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Sharira Intro (FT)(Closed Attn: Korgarein)

14-11-2005, 20:16
The room was small and dimly light. Valin stared down at the latest reports given to him across the encrypted channels from the outpost stations Lunari-ES 001. The station in the first full sector of Sharian space moniters traffic and relays for other fleet vessels. Nestled in the Elysian sector the station is where most incoming diplomats spent there time until Valin was ready. He favored Lunari-ES 001 for many reason but mostly for giving him a place to hold unwanted intrusions for a time.

Sir the sound boomed in the small space jarring Valin from his reports.
At ease...ahhh my old friend come, come. Sit and enjoy a drink with me, tell me when the last time has been dear Solith !

Solith found his chair and glided into it. Relaxing he laid his beret down gentley the shining Sharian Natinal Emblem glistening in the light of the wall and table panels. He never particularly cared for the new HISE systems that were inplace but he did understand their uses. He was a man that always liked to process his information throughly and the HISE was superb for running his abstract routines.

Sir, I came at once when I received the message.

Ah, yes , yes the message it would seem that we as the Sharian nation have reached a certain plateau. Shall we say we have evolved to a point that we should announce our existence.

Sir? questioned Solith. He hadnt quite made sure of what his old friend was up to. With the neighboring Korgarein nation showing signs of movement. With border patrols coming closer to Sharira where they have left us alone for centuries possibly forgotten. Also glimpses of new ship types as well had his mind running through possible meanings of the Korgarein intentions. But with the new long range scanner and probe intel he had a haunch that theNation of Korgarein itself was up to something.

Solith, my dear boy. Cut the sir nonsense and lets talk like friends that went through primary togather.

If you insist. Valin my friend I take it that the Sanhedrin is preparing to make a Nation wide and then making a Invitation to our International Neighbors? If this would be the case then as your message indicated this was urgent. I shall prepare Les for incoming visitors then.

(OOC: Les is a common nickname for the Outpost station Lunari-ES 001)

A sharp one you are my friend. I shall be joining you as we propel ourselves into the international Spotlight. Shall we drink to sucess and new friends!

Solith named after his fathers favorite moon. Would now become host for a wide range of new and unexplored happenings. He left the politics to Valin that was his love not Soliths. Running through the stations vacant and so far unused political party rooms he surmised that the entire deck needed to be prepared. Generating then uploading a report directly into the HISE display the stats splashed onto the table before Valin for approval.

Put it into action my friend we shall be very busy and we dont want our new friends uncomforatable.

I shall and set new operating protocols for that deck to ensure top security and of course the amenties due a person of stature.

With that the meeting came to a close with Valins approval of the report and protocols. Soltih downloaded the information then used his favorite encryption dropped out of the wireless access and stood up. Adjusting his beret in its orignal postion which after years of service seemingly never moved once in place. His uniform clean and pressed, he did not wear any medals given to him unless it was proper only his coller noted ranking. He snapped a quick nod and slipped out of the office of his once primary school friend. Times were different now and postions and rankings in public view prohibit friendships it seems. Solith shrugged it off and started off towards his defender housed in a nearby hanger.

Valin still pouring over reports, was getting no where writing the following nights broadcast. With the Sanhedrin's approval opening Sharira to international relations. He had to make certain that his National and International broadcasts were on spot. The night slipped away from Valins grasp as he wrestled with his speech and wrote well into the night. The following morning Valin felt that he had aged a little more but he didnt show it as most military and government officials he hadnt looked a day past 35 in 20 years. Valin shaved dropped out of the secured wireless loop and went to take a shower and get dressed. Today would be long but would put him in the history books. A thin smile touched his lips as he took out his best clothes.

His suit followed Sharian design for Politicians, mostly plain and clean but slightly militaristic. The pants black, his coat a double breasted black coat with deep blue trim outlining the cuffs and coller. His Prime Minister lapels firmly pressed into place. The coat stoped short at the waist. Giving the effect of some commander instead of a politician.Once dressed Valin did a last glance over his speech then downloaded it. He wandered if there had been any projected stuidies about the use of the neural implants and if any adverse effects may come from it, but it was just a passing thought one that resurfaces from time to time but never lingers.

A bell sounded and he tapped his table display. A female digital voice announced that he had a message waiting flagged by Solith. Valin sat in his chair and allowed himself to get reinserted into the local wireless access to check the message.

Protocols in place all is well good luck my friend
Solith, Lunari-ES 001 Commander Sharian Army Defense & Intel. Div.

Short and to the point, as all military leaders should be. Solith was effective and his quickness always impressed Valin. As one of his trusted confidants. He replied with only a sentence himself, "Good news, prepare my quarters we will meet soon." Once again Valin dropped out of the wireless connection and strode for the door. This would be the last day on Astral Prime he would enjoy for many months to come. Once outside he headed towards his waiting shutttle, his appointed guard awaited his arrival. All wearing the typcial dress but none showing which division they were orginally from. Their suits were just black with matching beret's. All had the same ranking on the coller and each had standard issue side arms. The guard which was normally used during transports and public speaking enganements. Would ensure his safety on this momentous occasion.

He slipped into the shuttle and motioned to his guard. Once everyone was in place the shuttle came to life and sped towards Careth. The capital city was sprawling and held the spotlight. This is where the great Sanhedrin met and discussed law and passed final judgements where all of Sharian Law was formed. It also has the tightest in security and has forced the private sector to the outskirts. Deep in the heart of Careth Valin's shuttle was speeding towards his meeting with top officals just an hour before his speech was to begin.

The shuttle lurched to a stop and the guard formed a semi circle around the door to be opened. Valin slipped out as easily as he had sat down into the shuttle and started for the Council building. Valin prepared himself for what was to come. He was meeting with the top 7 of 70 from the Sanhedrin Council. The meeting was going to be the final go no go status check. He was lost in his thoughts as he followed his guard into the Council building. Valin was now standing in front of two massive doors. Inlaid with crystal and showing a Dragon breathing fire and a angelic being fighting the dragon. The emblem of the Sanhedrin it symbolized the constant struggle each Sharian felt and dealt with since the fall.

