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The Restless Dead Awake

Icecrown Glaciar
13-11-2005, 19:34
Icecrown loomed; a vast pinnacle of frost and snow atop the roof of Northrend; the roof of the World. Of Azeroth. Ner'zhul brooded silently upon his throne; the body he had taken from himself a powerful symbol of his domination. Clothed in his helm and breastplate; adorned in skulls and symbols of undieing power; bearing the mighty runeblade Frostmourne; he sat. And waited. His power had grown with each soul he had taken, each corpse he now dominated with his considerable mental abilities.

But Azeroth is but one world; Lordaeron is but a single Kingdom; Northrend but one continent. And so the limitless hunger of Ner'zhul turned outward; through out the twisting Nether. His cold laughter echoed; as the familiar rumblings echoed throughout Northrend; as his magickal power coursed and surged; as Liches and Necromancers focussed it's taint into portals; portals to other worlds; more controlled than the ones which had rendered Draenor into ashes...So very long ago...

The void yawned before him as he gave the order; legions of the living dead flooded through the portals; lead by the greatest of his Necromancers, Liches and Death Knights. Shambling abominations vomitted forth putresence; banshees howled in the death-chants of war. Ghouls clawed at idle corpses; zombies and skeletons shambled forth, grasping their weapons; the Crypt Lords of the fallen Empire of Azjol'Nerub rallied forth the tomb legions of Crypt Fiends; and other, misshapen arachnid monsters; bearing archaic weapons of their former glory.

The Scourge would not stand idle while this world fought it; it would spread; like the vast plague upon the very stars. It would consume life. And so, dozens of worlds would see; as they woke from dreary slumber; and the vast portals opened upon them; and the legions of the Dead, stalked forth.
Icecrown Glaciar
13-11-2005, 20:53
Icecrown Glaciar
13-11-2005, 21:39
Bump; come on people; reply! I want a welcome! *fumes*
Hurtful Thoughts
13-11-2005, 21:58
OOC: Warcraft 3 RP I suppose?

Hope you don't mind if I try and use troops from WarOnline.Net (

Warcraft is an RTS, while WarOnline is turn based, otherwise it is remarkably similar. Req has an undead class in the works even.
He startred with Medieval, then Demonic, and now has Barbarians.

Stuff I plan to use (cerimonial gaurds of PROHT):
Spearmen, swordsmen, scouts ("combat fodder")
Comms (combat engineers "grunts")
Archers (piddly weak ranged)

Tournementors (fight in high stakes 'games'\gladiators)
Ballistas (long range AP, ranged)
Catapults (Uber long range, Anti-material\siege engine, not too great AP)

The royal guard (these guys may carry a gun if they want)
Heavy Cavalry

When these guy falter or fail, will send in a more modern force. They'll treat the invasion as early stages of Doom 2 infestation of earth.
Icecrown Glaciar
13-11-2005, 22:06
OOC: More a nation based upon the Scourge; not limited to WC3 RP :D

Post TFT of course; but now, they're spreading ;)
Hurtful Thoughts
13-11-2005, 22:12

And if you are going to attack me, please attack New Roanoke, it has a history for these things.
Icecrown Glaciar
13-11-2005, 22:17
OOC: The Frozen Throne
Icecrown Glaciar
14-11-2005, 00:43


One of the portals, summoned forth by the considerable magickal abilities of Ner'zhul, appeared over New Roanoke, as the living dead began their assault; swords gleamed in the harsh light; armor glistened with the hateful cold fury of that long ago north. They came; unheeding of cries, unknowing of orders save those that echoed in their empty skulls.

Amongst their number, they rode on great steeds; gleaming with fel-life; these were his champions; their hair white and lank; skin pale; eyes resonating with the hateful fury of Ner'zhul; these were his champions; his death Knights. The blasts of Necromantic energy hurtled forth; catapults hurled bodies and great spiked masses; crackling and seething with hateful plague. The Undead advanced in droves; Ghouls leaping over their comrades; bringing talons to bear against their living foes.

Death touched a world throughout the Multiverse...And then another....And then another...
Hurtful Thoughts
14-11-2005, 01:30
It was an rather peaceful day of lisening to orders from the drill seargents in New Roanoke Island for the young spearmen, some as young as seven. They where in the field practiceing spear throwing, until one of the kids complained to one of the squires that he thought he killed one of his commrads downrange.

