidor” Looking around room to find someone to direct his rage “You fools killing me will be the last mistake you make and lead to the ultimate destruction of your backward, FOOLS”

Flightopian Hanger

Adrian had just put on the Flightopian bodysuit that felt like it was made of stiff fabric, putting on a power unit worn like a thin backpack, the material electronically, instantly became as hard as an inch of titanium when struck. The wearer was protected from explosions and fire and hits from rounds up to thirty millimetres in size fired from a Gatling-gun.

The boots supplied allowed wearers to jump several dozen meters in height and distance via a jet-propulsion system that compressed and stored a large air charge.

Picking up the PROHT CM-249 SAW he found that it was much lighter than before and he could wield it with only one hand instead of the two hands the powerful weapon usually required. The battle armour was uncomfortable but Adrian figured the massive advantage it gave outweighed any discomfort.

As the Flightopian ground crews loaded up the C-130 as the noise of several large explosions which followed each other in quick succession, many of them were simultaneous.

“Guess its time to go” Adrian said to the Flightopian’s

(OOC: Took the liberty of explaining the battle armour I hope that’s ok.
Sorry for post but its going over ground already covered so I figured it would be ok.

Flightotian forces probably believe Adrian because he believes what he says is the truth, and so far only PROHT propaganda claims differently (Easily denied as so far there is no proof).
If Flightopian satellites fly over Mittleton City now they will see a PROHT APC in the middle of a zombie fest with Alidorn forces on the way, as well as the four marines on the GeneTech Building (everyone else in inside buildings) but hay its Alidorn soil and they could be there for any number of reasons, unlike the PROHT soldiers which “invaded” Alidor)
Hurtful Thoughts
02-03-2006, 22:59
List of the new locals in the North:

PROHT Inc Shipyards (North)
Largest private shipyard on New Roanoke Island, has single super large drydock with two supertanker-sized boats under construction, the yard is also catering to the needs of Task Force 3. Has 2 large sub pens.

Joycamp 262
A lot of money has crossed hands to keep this little (only 4 buildings) jewel a secret, major supplier of labor for PROHT Inc. (the big secret is that all 100,000 residents are voluntary)
Cell Block 1
Cell Block 2
Cell Block 3
Cell Block 4
Manhole leading to Joycamp’s septic tank(s)
Trenches and 4 guard towers, 4 gates
2 layers of barbed wire and mines, trench covered in barbed wire ‘cage’ and concrete/dirt pillboxes.

Hidden Bunker – still hidden, TG me if you want to guess. Here’s a hint; it is in the ground.

Forward Operating Base
A clearing a short distance from the above, small stockpile of munitions and a few HT-101s and FMX-6Bs, no Radar installation.

You would think that PROHT would have tried to shoot down those pesky spy satellites by now. (And PROHT has 4 such Anti-satellite satellites up already, sweeping the globe every 3 hours)
PROHT has been trying to keep enemy spy satellites out of PROHT’s skies for years.

Now back to the story:
Awhile ago
Dimitri was led past a foul smelling hallway for debriefing, apparently he missed something big, because as soon as he was picked up the MPs came to take him here, far to the north. As he was walking down the corridors he saw Andrew in a cell.

At least he made it out alive.

Dimitri was then shown a cell and asked to sit down. Dimitri was already trying to find reasons why he let two men die on his watch, followed by his demotion.

He was pleasantly surprised when the man congratulated him on his courage, bravery and his new promotion for capturing an Alidorian spy.

“A Spy?”

“Yes, we found incriminating evidence of their intended activities when checking their things, sorry about the rude greeting on the plane, but we thought you actualy cared for them and that you where in league with them, since you have the clearance to get the MMP-1s that attacked our CDFs. It was only natural to assume you where on their side”

“What are you talking about?”

The man gave Dimitri PROHT’s story of the events that happened while he was away.

“May I interrogate Andrew myself?”

“If you wish”

Andrew Garner's cell, a man handed one of the interigator's a note, which he read in the dim light.

"Mr. Garner, while you where out, we decidedto take some blood samples. Congradulations, you're infected. If you talk we may be able to provide a antidote, otherwise I'd guess you have one hour to live. Oh and someone here would like to speak to you" (Tis a ruse)

All leave, except Andrew and the Camera
03-03-2006, 00:51
TAG: I will post later after reviewing the outbreak thing and planning my next move.

NOTE: I have now read it and I a bit confused. Could either Alidor or PROHT clarify some stuff.

-The APC is not hostile to Alidorians?
-How many Alidorians have been killed by the PROHT?
-Why did Adrian and Andrew go to NRI, was this before the outbreak, after, and was it before PROHT tried to move in?