Valin shook himself out of his thoughts as the door cracked opened and revealed a long table and shadowy lines on the table display.

Valin, come in we all know what is about to happen. Is there any reason to stop the proceedings?

Scratching his chin Valin studied each face in turn then spoke in a gentle tone.

Brothers, fellow Sharian's we have reached the final descion and I have studied all the information and reports I urge you all to allow me to extend an invitaiton to hold meetings with our International neighbors. It is time gentlemen, make your descion but know this we will make history.

The murmers subsided as the final agreement was reached. Tonight the broadcast would commence.

If you all would excuse me, I must prepare.

Every networked device now showed an empty chair with the Sanhedrin emblem engraved in the back and the armrests. Sharira was anticipating a message. One rumor had it was the most important ever to be broadcast. As the final preperations were put into place and the wide broadband signal was uploaded then broadcast Valin took his seat and begin to recite his message that he had toiled over for hours.

Greetings Sharira,
My speech tonight is not long nor is it laced with the many complexties of National or International law.
The only goal of this message tonight is to announce Sharira is no longer an unkown. We as a people,
brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. We all make up this great nation. It is my duty and honor to ensure
that during these new and exciting times. The Sharian government will be extending our welcome to any
diplomat, ambassador or Nation represenitive that wishes to come to express intrest with our nation.
Thank you and Goodnight

With that it was done. The nation of Sharira had extended its welcome, it had been set in motion. After setting the invitation in motion Valin was heading to Les to make one last speech. This one just as important as the first. Again his guard guided him through the council building back to the shuttle. Valin touched the panel to check for any messages as the shuttle leapt back to action and sped off towards a transport headed for Les.

The shuttle slowed down and finally settled into a docking station. Valin slipped out took one last deep breath of Astrals air and ducked his head against the cool breeze. The guard had started moving him towards the transport, once aboard and settled into his private module he adjusted his personal LSR and HISE settings, sat down took a drink and allowed himself to find the wireless link. Again Valin started pouring over his reports this time though only ones of International importance that were flagged by Solith. The transport shuddered as it was lifted into the correct trajectory and for a moment a brief feeling of being pressed into your seat and the transport was off and quickly exiting the upper atmosphere. Once in space the transport initiated the StarBurst Drive Core to jump to Les.

Valin unaware of the transports movements was thinking and writing yet again. He was running sevral table displays and skimming through reports of mineral deposits of Sharian space some yet with out a known use. The reports arranged by type and importance all being scanned and only highlighted sections being reviewed manually by Valin. On the far wall a picture focused and adjusted itself a prestine picture of Les came to view and Valin knew he had only a limited time before docking and the tedious message was to be sent.

The guard disturbed him one last time as they urged him through the corridors and into his new home. Valin arched his eyebrow and allowed himself a smile. Standing at attention was a gift from Solith, he introduced himself as Vlad a personal escort and honor guard. Vlad took over for the guard and took Valin through the rest of the corridors until he was at his quarters complete HISE and LSR controls also an odd looking dias.

Sir, that would be for your speech. Just stand on that and recite your initials with passcode, you were informed of the passcode I presume if not forgive me because I do not know it.

At ease, and yes I am sure I can manage Vlad.

With final preperations taken care of Vlad left Valin in his now secured quarters. Vlad searched for the nearest uplink and sent an encoded message to Solith.

Sir, Valin is in place message will commence at any moment. Prep work completed. Vlad out

With that Vlad dropped out of the link and then went to block F to search for an open spot to watch with his friends as Sharira would no longer linger in an unkown section of space. As Vlad wandered off, all of the screen displays once again had Valin's image displayed.

My name is Valin I am the acting Prme Minister of Sharira. I am extending an offer for any nation that expreses an interest in Sharira. To come to Sharian space to meet with me. We wish to extend our welcome to all nations and persons. We will meet on the Lunari-ES 001 to hold meetings with any whom wish to come. I am now aboard the station and will be waiting to welcome any nation into our space.
I Thank all those who listen

Valin after completing his message switched off the dias and went off to shower. He knew that they would receive answers and that he would be meeting with many nations soon. Valin contemplated the meaning of tonight as he finished showering and searched for his bed.
15-11-2005, 03:21
Outpost planet Em’Poc’tor on the edge of Korgarein Space;

A young officer came running into the office of the Base Commander. “Commander Dragta we have received a message from another nation. They seem to want contact with us.”

Dragta stood up from his chair and reached for a data pad that the young officer was holding. Taking the pad into his hands he glanced over it. “Well then, it would seem we need to send this to Command right away.” He then handed the pad back to the officer.

“Yes Sir, I’ll send it right now.” The officer left the room and returned to his station. He prepared the message report and transmitted it to the Home Office.

The message was relayed through the intelligence department for review and then sent along to the Korgarein Diplomatic Corps with an intelligence assessment attachment.

Diplomatic Corps Command, Home office, Planet Korgara;

Ambassador Gryvelkor walked into a conference room that began filling up from several other doors in the circular room. After everyone was seated the Ambassador took the stage behind a podium. Gryvelkor pressed a button and a holographic image of space appeared in the middle of the room. The diplomats setting in a circle around the border of the room stared up at the image intently.

“We are gathered here today to speak of the race known to us now as the ‘Sharira’. We have known of there existence for a considerable time now but we did not know their name. We know that they are a relatively peaceful people who seem to concentrate on exploration and scans of their vessels reveal their military as more of a Defense force then anything else. The Sharira control a small sector of space near the Planet Keloses VII.” Pointing at a highlighted area of the map he began again. “We know of at least one planet believed to their home world and at least one lunar colony but they may have more. At one point we had planned to move into that sector for mining purposes but after we discovered there were claims on the area we felt the materials their wouldn’t be worth overrunning their defenses for.”