That was when things went out of control.

The "commrad" got up, pulled the spear from his chest, and impailed a young recruit with it. Immediatly, the squires formed a line, locked shields and charged with spearmen being pushed ahead of them by the swordsmen (approx age 12) While the Falchs (approx age 21) pulled all the scouts towords them and sent them on a flanking manuver. Behind all this, a Heavy cavalryman, ran a post back to headquarters, while the knights and macemen pulled their weapons and formed up behind the rest and gatered the archers and ballistas.

At first it seemed they would win, but then they noticed blue portals sprouting all over the place. They were surrounded. The young recruits fought bravely and hard, for their very lives depended on it, and they could look up at how well the squires could take the greatest barrages and still stand, while the macemen never tired, and kept chopping down troops until they where killed.
But they where disorganized and outnumbered. They all knew they would most likely die before they knew what they are fighting, such was the fate of being the first casualty. The Archers did their best, but once they were engaged in hand to hand, they had not a chance. The Ballistas did little better, they did manage to hew down the masses, but onece a gap in the line was made, the flying demons descended upon them like a plauge. Then they all heard gunfire, the elites.

The Royal guard had arrived in force. Never had there been a more perfect formation, with their aid, the belegered force managed to break out to safety, the Catapults started counterbattery fire, and more ballistas where brought forth, killing even more, they managed to push the evil force back to whence it came, for now, and at great cost to life and limb, over half their battalion had been destroyed in one single action. Approxamately 300 dead.

Aother two battalions were marched into the field shortly after, followed by some comms, to construct barracacks for the wounded and fotrifications to defend them, towers for ballistas and catapults, and walls and pallisades to keep the enemy a bay and limit the number that may attack at once.

They would need more help should they even hope to stop a second invasion.

And some was on its way, the very best. Well, actualy the best two died to friendly fire not too long ago, and the other 600 best are elsewhere, but this force constiutes the top 1,000 best troops, the marines.

They just had to hold for one more day.
Icecrown Glaciar
14-11-2005, 17:05
And with a gesture; the 300 dead rose to face their former comrades; slavering monstrosities that no longer bore the hallmarks of humanity or rationality. They sallied forth, a relentless undead force. Some fell; some felt flesh and bone give way and were rendered unto dust; but others fought on; determined to claim more souls for their dread Master; Ner'zhul.

The Death Knights stalked the field of battle; taking heads and souls for their Lord; their runeblades gleaming black,. inlaid with the blood of their foes; flowing along the runic grooves. This was hell unleashed; this was the primal darkness of the Universe; the power of the Nether; the feared power of dread Ner'zhul; the Lich King...
Hurtful Thoughts
15-11-2005, 05:43
The soldiers had heard the stories of the plauge that swept through New Roanoke, but this was different. Firstly, unlike the virus that had decimated the previous owners, the demons appeared, comparitively, mortal. They bled, they felt pain, they knew fear; they also were smart.

They knew that nothing could hold against the superior might of the whole Royal Division. And unlike before, they where ready.

The palisades had been set, the ballistas had taken resdence in the tower, the barracks tended to the wounded and sent them back into battle, and the dead were burned where they fell. For the most part, they seemed to be normal zombies, but somethiong was wrong.

They had artillery, weapons, tactics... and leaders... they were alive, they died like normal people, they screamed, some cried, many exhibited capabilaties similar to their own, and more. Some could fly, others could shoot, others could kill masses with the flick of the wrist. These had become 'priority targets'.

The enemy was coming in droves, and were slaughtered. But for every casualty, another two took their place, while the best the Royals could do was limit their own and patch up the wounded until a more modern force arrived.

The first sign of help was an odd looking flying machine, a pair of UL-200s, which flew overhead, covered by suppresive fire, and dropped incindiaries into the densest parts and strafed the choke points with .50 calber machine guns. This rose the Royals moral to an all time high, while instiling fear into the hearts and minds of the enemy. The Royals in the rear then started to chant, then bang their shields together, it grew to a thunderous roar above the cry of battle, they were taunting the undead, and they loved it; because they knew they would win, they always won, they may not be alive by the time the war was over, but they knew.