I'm just not getting the backstory very well.
Hurtful Thoughts
03-03-2006, 03:53
So far.
>PROHT squaelches zombie infestation in Floridia.
Outbrake in Alidor.
>The PROHT fleet (Task Force 3) was in the nieghborhod so it just steamed into shore hoping to be welcomed.
>PROHT sends starts airlifting trops and supplies into Alidor.
>Arkin Radar staion finds the fleet and goes Defcon 1 on everybody.
>Alidor sends Boats and planes (described the Trimmel like it was a PT boat for awhile, was really a coast gaurd cutter)
>PROHT defends itself by laying mines, is getting suspicious of Alidor's activities.
>PROHT then STARTS pulling back its planes, and sets in motion an elaborate plan to get a small recon unit to Mittleton to find out what Alidor is hiding.
>4 Alidorian Marines and a jeep find tracks left behind by APC
>returning FMX-6As see this and 'cover up' the incedent before they could radio Arkin.
>2 Alidorian jets see this botched cover up, and shoot down the fighter bombers with ease.
>One of the pilots commit suicide, another attempts to escape
>2nd wave of secret insertion team discovered and captured by Trimmel, presumed dead, 30 PROHT Marines.

>Alidor then sends 2 delegates to New Roanoke Island to convince the world that PROHT started disease in Alidor, and perhaps Floridia. Delegates
> Delegates sent to a log cabin which is mute testimony to PROHT's first encounter with aliens, he is escorted by Lt. Dimitri, the person to make the first peaceful talks with said beings and forms a mutual alliance [THIS IS a REALLY big secret]

>APC gets past quarantine zone with the aid of a gas station attendant. PROHT troops pay him well.
>APC reaches Mitleton, finds Genetech Building (military bioweapons facility[level 4]) in the epicenter of the outbrake.
>Also find a chopper, with a Doctor from a virological research center, decapitated in helicopter crash. Radios details to NRI.
>Talon crew starts flaunting video footage of MMP-1s used to gas CDFs, PROHT counters with a newsreal of events unfolding in Alidor, cross reffernced to events in NRI.
>PROHT troops finds 4 doctors willing to help them on the 16th floor (from same helicopter), then 2 military men waltz into the lobby, 2 civiers in tow. Then PROHT mounts rescue attempt for trapped man acreoss the street.

>Alidor meanwhile has agents inside the building destroying evidence, and is currently setting off demolition charges.

No, so far the APC has not shot anyone not already dead. This may change soon since it has 4 tanks coming in from behind, and a hostile chopper on the roof of the GTB.
4 Alidorian Marines died after stumbling upon the APCs tracks
one handsomely rich gas station attendant, courtesy of PROHT.
PROHT 30 MIA, 1 dead
1 captured Alidorian Delegate, 1 presumed dead, 1 dead PROHT Marine Pvt.
To blame PROHT for Alidor's problems, to shift blame (they've been trying since I appeared on their RADARs without consent [got within 15 miles from shore, close enough to get any NS RPer go trigger happy; in my defense, I was new and thought territorial waters only extended out to 5 miles, not 500])

PostScript: Might be RPing the return of Gotree, he was detained on a mission to another galaxy, something about eternal life, has beat up spacecraft, and 'the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' (a gift from the aliens I guess;) .)
03-03-2006, 06:34
Talon Hangar

“I guess it is,” Patrick answered. As the C-130 began to start its engines Patrick got a call from the General. “Go ahead sir.”

“Sgt. we have some new intel you need to be aware of.”

OCC: We intercept a lot of sat comms like the RL NSA does.


“We went through some old intel, including satellite imagery that was on the back burner, needless to say it was relevant. Apparently Alidor has been having a hell of a time.”

He then briefed Patrick on all the events that had occurred in Alidor, the occurence of a mass riot.

“So, what you are saying sir is that the PROHT is not an enemy?”

Although their motives were good in nature (OCC:from what we know) they still entered a sovereign nation without permission. They also lead to the death of Alidorian nationals.”

“So, what action should we take?”

“Continue with your mission, regadless of previous events the PROHT committed genocide. That cannot be tolorated..

As the C-130 began to taxi away Patrick lead his team and Adrian out of the hangar towards the detention facility. HE hoped they would not have to kill anyone. The F/A-35 was now orbiting ready to engage any HOSTILE aircraft.
03-03-2006, 17:12

Andrew is not an agent and went to New Roanoke Island to check out new aircraft

Adrian is an agent and gave Flightopian personnel what he believed to be the truth, IC'ly Flightopoian satallite imager ywould have backed this up as Flightopia witnessed the deliberate gassing of hurtful's people by hurtful aircraft.

As for the outbreak RP even if Flightopian satallites did fly overs of Alidor then there is nothing for them to detect but what seems like a rather large roit(at the start of the outbreak) and since the only talk of the virus itself (By those who know the truth) is behind closed doors and not over any kind of communications devises (At least not mentioned by name) then there really is no proof that Alidor had developed the virus or vaccine.

Careful communications protocol's and a good cleaning crew have seen to that.)
Hurtful Thoughts
04-03-2006, 02:40
But then you'd be ignoring PROHT's recon force's communications and actions.