"Today our outpost Em’Poc’tor received a transmission from the Prime Minister of Sharira, a Mister Valin. It would seem that the people of Sharira have decided to open themselves up to the Galaxy and step up to the Universal Stage. Considering we are the closest and Korgarein space nearly engulfs their territory we are most likely the first nation to receive this message. We are gathered here to decide our next course of action to be taken in regards to this new nation. I would like to hear the thoughts of the group assembled here now.”

The sound of one voice faded quickly into the roars of many. The diplomats talked amongst each other for some time before one of them stood. “We know that they are peaceful and their defense force is limited We’re surprised that the Korgarein Military isn’t trying to take them over and occupy their territory.”

Gryvelkor shifted his weight and placed one hand on the podium while looking at the man. “Actually as I said they did not believe the area was important enough to the Federal Empire for the risks. We do not know that they are weak. We have to remember that their forces are Defensive and they would be fighting a defensive war with us. We might loose a ship or two considering they would have the home field advantage and we. Besides, with the current development of our new fleets, Korgarein Military High Command feels that we should not engage in offensive movements at this time. The Diplomatic Corps has decided to take over which is why we are here.”

The diplomats whispered to each other again until the then still standing man spoke again. “Well then. With military action on the back burner we would suggest that we send a diplomatic envoy to their station as they asked and play the cards as they are dealt to us.”

“And the rest of you feel the same.” Gryvelkor replied.

The roar of voices took over the room again and yes’s and yeas could be heard most often. The man standing spoke again. “We figure that we might as well learn as much about them now as we can. They live very close to our boarders; it’s hard to tell what history we might share. And besides we might be able to gain access to their resources in other ways.”

“This is true… I will go then. I will leave soon after this meeting and make my way to the station they mentioned. Good Day.”

Ambassador Gryvelkor left the room at a brisk walk. The other diplomats continued their discussion and the Ambassador could still hear the loudness of the voices as he walked down the hall to his office.

Once in his office he placed a requisition for a diplomatic vessel which was waiting in a hanger owned by the Home Office. He readied his things and gathered his staff and guards and left for the transport. The vessel lifted off and blasted into orbit of the planet. The ships captain had been briefed on the ships designation and promptly ordered the helmsman to set course for the boarder of Sharian controlled space.

With the vessels course set a reddish clouded shear was formed in the space forward of it. The ship slowly entered the shear and disappeared into the void.

Open Space, The Korgarein – Sharian boarder;

The vessel exited the void through another clouded shear within a few minutes of its entrance. The ship waited floating in the blackness of space lit only by the light of a distant star. The Ambassador made his way to the bridge where the first contact message would be transmitted.

“Good you are hear.” The captain said.

“Are we ready to transmit captain?” replied the Ambassador.

“Channels are open and ready when you are.” Said the Captain.

The Ambassador positioned himself at the front of the bridge and prepared himself.

<< Transmission >>

“I am Ambassador Gryvelkor of the Korgarein Federal Empire. We received your diplomatic message and have come to speak with your Mr. Velin. If you would allow us, we shall enter your space and dock at the station you specified in your message.”

<< End Transmission >>
15-11-2005, 20:11
Lunari-ES 001

Solith had been sitting in his office. Studing the latest intelligence reports and scanning results when a new recruit burst into his office.

Sir, we have recieved a tranmission from a Korgarein diplomat for permission to enter Sharian space and dock with Les.

The recruit had forgotten to ask permission to enter, salute, and most of all had spoken to the Commander of Les with out first being granted to. Solith raised up to take the report and scanned over it. He searched and found the uplink, downloaded the tranmission then decided to start a open report to deal with later. Dropping out of the link he stood set his beret and walked out the door. Glancing over his shoulder,

Recruit, anyone would have done the same in your place for this occasion. Judging by your face you already know what I mean.

Lunari-ES 001 - Bridge

Open up all frequency sets. I want all eyes and hears listening. Send this to the Korgarein's and someone find Valin and escort him here That is all.

With the end of Soliths instructions the flurry preparing for the Korgaerins to arrive. Vlad nodded to Solith as we set off to Valins quarters. Solith himself prepared the Transmission and sent it to the Korgarein ship.

Greetings, We are pleased to find the Korgarein nation replied with such promptness. You are cleared, the Sector Traffic Controllers will guide you to the correct docking point. Please have any specefic needs or requests ready upon arrival so that we may assist you. We are also pleased to let you konw that our life support systems can be modified to most conditions in your personal quarters for added comfort. If anything is needed we will attend to it. Solith out.


Personal Quarters of the Prime Minister- Polictial Residental Deck
Valin resting with a drink in hand was glancing over some reports that he had displayed on the wall. He fully enjoyed using the HISE systems more than most. The intercom requested valins voice pattern to allow the guest. Valin dropped out of the wireless link and moved over to check the viewing panel. Valin recited his intials to allow Vlad the member of Les that would serve as his personal gurad and escort.

Sir, if you would review the message that Solith has prepared for you over the HISE system it will fully explain everything you need to know. The short version is Solith requests your preseance on the bridge.

I take it that we have recieved contact. I will read his full review and reports later. Solith im sure will breif me of whats needed.

Lunari-ES 001 - Bridge

Valin entered nodding to most of the working recruits and seasoned vets. Making his way with Vlad on his heels he intended to prepare with Solith for the matters at hand.

I see that we must be expecting company, fill me in as we await there arrival......
16-11-2005, 08:46
The Korgarein Diplomatic vessel make short work of the distance to the station. Following Sector Traffic Controllers directions; the ship quickly and easily docked. As the airlocks pressureized and opened, the ambassador and his aids walked into the station to await their greeters.
19-11-2005, 23:15
The pressure seals hissed as the dock slid back revealing the new guests.
Valin and Solith both dressed in their best greeted the new guests. Valin spoke first.

