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Palestinian Riots (WWII RP Closed ATTN:Andamerica)

27-10-2005, 16:34
The Zionist bus rode down the desert town, it had thick barred armour, this was not to keep the Zionist's in but to keep the Palestinians out, it carried onboard members of the Haganah on their way to a nearby Jewish kibbutz, they were unaware of just how heated this may get.

Over the past few months the Palestinians had grown in rioting, they had began with minor strikes and heated letters to the British goverment, the Haganah was working to it's best and could not quell many of the Palestinians who were vandalizing Zionist farms and communities, they had so far only been able to protect Jews but not to hunt down the violent Palestinians.

The bus arrived just outside the mass Palestinian group who had began to beat many Jews, several Haganah teams had already arrived on the scene and were struggling to control the Palestinians, soon if the situation continued like this the British would have to get involved.
27-10-2005, 23:56
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29-10-2005, 17:38
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30-10-2005, 02:57
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01-11-2005, 18:57
The Palestinian mob charged at the cowering Jewish family. They were armed with a variety of unorthodox weapons, apart from a couple of pistols. The family tried to run but were shot at until they fell, and were then beaten to a pulp. A cry of victory rang up from the mob, and they moved on to find new prey.
01-11-2005, 19:04
Haganah soldiers waited on the outskirts of the property, they were going to wait for the British soldiers to arrive in order to be fully able to take down the riotous Palestinian natives, there had been a lack in Zionists entering Israel due to the recent downfall of Adolf Hitler and these riots, hopefully the Palestine paramilitary groups could be quelled before all the Zionist's had left.
01-11-2005, 19:11
As the mob rounded a corner in the street, they almost bumped right into a patrol of Haganah soldiers. One of the Palestinians shouted something, then there was a huge uproar as they charged the soldiers. The soldiers shot at the mob, until they ran, but one of their soldiers had been killed, and others injured. On the ground lay three dead rioters. The situation was worsening.
01-11-2005, 19:14
There were far too many Palestinians for the Haganah to fight all at once, and so the order was given to defend only, wait for the British and think of Zion, some soldiers split off thinking that they could sway the riots, innevitably they were killed needlessly.
01-11-2005, 19:21
Now, riots had broken out in many key cities throughout the region. Civilians, both Zionist and Palestinian, were being killed needlessly, but the rioters wouldn't stop. They burst into a small synagogue in Jerusalem during a boy's Bar Mitzvah, and were about to kill the gathered when a peaceful Palestinian tried to stop them. He was butchered, along with the rest of the people.

OOC: Just showing that most of the Palestinians aren't insane, trigger-happy rioters. :)
01-11-2005, 19:33
OOC: Just showing that most of the Palestinians aren't insane, trigger-happy rioters. :)

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Upon hearing about the desecration of a Jewish ceremony and the lack of action by the Haganah several Jewish mobsters raided a Mosque during prayer time and killed some of the Muslims, their hatred was powerful and they wanted the Palestinians dead.

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Haganah officials condemned both the Synagogue raid and the subsequent Mosque raid, there were calls for both sides to leave religon out of this civil war.
01-11-2005, 19:39
While some rioters agreed to the request to not involve religion, most completely ignored it, and raids on synagogues continued. However, these were not the worst actions. Many were cut down in the streets, their blood pouring into the drains.

Palestinian officials condemned the actions of the mobs, and auxiliary soldiers, working for the British, have started to take action against the mobs and rioters.
01-11-2005, 19:48
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01-11-2005, 19:53
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02-11-2005, 00:48
The Australians are sick of the Palestinian rebelling. They take the actions for the British their allies. In a week One Australian Army Division is on their way to Palestine.