And PROHT's public release of information is a bit hard to miss abroad...

Oh, and Alidor and PROHT are trying to blame the deaths of something between 5.5 million and 50 million infected people on each other's countries.

hence the line "a lot of people died to get this information"

The interigators either don't know or don't care if Andrew was the queen of England.

Players might be wondering how Dimitri survived falling out of the plane by now, simply put, a lot of skills where used to aid/kill PROHT forces by alien forces, with many potentialy unforeseen consequences. IE, hard to kill, occasonal interdimensional rifts,* SEP technology** etc...

*(the stuff that made the plotline of DOOM and Stargate)

**(lots of liturature on this stuff, a real life study confirmed that this method of stealth works, otherwise known as 'Shock and awe' or 'subliminal misperception', if still not understood, please TG me, and I'll give you a few simple ways to demonstrate this)

Adrian will have a fit when he finds out you canceled the strike on a sercet PROHT instalation, perhaps giving away a bit more of his agenda than he would want to.
04-03-2006, 02:51
I edited my previous post. I'm just going to take the option of thinkng the PROHT are an enemy. Genocide of thier own people is one, my satalights detecting PROHT attacks on Alidor, ect.
04-03-2006, 11:33
'Being the department head, I'm pretty sure he'd know something about requisitioning the supplies for the virus, and of the people who asked for the supplies.'

Why do you assume that there is any link to Strategic Arms, as far as I'm aware your soldiers have yet to find this information out and then send it to their superiours, but I'm not sure if this has happened yet so I'll C&P the thread to reread the Outbreak posts without any amendments to posts.

'and not being an agent, he will crack, especially after being told he's going to die unless he can come up with a reason to keep him alive.'

You don't know what the effect of stress is on anyone, as everyone is different eventually he will crack, and maybe just maybe Dimitri beating the crap out of him will achieve that, but thats for me to decide not you, and not going through with the threat of killing him when he didn't answer your questions would propably have weakened your position of power over him.

'Players might be wondering how Dimitri survived falling out of the plane by now, simply put, a lot of skills where used to aid/kill PROHT forces by alien forces, with many potentialy unforeseen consequences. IE, hard to kill, occasonal interdimensional rifts,* SEP technology** etc...'

I've become acustomed to your characters surviving seemingly impossible odds, so I dont bother questioning it anymore.

'The interigators either don't know or don't care if Andrew was the queen of England.'

They should have atleast some basic knowledge on who Andrew is from the submitted forms before the airshow, and not knowing basic knowledge of who you are interrogating defeats the point dosent it?

'Adrian will have a fit when he finds out you canceled the strike on a sercet PROHT instalation, perhaps giving away a bit more of his agenda than he would want to.'

I tell you what if you want to decide what the characters I control do then you RP them, and if thats the case the rest of this RP will have no effect or outcome on my nation.
Hurtful Thoughts
05-03-2006, 03:05
1st part is/was just a guess. Made to appear as if they know something, even if it is false, what harm could such an assumption do? Flightopia assumed I commited genocide, this is only partially true, as it will be explainedin full detail later.
(no I'm not living in a fantasy world, yes the police did gas them, no it wasn't genocide)
Anyways, I thought Genetech was behind genetech.

2nd part, another guess, hasn't been RPed. If killed him he wouldn't be much use to me now would he? And he would add as another point in your favor.

A lot of PROHT intelligence/propaganda work is based on guesswork and hunches. Very few facts, and mostly gossip. The rest is an educated guess/political shifting of blame.

Isn't it odd that Alidor is jamming certain radio frequencies? I would assume someone else trying to listen in on radio traffic would notice the garbled static on the frequncies used by my recon forces, especially if they caught it while it was still coherent.

The queen of england part: Obviously, some peope in my country pulling the strings and just want to shift blame, they don't care if they have to stretch a few facts to do it.

Last part, another imaginitive guess based on the post before it (before being edited). And is in no way controling anything, since this is OOC.

May flightopia continue as soonas Alidor is done reviewing Outbrake thread, recon group sent 2 messages, recieved 1 before Alidor turned on their jammers.

sent: Preliminary findings (as they aproached GTB) and the call for help, after News reports blew their cover (caused by first message sent)

recieved: partial reply to their call for help

If these OOC parts get any worse, please start an OOC thread and link it on next post.

If you haven't noticed: I've only had experiance RPing since last september, most of which went poorly, and opt for total blending of all threads timelines (frequent plot crossovers, characters coming back from missions [in theory at least, gotree so far is the first to come back; the thread he was on died so he left] etc)
Hurtful Thoughts
07-03-2006, 02:56
Observations: (please correct me if I'm wrong; I probably am)

So far I've been trying to keep myslf from explaining my intentions in OOC, and to keep as much in IC as possable. This may have created some confusion since so far, the only documents of PROHT's organization, and history, are mostly contained in handwritten notes, which so far through lack of time/oprotunity, have not been posted. (Except for the bare essentials). This I guess would force readers to 'hit the ground running' in a story with a tremendous amount of undocumented history. Although, if you are lucky, you might gleam some tidbits searching through the various threads I've been on.