Greetings, my name is Valin, Solith here is the commander of Les here and the young fellow behind me is Vlad. Vlad will show you to your quarters and if it pleases you we shall meet later in the day. As the message stated if you require anything please let Vlad know thank you

With a quick nod of his head Valin turned on heal followed by Solith. Vlad stepped up and lead the new guests to their political quarters.

Later at the meeting

Ahh, welcome again friends now since you are the first to respond I and we have introduced ourselves I think it best to give you the floor...

Valin stretched out his hand and pointed to the Korgarein visitors and waited for their response.
23-11-2005, 11:39
It was some time before their meeting. The Korgareins took the time to freshen up and get something to eat and drink. The living arrangements seemed to be more then satisfactory for the time. They hopefully wouldn't be staying long. When the Sharians came and got them they procceded to the meeting hall.

"My name is Gryvelkor, I'm an Ambassador for the Korgarein Federal Empire. These are my diplomatic aids Belka and Trenvek." Both men nodded and the ambassador extended his hand to Valin in a show of friendship and good faith.
23-11-2005, 15:35
Valin stood and shook hands with Gryvelkor. Taking a seat agan Valin called up some sector maps and displayed them, known Sharian space jumped up in front of everyone. The HISE system render showing nebulas, stars , planets what appeared to be colored clouds of some type of gas here and there.

Valin cleared his throat to start speaking:

Greetings pleased to meet you all im sure. My name as I stated before is Valin. The man seated beside me is Solith, commander of LES here and Vladd behind me is one of Soliths men. Now then to get started, Sharira as a nation has been tucked away for sometime. This is a gesture of peace with intentions of meeting our fellow nations and form alliances where we see fit. Again we thank you for your quick response.

Now if you would all take these...

Valin handed out a thin black booklet the front cover showing the Sanhedrin emblem in silver.

Once opened speak your name or initials and then a pass code. I wouldnt advise doing this now but in your own quarters and in private. That will then in turn let you synch with LES's systems here and also use the HISE system for displays and the like. If you have any questions please feel free to ask other wise the booklet should handle most questions on how to function.

Our purpose gentlemen is not to perpose forever peace but a working agreement if you will. One that will allow our movements to be unhindered in the years to come. We will be gearing up and embarking on sevral scientific and exploration type missions and our nation leaders are concerned that the increased traffic on the borders might draw some attention, thus this meeting. Im sure you can appreciate our concern Gryvelkor.
24-11-2005, 06:17
Gryvelkor looked at the booklet then handed it off to one of his aids. "Unhindered movement? What exactly do you mean by this? We have no issues will you exploreing your own space, but we do not allow unescorted vessels within our boarders. As far as atracting attention; I'm affaid you are a little late. We are not certain of other nations but we have known of your exsistance for some time now but chose to stay out of your affairs."
02-12-2005, 14:07
Do not mis understand me here. I am sure that you have known of our existence as we have noticed your increased activity and glimpses of your new fleet. Now I am sure that you have had concerns with other nations encroaching on your space or attempting to pass through Korgarein space with out express permission. We wanted no chance of our actions being misunderstood. Therefore when the increased activity shows on your monitering channels which im sure it would. There would be no need for alarm, perhaps I have made a mistake with my choice of words but again this meeting is new to both nations. This should clear any misunderstandings.
02-12-2005, 16:08
The Ambassador sat back in his chair and pondered his counterparts words for a slight moment. "We have no problems with your nation's wishes to explore. We know that you have limited warship capablitiy when it comes to offencive abilities, at least in comparison to many. I do not mean to insault your people but we have noticed your nation seems to be primarily a defencive and intreverted race. This meaning that your people would be little threat to ours. We can understand this however; it is good to be able to defend your people before anything else.

It is probably good that you are now willing to venture forth into the expanded universe. You will encounter and learn of many dangers but then without this knowledge you would be unable to prepair for when it comes and it will come mark my words. There are many nations who prefer nothing to a good war and its spoils."
02-12-2005, 16:51
Taking a moment to replay what he intended to say Valin flashed a smile and with that he started his reply.

Very well put my friend. We are very aware of external threats to this nation being that we are small. Yes we are mostly defensive due to the fact that the nation wishes only to protect itself at this point. We fully understand the possiblities implicated and the war hungry shall always be hungry for war. Now this brings me to my next point. I think that a working relationship with your nation would be greatly benefical to us, with your governments approval of course. Also Sharira may be small but do not under estimate our ablities and what we can offer a larger nation such as your self.
02-12-2005, 18:59
The ambassador slowly smerked as he relized they may have the ability to access the Sharian resources after all. "Well, I suppose we might be able to work something out. What do you have in mind for this 'working relationship' and what do you have to offer us. You must understand, Korgareins by nature are an untrusting race. We do not partake in treaties and alliances lightly nor do we fully trust our 'allies' even when we do engage in such activities."
06-12-2005, 21:22
Valin pondered on the past few minutes of converstation.

Respect is earned and never given. So to say that you would not be wholyy trusting is understandable. As far as benefits, we are exploring sevral unkown parts of our space that are very rich in mineral and gas deposits. A trade agreement could be reached. Granted a large nation would require large amounts of materials on a steady basis. Eventually we would like to press into unknown territory. With increased needs of each of our nations, we could explore the territories that are unclaimed to be mined more extensively. With your backing to ensure my fleets safety we could then engage in the exploration more freely. Of course there may be other intrests we share as well. But that would be up to you to share with me would it not ?
07-12-2005, 01:51
"I see, well, What exactly do you want from the Federal Empire? You speak of allowing you to explore your own space without hinderence from us and possible protection during exploritory missions outside of your own system but what else. You promiss us minerals and such of great quantity; there must be more that you are looking for."
08-12-2005, 19:02
As you mentioned support and protection is most important to us. Also we have heard that you have taken great pains in the genetics field to produce soldeirs. As we already use implant technologies and are constantly looking at new ways to enhance our natural beings this could be of great intrest to us. Of course I do not wish to ask to much of your great nation but we feel that this would benefit both of our nations. Yours with supplies you need ours with creating a better fleet with our vastly smaller numbers. Of course we could also showcase a couple of our implants to you if you have volunteers.