They will win, and the undead will die once and for all. They no longer cared that the undead were ripping their fort to pieces, they no longer cared that they would die - that they knew they must do someday - what the cared aboput was that they were the first to actually fight death, and be assured of victory by the gods of war.

At that moment the entire fort exploded into battle as the ghouls finaly tore down the walls, the entire guards unit charged, yelling? No, screaming, for their blood, the ballistas fired their last salvoes of bolts, the squires took after the young ones, and decapitated all that went against them. The enemy fired score after score of volleys of missiles at them, but to no avail, every squire, falchoiner, scout, swordsman and spearman died fighting, on their feet. With a sword in their hand, a true Viking death.

The Macemen were next they held for what seemed to be forever, it was getting dark. And yet, after twenty hours of hand to hand combat, still fought with such vigor as if they were fresh from the barracks. Then it was the Elites turn, they fought dirty, as soon as a hole opened in the line, they fired grapeshot, musketfire, machine guns, grenades and flamethrowers at the enemy. When they ran out, they plugged the line with their own bodies, using the skills they had learned of the sword since they were a spearman, the knights, were so fast at the sword that they could hew down hundreds of soldiers before they could defend themselves, and the heavy cavalry charged units of importance in the rear, and for a time, sent 'the lich king' running on the back of his undead stead, only to be cut off and surrounded later.

This manuver had bought great disorganization among the 'ghouls' as they called themselves, having noticed the sudden disappearance of their fearless leader, began to believe he had been killed, and retreated ubntil they found him at the rear, directing the reinforcements to the front.

But the damage had been done, the Royals had won again. And of what remained, a platoon of holy knights, decided to take the battle to their homeworld, and plunged through the portals, they split up, hoping to find a safe point of entry, for they did not know what lay on the other side.

Before leaving, one of the knights tched the casualty figures on one of the pallisades:

All spearmen, swordsmen scouts, squires and macemen confirmed dead.
All Falchs presumed dead or MIA.
of over 1,450 brave men died here today.
Only 40 knights remain.
The surviving Ballistamen and commandeers have been sent home, along with the archers to inform the community of the dead, and to help them mourn for their loss.
We have set fire to the bodies.

We pray that they do not return.
But such are prayers.

These are not normal undead.
We are victorous!
Everyone here gave something, some gave everything.
We gave our today for your tomorrow.
Don't let us down. Be Victorious.


And with that, they dissappeared through the portals.
New Endenia
15-11-2005, 06:03
So basically its a RP based on WC3 but we're not limited to WC3 right? I like that.

Lemme join!
Hurtful Thoughts
15-11-2005, 06:18
Okay, where do you want him to hit you?

And what will you use?

(I can actually bring my modern force in because, my Royals, are an actual part of my army, mostly used in tournys and parades, but as seen above, is quite a fighting force, if you doubt their fighting ability, check them out at WarOnline.NET)
New Endenia
15-11-2005, 06:21
OOC: Well my nation is a mix of modern and magical. If you have read Wheel Of Time, I'm adapting them into a modern era. Lets make it for now, that my Aes Sedai have come the situation at New Roanoke. Then we'll see what happens from there.

Edit: I'll let him hit me later, let me establish the story arc for my side first.
New Endenia
15-11-2005, 06:32
The White Tower Of New Endenia, The Hall Of Sitters

"She Comes! She Comes! The Amrylin Seat! The Flame of Haven, Blessed Of The Light, Hear Her and Obey!"

The Great Hall of the Sitters immediately hushed itself as Catherina Sedai, the new Amrylin Seat walked in, escorted by two members of the Deathwatch Guard. Catherina Sedai proceeded to make her way to the Amrylin Seat where the severn colours of the seven Ajahs and the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai were draped behind. "Proceed, Keeper." Sara Sedai bowed and continued on. "This session of the Hall Of Sitters was called in by the Sitter of the Yellow Ajah. Leia Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, please proceed."