Therefore, I extend my apologies to those of you who feel lost at this point, but then again, that is the culture shock many people in real life get when thy enter a country shrouded in secrecy.

Alright, story so far is that PROHT thinks that Flightopia's bomber is the schedualed (and overdue) uber F/A-18 mod. And since PROHT air defense doesn't seem capable at the moment to respond (and hopes to remain peaceful for at least a little longer) nothing is really being done about Flightopia. [Note, been trying to get something useful out of Alidor since they arrived]

Except that PROHT will try a bait and switch to get some more interrogation time with Andrew, (this I'll sadly have to RP the agent attempting to impersinate Andrew), and invite the unidentified plane to land at the FOB to figure out what is going on. (Will have to introduce one of the councilmen and give them names now)

The Talon crew was given Adrian's story, and so far little has surfaced on PROHT's behalf, so they decided to apperntly side with Alidor.

Dimitri has been told the PROHT line, and at least seems to accept it, although he'd rather hear it from the horse's mouth; and is still on the payroll to keep Andrew alive, but still needs to extract the 'information' and 'facts' that PROHT needs to make a credible case.

And if all else fails I'll just have to disclose everything and hope everyone involved has the sense to remain calm.

I could drag the real Andrew around New Roanoke Island and explain histrory, but this would be rather unrealistic treatment. But then again, Dimitri might have his own private agenda. [keyword is 'drag', as in forcibly marched and lectured]

Now may we continue?

end note:
About genocide claims,
Whose bombs killed the troops?
What if, other than the bombs, they where in no danger at all? (simple cure)

And remember, the CDF is a military force, and many, if not all troops involved volunteered for the task in order to make up for some disgraceful act.

Therefore PROHT resserves the option to swap the genocide blame if it becomes a formal accusation.

What little history already posted: (again, not much, hope it helps you get orientated though)

PROHT and space aliens:
The fate of Gotree
Tidbits from this thread made cameo appearances in this RP

Other high(er) tech buddies:
The People's Freedom (, supplied ammo for PROHT's guns, and supplied seaplane

Worst RP I ever saw:

Why PROHT is fascinated in making 'zombies':

Note, PROHT only made 4 'G' class soldiers, two are dead, and one is lost in space, and another is in Alidor.
08-03-2006, 02:52
(OOC: Ok getting the story moving again.)

Hidden Bunker near FOB, Andrew Garner’s cell

As the cell door closed and darkness fell onto the cell again Andrew began to sob quietly at first, his whole life, college, university had been wasted if all he would do is die in this god forsaken cell infected with some kind of bio-weapon that turned you into a brain dead thug intent on killing everyone around you. Throwing his head back and looking at the ceiling he yelled through his tears and sobs.

“Why God, why me”

His head flopped back forward and the restraints stopped him from falling from the chair in to a dishevelled heap of sobbing mass on the floor.
The handcuffs dug into his wrist’s the chaffing causing the joints to burn and ache and he thought to himself ’is this it, is this the change beginning to happen’

(OOC: I didn’t know if Andrew was restrained of not so I just assumed that he was)

Outside Flightopian Hanger

Adrian followed the Flightopian’s as they speed towards the FOB that satellite reconnaissance had picked Andrews up at earlier. The place the group had assumed Andrew was now being held, as intelligence updates hadn’t shown Andrew being moved again.
Hurtful Thoughts
09-03-2006, 02:45
Holding Cells, Joycamp 262.
As Dimitri walked up to Andrew's cell, he noticed a clearly marked cell, obviously occupied, but what was really interesting was that it read "Alidorian spy", and convincingly enough, someone who looked exactly like Adrian was sitting in a bunk, staring at a sheet of paper that Dimitri assumed he had signed. A gaurd noticed this, and asked if he was ready, 'Adrian' in a strained tone agreed, and traded the paper for a pistol (one identical to the one Adrian brought). Dimitri was then told to move Andrew and make sure he stopped here.

The guard then opened "Adrian's" cell door and left it wide open.

Dimitri then continued walking, wondering what that was all about.

Dimitri then walked into Andrew's cell, noticed that the bulb was broken, asked for a replacement from the gaurd, then replaced the bulb, cascading a brilliant amount of light throughoutthe cell, where he noticed Andrew sobbing.

"I have been ordered to have you moved to be executed, unless you are willing to tell them the story they want to hear, but what I am more interested in is what you think happened today. Please come with me"

[Keep in mind that Dimitri is still pretty badly injured, with stitches clearly visible, and a leg brace, and a pair of canes are used to help him get around.]

Joycamp 262, radio hut
[Captan Donovan, talking to himself (just about everybody else evacuated)]
"Where the hell are those fighters!?! Those planes'll be on us in moments!"