At any rate Gryvelkor our nation is one of many interests. Amoung those interests the most pressing is the will to better ourselves protect our nation space and make the most of what we have.
08-12-2005, 19:12
"Well, we can understand the need an wishes to better yourselves."

"You must understand that our genetic technology is only partually intended for use to inhance soldiers. Being a warrior race our intire population consider themselves warriors or soldiers although only a small portion of them serve in the Federal Imperial Military. The majority of our research goes beyond the inhancement stage to eleminate deseases and genetric traits that cause problems in peoples lives. We have been able to create better lives free of sickness, illnessess, and mutations caused by genetic impurities. Furthermore by eleminating these traits in the population, we prevent them from passing these traits on to their offspring. However, through these process we have gathered some 'inhancements' along the way."

"I do not see a reason why our nations can not coexsist and prosper in a partnership. We will have to work out this partnership in much more detail as I'm sure your government can understand."
08-12-2005, 19:30
Good, let us retire for today.

Valin use a handsignal to call Vladd to his side. While Vladd was still walking up to see what the Prime minister would need Valin began to speak again.

If you need anything further do not hesitate to let me know. If you wish to leave immediately you have clearance to do so or if you wish to stay then join me for a drink you can always find me just query LES's systems unless im in my private quarters it will show my location on the deck.

Gentlemen, I look forward to our further meetings until then.
08-12-2005, 19:34
"Very well, agreed, we shall continue this later." Gryvelkor stood from his chair slowly a gave a slight nod and bow before exiting the room with his aids. The abassador went back to his estate room to check and see if reports had arived from Diplomatic HQ yet.
08-12-2005, 19:58
Making his way back to his quarters Valin pondered the details of what the next meeting might hold. He quickly created a message encoded it then sent it out as he entered his private quarters.
08-12-2005, 20:14
As the Ambassador intered his room he laid down on a rather confortable bed only to be quickly roused by a beeping from the portable comm unit linked to his ship docked near by. He relunkently got up, it had been some time since he was able to sleep.

He made his way over to the lavishly adorned desk that had been placed in his estate room by the Sharian people. The placed his hand on a pad which unlocked the voiceprint scanner of the comm units security. He spoke softly into the system allowing it to hear him but none else. The units holoscreen turned on and a list of new orders were displayed. The ambassador scrolled through the pages of data and came to the finial page that simply read Request Status of negotiation procceedings! Report Emendately!.

The Ambassador sat down at the desk and began to prepair his report on the days proceedings. After some time the message was prepaired and sent to Diplomatic HQ for review. I simply read;
The proceedings are going quite well. It would seem that the over egerness of the military to take this region was unneccessary. In exchange for our help with genetic research and exploration as well as some basic assistance in defending their nation they are willing to give us considerable access to their resources. We have another meeting soon and will work out furthure details of this 'Protectorate' deal then. Untill then i plan to catch up on my rest and await further orders from HQ.

Please sent a list of things the Federal Empire might be willing to do for this nation and things it will want in return.

The message was encoded and relayed through the ships transciever back to the Federal Empires Diplomatic Head Quarters located on Korgara Prime.
08-12-2005, 22:03
Entering the rear portion of his quarters Valin heard LES requesting his attention. Valin let himself jump back into the wireless loop and downloaded any reports or messages then dropped out again and went to take a shower. Running through the reports he found the request he knew would be there waiting for him to write his reoports and send to the Sanhedrin for review. Valin created the report and got dressed again feeling refreshed. Before sending the report of he gave it one quick review before encrypting and sending the data.

To: Sanhedrin
From: Valin
Subject: Kor-Meetings
Meetings have went well I have met with the Korgarein spokesman named Gryvelkor. They seem a strong willed and fierce people. The meetings have went well, per prior authorization offered a trade agreement with resources. Intial long range reports have come in with extreme rich deposits of minerals that indicate that we will be able to sustain the amount of materials needed for the agreement. In exchange we will be able to operate up to our border with no worry of engament also some national defense and defense during exploration of unclaimed territory. There is also talk of helping us direct a gentics department. Offered a display of our implant technology as well.
Response requested for further direction.

Prime Minister Valin

Valin then sent one quick message to Gryvelkor before resting.

Gryvelkor I plan to see you in the meeting again. Vladd will bring you I also extend my invitation to meet me for a drink. Again just ask LES of my whereabouts if you would liek to come.

Valin then made his way out of his quarters and down to REC Deck 14A

REC Deck 14A

Valin saw Vladd walking around in the bar and walked up behind him.

Nice night for a drink eh ? Valin smirked while ordering

Uh, sir ??? Vladd was unsure of what to say or how to act although he was off duty....

At ease! do i have to tell you that even off duty ? said Valin arching his eyebrow then taking a deep drink of his favorite Sharian drink C'el. (The drink was made from a blend of native grains and then fermented and allowed to sit for sevral years normally 5-10 before serving.)

At any rate lad the Korgarein fellow should find his way here if he feels like it but until then relax and join me.

Valin grasped Valdd by his shoulder and lead him to a table next to a simulated window. Looking at the simulated pane LES replicated what it viewed with a camera set right outside exactly in the same position so really it was a window. Valin drank and listened as Valdd spoke of working his way up through the Sharian fleet and watched as the stars and gas cloud formations dance arcross the view screen.
08-12-2005, 22:36
It had been some time now since Gryvelkor had fallen asleep(two or three hours). He woke seeming rather refreashed. Getting out of bed he walked over and found that there was a message from HQ and a 'LES' message from his counterpart Valin. He sat down momentarily to look over the Diplomacy report before he would take a shower.