A lady with an ageless face slowly stood up and turned to face the other Sitters and the Amrylin Seat. "The Yellow Ajah intelligence network has spotted a most concerning situation brewing in the distant lands of New Roanoke. Reports have come in of people who have died years ago, apparently rising up from the dead and attacking the living." There were gasps of shock ringing throughout the Hall as Sitters proceeded to digest the news. Leia Sedai raised her hand to silence the Sitters, "Furthermore, our informants have noted that there are traces of magic being used. However the magic is different from ours, they do not tap into either Saidar or Saidin." With that, the whole Hall was buzzing with noise as Sitters convened with each other.

"Silence in the Hall! The Hall recognises Joanna Sedai of the Green Ajah." Joanna Sedai stood up and bowed to Sara Sedai. "Is there any confirmation from the Oni Intelligence Network from the Black Tower? If Undeath is spreading, shouldn't we have receieved some kind of warning and should we assist them in combating this threat? The Green Ajah or better known as Battle Ajah stand ready to assist New Roanoke in its fight against the Undeath." With that she sat down and waited. "Support from the Green Ajah has been noted by the Hall. Who else would say?" No one stood up and there was a silence in the Hall.

"Enough of it. The White Tower has yet recieve any reports from the Oni Network concerning the Undeath. However we cannot just sit here idly if Shadowspawns are running rampant throughout a distant land, we are the Aes Sedai and we are sworn to fight the Shadow at any place. Henceforth, I bring a proposal to the Hall. We send a representative of the White Tower to assess the situation and to see if the reports are true. Who here will stand to support my proposal?" The Amrylin Seat looked at the other Sitters.

"The Yellow Ajah stands for the Amrylin Seat." Leia Sedai said as she stood up. "The Green Ajah stands for the Amrylin Seat." Joanna Sedai stood up. "The Blue Ajah stands for the Amrylin Seat", "The Gray Ajah stands for The Amrylin Seat" Sara Sedai nodded "A Majority has been reached by the Hall, in the interest of Unity, the Keeper ask that the other three Ajahs stand in support of the Amrylin Seat." Slowly the other three Ajahs stood up and the motion was passed.

White Tower Courtyard

"You have your mission Silva Sedai. Go to New Roanoke and check the situation out for us. Concerning the potential danger of the mission, you are cleared to bring in your Warder and two Asha'Man from the Black Tower has been sent as well to assist you." Silva Sedai nodded. "As you command Mother." She then proceeded to weave a complex weave of all 5 elements to open a gateway. The gateway shimmered open and they could see the backdrop of New Roanoke on the other side. "Go in the Light." Silva Sedai and her companions proceeded to enter and the gateway closed.
Hurtful Thoughts
15-11-2005, 07:52
The Marines landed from Task forces one and five, usng their hovercraft. Things looked grim. The place was in flames, deserted, filed with the stench of death, exactly as it had one year ago, except, the corpses were not even human, they looked, alien. And strange devices lay stewn about the battle field, the fort was in flames, a feew marines found some ballistamen and questioned them, all they got was gibberish.

Then they found the craving on the pallisade wall...

It took awhile for the message to sink in, they were almost certainly dead. A few hoped otherwise, but secretly knew what they thought was the truth, of 2,000 men, only 500 remained, and all in a state of shock, they were the best, now they are nothing more than casualties.

Then a gateway opened, and 4 'creatures' came through. The Marines instinctivly aimed their guns at these intruders, assuming these where the 'undead' that the survivors spoke of. They did not seem to comprehend the potential affect of what a 5.56 mm bullet through their cranium would do, but htey also did not look hostile, more... inquisitive, trying to place a word to the scene that surrounded them, they appeared lost. A few of the marines eased their finger away from their triggers and lowered their guns. One of the younger officers, a lietenant, offered an handshake to one of the more humanoid forms that appeared before them in a sign of hospitality.
New Endenia
15-11-2005, 08:48
Silva Sedai was amused to step out of the gateway and see guns pointed at her. Her Warder immediately appeared infront of her, sword drawn and the two Asha'man begun to embrace Saidin. 'I wonder how long would it take for the Asha'man to weave a shield around us before the bullets fire.' Silva Sedai thought to herself as she silently embraced Saidar, feeling its warmth rushing into her, filling her with calmth and joy. She noticed one of the lieutanents offering his hand for a handshake and she stared at him bemused. Do they not know that Aes Sedai do not handshake with people? She sense alarmed thru the bond between herself and her Warder. "Stand down Troy. We don't need an incident here." Her Warder relaxed but she could feel doubt thru the bond. Silva Sedai looked coolly at the Lieutanent, "The Aes Sedai do not shake the hands of others. My name is Silva Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, when I speak, I speak for the White Tower Of New Endenia. The Tower is concern with reports coming in concerning Undeath."