"Do we even know what htose planes are?"

"Why not try and talk with them, stall for time, or at least keep them from blowing this island up, even if it does require us to leak a few military secrets."

"Sure, why the hell not? The worst that could happen is they decide to kill us anyways for things we didn't even do yet."

Donovan tunes in the radio, and broadcasts:
"To: undentified and noticeably hostile plane(s)
From: Cpt Donovan, New Roanoke Police Department, Special Operations Capable, Commanding Officer."
"Please report to the forward airfield on nrothern New Roanoke Island, you may come as armed as you wish, but please don't shoot anything and none of us or our allies shall shoot at you until we all figure out what it is you are after, and I would like to discuss such matters on the ground, since this channel is liably bugged"
09-03-2006, 03:48
Diplomatic Message to PROHT

To the leader of the Peoples Republic of Hurtful Thoughts,

It has come to our attention that you have deployed military forces with in our sovereign borders, this is an affront to our sovereignty and it is hereby demanded that you order these forces to stand down and surrender to Alidorn military personnel at the earliest possible opportunity.

Your military may have noticed a localised jamming of your forces radio transmissions from within Alidor. As we are not prepared to interrupt the counter measures we ask that you give us the password or phrase they will use as a challenge for Friend or Foe identification and your forces location as last known, as well as a properly structured order that they will accept to be from your government or military, instructing them to surrender ‘all’ equipment and ‘all’ materials until they can be handed over to your government at a neutral location, at which time their equipment and materials shall be returned to your force’s through third party.

You have two Alidorn citizens held hostage on New Roanoke Island we request that these persons be returned immediately and unharmed, and in return we shall hand over the thirty PROHT marines that are currently being held as POW, they have not been ‘debriefed’. If our citizens are not returned promptly we shall consider you a terrorist force and your marines shall then be tried as terrorists in Alidorn courts.

John Watson
Minister of Foreign Policy,
Bureau of Foreign Affairs.

Diplomatic Message to Mondoth

The People Republic of Hurtful Thoughts has taken two Alidorn citizens hostage at the New Roanoke Island installation; we should warn you that military actions against the New Roanoke facility may not be long in coming.

John Watson
Minister of Foreign Policy,
Bureau of Foreign Affairs.

Diplomatic message to Dweladelfia

The Government of Alidor would like to inform you that two Alidorn citizens were taken hostage earlier today by agents of the People Republic of Hurtful Thoughts at the New Roanoke Island facility, we are trying to recover our citizens through diplomatic channels, but you should be warned that a military response maybe required to free our citizens from their captors.

John Watson
Minister of Foreign Policy,
Bureau of Foreign Affairs.
Hurtful Thoughts
09-03-2006, 04:20
PROHT's Reply to The Kingdom Of Alidor's Demands

I have no intention of surrendering your delegates, on the grounds that they are government funded terrorists, and their pressence caused the deaths of many PROHT citizens. It was hoped that such a transfer of people was a show of goodwill and faith into the future, and now we see that it was merely an excuse to spread your disease to other countries. They shall be dealt with as PROHT health codes, and laws dictate.

As for the Marines in Alidor:

We have listed 120 dead on record, none captured, yes I have heard that a recon unit is in Alidor, but I have also heard that they found evidence quite damning of your actions, which many officials here belive, is that one of your gvernment facilities caused the outbake, and that you sent agents to PROHT to plant evidence within our borders.

As for their terms of surrender:

They where given none, for whatever they found you would not let them make public.

As for your countermeasures:

If you wish for ANY co-operation on uor part please stop jamming our radios, the people have a right to know what is going on.

Message to all PROHT forces:

Hurt em Plenty! Prime Minister Wimptastic deems it so, so shall it be written, so shall it be done. The Kingdom of Alidor shall be punished for their crimes, crimes to which we have signed confessions extracted without torture.

Task Force 2
Well boys, looks like this is it! Been a pleasure working with all of you! If we die today, be t so that PROHT may set up proper defenses while we hold our positions, in the meantime, get the Loggerhead to approach Alidor's shore, quietly. Have the LCs and their hovercraft start laying mines, and get the Turtle to set up a listening position, call in some land based air support if we can get any.
Hurtful Thoughts
15-03-2006, 02:52

Task Force 2 shall be described henceforth solely on the 'Outbrake' thread, due to geography.

Now, who's turn was it?
15-03-2006, 21:23
(OOC: Flightopia I think, but he hasn't been on for 14 days)

Alidrian Combined Forces Base (CFB)

Major Barry Schuehorst, commander of the 2nd Regiment of the Air Commandos, was in one of the many briefing rooms of the large base in the north eastern territories. Military planners were out lining a possible strike plan against the PROHT outpost of New Roanoke Island, and the one thousand men of his regiment were to be the first on the ground.