Looking over the message he noted that the The Federal Empire was being rather generous in their agreements with the Sharian government. This was unusual for them. Allowing a nation to be a Protectorate of the Federal Empire was unusual indeed, even for the amounts of minerals and resources they would be getting. And agreeing with all of their requests.. unheard of in most Korgarein Diplomacy. There was something very odd going on here; something that the ambassador wasn't let in on.

After finishing the message from HQ Gryvelkor remembered the message Valin had sent him. A drink? he thought to himself. I wonder what they drink here?

Moving on he decided to take a shower. Walking into the bathroom of his estate room he saw what seemed to be the shower simply enough. As he undressed and got into the shower he noticed the controls for the water was somewhat if not considerably different from that of Korgarein showers. After fumbling with the controls for a few minutes and getting scalded a time or two he finialy was able to get a confortable tempeture. While washing himself and relaxing some he couldn't get the thought of how odd his government was acting about the Sharians which was a thought that would stay with him for some time.

Finishing his shower he put a freash uniform on and decided that it would be best for diplomacy as well as other things to oblidge Valin in his offer of a drink. Looking up his location using the LES system as he was told he found Valin on the 'REC Deck 14A'. LES showed him a map of the station allowing him to make his way to the room he intended.

Entering the REC Deck 14A the Ambassador stopped at the entrance of the door and glanced over the room. Noticing Valin and Vladd as he believe he was called, he made his way over to the table slowly taking the time to take in the arommas of the food and beverages that others were haveing. He was prepairing himself for what could be one of the best or worst experiences of his life. Standing next to the table he nodded towards Valin greeting him saying "Valin." and then towards Vladd saying "And Vladd is it? I hope both of your are doing well."
09-12-2005, 14:32
Gryvelkor, sit down and relax with us for awhile. I would offer you a drink but forgive me if I am a bit unsure what you would like. If you explain it to the the barkeep he should be able to replicate what you would like close to if not exactly what you would drink in korgarein space. Although I would suggest you at least try the drink of choice for me I'll even buy it for you of course my apologies if it does not suit your tastes.

Valin went over to bar lifted his hand and ordered another round. He recieved a general report from solith an hour ago that was remarkable. At least to Valin it was the Korgarein's have extremely close orginal gentic makeups as do Sharians. He intended to bring this up to Gryvelkor but wasnt sure of what timing would be correct. He handed out the drafts of C'el and then sat down.

So Gryvelkor, it is time for me to apologize for offending your tastes or its time for a toast for the new ground that has been broken. Of course you need to let me know which

With a slight smirk he leaned back on his chair and again started to watch the window remarking this or that to Vladd, he also explained how the pane worked to Gryvelkor and awaited his reaction.
09-12-2005, 14:45
The Ambassador toasted with Valin to their new found friendship. Slowly swiraling the drink in his glass; he sniffed it; then took a deep sip.

"An interesting beverage to say the least Valin, but it is a little weak compaired to what I am used to, but its still good." With that Gryvelkor slugged down the last of it in the glass and sat the glass firmly on the table.
09-12-2005, 14:55
Laughing Valin had Vladd go for another round.

C'el was made for drinking so it has a very smooth taste and flow. Of course do not be fooled by the taste of its strength but then again with your genetic make up it might have a different affect. Now then you tried my drink lets go see if I cant try yours.

Valin got up and motioned for Gryvelkor to follow. He strode over to the bar, suggested that they try to get Gryvelkor a drink he was used to.

As I had mentioned we should be able to create what you would normally drink so lets give it a try shall we ?
09-12-2005, 15:16
Following Valin to the bar, the Ambassador tried to think what would best represent his people in a drink.

"Well, we have many drinks like yours. Smooth tasteing wines and light liqures that are normally used for meetings and are drank by the hierarcy, but lets see. A drink of the people, a warriors drink." Gryvelkor leaned over the bar and whispered something into the barkeeps ear. "We shall try something my people call 'Heliusous' it has many names but it is a drink that has been around long before the Federal Empire. It has been the drink of choice for the warriors of clan Kor for millennia."

((Heliusous is a powerfull drink. A mix of many alcohol types that has a deep crimson color. Strong enough it might kill a weak or old man.))
09-12-2005, 15:44
Well then , thanks for your warning.

The barkeep came back with the two drinks. Valin looked at picked up the glass , smelled the liquid. The drink was strong to the extreme side he thought to himself although Valin always liked to drink so this was both exciting and troubling all at once. Valin tipped the glass and took a deep drink and set the glass on the table. As the drink made it down it tasted of every shot he had ever drank before and burned like fire but Valin loved the bitter sweet taste. He slapped the bar hard making others whip their heads around to see what had happened.

My apologies folks but if you ever want a drink with kick have the barkeep here make you one of these Valin pointed to his glass

So Gryvelkor, this drink of yours is indeed fit for a warrior but if you do not mind for fear of making a fool of myself I think I should return to my C'el for the remainder of the evening. Now then let us sit, drink and talk of the things to come my friend.

Making his way back to the chair with the Korgarein Heliusous in one hand and a tall draft of C'el in the other Valin looked more like a Soldeir than a Prime Minister but then again he was never known to view himself better than anyone. Sitting down he thought to himself that it had been too long since he had allowed himself an evening to relax.

So my friend where shall we start ?
09-12-2005, 15:57
Setting down accrossed from Valin; Gryvelkor looked around the room and then towards the holo-window while sipping his drink. "It's an interesting station you have here Valin."
09-12-2005, 16:09
Why thank you, this is our first attempt at a space station type. This is more of an outpost. Although we are testing new and larger systems to go eventually be used with a functional space station to be placed in deep space. But this is in the future but I do thank you for your kindness. I take it you have seen yoru fair share of outposts and stations. Are you finding everything suitable ?
09-12-2005, 16:22
"I have seen a few in my travels. Admittingly most of them have been ours but I have seen a few in other nations." Shifting himself in his seat and leaning back the Ambassador spoke again. "Perhaps one day you will be able to visit 'Draconious Primary 1'. Its one of if not the largest Station or Starbase in the Federal Empire and is located near orbit of our Faction Home world 'Korgara'."
09-12-2005, 16:32
The future holds what the futures holds. I would very much like to see Draconious Primary 1. I am sure it will surpass my expectations.

