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The Declaration of the New Order

26-10-2005, 04:54
The circular room of the Imperial Senate was a very large room. It was emroidered by gold trimmings throughout. It had large golden eagles in almost every direction you looked, a massive Nycton flag hung on the far wall. The room was decorated with a Roman look. The average size man stood in the center podium of it. It had on a black suit trimmed in purple. His name was Imperator Valteen the II. He had just announced a emergancy meeting and Imperial Senator's rushed to the Senator's House. No one knew what it had to be about. Some had their thoughts on the next step to Manium, but no one knows what was in store for them.

"Good evening Senators. I hope you were having a pleasent day until you were rudely interrupted by me. I appologize. But straight to the point. This nation is headed in the wrong direction. A direction which is set in corruption and greed. This failed system is what we know is socialism. It is a system which is suppose to be perfect and equal, there is no equal though. It is a failed system. Someone is always on top.
Every time I come see you vote, you continue to lead this nation wrongly. Thousands of laws have just recently have been inacted which has caused our automobile industry to fail by 13.5%. Chedge has already reported a decrease in sales by a estimated 40,000 automobiles by cheap foreign cars. The automobile industry is one of Nycton's life forces. It is needed.
And what is the Imperial Senate doing for this, and the rest of the economy of Nycton? It is killing it. It is killing the lifeforce is drives our superpower nation to it's everyday limits. The limits are weakening. We need to fix this, and I have resolution that I am pushing through the Senate. You will not even have to vote, I have a feeling it will be favored so much.
The Imperium will indeed be reorganized, for a safe and secure society. Today, I am issueing the Declaration of a New Order. It shall read like the following:
1. The Imperial Senate shall be disbanded.
2. All Imperial Senators are traitors and enemies of the Imperium.
3. All regional and state powers of governance will now be hands of the regional governors.
4. The Senatorial Army shall be merged into a larger Praetorian Guard.
5. Governors will be voted by the people, by handpicked candidates of the Imperator.
6. Military and Police funding shall rise for a military buildup for the safety of the Imperium.
7. Corporations for the progress of Nycton shall be rewarded government funding.
8. Welfare will be abolished
9. Much funding from healthcare will be diverted to more important needs.
10. A revised Constitution to acknowledge the Declaration of a New Order

With this Declaration of the New Order, The Federal Imperium of Nycton will trade frailty for strength, chaos for order, and uncertainty for decisiveness. Our future will begin now.
Good day, Sirs."

Praetorian Guards emerged from behind the Senators. The Senatorial Guard drew the weapons and aimed them at their masters, the Senators. A line of Imperial Security Agency guards marched in a single file line with rifles drawn and pointed them out to the crowd. Imperator Valteen entered a small door at the back of the door as the Director of the ISA emerged from the same door not 10 seconds later. He opened a scroll up and read the following as armed troops continued to crowd the room.
"In direct violation of the Declaration of the New Order, you are all under arrest for treason. May God have mercy on your soul, because Nycton will not. Hail Imperator Valteen!, those who betray you apologize with their lives!"

People outside heard a large amount of gunfire empty that day from inside the forum. A large amount of black armoured vehicles were sitting on the sidewalk of the Forum. A small number ex-senator's were led out to the vehicles with black bags over their head, handcuffed at the ankles and wrist and thrown into the back and drove away in a hurry to only be met up a Mechanized Infantry detatchment on the way to the ISA HQ (The HQ was a massive black pyramid in the center of the city resembling the Luxor hotel, only several times bigger (No average citizen has ever went inside of it and came out. It is speculated that there is not only several hundred floors high, but there are many below also.).

Outside the Imperial Senate Forum, chaos insued the following 14 days. Nationwide marshal law was called. The entire reserves were called into duty. At every major block in every city a military guard was deployed. It became a common sound for low flying helicopters and jets overhead. Sandbags were piled up on the side of major buildings and anti-aircraft was being setup on many tall buildings. Columns of troops began marching through the streets randomly, as convoy's of armour and troop carriers was a usual site as it passed you on the highway.
Imperator Valteen called for a 5,000,000 volenteers to serve in the Imperial Nycton military. Applications poured in. Shipping to the continent of Manium had increased ten-fold.
Since the Senate had dissolved, Nycton is now 'free'.