Looking at the plans for the possible attack, he noted the satellite photographs in the dossier showing high resolution, detailed pictures of the air base on New Roanoke Island, as well as a large FOB which, form its size, he estimated to have between four hundred thousand to four hundred and fifty thousand personnel probably stationed there, and a naval base containing a fleet of surface vessels.

The Satellite images showed considerable damage to air defences and radar installations of the PROHT air force base on New Roanoke Island, and a group of men fleeing from one of the hangers while at the same time a C-130 Hercules exited the same hanger.
Hurtful Thoughts
19-03-2006, 02:04
Is flight coming back then?
Hurtful Thoughts
21-03-2006, 03:36
Mono's last words...

We're not planning on leaving...

Have been informed that Shrak Aronotics wishes to extricate from New Roanoke Island. This is permissable, but frowned upon, since an unknown plane is currently wrecking our facilities.
22-03-2006, 05:30
OCC: Sorry for my absence. I have was called away for a few weeks. Anywho I have seen what is going on. I will jump in ASAP (I have to deapart again Friday but I will try to either exit IC or get to a hold point.). Just wondering who that radio about the hostile plane was diredted to? From here out I will assume my ground teams are heading to the detention facility and that my aircraft are holding with offensive weapons cold for the moment.
Hurtful Thoughts
25-03-2006, 04:19
You mean this one

Donovan tunes in the radio, and broadcasts:
"To: undentified and noticeably hostile plane(s)
From: Cpt Donovan, New Roanoke Police Department, Special Operations Capable, Commanding Officer."
"Please report to the forward airfield on nrothern New Roanoke Island, you may come as armed as you wish, but please don't shoot anything and none of us or our allies shall shoot at you until we all figure out what it is you are after, and I would like to discuss such matters on the ground, since this channel is liably bugged"

That was sent as your UCAVs where bombing everything, from what I understood your planes where already gettiong into ther air, and might have heard it, and may assume it was meant for them.

(He was trying to reason with the UCAVs, thinking they where piloted planes, and would most likely be tryng every frequency he can think of to get the "hostile plane's" attention)
26-03-2006, 19:25
Holding Cells,
Joycamp 262

Andrew was still sobbing in his cell when Dimitri entered, and hadn’t realised that nearly an hour had passed since he was told he was infected and was still very much upset at the thoughts of changing into a mindless zombie, like the ones running amuck in Mittleton City and the surrounding area.

“I have been ordered to have you moved to be executed, unless you are willing to tell them the story they want to hear, but what I am more interested in is what you think happened today. Please come with me” Dimitri said to Andrew in a cold tone after changing the broken light bulb in the cell.

Although Dimitri had lead Andrew to the run down wooden hut that had later become the nightmare that had lead Andrew to his current predicament, he still thought quite fondly of the PROHT soldier that had fought so fiercely to protect his live.

“Dimitri get out of here!” Andrew shouted at the hobbling Dimitri “I’m infected with that god damn virus, for god’s sake get out and lock the door for your own safety” the hysterical Andrew continued through his sobbing, not realising that he wasn’t showing any signs of the virus at all.

(OOC: is Joycamp 262 the FOB or the hidden bunker?)

Somewhere between the air base and the FOB

Adrian and the Flightopian personnel were making good time as they power jumped through the forests towards the FOB which satellite imagery had picked up the imprisoned Andrew Garner earlier.
Hurtful Thoughts
27-03-2006, 02:59
Joycamp 262, holding cells (all the locations are fairly close together, except the dockyards and the FOB, the joycamp is fortified)
"Your not that bad off, yet, and I am well aware of that, that is why I'm trying to talk to you. It is also why I have orders to execute you if you fail to cooperate. Listen carefully please, there is an antidote, and we have it, and they are willing to administer it on one condition, that you tell them what they want to hear; then all the killing will stop, not just here, but in Alidor as well. I, however, would like to also hear what you think happened.

You are very lucky they assigned me to protect your group, if it had been anyone else you would be dead, or worse, by now. I have been pulling strings since I found out you where here to keep you alive, and apparently, succeded in keeping Adrian alive as well, what I got was a kick out of the plane and into the forest, then a promotion.

Now then, come with me."
28-03-2006, 16:58
Holding Cells,
Joycamp 262

Andrew dragged himself from the floor were he had been lying waiting to change into a mindless zombie and followed Dimitri from the cell, the promise of a cure to the disease he thought he was carrying was enough to get him of the floor and stop his sobbing.

He tried to recall the events of the day “I came with Adrian to view the new aircraft for future products for Strategic Arms to sell, but then before I could see them in action the zombies attacked us, we ran through the woods and one of your planes rescued us, I” he stalled for a second, thinking of Adrian being left on the field as he flew from the zombies “I, don’t know what happened to Adrian after we were rescued but I was horrified when you were thrown from the plane” Adrian said as Dimitri lead Andrew away from his cell and passed a cell that had its door unusually open, unusual Andrew thought because all the other cell doors the pair had passed had been shut. The light from the open cell stretched across the corridor floor from the open doorway and revealed the shadow someone stood on the other side of the metal door.