Seeing the surprise registering on the face of the Lieutanent. "The eyes and ears of the White Tower are far-reaching. These are my...companions, my Warder Troy, and the two Asha'man Devon and Neuman. We are here to investigate the Undeath that has apparently appeared here." She calmly walked on without waiting for the Lieutanent to follow her. "Do not think that you can hinder our investigation, we are Aes Sedai and should you hinder us, you risk bringing the wrath of the White Tower on you. The gateway you see before you is but a fraction of the powers we can deploy."

With that, Silva Sedai walked off in the direction of the battlefield, intending on seeing for herself the destruction. "Should we be so cold to the people here? We may require their aid in the future." Troy asked, "We will see, the Aes Sedai were never renowned for their friendship with people."
Hurtful Thoughts
15-11-2005, 23:23
The Lt. hearing this, could not help but be both emaraced and insulted. To the joy of all onlookers. He then noticed that they where walking away from him. The Lt. now caught up and tried to point out what they knew, and to point out the many exploits his men had done in combat against the undead:

"This is not the first time that the dead have walked these lands, miss. It seems you came a bit late, being that our Royal Guards units seem to have stopped them for now, and we have come by to relieve them, since, as great as the Guards are on the patrade grounds, are not quite to be desired upon the battlefields. We have a few survivors, by the way, we've already questioned them, and we did not get much."

He took a breath, as he was struggling to keep up with his 200 lb pack and assault rifle in hand, plus the added discomfort of having to monolouge the entire situation on the island. 'Now, why did I have to go and try and greet this crazy lady?'

"It seems that these undead are, er, rather different. Not so much that a few of them think, or their decrepit state or metod of reproduction. But that it also seems to work on animals - even our best bioweaponeer could not do that - that they have some sort of technoplogy and culture behind them, that scares us the most. A whole country of zombies! With technology we never even heard of! On the benifit side, they seem not to have anything much more advanced than 1940s tech, and all their equipment appears antiquated medieval sort, which is why our guards did as well as they did, and that they are not quite dead, they hve been confirmed die like normal people do - whatever you want to cal people is debatable - this most certainly calls almost all doubt of failure, our weapons could mow 'em anyday. We still burn the corpses for good measure, and for extra target pracice, we generally aim for the head."
New Endenia
16-11-2005, 05:17
Silva Sedai nodded as she listened to the Lieutanent report the situation to her as she observe the battlefield. "This battlefield reeks nothing of death, if you are going to burn the bodies, I suggest you do it immediately before something...unnatural happens to them." She calmly turned to one of the piles of both dead and undead bodies and weaved a flow of Fire and directed it at the pile and watched it burst into a bright orange flame. After waiting a while, she weaved a flow of Air and suppressed the fire before it could spread.

She noted down what the Lieutanent had said concerning the Undead and directed the two Asha'man to begin burning the bodies for the soldiers. "Since this is a matter concerning Magic, the White Tower will have an...interest in this situation. I must report back to my leaders and decide our next move." She walked off to one of the tents which she presume was empty. "Troy, ensure no one enters." She told her Warder as she entered the tent. Once inside, she took out a Ter'Angreal and a Communicator linked directly to the Hall Of Sitters and weaved a flow of Air and Spirit to ward the place against eavesdropping.

The Ter'Angreal glowed as the Communicator cracked to life, soon an image of the Hall appeared and she could see everyone. "The Hall recognises Silva Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. Bring your report before the Amrylin Seat and the Hall." Silva Sedai bowed and faced the Hall. "The reports of the Undeath are true." She paused as she heard particulary loud gasps coming from the Sitters. "New Roanoke has suffered an attack from the Undead, they have managed to beat them back but I do not know if they can do it again." The Amrylin Seat nodded and asked, "Report Daughter on the people who inhabit New Roanoke." Silva Sedai paused for a while to gather her thoughts. "They are a...interesting race to say the least, their technology is apparently a modern era setting yet I believe to be slightly below us. Tentatively there are no mages that I have sensed but it could change. I believe we can work with them should the need arise."

