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Idea/Sign Up Thread- Become A Jedi Master

Microsoft Wanna Be
10-11-2005, 17:48
Hey guys I was wondering on your opinion. I see quite a few people like rping as Jedi or Sith and well I think it would be a cool and interesting side rp for those here in the FT or even the MT divisions of II. Well here I go :)

My idea is simple, you pick any Jedi Master or Jedi Knight even padawan and role play with them five years after the BON and five years before AoTC. Example, you wish to play Plo Koon as I have chosen then you will role play him going on missions, discussing issues in the Jedi Council and more. You could pick Yoda, Mace Windu even Anakin though take note Obi-wan will have to be picked first since Anakin is his padawan and it wouldn't make much sense in my eyes. But I encourage that most if not all Jedi Masters are picked before the famous people I've been working all night to get a list up of the twelve Jedi at this time [with some modifications] and it can be found at the end of the post.

Also the only Non-Jedi people available are Chancellor Palpatine he is nessecary so I would like it if somone chooses him as well.

Now here are the lists of Jedi Masters on the Jedi Council in our time line.

Plo Koon-The Force runs strongly in Plo Koon's family; he was a descendent of a long line of Jedi. He shared a long history with fellow Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and the two have fought beside each other in battle. Koon had hoped to see his friend join the Jedi Council, but Jinn's maverick views kept him from ascending to that position.
Plo Koon was a Kel Dor from the planet Dorin. His physiology was such that he wore protective goggles and his face-concealing antiox mask whenever in oxygen-rich environments. As a Dorin, Koon naturally possessed highly developed extrasensory organs that supplement his already formidable Jedi attributes.

Koon was more martial a Jedi than most. Kel Dor natives have a reputation for seeing moral issues in black and white, with clear distinctions between right and wrong. As such, Koon often took decisive action with little contemplation. This initiative served him well during the Stark Hyperspace Wars, when he took up the Republic banner after a great Jedi Master was killed. Koon rallied the disheartened troops to an unlikely and miraculous victory.

He is also the only Jedi ever to be able to use the dark side power Force Lightning, without turning to the darkside however he calls it eletric judgement.

*Yoda requires an roleplayers of specifc requirements.

Yoda served on a council of Jedi Masters instructing new students aboard the massive Jedi training vessel Chu'unthor. The starship crashed onto the planet of Dathomir. The Jedi Masters attempted to free the vessel from its swampy confines but they were repulsed by the Dathomirian Nightsisters.
Much of Yoda's history is unknown. Just prior to the dark times that accompanied the fall of the Republic, Yoda trained the Gannathan royal King Empatojayos Brand in the ways of the Force. Another student of his was the powerful and stern Qu Rahn.

Another tale of Yoda's past involves stopping a swath of destruction cut by Dark Jedi from Bpfassh. One of these dark siders had gotten as far as Dagobah, were Yoda bested him in direct confrontation. The Bpfasshi Jedi died, his dark Force absorbing into and twisting a nearby tree -- forming a dark side nexus.

Yoda served an important role in the Jedi Council. When young Padawans began their first foray into Jedi training, they did so under Yoda's guidance. Many of the Republic's greatest Jedi trained under Yoda when they were children -- schooled in groupings called clans. Once the Jedi hopefuls grew older, approaching their teenage years, they would then be paired to an elder Jedi Knight or Master to continue training one-on-one.

Yoda taught his students that affinity with nature enhanced an affinity with the Force. He gave them endurance tests, had them run marathons, jump wide lagoons, fight seeker balls with their lightsabers, balance in seemingly impossible ways, meditating for long periods, and levitate objects. Yoda made his students unlearn that which their upbringings, and their own eyes and ears, had taught them.

Shaak Ti-Shaak Ti was a Togruta, a humanoid species from the planet Shili. To protect themselves from the dangerous predators of their homeworld, the Togruta would band together in dense tribes and rely on their disruptive natural pigmentation patterns to confuse the slow-witted beasts. Shaak Ti was a notable exception to the communal-minded Togruta in that she preferred to operate alone. Nonetheless, her heritage was evident in the accuracy and agility she demonstrated when moving and fighting in bustling crowds. Aiding in her perception of her surroundings are hollow spaces in her montrals that gather information ultrasonically.
Shaak Ti has trained two Padawans in her career as a Jedi Master, but sadly saw both of them fall victim to criminal killers shortly after their passing of the Jedi trials. For years, she secretly kept in her heart the pain of losing Fe Sun, one her students, to the Zeltron murderer Lyshaa, though her Jedi demeanor of detachment hid these emotions.