“Are we going for the cure now?” Andrew asked Dimitri in a pathetic half cry.
Hurtful Thoughts
29-03-2006, 02:28
"I was instructed by a gaurd to stop here first, for Adrian."
He walks into the cell, sees the man's silohett, and nudges him.

The dead body falls over, gun in hnd, with a bullet hol in his head, in his other hand was a note, a signed confession. Dimitri picks it up, along with the pistol. While doing so, he noticed something odd about the man's face.

"How long have you known Adrian?"

He slowly pulls the agnt's latwex mask off, and hold it up to the light, then tosses it into the nearby dumpster. He then pulls a tape from the video camera that recorded 'Adrian's' death.

"Well, let's move on..."
29-03-2006, 21:48
Joycamp 262,
Outside “Adrian’s” cell

“Holy shit” Andrew squealed as the body of, what appeared to be, Adrian fell lifelessly to the cell floor “i, i, is he dead?” Andrew asked Dimitri, but without answering the question Dimitri asked Andrew how long he had known Adrian.

“He had just been promoted up to executive level before we came here, it was his first fact finding trip with the company” Andrew stammered, still staring at the body as Dimitri peeled of the person’s latex mask.

“What the hell is going on?” Andrew asked Dimitri in complete bewilderment.

Before he answered Andrew Dimitri removed a scrap of paper from the dead mans hand and a video from a camera set up in the cell, then prompted Andrew away down the corridor.

Outside Joycamp 262

Adrian scoured the perimeter of the PROHT stronghold, from a safe distance and under cover, trying to find a way into the camp.
Hurtful Thoughts
30-03-2006, 02:57
Joycamp 262
Radio hut
Donnovan, lacking any real response from the offending aircraft, and complete silence from the air support he requsted. Decided to try surrendering. Found a white sheet of cloth, tied it to a pole, and started to march around the grounds until he met somebody.

Beneath Joycamp 262
Dimitri led Andrew to a group of underground tunnels

"Above ground travel is too hazardous at this time, and would needlessly encourage you to try and escape."

[glances at 'confession']

"Hmm, apparently 'Adrian', or whoever he was, was a spy, and never was a sales representitive - that was just a cover so that he could get here, remember that gun we found on him, it's the same gun he used to shoot himself with - his mission was to post blame on PROHT for an outbrake, and set in motion an invasion of PROHT controled lands. Here he addmits to carrying a viral agent onto the island and seting it loose while nobody was watching with some UAVs stolen from an unlocked shed. At the end is a brief description of the virus, its properties, and its cure. I don't see anything in here explaining why he would shoot himself however."

"Now then, we don'tr need you alive, but I do, and it would be very much more benificial on your part if you stay alive as well, they will want a signed confession, agreeing with what this confession Adrian signed, otherwise, they have other ways of incriminating other countries."

16 incriminations that PROHT has from Alidor (3 ficticious)
New Roanoke Islnad
1>Adrian came with a gun, only escorts and guards where suppposed to bring any.
2>Adrian's suitcase, contents discovered when documentry team and mip up squad stopped over at the log cabin.
3>Adrian Recognizing first symptoms of infection (most people ignore them)
4>Adrian shooting people, again, with the gun he wasn't supposed to bring.

5>Hostilities upon arrival
6>Lack of zombies in GTB
7>reletive lack of response by the Alidorin government to outbrake (why wasn't Mittlton cleared yet, when PROHT did so with one measly APC)
8>Police reports
9>Ecplosion on 13th floor
10>Helicopter that "wasn't supposed to be seen"
11>Lab techies found (on the run?)
12>Ease of access, yet lack of military pressence (until very recently) in Mittleton city center.
13>persistant Jamming of PROHT radio frequencies

1> "Adrian's" confession
2>Dissapearance of MMP-1s (used to gas troops) blamed upon Adrian.
3>Gas attacks
31-03-2006, 22:07
Beneath Joycamp 262

“I can tell you what I know Dimitri” Andrew started “I know that there was an outbreak of some kind of disease in Mittleton, then your boys tried to force a landing on Alidor” Andrew looked at Dimitri “That’s all I know” Dimitri was still leading Andrew deeper into the tunnels.

Joycamp 262

Adrian observed the odd sight of a guard walking around waving a white flag.
Hurtful Thoughts
01-04-2006, 01:58
Dimitri glanced over at Andrew.