"The Hall requires a body of the Undeath for the Yellow and Brown Ajah to scry over. We need to know as much as it is possible of the Undead and how to deal with them as soon as possible. Furthermore we require a written report concerning the subject. We are sending two Aes Sedai to acquire the body." Silva Sedai bowed, "As the Hall and Amrylin Seat commands."

She deactivated both devices and took down the ward around the tent and walked out, infront of her the beginnings of a gateway shimmered into being. 'That was fast.' She thought to herself. The gateway opened and out of it stepped out two Aes Sedai. "I am Verin Sedai of the Brown and this is Evelyn Sedai of the Green. We are here to acquire the body." Silva Sedai bowed and pointed to one of the piles. "Take anyone..." Verin Sedai looked in silence at the amount of death and nodded. Channelling Saidar, she and Evelyn weaved flows of Spirit and Air to isolate the dead body and to lift it up to bring back to the White Tower.
Hurtful Thoughts
16-11-2005, 05:59
OOC: PROHT has been burning those bodies since the day before. Since Posts 9 and 11. And have been burning the dead nonstop for the past 24 hrs. NS time. Please read my posts more thoroughly next time.

Noting that they were scrounging through to ash, and whatever was left of the dead. The Lt. pointed out that since the royals had completely dismembered a few of the "ghouls" that they posed no risk and some had not been burned, along with whatever hardware they left behind, but the marines were more intrested in the gizmos that still worked, like their "Meat Grinder" which, after pulling a lever started dropping mangled bodies in front of it. Not one corpse had lived to be any older than thirty years of age. They were all young recruits of the Royal Guards, the first casualties in the war. They had been minced up along with their newfound enemy, are these things cannibals?

The Lt. had to restrain himself from making a mess of himself at such a sight, and stench. How could these nutjobs not smell that?

The Marines opted to give these to their visitors as well. And assurances that they were more than capable of dealing with death, and they are not to worry of their safety.

Such is the thing they call: "Pride"

Battle summary:
But one thing was for certain, over 151,500 people had died yesterday in New Roanoke. There was no hiding that. And it was well known that only 2,000 Royal gaurds had fought that day.

After fighting three wars against zombies, all of wich involved summary cremmation, one gets rather good at estimmating the number of bodies per given amount of ash. Of course, that is only an estimate and stipulation.

The one sided victory only highlights the ineptitude of the second attack. Wave tactics are not the way to win against a fortified position, and those air strikes did wonders.
16-11-2005, 06:49
Well, if you are opening portals to other universes, perhaps Mirkana (a PMT nation) could get involved...

Hmm, zombies v. snipers.

Mount Remembrance, Mirkana
Private James Wilson stood firm at attention. Despite the fact that Mount Remembrance had not been attacked in over a century, he took his duty very seriously. Mount Remembrance was Mirkana's military cemetary, and he was a guard.

He noticed a strange light coming from near the guardhouse. A man in a rather strange costume appeared, accompanied by walking corpses? What the hell? He stepped out to investigate.

The strange man aimed a staff at Private Wilson. He began muttering strange incantations. There was a flash of light, but before the deadly magic could reach Wilson, the cemetary guard's reflexes kicked in. He blew the necromancer's brains out.

The magic killed Wilson, but at least his body would not be made into a weapon against his country.

The firing alerted other guards. They manned their Berreta Light Fifty sniper rifles and aimed into the courtyard.

The ghouls looked around, and headed for the guardhouse. Another portal opened, and four more ghouls and a necromancer stepped out. This necromancer was protected by a spell, which deflected the sniper's shot aimed at his head.

The Mirkanan sniper was frustrated. That should have been a perfect headshot. He aimed again, this time at one of the walking corpses. This time he blew the thing's head off.

But it kept walking. Some kind of zombie? How was that possible? He realized that this might be a grave threat to Mirkana. He sent a priority signal direct to Mount Stronghold, Mirkana's capital. General Remmol would need to know about this.

Just as the message was sent, the necromancer fired a deadly burst of magic at the sniper tower, killing all the guards inside. But it would take more than eight ghouls and a necromancer to take Mount Remembrance.