Saesee Tin-Jedi Master Saesee Tiin, a telepathic Iktotchi from the Iktotch moon, received training from Master Omo Bouri, a famed Wol Cabasshite. Bouri instilled a strong sense of conviction in Tiin, honing the Iktochi's skill and dedication to the order to the point that some would describe Tiin as fanatical. After the death of Bouri, Tiin's devotion only increased. The stern, contemplative Jedi often kept to himself, and Tiin was never known to take a Padawan. Tiin's loner tendencies caused some to privately question his value to the Council since his contributions were minimal.

Despite such hushed criticism, Tiin was a formidable warrior and an incredible pilot. His Iktotchi heritage granted him strong telepathic abilities, and helming his personal SoroSuub Cutlass-9 craft, the Sharp Spiral, through the relentless winds of Iktotch taught him unparalleled control. Tiin was so in tune with his vessel, that he had no need of a nav computer; he relied on the Force to instinctively astrogate his way through lightspeed.

Tiin had a keen eye for flight technology. He took considerable interest in Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator when it was discovered on Naboo. Though the rest of the Jedi Council had reservations regarding Anakin Skywalker customizing his Jedi starfighter, Tiin encouraged the young man. Tiin was appreciative of Anakin's solutions to the Delta-7's limitations, and petitioned that Anakin's modifications be incorporated into future designs of the craft.

*Note although she dies before AOTC, one of the Jedi Masters in AOTC had no information on him

Yaddle-Yaddle-At 477 years of age during the Battle of Naboo, Yaddle was considered young for her species. Still, with over four centuries of living, many legends have arisen regarding the tiny Jedi Master. Tales are told of her former mentor, Polvin Kut, and how she was imprisoned for over a century on the world of Koba. Few know which of the many stories that propagate about Yaddle are true and which are pure legend.

Yaddle had trained many apprentices in her past, including fellow Council-member Oppo Rancisis. Yaddle's last known Padawan was the vain and confident Empatojayos Brand, whom Yaddle successfully trained to become a Jedi Knight.

Not as martial a figure as her fellow Council-members, Yaddle was the head of the Librarian's Assembly of the Jedi Temple, and worked alongside such revered Jedi scholars as Ashka Boda in maintaining the Temple's impressive collection of holocrons, scrolls and tomes. Exposure to obscure knowledge granted her powers that few can fathom, including the forbidden Jedi art of morichro, a technique that rapidly slows the body functions of target beings.

When not on Coruscant, Yaddle resided at the Jedi training center at Kamparas, offering important lessons to initiates in the order.

Oppo Rancisis - A former student of fellow Council member Yaddle, Oppo Rancisis was a well-respected Jedi Master known for his unerring tactical mind and military expertise. His familial heritage earned him the title of Blood Monarch of Thisspias, though Rancisis denied the position, choosing instead to devote his life to the ways of the Force. His elegant strategies have allowed the Jedi to emerge victorious from several large-scale conflicts.
Rancisis was a master of malacia, a Jedi technique that produced powerful dizziness and nausea in his targets. The results are incapacitating, though do not do any permenant physical damage. Rancisis trained fellow Jedi in this art, but few mastered it to his level of proficiency.

Rancisis was 174 standard years old during the Battle of Naboo, an incredibly ancient age for a Thisspiasian. Among his exploits was serving as a fleet battle strategist during the bloody Stark Hyperspace Wars.

Depa Billaba-The orphaned Billaba was rescued from the space pirates who slew her family by the respected Jedi Master, Mace Windu. Windu sensed Billaba's Force potential, and brought the six-month old infant to Coruscant for training. On Coruscant, Depa learned to use her special abilities for the good of the galaxy. She has embraced the traditional culture of Chalacta in honor of her slain parents. As a result the Jedi Master was particularly attuned to the minds and personalities of her peers in the Council Chamber. Adorning the bridge of her nose are Chalcactan marks of illumination, testament to her spirituality. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, Billaba followed her former master Mace Windu to the smuggler's moon of Nar Shaddaa on a mission.

Kit Fisto-An amphibious Nautolan from the Sabilon region of watery Glee Anselm, Kit Fisto had head tentacles that contained highly sensitive olfactory receptors, allowing him to detect pheromonal expressions of emotion and other changes in body chemistry. Fisto could live in air or in water. He was an extremely powerful swimmer, and honed his Jedi abilities to take advantage of his aquatic origins. He had perfected difficult Force techniques that manipulated the movement of water for defensive or offensive use.

Though a radical combatant with unorthodox fighting methods, Fisto is conservative-minded when it comes to galactic politics. His close friendship and concern for fellow Jedi Aayla Secura occasionally pressed against the rules against attachment. They shared a deep respect for one another that, had they been outside the Jedi order, perhaps may have evolved into something else.

