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Frozopia officially dissolved, land siezed. (ATN: McKagan, Lone Alliance, Red Tide)

26-10-2005, 23:22
CNN: Confederate News Network

"Today troops march proudly into the former capitol of Frozopia. With the disappearance of the Frozopian leadership and the unconditional surrender of Frozopian military forces, the allied nations quickly siezed control. Small pockets of resistance have been removed and many ships and tanks have been captured, including the remaining 34 F-22 Raptors sold to Frozopia for Uranium Deposits. The Candrian Empire experimental reactor is safe. Glory to the Confederacy!"

GSRN: Global Satellite Reporting Network

*Video of AVT-97R tanks and BMP-3s moving through city streets

"This is footage of Leafanistani Tanks on the devastated island off the coast of Frozopia. Today civilians are being moved off the island at an alarming rate. Leafanistani leadership says that conditions on the blasted island is too dangerous for civilians to stay.

Today Allied Leadership also announced that they would be handling this as "Surrender with Dignity". There was no need to shame the people who fought a nearly 7 month seige. That the defeated peoples would "be treated to the same luxuries and conditions our people are being treated with.".

In other news the King of Frozopia and his Cabinet are still not in Allied hands. They remain missing, the Allied forces have released a "Deck of 52" showing the most wanted people in the former Frozopian Regime with King Phillip as the Ace of Spades. He currently holds a $500 million US bounty on his head."

It was over. After nearly 7 months of constant bombardment the people of Frozopian peeked their heads out and no airplanes flew overhead. Those freezing in refugee camps would no longer in constant fear of the enemy troops and their troops using them as sheilds. They watched as Allied forces moved toward them, arms filled with food and water.

The Frozopian leadership had quickly vanished, and without them, the military forces quickly reorganized and unconditionally surrendered. Frozopians could go back to their lives.

Leafanistan had accepted the McKagan plan for redivision amoungst the victors. (I take D) Leafanistan, McKagan, The Lone Alliance and Red Tide forces all cheered and held parties as the big battles were finally over.

A few isolated pockets of resistance were around but with control over most of the nation allied forces worked quickly to stamp it out.

Leafanistan evacuated all people over Tropan Island and started work on Operation Wyrd (Old Saxon word for Fate).

26-10-2005, 23:45
Operation Wyrd

After the Leafanistani siezure of former Frozopian territory Tropan Island was evacuated. Elite Confederate Guard troops marched all over the island to secure it. The blasted wrecks of the city and the hulks of vehicles still sat around.

Construction began on the docks on the eastern side of the island, on the Marine base on the western side, the Airfield on the Northern End, and the mountanous bunker complex in the south. It looked like small bases with airfields were being built into the island, one on each corner, the roads were left the way they were except for certain sections where Tungsten Needles or Strategic Missiles had blown a massive hold in. They were filled with concrete. The highway system was repaired with truss bridges. Overall it looked very flimsy, not very good for supporting a military base or a civilian population.

Then came the installation of cameras and paths. It almost looked like a video game's map.
The Lone Alliance
01-11-2005, 08:15
(I call C since I was already landing there)

Lone Alliance Supplies make Landfall in Southwest Frozopia

Large Supplies of Food, Water, Medical Supplies, and Mobile housing landed at Naval Base KH1. The Base which had been rendered unusable for some time due to heavy coastal Bombardment has been reopened and supplies are coming in Daily. Once Naval Base KH2 is repaired more supplies will be delivered. "This is a grand Day," Said International Delagate Verta. "With the repairs underway in our sector by Leafanistan and TLA operatives and more aid coming in from the McKagan and Red Tide groups the Nation will soon be mostly repaired of the Physical Scars, however it will take years for the Mental and Emotional Scars to heal. We mustn't forget those who's lives were lost here."

Lone Alliance Casualties
Dead 800+
Wounded 3200+
MIA 100-