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Starenell FT Factbook

29-10-2005, 03:38
The Federated Lands of Starenell
Third Person Singular: Staric
Third Person Plural: Starians

Government System: Monarchy

Setup: Each March is split into planetary zones. These are ruled by a governor. The governer reports to the commander of the march, the duke. He is from a ruling family. New governors are elected by representatives elcet from each area of the planet. The duke's heir is chosen by him. The dukes report to the First Prince. Each march has almost autonomy in its rule. Citizens have all basic rights, and can get representation.

House/Government Information

Ruling House: K'Tan
Noble Houses: Christifori, Gramash.
First Prince: Julian K'Tan
Prince's Blade : Sabrier K'Tan (Honorary Name, True Name unknown to most.)
Heir: Tancred K'Tan
Marshal of the Armies: Anton Christifori
Prince's Champion: Archer K'Tan

Marches of the Realm:

Crucis March:
Capital: Avalon
Ruling Family: K'Tan
Planets: Avalon, Oriente, Arc-Royal, Raslhague, and Alpheratz.

Argent March:
Capital: Iaress
Ruling Family: Gramash
Planets: Iaress, Tukayyid, Solaris, Luthien, and Syrtis.

Lyran March:
Capital: Thorin
Ruling Family: Christifori
Planets: Thorin, Muphrid, Odessa, Alcor, and Tharkad

Intelligence Agency:
Arctic Foxes
At least one operatve is stationed on every world with and extensive net of contacts. The Blade is honorarily in command of these agents, but they tend to run their own affairs.

The Prince's Blade

The Prince's Blade is a title and tradition that dates back to Starenell when ruled by the Bekker family. During the reign of Captain-General Thomas Bekker, a solidier named Sabrier K'Tan came about. His name, meaning sword of the gods, was not recognized for its potential. He was actually a descendant of the oringinal ruling line of Starenell, the K'Tans, or Gods. He grew in rank and power, eventually becoming one of the Captain-General's key operatives. Thomas Bekker rewarded him with immortality. Sabrier wrote a detailed journal, stored in the Staric Archives. Each Blade continiues the journal, and it is millenia old. It is only fully acessible by the Prince's Blade, who adopts the name Sabrier K'tan, and the First Prince. Thsi was passed down from Blade to Blade. Eventually, one of the Blades, one of the greatest ever, was horribly scared in a battle. He esacped with his life , but He had to forever wear a headdress thast masked his head. It is built into the Blades body, and only removed when he dies. A new mask is built for every blade. The mask represents the sacrifices a Blade must make in service to his prince.

History of Starenell:
Starenell was once a terrible land ruled by demons, but after a centuries-long war, celestial being took over. They created peace in the land, and ruled in the form of the K'Tan family, then left. The K'Tan family ruled for a while and disappeared, their stewards, the Bekkers ruled as Captains-General, not Prince as the K'Tan had done. The K'Tan family returned, eventually granting Starenell great technology (Going FT). Starenell discovered the Kearny0-Fuchida drive, and explored new planets. The current system has evolved over a long time.
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