Ki-Adi-Mundi At four years old, Ki's raw talents in the Force were discovered by the mysterious Jedi Master known only as the Dark Woman. Ki's family, realizing that the galaxy needed protectors to save the innocent from such threats as Cerea's own unscrupulous raider Bin-Garda-Zon, allowed Ki to be taken to Coruscant to undergo Jedi training.
Upon entering the larger world of the Jedi, the Council assigned Ki-Ad-Mundi to Jedi Master Yoda. Decades later, Ki-Adi-Mundi returned to Cerea to help rid the world of the marauding raiders. Ki became watchman for the Cerean system, observing his peaceful world undergo the growing pains of joining an increasingly advanced and hectic Republic.

Despite adherence to the Jedi philosophies, Ki was, in his hearts, a Cerean. He followed the Cerean custom of polygamous marriage, taking a bond wife, Shea, and four honor wives. He fathered seven daughters and became a strong community leader. Ki was granted this exception because of the low Cerean birthrate. He tried to remain unattached, but it was difficult. He felt this attachment all too deeply when his family was killed during the Clone Wars.

In another exception to the traditions of the Jedi, Ki-Adi-Mundi was the sole Jedi Knight serving on the Council during the start of his tenure, sitting amongst an assemblage of Jedi Masters. Around the time of the Battle of Naboo, Ki was embroiled in a political struggle as proponents of progress sought to change Cerea's serene ways. Ki's own daughter, Sylvn, joined the radicals, placing her life in danger as she became kidnapped by the criminal gun-runner Ephant Mon. Ki tracked Mon to Tatooine, discovered the duplicitous involvement of the Trade Federation, and rescued his daughter.

Eeth Koth- Though a Zabrak, Koth does not hail from the planet Iridonia. Instead, he was born in the squalor of Nar Shaddaa, the smuggler's moon orbiting the Hutt-controlled planet of Nal Hutta. When Koth was four years old, his Force potential was discovered. Brought before the Council, Koth was first deemed too old to begin Jedi training. His remarkable mental discipline, however, convinced the Council otherwise.

Like other members of his species, Koth had seemingly interminable willpower and endurance to physical pain. His raw physical abilities, mental disciplines and Force talents were honed by his master, and once Koth attained Knighthood, he shared his talents with his Padawan Sharad Hett.

Adi Gallia- Adi Gallia was renowned for her unerring intuition and research skills. The daughter of high-ranking Corellian diplomats, Gallia understood the intricacies of Republic politics at an early age. Her carefully cultivated network of contacts informed her of suspicious Trade Federation activity in the outlying systems. This prompted her to warn Supreme Chancellor Valorum, who later secretly dispatched Jedi representatives to deal with the Naboo blockade.

Gallia had long respected the diminutive Jedi Master Even Piell. Years ago, Piell saved Gallia's parents from a terrorist strike on Lannik. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, Gallia and Piell, along with several other Jedi Council members, were dispatched to Malastare to broker peace talks with the terrorists and Lannik representatives.

Gallia was a superb pilot and skillful warrior. Unlike most Jedi, Gallia adopted an unorthodox reverse one-handed grip when wielding her lightsaber. Although her own record of accomplishments and talents was impressive, Gallia took great pride in the actions of her apprentice Siri.

Mace Windu-Though a member of the High Council since the age of 28, this did not dull Windu's fighting edge or his willingness to venture forth on dangerous missions. His exploits are legendary, and he was an inspiration to his fellow Jedi, leading through rigorous example and steady discipline.
In his day, Mace was one of the best lightsaber fighters of the Jedi order. It was said only two opponents ever bested him -- Yoda, and Dooku. Only the most skilled of the Jedi could master the his Form VII discipline of combat -- the deadly technique known as vaapad -- for its aggressive nature treaded dangerously upon dark side practices.

Among his better-known assignments in the service of the Republic was an expedition to Yinchorr to investigate the deaths of two Jedi. Also, Windu spearheaded a diplomatic mission to Malastare, to forge a truce between the Red Iaro terrorist group and the people of Lannik. Shortly thereafter he uncovered illegal animal trade on Nar Shaddaa involving akk dogs -- deadly yet beloved predators native to Mace's homeworld of Haruun Kal.

One of Mace's numerous apprentices was the Chalactan Jedi Depa Billaba. Under his skilled tutelage, Billaba became a remarkable Jedi, ascending to rank of Master herself and earning a place on the Jedi Council beside her former Master. Another of his Padawans was Echuu Shen-Jon, a Jedi who would ultimately survive the dark times.

Palpatine I'm sure you can find enough information on.
Microsoft Wanna Be
10-11-2005, 20:29