Valin finished off the the red liquid that made up the korgarein drink and started made the switch to C'el.

One thing has been somewhat troubling my friend. Some reports that we have gather from the systems here on LES the extrapolations that we can gather from the report data it would seem to appear that at least our basic genetic makeup would be strikingly similar.
09-12-2005, 16:41
"Hmmm, really? Thats interesting! Perhaps thats why..." The Ambassador froze in his speech for a moment as he pondered the complexities of his governments actions. "Well, I'm not sure but I can surely look into it. We do seem to have some simular physical traits but I assumed it was due to both being humanoid species evolveing in simular parts of space with simular conditions."
09-12-2005, 17:34
Perhaps, it remains to be seen if I die from your drink

Valin let out a belting contagious laugh

In all seriousness I would be greatly interested to see what your government suggests the reason might be. Of course our information will remain inconclusive with out being able to form a study, find the essiential test / subject materials to really form a complete opinion or even gather anything other than just what i said before. That we seem to be similar and all of this could be just from the space relation to one another. Perhaps not , we shall see one day hopfully

Valin watched his counterpart for his reaction. He was unsure of what to say so instead he sighed and ordered another round. The formations in the window had changed again and had re captured Valins attention for the moment.
09-12-2005, 18:16
The Ambassador attempted with some seccess to keep his calm about the subject. He knew that there may be some fact behind Valins claims, It was of course the only reason he had at the moment that could even begin to explain the oddity of his government's recent actions during this encounter. With barely a second of thought he spoke; "Well I'm sure that we can work something out."

Secretly while he speeking he was relaying a query through he ships Comms to HQ about the subject via his NICCS(Neural Interface Command and Communication System). He was accessing data records using some of his highest secerity clearence codes yet he seemed to be getting no where. Files and records were missing and others restricted beyond things he had seen before.

"I'm sure that we can look into it once we have worked out our agreements here." in an attempt to give Valin the run-around. With little to no information there was little else he could do.
09-12-2005, 18:44
Well then why dont we leave it to rest until we have our agrements set and both of our respective governments pleased. I will hope that once some information comes to light you may pass it along. I will be keeping a close eye on the progress of the researchers and also sharing with theories that are presented to me as well.

I do hope that I am not keeping you from your rest I tend to sleep less in space for some reason.....
09-12-2005, 19:12
"I'm ok.. i got a good hour or two of sleep. Thats more then most diplomats get ya know. I suppose you'll be getting to learn that soon as well. Seeing as you are opening yourselves to the univeres and all." The ambassador was relaxed. It haddent been all that long since he was home but it felt good to 'sip' some home even now. Although he noted that this 'replicated' stuff is no compairison to what he was used to but it wasn't bad.
15-12-2005, 14:10
I see, it would seem that were very much alike yet again. It has come to the end of my leisure it would seem Gryvelkor. I do hope to do this again, your company was pleasant. Now if you will allow me to excuse myself I shall meet with you again later in the morning if that is acceptable to you.

Valin stood and nodded towards Gryvelkor then drifted towards the door. He needed to find his quarters and he needed to know what reports had been sent to him. Making his way out and down the corridor he had to wander why had Gryvelkor stumbled over the subject about our similarities ......
15-12-2005, 17:37
The Ambassador nodded in exceptance as Valin made his way out. Gryvelkor sat there for some time admirering the view before he himself made his way back to his room to continue his reviews of reports.
15-12-2005, 19:21
Sitting down and clearing his head, Valin then let himself link up and began sorting and reading the reports. Solith had sent him a report back Valin opened it and began reading it.

To: Valin:Prime Minister

Valin the early reports were correct. We are now showing stunning simularities with the korgarein's. Will keep you up to date, wont be at the meeting proceedings should be continued. Will notify if needed via LES.

Valin quickly scanned more of his reports, searching for a response back from Sanhedrin. With out finding one he pondered about the implications and meaning behind the discovery. The early morning hours quickly faded away and Valin glanced around he dressed himself and went to the meeting.

Political Meeting Room 114 Deck 10

Vladd had been wanting in the room for some time now. Valin had said that he would be on his way and should send a message to Gryvelkor. Of course Vladd had his duties completed almost before Valin had time to end his message. Valin entered the room and sat down waving Vladd's salute off and layed out the displays to his liking.

Today is the where we get to the heart of things Vladd. Be mindful, this will be an interesting day. Interesting indeed

Vladd moved closer and took his appointed seat. He spoke with a smooth purpose filled tone of voice.

Sir, Gryvelkor should be on his way soon. It will be interesting to see how today goes.
15-12-2005, 19:57
Still going over things, the Ambassador recieved the message to endicate the proceedings were about to continue. Standing up from the desk he glanced at a mirror that was on the oposite side of the room. He gave his uniform jacket a quick tug at the bottem to straiten it then proceeded to leave his room for the Meeting.

Making his way down the long coridoors he found himself at the correct spot, Valin already waiting. "I do hope that I am not late." he said as he took his seat and laid his hat on the table and nodding to those in the room.
15-12-2005, 20:07
Not at all, I found my way here a bit early to prepare that is all. Now since we are all here. Gryvelkor I have done most of the talking here I am sure you have gotten a set of orders or guidelines as do I. So why dont we let you begin today.

