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Martyr Class SSN

27-10-2005, 02:53
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Martyr Class Nuclear Hunter Killer Submarine:

Program Description: The Martyr class SSN started out as the Kraken Class SSN. Sadly though, due to several incidents which can be classified as "severe fuckups", the Kraken program was cancelled in favor of the new Martyr class.

Length: 123 m
Beam: 16 m
Draft: 13m
Displacement: 14,500 tons.

Armament: 4x 1000mm torpedo tubes, 2x 1000mm rear tubes. Hydraulic based autoloaders for each individual tube.
8x Missile Silos holding 4x 1x1m VLS tubes each. (32 VLS tubes)
1x Supercavitating 37mm Railgun
1x UUV bays with 2x UUVs carrying 3x 1000mm torpedos.

Hulls: 3x hulls.
Outer: Metallic glass infused titanium reinforced with polymer-infused silicon carbide.
Middle: Polymer infused silicon carbide reinforced with nickel-aluminum superalloy ribs and anti-flood doors.
Inner: Nanocrystalline tungsten infused honeycomb, ballistic ceramics, carbon nanotubes, spectra/silicon carbide spall liner and anti-flood doors.

Active Protection: 4x 30mm ASHUM supercavitating CIWS guns, 12x internally mounted countermeasure tubes. Towed sonodecoys optional.

Propulsion: 2 x Pyrolitic Graphite modulated PebbleBed nuclear reactors with water ramjet propulsion; 1 x Advanced MHD drive.
Reactors surrounded by silicon carbide firebreaks, thermal and anechoic liner for silent running.

Speed: 22 knots on MHD, 32 knots surfaced, 42 knots submerged
Running Depth: Up to 2200m

Sensors: Photonic mast, surface search Radar, surface track radar, surface LPI defeating passive radar, low frequency active sonar, decoy defeating passive sonar, wake tracking passive sonar, underwater blue-green Cassagarian LIDAR.

Electronics: FC3S-4N Fire Control Suite, 3rd Order electromagnetic and acoustic contact supression/analysis unit, ship condition diagnostic unit, power and propulsion control unit, MPCN-1N Naval Communications Unit with memory plastic radio mast, Shtora VN Naval electronic warfare system.

Complement: 70 officers and crew (highly automated)

Creature Comforts: Air conditioning, advanced food refrigeration units, advanced fresh water filters.

Price: $6.7 billion
Production Rights: $60 billion

For members of the region CAD: Free production rights. Have fun kids.
28-10-2005, 00:12
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28-10-2005, 00:15
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