OOC: Just for some background, Mount Remembrance is Mirkana's equivalent of Arlington National Cemetary - except ALL Mirkanan war dead are buried in its catacombs. The Mirkanans have great respect for their war dead - as much as many religions respect their dead. I am planning to introduce an element of this, that when the necromancers try to raise the Mirkanan dead, the dead will become guardians of their own tombs - and attack those who raised them.
16-11-2005, 07:06
OOC: I would like some practical information on the magic you are using and how it might interact with technology. For example, might Kevlar prove to be spell-resistant as well as bullet-resistant?
Oh, and the Mirkanans know squat about killing zombies. They don't even play Resident Evil;) . So don't think "Oh those stupid Mirkanans" when they try sniping zombies. Especially when they start sniping with explosive bullets.
New Endenia
16-11-2005, 18:38
OOC: I must have missed that part out.


"So much for the legendary punctuality of the Aes Sedai." Verin Sedai muttered as she and Evelyn Sedai weaved the flows of Spirit and Air around the body and lifted it off the ground. "We will be taking this one back to the White Tower. I would imagine the Brown and Yellow Ajahs would want to see this." Silva Sedai nodded in agreement and begun weaving the flows of elements needed to open a gateway. "Go in the Light Sisters." Verin and Evelyn Sedai bowed and walked thru the gateway. "That is settled." Silva Sedai turned and walked off as the gateway behind her closes.

"What's next Aes Sedai?" Her Warder looked at her calmly. "Hmm..We have confirmed the reports of Undeath in the area, I would imagine the Hall will hold an emergancy session to gauge the situation. For now, we should remain here and see what else we can learn from the people." Troy nodded and walked off, a slight hint of Doubt could be sense thru the bond. Silva Sedai shook her head and walked towards the Lieutanent. "Does your men require healing of any sort? I am of the Yellow Ajah and we specialise in healing and I believe the two Asha'man here are also quite adept at healing."

Back In The White Tower.

"Welcome back Sisters. I see you have bought the....specimen with you." Sara Sedai looked in disgust at the dead body. "Don't make that face Sara. Its not like you have to handle it." Verin Sedai muttered. "No matter, bring it to the laboratories. HIVE Research Centre has sent its scientists to aid you." Verin Sedai nodded and gestured for two Tower Guards to assist her and Evelyn Sedai.
Hurtful Thoughts
17-11-2005, 02:36
"All those who took part in the battle have been taken care of, most of the survivors went out of their minds, young kids, the dead, as you can see, are still burning, and will most likely continue burning for a few days. We have very few wounded, and the reports from the barracks infirmeries are staggering, some of those little guys went into battle after being wounded several times. From this inscription, here, we have been lead to believe that about 40 combat soldiers went after the undead, and are now MIA, some of us fear the worst for them, but they seem to have armed themselves well before leaving, many of the guns, grenades, and flamethrowers are unaccounted for."

"We number roughly 1,000 marines now, come to replace what is left of the shattered Royal Guards, we arde much better equipped to handle things like this, but we kept the surgens of the Guards on staff, since they deal almost exclusively with injuries sustained in close combat."

A few Marines decide to torch a few Abomonations, many had multiple ballista bolts and holes in them, a few of them - a very few - had been hacked to death. They went up rather quickly, and provided a good starter for burning the rest of the dead.

Almost all necromages had been lanced (by the scouts), and a number of them had been decapitated (by falchoiners).

Rubble from gargoals, some were part rock-part flesh, was also stewn about the field. They burned what they could, and used the stone for fire rings, walls, and coals for the "campfires".

And the ghouls lay in great heaps, mixed with the other dead, waiting their turn to be burned. Some just decided to light the piles after soaking them with a bit of gasoline.

The grass was stained bright red. The stench was unimaginable, of dead, really dead, and those that took almost forever to die.

And all this was done in silence. The field was a mile wide, and one could walk to all four corners without touching the dirt. Bonfires were visable as far as the eye could see. And in the center of all this, was the fort, wich was being burned simply because it would take longer to find all the deadinside, carry them utside, and then burn them.
17-11-2005, 03:04
When Remmol recieved the telegram from Mount Remembrance, he went pale white. A sizable task force of 100 was sent to investigate - with helicopters and APCs.

