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New PRA Multiped: The Manticore!

11-11-2005, 03:29
Manticore Multipedal Tank

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Length: 10 meters
Height: 5 meters at highest point
Width: 5 meters
Mass: 51 tonnes
Propulsion: Multiped, wheeled
Max Speed: 70 mph driving, 15 mph walking
Power Supply: EM motor
Crew: 1
Armament: tri-barrelled 8mm machine gun (x2), 40mm grenade launcher (x8), Universal Modular Weapon System (105mm ETC Cannon comes standard), underslung ATGM launcher
Armor: Electric Reactive Armor, Ballistic ceramic skin, MEXAS, Titanium honeycomb frame
Sensor Suite: Thermographic and ultrasonic sensory systems
OtherDirect neural interface, Virtual HUD, Electronic Warfare Suite, Gecko System
Cost: 20,000,000 USD

The standard LBT of the PRA Security Forces, the Manticore Multipedal Tank provides excellent fire support for PRA SWAT teams and Anansi mini-tanks against even the most heavily armed criminals. The Manticore is one of several PRA vehicles to utilize the Universal Modular Weapon System (UMWS), allowing it to switch out its big guns for anything from mortars to Hellhound flame throwers. The standard armament is a 105mm ETC cannon suitable for anti-tank work, although a 105mm ETC howitzer is also a viable option that may be substituted for no extra fee.

While the Manticore features the Gecko system, the vehicle weighs far too much for it to scale buildings like its smaller relative, the Anansi. Instead, the Gecko system provides improved traction for climbing steep slopes and securing footholds. The EWS is much more powerful than its smaller companions, and is capable of brute-force hacking low-encryption systems. Once inside, the Manticore deploys psychotropic Black Hammer virii, reconditioning DNI pilots on the fly. Other virii that the Manticore carries, such as the Tar Baby and Seductress, can clog systems and erase programs, or actively subvert automated computer systems, turning the hacked vehicle against itself.
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...No taunting for using multiped tanks? No OMG!11! G0DM0D3!!!11!!one!?


...You people SUCK. :D