"It is niether of our jobs to find out what happened in Alidor. All we are worried about is what happened HERE, on New Roanoke Island, you aer going to be charged as an accomplice to genocide. I have pulled strings that would waive the penalty if you can point out a single person responsable for today's occurances.
04-04-2006, 03:24
Beneath Joycamp 262

“Genocide, are you fucking insane” the shock forced the words out of Andrews mouth before he could stop them “Dimitri for Christ’s sake, you have been with Adrian and myself from the moment we arrived in one of your nations boat-planes to the time I, er, we were rescued by your people in that FM-thinga-me-bob after the zombies attacked our cabin” looking at Dimitri with his manicured hands outstretched Andrew continued “How could I or Adrian possibly have caused any of this”

Joycamp 262

Adrian waited for the confused New Roanoke Island police officer to wander near by his concealed observation place, after the officer had passed Adrian made sure no one was watching and he jumped up from behind and grabbed the police officer, waving his white flag, by the shoulder before bringing a blow down to the base of his neck hoping to render the police officer unconscious.
Hurtful Thoughts
04-04-2006, 03:44
"Not how, when, last night when we where sleeping. That was when the troops in the field where gassed, Adrian was already awake by the time I returned from the door. After picking us up, a mop up team went through his belongings, and found suitable cantraband to deem him a spy, a rouge agent, or even a third party terrorist. Also, Adrain's whereabouts where unknown, and how he survived to be captured later on is still a mystery. Also, note how he went away from the rescue plane, and then started shooting those who tried to save him, does that seem to be the actions of an innocent man?"
04-04-2006, 12:45
Beneath Joycamp 262

“I am not Adrian” Andrew stated rather lamely “And I do not know if he is capable of the things you are saying he is, but I do know that I am not and I know that we were all together until the zombies attacked us” Andrew finished as Dimitri lead him even further into the tunnel network.
Hurtful Thoughts
05-04-2006, 02:24
"Well, here we are, I've taken the liberty of a detour, if you don't mind."

Dimitri climbs up a ladder, and opens a trapdoor, right into the log cabin they escaped from earlier.

"Coming? There is so much to explain and so precious little time to do it in."

Joycamp, "Cell block" C
A woman who just saw the captian get 'killed' by some man in an exo-suit. Shreieked. Then ran to a phone and called the police. They would be able to arrive in force in approxomately 5 minutes (since the joycamps are essentially vacant during regular business hours).
05-04-2006, 05:00
Joycamp 262

Adrian heard the shrill of the woman who had witnessed the attack on the police officer. Deciding that the mission was now too dangerous to complete he dropped the CM249 SAW beside the unconscious police man and headed straight for the shore.

Once at the shore he disrobed and jumped into the water in an attempt to swim back to Alidor.

Log Cabin

“What the hell?” Andrew remarked “you knew this tunnel was here and yet you let us fight our way through the zombie’s outsides" As Andrew was talking he didn’t notice the movement in the shadows behind him and before he could move an infected jaw clasped around his neck. Blood spurted from the torn veins and artery and Andrew convulsed helplessly on the floor of the log cabin as his life drained away from him.
Hurtful Thoughts
06-04-2006, 00:43
Log cabin
"Ah, for criopesakes..."

Dimitri puts a bullet through the zombies brain, pulls out an epipen of Antiseptic/Penicilin/Antibiotics triple shot, and administers it to Andrew, then pulls out a pouch of redi-clot to deal with the bleeding.

"You'll be all right. Yes, I sort opf knew of the tunnels, but taking you through them wasn't part of the plan at the time."

Northern Shore, New Roanoke Island
Task Force 3 on trials
SS-A Yahoo saw an interesting sight, a man in a busines suit trying to swim away from shore, and right for a submaraine that wasn't supposed to any longer exist. Plus there was that pesky quarantine they hasd to provide, pesky zombies couldn't swim to well, but infected people during incubation period could.

The submarine launched off an HT-101 (M-113 replacement slightly better) and the little AFV chugged off towards the crazy man at a peppy 9 knots. Guns leveled at the man's head the whole time. A man lpt out from the rear hull hatch:

"Yo, you look lost, need a hand?"

He thought he heard a sputter of a reply

"I'm afraid we have to insist"

The Staff Sgt yanks Adrian out of the water, and sends him in the reletively calm (if not cramped with 20 men) intirior of the AFV while it continues to chugged towards shore.

A short time Later

To: Kingdom Of Alidor
Re:Missing Persons
Good news! We found your delegates, one was found swimming north of our coasts, and the other appears to be infected, and is currently being treated to the best of our medical ability for hypothermia and infection respectively. Both shall be returned to you on three conditions

1> Their health improves
2> You cease all localised Jamming of our radio frequencies on your island.
3> You are willing to let any PROHT personel return on their own free will and we shall do likewise with all Alidorian personel held likewise.

On another issue, while they where over here, one of your delegates chalked up some very serious crimes, including but not limited to, terrorism, spying, genocide, and homicide.

OOC: I said downplay, not go and kill yourself.
Hurtful Thoughts
06-04-2006, 02:06
To: All Nations to which it may concern
Re: Level 4 Bio-Hazard quarantine of New Roanoke Island

The infection on New Roanoke Island, thanks to the unwavering asistance of many brave exhibition pilots and the PROHT Army Air force and Marine Corp, has ended, and the quarantine shall be lifted shortly. All shall continue on schedual.