Valin gestured towards Gryvelkor then leaned back to await this couterparts opening statments
15-12-2005, 20:18
"Well, I suppose I could. My government seems to be quite willing to go along with the terms and condistions that we have discussed already. In exchange for access to menerials and resources within Sharian space, we will provide a certain amount of support for your nations exploration ventures outside of your currently controled space. Also we offer such technologies as our Genetic Manipulation technology and will assist you people in the implimentation of said technology with a joint research project."

"Does this seem acceptable to you or do you have something else to add?"

Leaning back in his chair the Ambassador egerly awaited the reply.
19-12-2005, 19:28
Sitting and pondering for a moment Valin waited until Gryvelkor was finished.

The arrangements sound in place to me. Although on a side note I still would be very interested in any information you might have as we have spoken of before. As we near to close with these talks I am sure you will be headed to Korgarein space soon. I will leave contact information to you so that you may be able to reach my through the correct and secure channels.

As for anything else Sharia is well prepared to enage in full force these new projects and wish to commence more agressive research techniques and we are all looking forward to meeting the minds behind your genetic manipulation programs.

Valin said and nodding to give the Korgarein speaker the floor.
19-12-2005, 19:40
"I do not see where that would be a problem. We can arrange for some of our sciencetists and equipement to be moved here or to a more centralized location depending on what you wish. Um.. we will get back to you with more information on the other thing you requested."

"I will have people arrange our trade agreements and form trade lines between our peoples. Cargo and Transport ships could be traversing our two territories within a few weeks."

"I Do hope that you can find this satisfactory."

The Ambassador was attempting to get this over with more quickly then he origionally wanted. He felt it was neccessary to get home to research these oddities in their genetic simularities.
19-12-2005, 20:12
Yes , Yes quite so Gryvelkor. Than it is finished, and the agreements settled. If you need to make provisions for your trip back home then please let me or Vladd know and we will do what we can to make it so. Otherwsie you have my information, it would seem we each are in need to report back to our respective governments for a full debreifing.

Shall we draw this meeting to a close then ?
19-12-2005, 23:13
"That is fine, it is ended then. All I need is for clearence to leave Sharirain Space. If you will see to that, I'll be on my way back to the Federal Empire. Perhaps next time we meet it will be on my station."

"Good day to you." Said the Ambassador as he nodded to men in the room. He turned toward the door and made his way to his ship. The things he had brought had already been gathered from his room by one of his guards.

Boarding his ship they made preperations to leave. They closed the docking hatches and pulled away from the station. All that was left was the clearence from the Sharirain port athority to leave.
20-12-2005, 19:15
Valin tapped his fingers on the desk while thinking. He accessed the system at the nearest point he could and uploaded his orders to give clearance to the Korgarein vessel. He then started filing the reports away and started to prepare a speech to the Sanhedrin. He then quickly made a request for a transport to Astral Prime.

TO: Solith
FROM: Valin
SUBJECT: Transport with escort

Solith I am in need of a transport back to Astral Prime. The Sanhedrin awaits


Valin then quicly went to his quarters to round up his things to jump back tonight.
20-12-2005, 19:25
With Clearence given the Korgarein vessel made its way back home in good time and fashion. There was much to do, and little time to do it. An alliance had been fordged here. One of great benefit to the Federal Empire. Now only time could tell the things of the future and of the past.
20-12-2005, 21:17
Valin found his belonging and packed them away. Valdd was waiting at the door in full dress with his sidearm fully charged. The decks and hallways where valin was to make his way had been sealed and secured to ensure saftey. The transport was running through the last checks and awaiting orders from the commander himself.

Astral Prime- location undisclosed - Government Sector

The soldeir handed over the orders and fell back in line with the others. They know that they would have to soon be in full gear to form the return escort and swiftly take over protective duites for the Prime Minister. The orders were simple he was to go striaght to the Sanhedrin no further.

Lets move maggots ! bellowed the commander officer as the group jumped to life suited up and moved out to meet the transport at its docking collar.

Astral Prime - Private Docking Collar - location undisclosed

Valin got up and moved around and stretched his legs after the trip. His belongings where already tucked away and he knew where he was going anyways. He wouldnt need them, at least not know. He was already writing and re writing what he intended to say. This was one of the advantages to having the implant done. He could access any network system through it and download reports, create reports and send them off again with his own encrpytions all with out anyone know anything other than him seeming a little distracted.

Valin was ushered out of the transport and into another. The guard looked stern and serious as they carried out their task. Valin just had enough time to sit down and the carrier leapt into action and sped across the docking areas and heading towards the inner city. Before much time had passed Valin seen the looming building ahead. He did a quick once over his finalized speech and took a deep calming breath. The carrier slowed down then settled itself on the ground the guards secured the area then ushered Valin through the front doors and left hiim yet again in front of the two vast doors with the Sanhedrin symbol staring at him. This time though he knew instead of a few around a table he would be face to face with the entire 70 members.
The doors slid open, and Valin walked in.

In front of him a podium, he had a complete HISE display behind him and in front the semi circle of 70 members of the Sanhedrin. The highest court and council of Sharira. Swallowing he began his carefully prepared speech.

Sirs, fellow sharians the past 3 days have been complicated, complex even scary. Though each of these has played a role through this process we have forged a new era starting today. We the nation of Sharira have a trade agreement with the korgarein nation. They were the first and most prompt nation to respond. They have agreed to work with us in research , exploration and provide defense measures as well. The agreement which will be ratified by our government and the korgarein government. With in just a few weeks our nations will be traversing and trading our transports with clearance will be able to ship to the nation. This is just the begining for our nation! I thank each and every one of you who supports me. In this great time of reveloution let us rejoice. We will be more agreesive in our research , trade and exploration programs. Our military will imporve with the new agreements and trade. In short me fellow sharians we have succeeded we are now a Nation no longer forgotten or tucked away. We now have been injected into the international realm. I thank you all.

Valin stepped down and slipped away he knew he would need some rest he also knew that there would be new reports with new findings. With each new thing Valin smiled he had succeeded in making sharia a nation that was now known.