Just as they arrived, a large portal opened, and four hundred undead poured forth. The undead army was immediately raked by gunfire from the Mirkanans.

Necromancers hoped to use the fallen corpses of Mirkanans as new soldiers, but the Mirkanans stayed away from the zombies. So the necromancers called forth Crypt Fiends. The Crypt Fiends managed to tie down the APCs before they were felled by rockets.

The ghouls charged the APCs and swarmed inside. In one APC, a brave soldier detonated four small rockets inside, blowing the APC, the undead, and the soldiers to bits.
18-11-2005, 03:39
Two hours after the large portals opened, the undead had lost their first two letters. The Mirkanans had lost their ground forces, but the helicopters had remained out of reach. Unfortunately, several necromancers had escaped into Mount Remembrance.
Mini Miehm
19-11-2005, 18:39
OOC: I see from your other thread, with Gaia,m that you do FT, Perhaps a meeting between scourge and Protoss could be arranged?
Icecrown Glaciar
19-11-2005, 18:40
OOC: Excuse me, Mirkana; but if you insist upon posting my losses and movements; I will have to ask you to leave the thread.

MM: Perhaps; what did you have in mind?


Upon these worlds; the dead fought onwards; though they were shredded or destroyed by weapons; varying from swords to bullets; they continued to fight. The Necromancers lorded over the proceedings with a peculiar kind of glee; the Acolytes brought great structures forth; charnel houses rising against the skies; Necropolis' hovering; hurtling scything shards of ice against their foes. Upon these blighted worlds; the Scourge were forming their first fortresses. The vast amount of the tomb legions had retreated from the fray; to defend their bases and the portals...But now; lightning fast attacks rocked the enemy lines.

Garogyles filled the skies; wings and claws blotting out the sun or moon as they plunged from the skies; bringing foul death to their enemies. Crypt Fiends attacked from underground burrows, or over-ran subways and sewers; flooding underground passageways with their numbers; Scarabs seethed up from beneath the ground as Crypt Lords dictated their foul will.

Worse still, on more...civilised worlds; the scourge was quickly finding out about the new weapons and technologies they encountered; every servant raised in his control brought Ner'zhul new knowledge; knowledge he spread amongst his chosen; and they amongst his soldiers. They would tame these new weapons; and worlds would bow to him...
Mini Miehm
19-11-2005, 18:44
OOC: Well, I've got a little Terran Protoss alliance that I usde for my RPs, mostly terran, but I digress.

One of your gates could open on Aiur, or Shakuras, or Korhal, or Tarsonis or any of my other SC worlds, except Char, Char was nuked into glass, then shattered with an extremely large amount of KEW fire.

Here, if you have MSN, contact me at Pmmiehm@hotmail

OR, OPwhiteguy on AIM
19-11-2005, 19:04
OOC: Sorry. I sent you to Mount Remembrance because I felt that the necromancers would love to have literally MILLIONS of corpses to turn into undead.
Icecrown Glaciar
16-12-2005, 03:13
Hurtful Thoughts
28-12-2005, 06:28
Didn't I see you do a thread with a delegate and the Protos, and a bunch of dead Terrans?
How did that pan out?

Not much for me to IC, I shall try and do less gomodding, was a little used to killing non-sentient zombies (ie steting death counts on both sides, will avoid that in the future).

Mind sending a few acrolytes and ghouls to the log cabin in PROHT air-show? The Alidorians need something of a wake-up call, they don't believe in sentient zombies. (stragglers perhaps, overly talkitive, dumb, and lucky beyond comprehension?)
Mini Miehm
28-12-2005, 17:23
Didn't I see you do a thread with a delegate and the Protos, and a bunch of dead Terrans?
How did that pan out?

Not much for me to IC, I shall try and do less gomodding, was a little used to killing non-sentient zombies (ie steting death counts on both sides, will avoid that in the future).

Mind sending a few acrolytes and ghouls to the log cabin in PROHT air-show? The Alidorians need something of a wake-up call, they don't believe in sentient zombies. (stragglers perhaps, overly talkitive, dumb, and lucky beyond comprehension?)

That thread, which was with me, died out, along with this one.