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Setting up new roots (CLOSED Hogsweat colony participants only)

11-11-2005, 19:20
Rear Admiral Travis Moraine had one more mission before he had to return to Naval Command for his promotion to Vice Admiral, and that mission didn't offer much excitement. He was to command the ISS Hogsweat, a Vigilant-class superdreadnought and the Sixth Fleet en route to Acastia.

The Incorporated Sarzonian Government claimed the new land as a colony in another effort to assuage the loss of Branwyn as a Sarzonian holding. Even though the Branwynians were about to sign a treaty of alliance with Sarzonia and Pavanne was already established as a colony in Sarnia, the new lands would provide an overcrowded Sarzonian population with another place to build new homes and new ways of life.

Portland Iron Works would also no doubt benefit from the new lands with several locations that looked like prime shipyard territory. As the company looked to put the final touches on its acquisition of the Avalon Aerospace Corporation and the Incorporated Ordnance Company, it was also looking to expand its shipyard space to make filling orders from its customers easier. All those and more considerations were in the mind of Moraine as he and colonial governor Brad Vogel saw the Acastia coastline grow larger on the bridge of the Hogsweat.

"Get the transport craft ready to land the first colonists," Moraine ordered. He was in his element commanding a warship, not coordinating the politics of colonisation, but the latter specialty was Vogel's responsibility. Moraine was charged with establishing the military presence in the region as a military base would be constructed near the first settlement, temporarily named Acastia City.

"Sir, all transports report ready. We should get a couple of hundred on the ground in about an hour," Captain Harlan Sisco said. "They should have the tents ready to go for their temporary cities until they can get the permanent structures up."

"Good work Captain," Moraine said. "You just might end up in this chair before long yourself."

"I try, sir," Sisco said. Moraine nodded and looked out as the first colonials began to stream toward their new homes and their new lives. One of the new Avenger class pocket superdreadnoughts was expected to steam toward the colony to serve as the relief flagship. He wasn't sure if the ship would be the Incorporated States or the Constitution, but that wasn't the first thought on his mind as he began what he hoped would be a tedious mission of standing guard.