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PRA Genetics: Pest Control Solutions!

27-10-2005, 18:49
Is your home or place of work plagued by insects or rodents? Tired of the squirrels in your back yard? Neighbor's chihuahua keeping you up at night? Pale Rider Arms Genetics has the solutions! With the Devil Stalker and BRiC Spider, you'll no longer have to worry about bothersome wildlife!

DISCLAIMER: PRAG takes no responsibility for any loss of life or property damage that may result from purchasing PRAG products. Precautions should be taken to ensure safety of household pets.

Cost: 400 USD

Nature's top rodent killer improved upon by modern science, the Devil Stalker is the perfect snake to clean up infested facilities. Worried about insurance rates or human fatalities? Not to fear, the Devil Stalker is completely non-poisonous, and has been engineered with an aversion to human pheremones! This means that no one will ever see the Stalker as it makes its nightly patrol! Guaranteed to live for at least ten years and is completely immune to normal reptilian illnesses.

The Devil Stalker is nonvenomous, and cannot breed.

Cost: 50 USD

A genetically modified version of the common trapdoor spider (Stasimopus robertsi), the BRiC (Biological Rodent Control) spider has been engineered for size, speed, diet and mobility. The BRiC is roughly the size of a puppy, and cannot stray more than a meter from its pre-constructed nest. The spider lives for one year, and will consume more than a thousand rats, mice or other small rodents in that time.

The spider weaves a silk field around its nest, which it uses to detect the presence of prey. When an animal approaches, the spider springs from its nest and kills its prey using its potent venom, dragging the prey back to its nest to devour at its leisure. Waste build-up in the spider is not excreted, leading to death from chemical build-up.

The BRiC is reccommended for largely automated agricultural facilities. All nests will be placed by trained PRAG professionals, free of charge. PRAG accepts no responsibility for personnel injured if nests are modified by unauthorized personnel.
28-10-2005, 01:52